Peachy Clean


Buongiorno bellas! I am thrilled that people were not offended by my rated- R weekend! MamaJ just sent me a text that reads: “Luv the parade, but it was still PG-13. Good for you.” MamaJ will be receiving an email shortly that will include pictures over which WordPress would make me delete my blog if I were to post them. Actually, does anyone know the policy on nudie pics?

When I awoke this morning I was thankful I had stayed in Sunday night instead of trying to make it another dance-filled and freakum’-filled night. Instead of putting my swag on…:

Working the door frame. And too much bronzer. The usual.

Working the door frame. And too much bronzer. The usual.

I was a good girl and got my blog on:

All I need: my laptop, cell, camera, photo adapter thing, and brew.

All I need: my laptop, cell, camera, photo adapter thing, and brew.

My night in led me to have the best run I’ve had all summer! I ran my usual route without stopping once! I know, four miles straight isn’t a feat for some, but it is for this chickadee. Now watch, tomorrow’s run will probably be hellacious.

I wanted to eat a bit cleaner today, as my weekend of brew and bags of pita chips and crackers had a way with my innards. To kick off the day, I had a scrumptious bowl of a juicy, dripping peach, sweet strawberries and a drizzle of almond butter-almond milk- pumpkin pie spice sauce:

Peachy Clean, and tasted as good as it looks.

Peachy Clean, and tasted as good as it looks.

I was on a high the whole morning. I don’t know if it was the run, the bumpin’ tunes I listened to while getting ready (Mrs. Officer, Boom Boom Pow, Let the Beat Build, Freakum Dress–because it’s always a weekend in my head) or the fact that it’s the beginning of another fabulous week at VegNews. Oh wait. It was that cup of coffee I had. I hadn’t had coffee in weeks before today. Loved it.

Today’s snacks were simplistic. Well, Clif bars aren’t exactly simple, but they’re clean in my book:

1/2 Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif (morning snack), carrots (afternoon), Brooke's doodles in the background!

1/2 Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif (morning snack), carrots (afternoon), Brooke's doodles in the background!

The half Clif bar held me over till lunch better than any other whole bar I’ve eaten as a morning snack. It could just be the day, but it was noticable. But I’m always more than ready when lunch rolls around:

Mish mosh marvelous lunch

Mish mosh marvelous lunch

Today, Abby (hilarious co-worker) decided to clean out the fridge for our lunch. This amazes me, as I need a game plan before I head to the kitchen. Speaking of which, I have to cook tomorrow and don’t know what to make. Anyway, in the bowl is a combo of last week’s chili and a bit of Pacific Butternut Squash soup. Incredible! On the side we had couscous and Indian-spiced veggies. That plate had nowhere near enough food on it for me. I was afraid to take too much and leave others without a proper serving. After lunch I had a half cup or so of leftover couscous. I don’t even like couscous that much, but this tummy needed filling.

In the afternoon hours, I wrote a Cafe VegNews blog post as well as two other news stories for tomorrow’s VegNews Dailies. That was all mixed in with other jobbies, of course 🙂 Oh, and carrot-eating.

One thing you know I love about my internship is free edibles. That’s how I get to enjoy these:

Grape Drank

Grape Drank

I had half a grape drank while I read some blogs and decompressed from work. I love how I’m on a computer all day in the office, then the first thing when I come home is turn on my laptop. I’m addicted to all of you!

For a nice and clean dinner, I wanted nothing but a crispy salad. It was glorious and maybe the most delicious I’ve had in a long time:

Fu on the Floor Salad

Fu on the Floor Salad

In the salad: romaine, cucumber, tomato, celery, pan-fried organic TJ’s tofu (in sesame seed oil–amazing) topped with a drizzle of the best. dressing. ever: TJ’s Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette with Jalapeno & Fresh Cilantro. Homegirl bought this the last time we had a full TJ’s trip, and I just had to get some for myself. You could drizzle this on a twig and I’d try to eat it. Luckily I had the leaves to eat:

Fu, I forgot how much I enjoy you.

Fu, I forgot how much I enjoy you.

I know people have their panties in a bunch about soy and tofu, but this ‘fu had only three ingredients. Better than the balls I normally eat. The second component to my dinner was very special. I’d been waiting to take bites of this sweet squash for weeks now:

Kabocha with crunchy almond butter. Passion.

Kabocha with crunchy almond butter. Passion.

I baked the kabocha for too long, though. It was a bit dried-out and crumbly. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t so delicious I had another small piece after the photographed one. To round out the dinner, I had a handful of cherries:

Cherry Palm. Very different from a Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Palm. Very different from a Cherry Bomb.

