Chick Mafia


Hey hey hey, beauties! How we doin’? SnackFace has caught a cold or flu or is just having sinus issues. It’s probably my own fault. My weekend made me sick, but it was so worth it.

I woke up bright and early, eager to test out the new kicks. I had a bangin’ run and I felt as though I could run forever. Forever being just a hair over four miles, but you know what I’m sayin’. Actually, a kind gentlemen caught me on a walking portion of my run and told me I was doing a great job. “What? Me?” I asked with trepidation. “Yeah, I saw you pluggin’ along there. You’re doing great,” said the kind man. “It’s just the shoes,” I said, because it must be.

As soon as I got through the door I was ready for food. After a quick stretch I settled in with some favorites:

Banana, almond buttah, coconut, almond milk, Shredded Spoonfuls...yum

Banana, almond buttah, coconut, almond milk, Shredded Spoonfuls...yum

Brooke-baby picked me up at 11:30 a.m. and we headed off to Trader Joe’s for essentials. The only exciting new purchase I got was Peanut Butter Puffins. Oh, and when I said essentials I meant these:

We got our brews. Both are delicious and inexpensive. Holla.

We got our brews. Both are delicious and inexpensive. Holla.

We didn’t crack those open until later. Instead, we made Hugh Jasses together:

All my salads look the same. Lo siento. Spinach, broc, green beans, cherry toms, sesame sticks, salsa, peanut-something dressing. So frickin' good.

All my salads look the same. Lo siento. Spinach, broc, green beans, cherry toms, sesame sticks, salsa, peanut-something dressing. So frickin' good.

That is where the food photos end for Saturday, but I did manage to eat my weight in Stacy’s Pita Chips with Sabra hummus. Both were the roomie’s and both were replenished the next day.

Britty-boo, Brooke and I got dolled up together at mi casa. How girly can we get? Not sure, but watch out. Someone dubbed us the Chick Mafia over the weekend. I need a tee that says that! Here we are, being mafia-ish:

Pretty tough, I know.

Pretty tough, I know.

Saturday night, we met up with our Irishmen at The Blarney Stone. Pause and say that aloud in the best Irish accent you have. It’s fun. Okay, but we met up with them at 10ish and they were all hammered by then. First I was told they started drinking at 2 pm, which turned into 12 pm, which turned into 11 am. I never would have guessed:

Pardon my toothiness. Look at HIM.

Pardon my toothiness. Look at HIM.

Oh wait for it…it didn’t take long for him to go…

DOWN! Wheeler is down!

DOWN! Wheeler is down!

I have about 50 pictures from that night, and I’d love to share all of them, but I know I’d bore you tears. Here’s some eye candy, for a sweet treat to wrap up Saturday night pictures:



We (the girls, not me and him, dirties) taxied back to my place, ate more pita chips with hummus while chatting and then we crashed. I got a solid seven or so hours of sleep, felt a bit of a sore throat, but didn’t care and wanted to move on with my day. Girls had biznass to attend to.

Cruisin’ back to Brooke’s, we all noted how ravenous we were. Thankfully, she was fully stocked:

Puffins with Spoonfuls, almond milk and raspberries

Puffins with Spoonfuls, almond milk and raspberries

After a couple hours of showering, lounging, plucking, dressing, we were ready for a sunshiney Sunday. By 2 pm we were starving and hit up a grocery store for grub:

Sushi with Kombuchi

Sushi with Kombuchi

I got the Kombucha in an effort to rid my head of building pressure and throat of increasing soreness. Not sure it helped, but I did love it and  this brown rice vegetarian roll:

Ate it with my fingers, fa sho.

Ate it with my fingers, fa sho.

Fueled, we were ready for our next adventure. We heard there was a free Sugar Ray concert in Golden Gate Park, so we tried to find it. Getting there was a huge ordeal that included unexpected miles of walking. At least we got our cardio in. Eventually, we found it:

Concert was crowded, but...

Concert was crowded, but...

It was definitely a bust. We missed reliving the nineties. Sugar Ray was nowhere to be found. We sat at a table for a while, trying to hunt down the Irish lads. During that break, a wife-beater wearing sir asked us if we were from LA. Ha! Nope, I’m just from Ohio, dude. Britt and Brooke, however, fit the part at least by being Californians.

A long walk and busride later, we stopped into Safeway for, um, “dinner”:

Clif bars!

Clif bars!

Sad? Nah, just convenient. I did eat more when I got home later, of course. We chewed through our Clifs en route to meet the men folk. We went from Shannon Arms to some other ridiculously-named pub, dancing and laughing the whole entire time. Again, I am so fortunate and blessed to have met these gems:

Chick Mafia, Blonde Trio, Wack-Craic-and Sixteen-A$$

Chick Mafia, Blonde Trio, Wack-Craic-and Sixteen-A$$

I left the gang early so I could go to bed. I’m a workin’ girl, yo! You tired of people pictures? It’s cool. You get a breather until next weekend 🙂

I woke up feeling like dung. My sinuses were stuffed, my throat was sore and swollen, my ears ached, my joints ached. Nasty sinus problems! So what did I do to alleviate the pain? I made myself go running anyway. Sometimes working out helps me through illnesses. And sometimes, it only exacerbates illness. It definitely woke me up, but only for me to realize how poopy I really did feel.

