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Yo! Alright, I couldn’t blog when I returned to mi casa past midnight last night– lo siento! I was busy at Vegan Drinks, which turned into Vegan After Hours. We didn’t drink anymore, but we got drunk off fries and salad. Anyway, this is going to be a speed round while I get ready for […]

Slice of Sass


Hello cupcakes! I totally stole that from a brainstorming meeting we had today, much like the post title. Thanks, Colleen! I woke up this morning to my perky 5:45 am alarm. To run? Not to run? Sleep sounded so good, but I hauled my hiney out of bed and went for a four-miler. The weather […]

Yo yo, mamis! I made the unfortunate decision to create a Twitter account last night. I say unfortunate because none of my followers are showing up (yet I’m getting the emails saying people are following) and it’s thoroughly addictive. So if you follow me at SnackFace, be prepared for all my bizarre and spastic updates. […]

Ay baybays! Do you ever have it in your head that you’ll eat super clean for a day, only to have your plans ruined? That was today’s story. But it was beyond worth it. I awoke at 6:45 am and did some abbage workouts. Then I took my time getting ready, realizing I didn’t need […]

Hello gorgeous people! I hope everyone had an incredible weekend! I certainly did, so let’s begin the tale-telling. I’ll try to keep it PG-13. Saturday morning marked my wonderful return to running! I was well rested after a night of Weeds-watching and getting a solid eight hours of sleep. I was seriously out cold all […]

Friday Night In


Happy weekend, doves! Can you even believe I’m staying in on a Friday night? I can’t. Well, maybe. I’m just resting up for tomorrow 😉 Once again, I chose sleep over running this morning. With neither my heart nor head in it, I just couldn’t force myself. The only good thing about this is that I know […]

Buongiorno! One really fabulous thing about doing a juice cleanse for two days is that everything you eat afterward tastes phenomenal. I was so happy today! For some reason, I just wasn’t feeling a run this morning so I slept instead. It felt incredible. After a hot shower, I was looking forward to a fantastic– […]