And now I’m hungry again. You know how a perfect day of my version of clean eating ends? With a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins and almond milk. And lots of it.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What does “clean eating” mean to you?
For me, it’s just eating more fruits and veggies and fewer of my favorite snacky foods. Then again, I’m about to dive into some Puffins. I also didn’t mindlessly snack in-between meals, as I do normally when I’m cooking/bored/figuring out what to eat. It’s nice for one day, but I know I’ll be right back to my SnackFace ways tomorrow. That’s also about as close as I get to a detox. Bahaha.


27 Responses to “Peachy Clean”

  1. Tim loves those synergy drinks and they sell them at whole foods! I also had my share of cherries today and that salad – UGH you are making me jealous!!

    Clean eating to me means eating what you know is best for you. I think everyone has those ‘off limit foods’ that they might love, but know their body can’t handle them and know that maybe they might have to watch themselves the rest of the week because of eating that. I have a weakness for candy and chocolate and it honestly makes me really dehydrated and feel bloated. I am getting better about the sweet tooth and substituting – but its still hard! Have a good day!

  2. 2 Sarah

    I totally agree with the previous poster…knowing what is best for you. You in all your glory can enjoy those PB Puffins with almond milk, but that would be a slippery slope for me. It’d be like giving an alcoholic a beer.

    We all come from different background in our relationship with food. What’s right for one is not right for all. For example, your fabulous dress in a door frame is unbelievably gorgeous. I on the other had would look like a moron.

    Love you Kale Chips. Be true to YOU…whether its balls, puffins, cheetahs or crack wraps! Pour one out for me.

  3. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    for me clean eating means kind of eating simple foods that arent too processed or messed around with. oh and lots of fresh foods too!
    glad you had a great run 🙂 4 miles is awesome!!

  4. haha now I’m totally intrigued about your weekend 😉

    I am right there with you, 4 miles is a HUGE accomplishment for me too! I think it’s great!

    Love the computer+brew picture

  5. 5 Whit

    For me, clean eating is all organic, no processed and preferably no meat.

    That being said, I rarely eat ‘completely clean’ but I try to stick pretty close. What am I supposed to do when the Fro-Yo jumps in my cart at the grocery?

  6. I love your ‘freakum’ dress. You sound so much like me in certain things you say it made me laugh out loud! Hope you have a great week, and thanks for making this 26yr old laugh first thing in the morning. 🙂

  7. CONGRATS ON THE RUN!!! You’re such a committed blogger 😉 I love that your sending Mama J the nudie pics!

    Your ‘fu looks mighty tasty! I can’t wait to read your VegNews posts my little reporter!! I’ll bet they are the best ones published!

    CE to me means lots of fruits/veggies/grains/water. Consuming minimally processed foods and drinks in whatever quantities you need – not necessarily cutting back on the amount of food you eat just making sure it’s as pure as can be.

  8. Your eats look so delish! I’m jealous of your free samples at Vegnews 🙂

    For me, I know I am eating clean if my skin glows and feels healthy. This usually arises from consuming mostly fruits and veggies and deleting processed food from my diet.

  9. 9 Susan

    Clean eating to me is just eating less processed stuff. Or at least eating processed things that have ingredients I understand! If anything, I can tell I’ve eaten clean by how good I feel after! 🙂

  10. 10 lora

    i think clean eating is just working out and eating less chips, crackers, cereal, ect…however i could never leave my nut butters….pb and co is always clean in my book 😉


  11. Love all your eats as usual! That kabocha looks so scrumptious!

    Clean Eating to me is no processed foods. I like to up the green smoothies too.

  12. 12 Katharina

    Clean eating to me = living on a farm and eating what you grow and raise. Or living in the wild and making do with what’s out there. That last one is pretty extreme lol.

    I get so excited to see what you and your co-workers prepare for your lunches. You should really looking into that vegan cauliflower mash 🙂 Just sayin’…

    OH! And how could I forget? Congrats on the 4-miler with no break!

  13. first pic, okaaay do work gurl! 🙂
    holy hell squash plus almond butta!? i feel like i’ve been neglecting my taste buds on an amazing adventure.
    clean eating to me is probably skewed to some perceptions, but i’m with ya on the whole switching out most of the crap i usually put in my body with veggies, fruit and protien…
    but no matter how hard i try to eat clean, before i go to bed you bets believe some cereal or chocolate lurks all up in my mouth!