I came home, showered, had the chills, put on a big sweatshirt and jeans and made breakfast. I had a Barbara’s Bowl:

Barbara's Bowl: Puffins and Spoonfuls with almond milk and berries

Barbara's Bowl: Puffins and Spoonfuls with almond milk and berries

Gahhh I love CEREAL! You had no clue, right? That was the bright spot in my morning, as I crashed shortly after this. I curled up in bed until I absolutely had to leave for work.

Work, as one may assume, was rough. I found myself dozing off, which I never, ever do! Instead of dining with the rest of the VegNews crew, I went home for a lunch of my own and some downtime. Classic SnackFace lunch that I’ve missed:

Green: pita with spinach and hummus, celery with salsa, sliced pear.

Green: pita with spinach and hummus, celery with salsa, sliced pear.

I love eating lunches that are prepared by others, but sometimes it’s so nice to go back to your comforts. Who calls pitas with hummus and spinach comforts? Oh, just me. Sounds ridonkulous.

I felt more energized after lunch, but honestly, just wanted to go back home and cozy up in bed. Which I did as soon as I could. When it came to meal-time, I tried to get in more vitamins:

Blurry salad of spinach, cherry toms, green beans, red pepper, balls, salsa and balsamic vinaigrette

Blurry salad of spinach, cherry toms, green beans, red pepper, balls, salsa and balsamic vinaigrette

While that salad was delicious (complete with the return of PINEAPPLE salsa–so much better than peach), I was antsy for the second course. A huge plate of vitamins:

Cheetahs. Meow.

Cheetahs. Meow.

And now, my friends, I sit sipping a tall glass of water and sometimes touching a growing big ass zittie on my chin. Most of all, though, I’m already looking forward to next weekend. Bring it.

Ciao for now,


PREGUNTA: If I were to make a video, what would you like to see?
I’m down for whateva. No nudity, though.


31 Responses to “Chick Mafia”

  1. 1 randomlymikey

    great eats! yes, yes, yes to the sushi!
    you guys look great.

  2. love all the pictures of you girls, seems like you are haveing a blast. Hummus and spinach pita sound pretty comforting to me too. as well as those salads. have a great day at work pretty girl!

  3. 3 homegirlcaneat

    We be texting it up right now, but this needed to be commented asap.

    Okay first off, I look like an alcoholic to the blog world. It’s awesome. The pita chips and sabra made me really excited. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Char!

    I am so happy those boys were wasted off their a$$es because 1) it was such craic and 2) Brittany would have never used the word “DRUNKASS” which means 3) we would never have dubbed each other wack, craic, and sixteen! Hells ya, m0th@fu(k@!!!!

    Shoooo..I didn’t mind the pictures. We are such weekend warriors, I LoVe iT! And am pumped for next weekend. Chick mafia meets 50,000 gays. What’s not to love?

    L to the O to the V to the E why-oh-you!

  4. 4 Bec

    aww looks like a fun weekend!

  5. Gah! I ALSO have a growing zit on my chin, grody.

    I honestly need to STOP reading your weekend posts, now!!! They just make me sad…. 😦 WELL, not entirely!! I do love hearing about the trio’s adventures, just wish I could make it a foursome! 😉

    And yahhh girl, expanding your horizons, no? I thought you hated rice?! Well, it works in veg. sushi, OBVS!

    I see you gave in to the PB puffins?! That sh!t’s worth the extra $$$. But we’re twins!!- both stocked with Barbara’s PB puffins & shredded spoonfuls! Amazing-ness! Try the shredded oats next, you won’t regret it!

    But have you and brookie figured out how i’m getting my (small) asssss to SF yet?! Tell me! Tell me!!

    Love your guys’ irish crew, the beautifullll cereal pictures, cheetah fries, and clif dinner (oatmeal raisin cookie is AMAZING!). FEEL BETTER LOVE! Kay, marathon comment complete.

    • 6 snackface

      Jessica – About the rice, the only place I like it is sushi, for some peculiar reason! Without it, sushi wouldn’t have much substance for me. But the thought of eating rice with a spoon or something, no thanks. Just give me a baguette.

  6. 7 Tina

    Aww, sorry to hear your not feeling too good chica! Hope you’re feeling better soon and that good weather, all your fabulous vitamin-packed meals and happy times will speed up your path to excellent health! 🙂 Lovin’ the pix from this weekend, you girls add hotness to San Fran! If you were to make a video I’d love to just see your place and how you live, and just hear you talk about work or whatever! 🙂

  7. 8 rediscoveringlauren

    wow, sounds like a super fun, jam packed weekend 🙂
    a video post on anything would be awesome!!
    i love cereal too 🙂 so good!
    have a great tuesday hun

  8. Mmm, that breakfast with coconut milk looks amazing! I must re-create that.

    My salads look the same too…but they taste better every time I eat one!

