Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Happy Humpday homies! Life is so busy and crazy and wonderful right now that I didn’t have a chance to write this last night. So it may be a little fast. But doesn’t everyone like a little quickie every now and then?

I woke up at 5:45 a.m. Tuesday for the usual run. I think I’ve figured out how fast I run a mile. Are you ready? Brace yourself for this amazing time…10-minute-mile, baby! I’m tellin’ ya, I really do just take my sweet ol’ time and enjoy it.

Showered and shaved (and another sh- word), I was ravenous for breakfast:

Fabulous cereal mess

Fabulous cereal mess

In the bowl: Shredded Spoonfuls, High Fiber O’s, coconut, 1/2 naner, almond milk and almond buttah. So soggy and scrumptious by the time I ate it:

Oh so porny

Oh so porny

Then I went to work and did the damn thang. It’s just the best office ever. Everyone is too sweet for words, and then they go on and make lunches like this:

WHAT!? That doesn't even look vegan, does it?

WHAT!? That doesn't even look vegan, does it?

That’s just a little thing called “Mom’s Morning Casserole” from Vegan Brunch. It has layers of potato, tofu, tempeh and cheese. Holy F. On the plate it looks a little barfy, but it was AMAZING:

Crazy-good casserole with a fresh salad topped with grated beets

Crazy-good casserole with a fresh salad topped with grated beets

The afternoon took an interesting turn. Learn from my mistakes, friends: DO NOT hand out your business cards in an effort to get rid of men when you no longer want to talk to them in a pub/street/game/resaurant/whatever.

YANNI (Greek man from the weekend) CALLED THE OFFICE! Ahhh!!! I was so mortified I turned lobster-red and started laughing hysterically. I refused to take the call and had the office manager tell him I wasn’t available. Why in the world would he even remember me or that card? Insanity!

After work I skipped home and scarfed some food because I had to jet:

Quick pita sammie with Three-layer hummus, spinach and tomato

Quick pita sammie with Three-layer hummus, spinach and tomato

I followed that up with the other half of that gigantic thumbprint cookie thing. Oh, ya know what? I forgot to add earlier that I had this snack before lunch. I’m so spastic, sorry:

Carrots with hummus and almond butter. Kept separate, of course. Though that may not be too bad...

Carrots with hummus and almond butter. Kept separate, of course. Though that may not be too bad...

So anyway, I was rushing around like the madwoman I am to make it to the Giants game on time! Navigating a new city is incredibly daunting at times. Thankfully, I met a lovely chiquita, Dani, on the Muni who was donning Giants gear. I asked her, “I don’t mean to be a creep, but are you on your way to the game?” She said yes and sat right next to me. We chatted the whole way there and exchanged numbers because she lives a few blocks away from me. I love making new friends like that!

Eventually we got to the ball game and I met up with Brooke and Brittany. It was freezing and windy at the game, but we had a fab time just chatting it up. We purchased standing seats but somehow snagged seats at the very top so we could enjoy this view:



Of course, I barely paid attention to the game. I was too busy chatting and people watching. We left after the 7th inning to head over to a pub. I had some crazy mix of half Harp’s and half Guiness. Did you know that Guiness has better nutritionals per ounce than Heinekin? Just putting it out there. Heinekin is like gasoline, though, and I wouldn’t drink it anyway. Ick.

I wanted to leave at midnight. Didn’t work out like that. Taxis, apparently, aren’t aplenty on Tuesday nights. I shared a cab with a random dude and was back by 1 a.m. I know, another risky move. Okay, I gotta put my face on for work! Love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s a dumb move you’ve made with personal information?
See above story and yesterday’s recap for three instances in which I was a dumbass. I just love my business cards, yo!

OH! REMINDER: If you’d like a chance to win a copy of Vegan Brunch, just comment here every day this week!


23 Responses to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

  1. I just bought Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls and I am in love. Go lean, shredded spoonfuls, and PB puffins are my fav now!!!!
    I am going to a SOX game tonight!!!! WOot woot for ballgames, even though I catch myself watching the crowd more than watching the game.
    Have a fab day love!

  2. hahaha. I laughed at your “oh so porny”. cute.
    Also. that recipe from Vegan Brunch looks damn stellar!! yum!
    -xx devan

  3. Eek he called the office?!

    About a year ago, when I was out with my girls, a guy asked for my phone number and I felt bad blowing him off so I gave him a made up phone number (classic–but still kind of mean–move). He immediately stored it in his phone and tried to call me so I would have his number too. I made up some lame excuse why my phone wasn’t ringing! It wasn’t one of my more smoother moments, for sure!

  4. Your mile time sounds like mine! What’s the rush?! Lovebug, have you had the banana cheerios yet? HOLY CRAPOLY, they’re delicious – I think you’d love them!

    That lunch looks awesome! HAHA – YANNI CALLED! What a randy man! Randy as in random not the other ‘randy’ πŸ˜‰ Thankfully I don’t think I’ve made a dumb move with my personal info – I give sketch guys some totally random number and name. I’ve been ‘Lindsay’ before and legit lived in the D…313 area code and all!

  5. 5 rediscoveringlauren

    Hi hun
    ahh that guy called the office? crazy! i hope he gets the clue and doesnt try again tommorow!
    and 10 minute miles are still great πŸ™‚ why rush an enjoyable run?
    that breakfast looks so good!
    ive never done anything crazy in terms of giving someone personal info of mine..the worst has just been my real phone number instead of a fake one by acccident and getting midnight calls from a guy who wouldnt leave me alone in a pub…
    have a great wednsday girlie

  6. 6 april

    Thanks for the quickie! That’s so awesome you get cooked lunches- they look awesome!