  14. 14 april

    clean eating to me means less preservatives! Or in my case 1 processed food a day.. there’s some things I can’t give up ok??? lol

  15. to me clean eating would be no processed food and no meat so a lot of fresh veggies and fruits and homemade nut butters or what not. Anythign you can make at home even if it is

    IM loving your brekkie fruit bowls!

  16. ah i love ending the night with cereal and almond milk! i did that last night with PB puffins+TJ’s 9 grain cereal & UVAB. yum yum yum. i am 26 but still need a bedtime snack. it’s casual.

    that peachy bowl does look good, i am glad you reassured me it is as good as it looks, i am tempted to whip up some of that taste bud tantalizing drizzle you have on top.

    eating clean to me = no refined carbs, no overly processed foods, no eating out (for the most part, there are some clean exceptions) and balancing my protein/carb/fat ratios to 40/40/20.

  17. I want the same email that mama J gets!!! I wanna see the RRRRRR!!

  18. Clean eating to me equals minimal processed foods. But I’m all about the balance, too, if you have an opportunity to try something new that you can’t normally have, go for it!

    Love the pride pics!

  19. Hello gorgeous, you’re a model…seriously, whether you’re joking around with that ferosh pose or not, YOU’RE A MODELLLLLLLLLLL!!! So gorgeous. 🙂

    I may have to buy that forev 21 dress if I see it, it’s sooo cute!

    So I feel like such an assss for not trying the kabocha squash yet, honestly….i’m just scared to cut that baby open, how much to eat of it, how long to bake it?!! I’m scurrrred that i’ll mess it up! 😦

    And look at that glorious salad, I was havin’ a convo with my dad about soy the other day…and he said that the soy found in tofu (especially, with the 3 ingredients) is nothing to be worried about. When people say fear soy, it’s when it’s completely processed and thrown along with 392302 other ingredients. But hey, we only live once…and having those delicious FAKE, processed meats have done us FINEEE so far!

    And clean eating to me is eating what makes our bodies feel GOOD!!! BUT, I also feel that eating “too clean” is bad. We need the junk every now and then to LIVE, keep us sane, keep us HEALTHY.

    PS your parade day shorts are adorable as well, you’re too precious…sad face and all! NOWW, I’M OFF TO EATTTT! Helllooo amy’s texas burger! 🙂

  20. 20 Mama J

    Went to Ikea today to get some ideas for your bro’s dorm and all I got was a sweet veggie wrap with poppy seed dressing…….Oh yah,…… and a 99cent squeegy. Perfect little black and white dress, is it new? Your sweet little face doesn’t look bronze it looks wind burnt from all that high speed running…P.S. Stop running no one is chasing you.

  21. 21 emma k.

    I have been reading your blog for several months now and I really enjoy it. I love your positive attitude and up-beat approach to things. And I am SO jealous that you’re interning in CALIFORNIA with VEGNEWS?!?! Only one of my favorite (!!!) magazines and my #1 on states I want to visit list! I hope you’re loving it.

    I added you to my blog roll on my new blog:
    Check it out, and I would be so appreciative if you could add me to yours 🙂

    Can’t wait to keep reading

    -emma k.

    • 22 snackface

      emma k. – Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for the compliments and for truly enjoying my blog. Hearing that (okay, reading that, rather) absolutely makes my day! I’m adding you to the roll!

  22. 23 jaime

    my snackylove!!!!

    so glad you have been having an amazing summer 🙂 i totally fbook stalked all your pics with lovely homegirl– you two have been havin a BLAST!!!!

    congrats on your run!!! girllll you’ll be runnin marathons in no time 🙂

    have a great day xoxoxox j

  23. 24 jaime

    ps. love mamaj’s comment above 🙂 too cute!!

  24. 25 Tina

    I love the cherry picture. They’re among my favorite fruit (but I say that about ALL fruits because I love them so much). I’m actually going to go get a bunch of cherries today because they’re on sale (oh yay!) at my local grocery store. Clean eating to me is having more fruits and veggies and trying to avoid anything too junky, sugary or unhealthy. I did a clean eating month back in January when I ate raw for a month.

  25. i work too much brozer too often. BAD HABIT YO! :/

  26. 27 elise

    duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. this entire post was filled with delish smorgas-y yum. clif is such a perf mid morning snack, and i die everytime i see your work day eats. you have the best job, no doubt about it. im this close (fingers touching) to moving back to the bay and applying for a job at vegnews, even if it is just to sit next to you and feed you cherries 🙂

    i havent tried the grape kombucha yet. purple needs more love from this hippie.

    the ‘fu salad has my panties in a bunch – but only bc i want it in my tummy right NOW!

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