SickFace to ShopFace


I’m going to see how many plays I can have on SnackFace. I woke up today feeling like the bottom of a shoe: tired, worn, covered in snot and germs. I barely slept, shivering then sweating, snotting then clogging…you get the glamorous picture.

Needless to say, I did not go for an invigorating run this morning. I felt guilty at first, but all 5’10” of me was begging for rest. So instead, I slept for an hour longer, then stretched, showered and made a nice breakfast:

Broiled English Muffin with almond butter mix and strawberry fruit spread; bowl of berries

Broiled English Muffin with almond butter mix and strawberry fruit spread; bowl of berries

Taking an idea from CurlyTop, I mixed a dab of almond butter with almond milk for a thinner, more voluminous mixture. It was basically just thinned-out almond butter, but I didn’t mind!

The morning hours were rough. Somehow I felt worse. I don’t remember what I did all morning; just searched for story ideas? I went home for lunch again:

Another vitamin-packed salad!

Another vitamin-packed salad!

On the plate: spinach, red pepper, cherry toms, broccoli, green beans, salsa, balls, hummus, sesame sticks and balsamic vinaigrette. I LOVED this salad. For a sweet after-lunch bite, I broke off a little piece of a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bar:

Supah sweet.

Supah sweet.

Perhaps it was just that salad, or maybe a combination of antioxidants and assorted vitamins from foods I’d consumed, but I felt instantly better after lunch. Not 100% better, but markedly so! And no pseudoephedrine since 7:30 am, soΒ it definitely wasn’t that. I actually sang a bit after lunch, and think that loosened up the sinuses as well.

The rest of the workday flew by. We had to test some new products that came in, and although I don’t like to eat too much sugar when I’m feeling ick, I had to help:

Tasty nibbles. Sounds naughty.

Tasty nibbles. Sounds naughty.

All were from different companies, but this is what the bites were: macaroon made with cashew butter, peanut butter chocolate cookie, almond butter chocolate-covered cookie and a brownie. Some were delicious and some were very cardboard-ey. Either way, I’m always happy to participate.

After work I made a quick dinner before a little outing. I apologize for the poor photo quality and for the fact that part of it looks like poo:

Looks kinda meaty...hmmm

Looks kinda meaty...hmmm

The supporting roles were raw green beans and carrots with triple layer hummus, and the main star was Trader Joe’s Chickenless Pulled Chicken in Barbecue sauce, stuffed into half a pita. I was pumped to try this product because even when I didn’t like other meats, I was always down for good barbecue, namely ribs. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in this product. If you buy it, I recommend adding your favorite barbecue sauce to it. For me, the TJ’s sauce was not tangy or sweet enough. It did, however, deliver 17 grams of protein. Gettin’ jacked ovah here.

Promtly at 7:20, Brooke and Britt picked me up. We needed to go to the three-story Forever XXI for slut-gear for the weekend. Ha! Kidding. I did get a freakum dress that you’ll see soon enough πŸ™‚

When I made it home at 9, I was already hungry! Shopping is my cardio, I suppose. I had many, many Peanut Butter Puffins with almond milk. Mmm. I could use some more, now that I think of it.

ATTENTION: If you’re in San Francisco, come to Vegan Drinks this Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm at Martuni’s!!! It’s open to everyone 21 years of age and up! Please come mingle and meet me and the VegNews crew along with many other fabulous people. Also, I’ve heard that Martuni’s makes bomb martinis that are enormous. I’m there!

Okay pudding pops, I’m going to go read all about your lives, watch Sex and the City and probably eat some more. You know, just normal SnackFace status πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Are you going to come to Vegan Drinks? If not, what will you be doing instead?
Okay, I know most of you won’t be there. Probably none of you, but I SO WISH we could all get together. Wishful thinking!


19 Responses to “SickFace to ShopFace”

  1. haha i love the variations on snackface! it’s the new mcdreamy moniker!

  2. Wish I could go to Vegan Drinks!
    Vitamin packed meals always make me feel better, glad to hear you’re doing better!

