Dancing Queen(s)


Freakum dress, freakum me:

Dancing Queen.

Dancing Queen.

I dance all the way to my fingertips. If I were modeling, Tyra would be proud. The funny thing about this is that I was the only person dancing. Obviously, Saturday night was fabulous.

The day started calmly and wonderfully. I woke up after nine hours of sleep feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I set out for a long run that was glorious if not a bit foggy. This is the best way to start a Saturday. And to think I used to not believe in working out on weekends. Now I don’t even think of it as a workout. It’s just a fun, invigorating hour or so of heart-pumpin’.

I came back, showered and ate exactly what I had been craving since Friday night:

Apple with my last few strawberries and almond butter-almond milk- pumpkin pie spice sauce

Apple with my last few strawberries and almond butter-almond milk- pumpkin pie spice sauce

That may look puny for a breakfast, but I loved it. A fourth of a White Chocolate Macadamia Luna was consumed as breakfast dessert. Necessary.

Brooke and Britt picked me up in the ‘noon to watch our Irish boys in a hurling match. INTENSE. Almost as intense as my dance moves. Actually, the sport is so crazy and balls-to-the-wall that a player broke his leg/dislocated his knee on the field. Sick. I don’t like to watch sports, but this was fascinating and jaw-dropping to watch. It’s like football, baseball, lacrosse and golf combined into one. Throw in some heavy violence and Irishmen swearing, and you have hurling.

We were ravenous by the end of the game and sped to Trader Joe’s for weekend snacks and goodies. This picture represents food consumption for the evening:

Chips, crackers, carrots, hummus, Clif bar, brew

Chips, crackers, carrots, hummus, Clif bar, brew

We demolished that whole tub of hummus in approximately 20 minutes. Same goes for the pita chips. The crackers and carrots are now gone, too. Definitely underestimated how much food we’d need.

The Chick Mafia got dressed and made up and then headed out for a night with our lads. We’ve learned how to master public transportation. This is both good and bad. Good because it’s safe and cheap, bad because we run into creeps. Like Rocky Balboa and his friend Iron who wanted to meet up with us Sunday morning. Rocky also asked if we were lesbians. No, and please leave us alone.

We were thrilled to be with our very own creeps upon arrival at The Blarney Stone:

Us with a few of our creeper Irish lads. We love 'em.

Us with a few of our creeper Irish lads. We love 'em.

The Blarney Stone was especially fabulous last night because our friend Olan was singing and guitaring:

Stop being dreamy. He was amazing!

Stop being dreamy. He was amazing!

Some of the rest of our lads– who won the hurling game earlier, by the way– seemed to be enjoying the music. And lookin’ a mess:

They kill me.

They kill me.

We hopped around town for a bit, which is where the first photo comes from. Brooke enjoyed busting a move or two, but we really were the only people dancing:

Get it girl.

Get it girl.

It wasn’t long after this that we called it quits and headed for shelter for a night of two or three hours of slumber.

Waking with hungry tums, we all had gigantic bowls of Barbara’s goodies for breakfast:

Puffins, Shredded Spoonfuls, almond milk, bloobs.

Puffins, Shredded Spoonfuls, almond milk, bloobs.

It was tough getting moving at first, but then we realized: GAY PRIDE PARADE!!! Holla! Kicking our bums into high gear, we got ready and changed into some colorful gear:

And hopped on the bus! Okay, Britt's the only one sporting colors in this pic, but she look fiiine.

And hopped on the bus! Okay, Britt's the only one sporting colors in this pic, but she look fiiine.

At one point in transit today, I desperately had to piddle. A gentleman at a gas station was kind enough to unlock the bathroom for me:

It was a bathroom/storage closet. Class.

It was a bathroom/storage closet. Class.

And while I was relieving myself, I stared at this:

Anyone know what that is?

Anyone know what that is?

I’ve peed in worse. So anyway, we wanted a solid lunch before heading to the Castro, where the festivities were taking place. Brooke and I both had a mediocre black bean and veggie burrito with guac on the side (Britt had a veggie burger that looked amazing):

Ate the entire burrito and a few of the bland chips to scoop the remaining guac.

Ate the entire burrito and a few of the bland chips to scoop the remaining guac.

This is where the post gets racy. DISCLAIMER: If you are uncomfortable with semi-nudity and are a bit conservative, you may not want to read ahead. But if you’re down for a good time, let’s go.

My first taste of Gay Pride 2009:

Imagine loud, pounding music and woo-hooing

Imagine loud, pounding music and woo-hooing

And this dude:



The crowd was bumpin’ and everyone was loving life. My kind of scene. Oh wait, no. This is my kind of scene:



This doesn’t even begin to tap into the amount of nudity at Gay Pride. I have never seen so many peens and tots in my life. I really could have done without that aspect.

We walked over to the Civic Center for the main event: dancing. The walk over was both fascinating:

Sitting Lady.

Sitting Lady.

And beautiful:

Big crowd, beautiful City Hall

Big crowd, beautiful City Hall

Doesn’t that building look majestic? Anyway, we eventually found our way to the dance scene. LOVED this guy dancing on-stage:

The one with his head down--had mad skillz.