  7. omgosh he called the office. I would’ve been turned red like you would’t believe! Another lesson in learned in SF for kailey! The view from your seats is soo pretty.

  8. 8 eatlivelovedream

    LOVE baseball games!! Sounds and looks like your having a wonderful time there!:)

  9. I don’t have a personal information story to share :/
    But the brunch VegNews dish looks delicious!

  10. hahah Kailey you’re too cute! There’s a first time for everything, even “dumb moves”. At least you don’t permanently live there right?? I guess posting too much personal info on my blog was TERRIBLE when my company found out. I had to take down all pictures i took at work and eliminated all the info on the site that could POSSIBLY link me to the company. It was BAD! Just watch your own back girlie….*sigh* there was no one to watch mine. boooo
    P.s. I’m hosting my very own Big Lucky Giveaway and I’d love to have you come check it out!!

  11. My “dumb move” was the SAME as yours. He called my work (but it was like 3 weeks later) and asked me out on a date. I agreed (that was also a dumb move) and he was an AMAZING jerk. He was like, I thought you were asian and then acted like a jerk all night. I have blonde-brain hair and blue eyes, uh… whose mistakes was that?

  12. 12 Tina

    Oh goodness! That was actually my first thought when I read you handed out your business cards att he pub, “You what!? Noo, them dudes are gonna be callin’ you at work!” I’m not gonna judge though, I’ve made the same mistake in giving guys my REAL cell phone number. I just feel so bad lying to them, plus there’s always the real pains in the buttockses that just won’t leave you alone unless you give them your number and once you do, they call your cellphone instantly to make sure you gave them your real number. Ick. I’ve handed out my number to a couple of guys who have then called me uncontrollably and even when I start ignoring their calls or try by other means to get them to understand that I’m just not that into them, they keep calling! Hope the greek got the message and doesn’t call you again!

    That is a faaabulous lunch as always, by the way. Is that cheese or vegan cheese? I need to get into your routine of getting up bright ‘n early and going for a run. I usually go after my brekkie has digested though that way brekfast gives me some fuel and by then the temperature outside is (hopefully) warm enough. It’s a crazy cold summer here this year.

  13. Black and tans! I love those πŸ™‚ I also love that Guiness is one of the best beers out there calorie-wise. Light beers are kinda blech.

    I’ve been known to give out a few fake numbers and e-mail addresses… maybe you should do up some fake business cards? πŸ˜›

  14. Cereal mush love fo sho, SO good when it’s mushy.

    That’s way too hilarious about the guy calling your office. Um creeper to the max!

    I’m totally impressed by your friend making skills too, I’m not brave enough for that haha. Glad you had fun at the game though! Avoid the creepers!

  15. 15 homegirlcaneat

    HEY SUGA! I am still DYING over Yanni. We should have known he WOULD call the office. What the hell? Greek guys are supposed to be dreamy and perfect. Not creepy and greasy-haired. No bueno. But now I am tempted to make my own business cards and hand them to people just for THE CRAIC! And to see who would call ahahaha! “Brooke Is Always Drunk & Company, how may I help you?”

    Is that vegan cheese on that seriously amazing looking casserole? I once had something like that at WF and holy shit it was incredible. Tasted just like eggs, minus the baby chickens. 😦

    I have to inform you about a new lad. Shit, I have friends on 3 of the like 4 teams here. Uh oh.


  16. ahahaha i cant believe home boy called your work! that is crazy, i hope he doesnt turn into a stage 5 clinger! view at the game looks nice, although i am like you and never pay attention to ball games. it is all about the people watching and beer drinking. ohh you are making me want that vegan cook book.

  17. he called your office?! that’s so awkward!!!! i once had to finally program a number into my phone as “dont answer” because i kept forgetting that it was a random dude who clearly i gave my number to so he would leave me alone. i wish i could rock the fake number or something but i get nervous and feel like i cant lie. which is weird!!

  18. I love this post’s sass. i wish I could keep mine as short and to the point as you do sometimes!!! I LOVEEEE the long, story-filled ones though too!

    Took me a few seconds to figure out that last sh-…..you’re nasty! πŸ˜‰ hahahhahha

    And the oh so porny breakfast and that vegan lunch look PHENOM!!!!!

    Your 10 min. mile is legit Kailes!!! You’re no marathon runna, you’re just an athletic girl…and if walk/runs work best for you that’s all that mattttaass, am I right, or am I right!?

    Glad you and brookie boo had yet again, ANOTHER enjoyable night together….grrrrrr….hahahahha!

    PS-I find it incredibly hilarious that some random guy (that you rejected) actually used your business card to call you up!!! Snackface has GAMEEEEEE!


  19. 19 caitlin

    so wierd: I was at that Giants game, and my view looked something like the view in your pic! Way up high, facing the bay (Oakland). wish I saw you!

  20. aww fun vegan lunchesss!!! veggies with DIPS!! baseball games!!!

    hurray for another fab. day in San Fran!

  21. Kailey,

    Hehe! I’m sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance and catching up on bloggies. We have a love/hate relationship. For me it’s like watching the Superbowl. I spend the whole hour standing a foot from the tv yelling at the dancers. It drives me crazy… anyways.

    I am in awe of your brilliance. The carrots seperating the nut butter and hummus? WOW! Must try.

    With Love,


  22. Oh unwanted phone calls are always awkward. Your mile time is the same as mine! I think its awesome. I’m glad you like your internship, looks like a fun place to work. How did you find it?

  23. wow the food looks so amazing! all of it!

    I do the same at ball games- chat! haha I have no interest in baseball but it’s a lot of fun to go and socialize.

    Great run time!! Enjoying it is the most important part.

    I’ve done many stupid things! I don’t even know where to begin…haha

    Also, when you get a moment, check out my giveaway if you’d like πŸ™‚

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