  3. I SO wish I could come get Vegan Drinks with you! If only San Fran weren’t all the way across the country…

    And don’t feel guilty about giving yourself rest, you know how to treat that healthy bod of yours πŸ™‚

  4. Mmm, I think tou should try making a full batch of Abu, it will then get more solid in the fridge and trust me…its amazing!

    There is just something about salads that make me feel like wonder woman! haha All of the nutrients I guess.

    I want PB Puffins now! Everyone has cereal for the summer and I’m still stuck with oatmeal =/ grr.

  5. 5 Whit

    I would so go to Vegan Drinks with you. Unfortunately, I will be sweating it out in a gym across the country. Have fun!

  6. mmm i love english muffins pb and j style. i would totally go get some vegan drinks but sadly i will be in fl.

  7. 7 Anna

    If I were not landlocked in stupid Pennsylvania and supremely underage (10 more months 😦 ) then I would definitely be enjoying a tasty vegan drink with you. I hope it goes well!

    Feel better soon! You need to get all good and healthy so that you can rock that new dress for all it’s worth!

  8. Glad you’re starting to feel better!! When I ate meat, pulled pork was one of my favorite sams so that’s disappointing that TJs version just doesn’t deliver – BOOO!

    I’ve got my Pumas on and I’m fully prepared to walk to Vegan Drinks πŸ˜‰ I want to come!! By the way, thanks for the comment help! You so smurt!!

  9. 9 Bec

    cant wait to see that dress! glad you are feeling better

  10. im back and i missed you! i ha ve so much to catch up on! i’m so glad youre having such an amazing time in SF πŸ™‚ thats so great girl

  11. I just LOVE your blog…never fails to crack me up!! πŸ˜€

    No, sadly, I will not be there as I live in NY. Haha…but I’d much rather be having drinks with you all than doing…who knows what after work. Haha Have a super day!

  12. 12 Daria

    Aw I miss Forever 21! I lived close to one in college but now there are none near me.

    I’d come to Vegan Drinks if I were on the west coast, but I’m on the other one. Instead I’ll make dinner with the box of CSA veggies I’ll be picking up this afternoon. *Almost* as good as a night out!

  13. 13 april

    Your nibbles looks great!! And good for you for getting rest!

  14. Woah – 3 stories of Forever 21. The most I’ve seen was 2 and it was overload.

  15. MMMM, your english muffin breakfast was my go-to senior year! That, and CEREAL!

    I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling sick….I feel like you had to deal with all this annoying-ness just months ago!! At least your starting to feel better now, right?

    Can’t say that meaty-looking fake ribs dish looks as fab as your salad or vegan cookies do, but I’m sure it was interesting nonetheless! πŸ˜‰

    And ohh, forev 21 has some fun, skankayyy dresses to wear for going out-love that, and can’t wait to see what you bought!!!

    LOVE YOU, feel better, pleaseeee!!

    PS-i’m horrible, and just realized that i haven’t tried the kobocha/almond butter combo yet.. AHHH this needs to change!

  16. 16 elise

    sorryface for your snottyface…ok, thats enough of that!

    been playing catch up with your adventures with homegirl…i wish i could come join the vegan partay time 😦

    still basking in the sun in maui (feel bad for me?) ok but seriously, i want your job. ill try yummy cookie products and lick my carb covered fingers after each and every bite…mmmm…

    how did you like the kombucha? thats a dangerous lil habit. i am going through withdrawal on this island!!!

  17. dang, wont be in the san fran anytime soon so i suppose i wont be coming to your vegnews thang.

    cant wait to see the new dress though!

  18. 18 Tina

    I hope you feel SnackHealthy soon! Forever21 is the booomb! I Love it! shop there like a crazy woman when I go to the US. But rumor has it they’re opening up in Sweden now soon too! Yay! I wish, wish, wish I could join you for vegan drinks! Maaan, why don’t I live in San Fran!? What I’ll be doing instead tomorrow? Well, the plan is to go to the gym and keep pumpin’ up my impressive (not) muscles in preparation for SURF CAMP! And then random errands, also in prep for surf camp. Oh, and be super nervous about surf camp. Haha!

  19. 19 Mama J

    If someone is handing out free airline tickets I would be having dranks with you in a heartbeat. oxox

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