The one with his head down--had mad skillz.

We danced with queens for three hours straight. I’m not kidding you. Now that is a workout! I think I have shin splints now, along with achy knees and buns. My ladies know how to do work all day long! Here we are before the dance-fest, donning our prideful gear:

Whoah Farrah hair-- honoring her, clearly. Please look at the guy to the right, smokin' a fag.

Whoah Farrah hair-- honoring her, clearly. Please look at the guy to the right, smokin' a fag.

We may have been the most conservatively-dressed people there (and I never used that shot glass dangling from my neck– I just needed some bling!). You know, even though the nudity freaked me out, it was kind of nice to see people so proud of their bodies, no matter the size, shape, color, whatever.

Hours of dancing in the sunshine left us exhausted and hungry! As soon as we came home, we tore into the snacks:

Tri-hummus dinner with dippers and a huge mess in the background. We crazy.

Tri-hummus dinner with dippers and a huge mess in the background. We crazy.

In SnackFace fashion, “dinner” had multiple courses. It started with hummus and dippers, then moved to:

Handfuls of Puffins and one Rising Moon. That beer is delicious!

Handfuls of Puffins and one Rising Moon. That beer is delicious!

And to treat the girls, I made cheetah fries:

Group Cheetahs with ketchup!

Group Cheetahs with ketchup!

That doesn’t include the cherries and new locally-made snacky sticks (bread sticks with currants)I crunched while typing this! Unfortunately (for me), Brooke and Britt are out with the Irish lads and I am home, gearing up for another crazy, whirlwind week at work. But I love my work, so I am a-OK with that. This dancing queen needs her rest.

I hope you’ve all managed to read the whole post, and I hope no one was offended. And I also hope you all had fabulous weekends!!! Bedtime for moi!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s the craziest festival/concert/large gathering/event you’ve attended?
Ya’ll just saw my answer.


33 Responses to “Dancing Queen(s)”

  1. 1 Linda

    Ahoy hoy! I found your blog after seeing your comments elsewhere and was pleasantly surprised by your delightful recap of Gay Pride. Keep up the entertaining blogging and continue living it up!

    • 2 snackface

      Linda- Thank you so much for reading and enjoying! I absolutely loved Gay Pride and am starting to fall very hard for the whole city. Not surprising, is it?

  2. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie,
    sounds like a super fun weekend 🙂 i went to the gay pride festival in ireland last year and it was sooo much fun!
    you all look gorgeous!!
    have a great monday!!

  3. 4 Tina

    I LOOVE the freakum dress! SO HOT! Looks like you had a blast of a weekend, yayness. I had a good weekend too. Lots of working out at the gym, first swim in the lake this year and faaaabulous weather! The biggest gathering/event I’ve been to? Hard to say. I’ve been to some big concerts but as far as people-count goes maybe the baseball game I went to in Fenway park in Boston. Hum… yeah, i’mma say that for now since I don’t really know. Loved this post, of course I wasn’t offended! There’s so much love and happiness in it!

  4. I love the Gay Pride Parade. I went one year while I was in boarding school in Monterey, not too far from SF. That sh*t was crazy!!! Love all your snacky goodnesses. I love snacking, but then it makes me eat supah loads more because I always feel like I need a solid meal. Anywho props for the selection of hummuses and that Rising Moon is hilarious, is that like a Trader Joe’s version of Blue Moon?
    The craziest festival/concert I can think of recently was when Phish played in Fenway park. You should have seen the crazy amound of Phish heads everywhere and people trippin on nitrous. It was kinda scary.
    Anyways have a great start to your work week!!!

    • 6 snackface

      Coco – Hey beauty! The Rising Moon is actually a springtime Blue Moon special brew. It has delicious lime added to it and was exquisite.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I hope I can make it one year to that parade! It is awesome that everyone just flauts what they got no matter what. Love it.

    My favorite part of the post was this though:
    “I have never seen so many peens and tots in my life”
    I just lost it there. You are too funny love!!!

    Have a great day at work =)

  6. 8 Whit

    Your dress is super cute! LOVE IT!

    I love the parade pics, too fun! Btw, I think your bathroom companion may have been a pressure washer. In case they ran out of of TP, perhaps?

  7. Looks like another awesome weekend. 🙂

    The craziest crowd/gathering I’ve experienced is people coming home on the T after a Red Sox game. Loud, drunk Sox fans in close quarters = madness!

  8. What a fun weekend! I’m glad you were able to have a blast before the work week begins!

    I guess Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the “craziest” festival I’ve been to. Hoping to add to that one day 😉

  9. Haha, gettin’ down, chica!! Love it 😀

  10. Your Friday night sounds as creepster filled as mine! It was apparently midget night at the bar I was at – no joke, like mini Flavah Flav! Eww to the broken/dislocated leg! I might have spewed all of that yummy food up 😦

    LOVE Britt’s glasses and headband! So sparkly 🙂 Being sore = GREAT TIIIIIIME!

    My craziest experience – Hmm…I don’t know! You’ve stumped me!! I have worked at Ozzfest before and that’s always interesting!