    All the pictures of you girls are gorgeous! haha I love that one with you in the corner of the shot. You sure look like part of the mafia in that one! =P

    I need that sushi!! Mmm.

    Okay, I’m going out to buy cereal ASAP! I can’t stand the torture!

  9. You guys are absolutely crazy and gorgeous! A video??? Hmm…teach me how to do make-up, cook, whatever…

  10. I would like to see a video of your weekends out with the mafia and bar hopping. I would also like to see your run in the mornings
    watch out for the Irish guys just off the boat

  11. 12 Whit

    I love your pictures! You guys look so fun and gorg!

  12. being sick sucks balllsies, i’m sorry! From that danceface, I would not mind a dance video 😀

  13. 14 april

    sounds like your having a blast over there! I love seeing all the pictures they are too funny!

    Great job on the run too!

  14. Stacy just has a way with pita chips, doesn’t she?! Love ’em!! So I’m like 2 seconds away from booking my plane ticket to San Fran – you guys are CLEARLY having too much fun 😉

    You missed Sugar Ray?! Damn…..they were the shiz back in the day! Your idea of comfort food is the same as mine, doll face – hummus makes everything better!

    Your Cheetahs look SO MUCH BETTER than my crispy critters! I’ve got animal print jealousy over hurr! Feel better sweets!!

  15. dude. you dont even KNOW how bad i wanna be in this sushi-puffin-clif bar eating, beer dranking, irish loving chick mafia!!! your weekend adventures are legit the shit and i just love reading about your shenanigans and all the craziness you chicas cause while out and about! oh and MAJOR kudos to you for being sick and being a weekend warrior regardless, that’s my girl!!! feel better though please =)

    one day we will all feast on pita chips and dance to irish songs while under the influence — it may or may not be on my life to-do list. hahaha love yaaa chica!

  16. I think the food God’s meant for all of you to meet lol looks like a fab weekend!

  17. 18 sue

    what a fun fun weekend! rest up, feel better and have another amazing week!

  18. OMG, Sugar Ray! That takes me back…I loved them so much when I was in high school. I had such a crush on Mark McGrath…embarrassing!

    Hope you feel better soon – summer colds are the worst!

  19. dance party dance party!!!! I wanna see a dance party video!! The boy died on the yoga mat– sadness is all gone!! wiiiiiiiippppIE!!!

    You should find some vampire blood + drink it and then your sickness will go away..

    Now I am going to listen to your song recommendations and work on my dance moves in the shower– cheers to me not slipping + busting @$$!!

  20. lol. You are so cute. I love how young and fun and hip you are even when talking about health. You have a great blend of “real life party girl” and “true life healthy girl”. Not an easy blend.

    • 22 snackface

      Mrs. Myers – Wow, thank you so much for the compliments! Haha I love that description of me! However, I dunno if the number of brews I consume would fit the “true life healthy girl.” I just try to enjoy it all, ya know?

  21. holler baller! i am now catching up on your fun filled adventures, when i come to the SF i think we simply must adventure together. i go there once or twice a year. ohh and marshall usually comes with me. ha!

    the bavarian brew caught my eye, looks satisfying to say the least. people photos are always a nice change from everyday food, especially when the photos include drunken dudes 10 sheets to the wind, i laughed.

    hope the week is splendid so far!

  22. 24 Sweet and Fit

    loving the title of this post =) y’all are too cute!

    so sorry you aren’t feeling so great! hope you feel betta soon hun!

  23. 25 Jess

    How fabu are you!?! (Even when sick, apparently) I wish I could be part of the Chick Mafia-I do I have the blonde hair and a love for healthy snack-facey kind of food? Keep having fun in San Fran and yes, I would love to see a video!

  24. 26 Maya

    aaah love the Irish accents! Love your danceface. Looks like a great weekend, even if it did make you a bit sick. Feel better!

  25. 27 caitlin

    in your video, i would LOVE to hear you SING! the pictures of you up on stage performing are so cute, I always wish I could get the whole experience and hear it!

    p.s. I would love to meet you one of these weekends when you have free time. I have a car so could happily pick you up and take you on a grocery run!

    • 28 snackface

      caitlin – We are definitely going to have to do that! Friend me on Facebook and we’ll chat more through that! You’re too sweet!

  26. 29 Lyss

    HIIIIIIIIIIIII. this was such a delicious post, in more ways than one! you are a divaaaa. end of story.

    i agree with caitlin. sing me sweet lullabies, PALEEEEEZ.

    hope you’re feeling better snackbaby 🙂

  27. 30 cheryl

    didn’t Brooke just graduate from high school? (says her blog that is linked to on this post.) underaged drinking? we all know it happens — but in the world of social media and when employers google your name (i’ve done it to find interns and co-ops), you might want to consider editing or censoring some of those pics.

    • 31 snackface

      cheryl – Thank you for that reminder! I’ve taken care of things.

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