  11. Your disclaimer definitely just perked my interest to read it MORE 😀 Mickey Avalon performed at a frat thing at my school when i was a sophy….lots of questionable activity going on, but good stuff. I could also do without the gratuitous penii action, *shudders* so unattractive. You 3 are lookin’ fly per ush!!

    DEDICATION TO BLOGGING: Taking the time for a full 360* bathroom shot.

    haha love u ma!

  12. 14 gina (fitnessista)

    love that dress!!!! express????
    looks like so much fun 😀
    have a great day ❤

    • 15 snackface

      gina – The dress is actually from Forever XXI! It’s basically the only place I can afford to buy clothes!

  13. 16 april

    Your dress is adorable!!

    Thanks for the recap- I’ve definitely never seen anything like that!

  14. Say what? That parade seems amazing! I live in Seattle, but shoot that would be balla if I lived in San Fran! Haha, got to love running into creeps on local transport… it’s almost ritual. You ladies are hilarious, love it 🙂
    OH and I think I’m going to try that almond butta milk thing!

  15. 18 lowandbhold

    Love the freakum dress and the Gay Pride looked off the chain! I love stuff like that.

    I’d say the craziest thing I’ve ever been to is (two) Flaming Lips concerts. They’re a totally amazing band, but the fans are pretty eccentric – you’ll see lots of people dressed up as bunnies and dancing santa clauses amongst other things. And Wayne (the lead singer) drops down from a space ship that the band made and then rolls around in a giant ball on top of the crowd. Go if you ever get a change, it’s awesome!

  16. 19 elise

    hey heyyyyyyy! love love love your dancin’ pridin’ self! such a fun weekend. glad you chicks got your booze/hummus-faces on 🙂

    irish lads, weenies, and brewskies. classic summer time, no?!

  17. Oh. My.

    I really do need to do a detox after reading this. 😉

    Love you baby girl. You SHOULD be out having fun and enjoying. Your body can take it. Mine can’t.

  18. I swear I say this every time you post, but you girls are just so cute. I love how you know how to have fun and be healthy too. My body would probably shut down (this hits you mid to late 20s), so have a blast while you can!!!

  19. You look soo pretty in all the pics. I have not tried rising moon, but the FF and I have been loving blue moon lately so we might have to switch. The gay pride festival reminds me a lot of mardi gras! You wanna talk about NUDITY then thats the spottt!! I have been meaning to try those pita chips from TJ’s and I have been seeing a lot of people talk about the three layer hummus. That bathroom for some reason is cracking me up, but agreed, I have been in worse! Looks like you are having a blast out there!!

  20. 24 Kelsey

    now that looks like a good time if i’ve ever seen one! i can just imagine what my mom would be saying if i ever went to a gay pride parade. oh, how much i would laugh…
    it looks like you’re having a fun time in sanfran!

  21. 25 Bec

    cute love that dress! sounds like an exciting/interesting place!

  22. ahahah I love this post

    Toronto had the hugest gay pride parade the other day… fannntastic.

  23. Oh my gosh…. I love Pride weekend!!!!!

    And this makes me want to visit San Fran even more……which I didn’t think was possible!!

    You look stunning in your Farrah do and freakum dress. You make me proud, K!

    Love you lady. Holler at the cheetahs and apple slices.

  24. this post was so fantastic that i don’t even know where to begin! so i just won’t.. but i will tell you i dug it. for reals. xo have a great week at work darling!

  25. You guys are my favourite. SO much dancing. I want to dance with you crazies!
    And attend gay parades? How fun is that?! Hilarious! I think all the mid day peen would freak me out for the beginning but you must get used to it pretty quickly after some serious dance sessions with the crowd.

    I don’t think I’ve ever attended an overly crazy or exciting festival. Like uh… rib fest? Waterfront music fest? Yeah, NOTHING exciting. SO sad. I need to get out there!

  26. 30 sue

    i love this post!

  27. love it love it love it.

  28. Dancing queen is right!!!!! Damn girl, you fierceeeeeeee ( as tyra WOULD most definitely say).

    I am so happy that the tj’s pita chips and hummus did ya girls gooood, I just re-stocked on both yesterday! So delicious (and nutritious?!?!?).

    And hahahahah, can’t believe these pictures are just a mild version of what really went down at the parade, i’m sure you girls had the best time dancing it up and just being FREEEEE! Sorry the burrito was EH, but it looks good! I hope the beans didn’t cause any problems while you girls were dancing it up…hahahaha

    I’m envious of your weekend adventures, but hopeful that i’ll be able to join in…someday!!

    And ohhh, look at that BEAUTIFUL, irish boy playing the guitar. 😉

  29. And oh shoot, I always get too excited and forget to answer the questions!!!

    Coachella Musical Festival with my girls (the same week we hit up the kanye/rihanna/nerd/lupe fiasco concert) was probably the craziest thing i’ve ever been to!! Ever heard of it?! It’s in palm springs, and it was hottt and people were dressed in some VERY interesting outfits, raving and running around….trippin’ out on, big timeeeee! LOVE YOU!

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