Givin’ It Klarney


Hi pies! Did you miss me?! Kidding! It’s only been two days, but it feels like fo’ evah! This weekend has been, in a word, outstanding. And insane. This one’s a doozy.

Saturday night, Homegirl and Britty-boo stopped by my pad and I showed them around. We chatted for an hour or so, figuring out the night’s game plan. Homie is really good friends with some Irish lads, and clearly, we had to spend our night with them. As I type all this, I still have this Irish-accent ringing in my head. Be happy I don’t do video posts or else you’d get to hear my scary attempt at the jolly accent.

First, we hit up the chaps’ house for a brew or two. Here we are, loving life:

Blonde Trio

Blonde Trio

We skipped to a pub once tiring of the college-like house. The bar was probably called Mac Mackies or something, I cannot remember exactly, but I’m sure it was along those lines.

It was in the pub when I started to “give it klarney.” I think– Brooke, correct me if I’m wrong– this has something to do with dancing. It’s like “cutting a rug.”  Anyway, I never stopped giving it klarney all weekend. We were a dashing crew:

This is not the first time you'll see a someone creeping in the shadows

This is not the first time you'll see a someone creeping in the shadows

More of the crew:



More on that purse-as-a-necklace wearing man. One of my personal faves of the group, he continually gave me a hard time about my fake smile for pictures. I’m just smiling with my eyes, dude! But he was wearing Brooke’s purse so that we could dance freely. Thank you, Dara (that’s how it sounds, at least):



I also met one of Brooke’s best friends about whom she raves and even the girls’ mommies like:

Olan and Shiny Kailey

Olan and Shiny Kailey

In the wee small hours of the morning, we were all taxied home. I may have gotten two hours of sleep, but had the pleasure of lounging in Brooke’s luxurious bed, gazing out through the wall of windows. Okay, to be honest, we were Facebook creepin’ and blog stalkin’. You know how we do. Brooke, Brittany and I trotted downstairs to have a delicious breakfast accompanied by Mother Cynth. Spending the night with a blogger isn’t of concern–you know you’ll be greeted by food you like in the morning:

Raspberries and Puffins and Shredded Spoonfuls, oh my!

Raspberries and Puffins and Shredded Spoonfuls, oh my!

I had about a cup each of Peanut Butter Puffins and Shredded Spoonfuls, all doused with almond milk and sprinkled with raspberries. Glorious:

Pure beauty

Pure beauty

I hadn’t had a Peanut Butter Puffin for almost a year. Damnit, I had almost forgotten how delicious they are. I don’t need another expensive food habit!

Mother Cynth treated me to looking into my horoscope. Her descriptions were dead on. She also told me that my best relationship will probably be with my work. Something tells me she’s right…

We finally got our hineys in gear and got dolled up to go to the Haight Street Fair. Or is it festival? It was incredible! Look at all these people:

How did I manage to get a pic of the BBQ? Poor direction.

How did I manage to get a pic of the BBQ? Poor direction.

We were thrilled to be out and about in the sensational sunshine, just mingling with the crowds. And when I say mingling, I really mean pestering them into taking our picture:

Oh wait. At this point we'd given up on asking strangers, therefore Brooke is missing

Oh wait. At this point we'd given up on asking strangers, therefore Brooke is missing

Many interesting things were found:

Yep, that does say "Puff Puff Pass"

Yep, that does say "Puff Puff Pass"

And then we saw these friendly people hanging out windows:

Show us your...huh? No thanks.

Show us your...huh? No thanks.

Tummies were rumbling at one point, and sistahs needed to fuel for the rest of the day. We stopped in the cutest taqueria:

Supah bright and happy!

Supah bright and happy!

I ordered something called a Bob’s Burrito. Wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, black beans, salsa and grilled veggies snuggled. It was served with a few chips and a mayo-less coleslaw:

It's glowing

It's glowing

Maybe it was because I was starving, but this was the best burrito I’ve ever had. It even had cauliflower and broccoli in it!

Look at that! And the tortilla was so soft and chewy!

Look at that! And the tortilla was so soft and chewy!

I ate almost the whole burrito, all the slaw and a few chips. My body was so happy. We were then ready to take on the rest of the day and met up with our Irish crew at none other than a pub. Let’s call it O’Healy’s. Here we are inside with a stranger:

He was a hoot

He was a hoot

I’m just going to sum up the late afternoon and early evening with a few things that happened:
-My rump was smacked more than I have ever experienced in my life.
-A man randomly took his shirt off and thudded his chest in our faces.
-I met a Greek man named Yanni. Gave him my business card.
-I met someone who should have been on Tool Academy. Gave him my business card. Mistake.
-I met a man who opened his own carpentry business. He tried to buy me a shot of Jaeger that I refused. The 37-year-old wanted to go on a date. Gave him my business card. HUGE mistake.

When not being creeped on, though, most of the day looked just joyous:

Amazing and fun people

Amazing and fun people

I owe many thanks to this gem for taking me under her wing and letting me cling on to her San Fran celeb-status:

Brooke baby, thank you!

Brooke baby, thank you!

By the time I made it home, SnackFace was tired and had a billion sesame sticks (Jess, thank you, but these are too addictive! I can’t have ’em in the house!) and a baby bowl of Shredded Spoonfuls. Then I peaced out and floated to sleep.

I woke up this morning at 5:45, eager to start my somewhat regular schedule. This morning’s run was perfection. No pain, just cool breeze and a steady heartbeat. Four miles later, I was home, showered and thirsty more than anything. I had a huge class of water with this:

Fuji apple and 1/2 english muffin topped with raw almond butter and strawberry fruit spread. mmmm!

Fuji apple and 1/2 english muffin topped with raw almond butter and strawberry fruit spread. mmmm!

I think I have ESP, or maybe I just know my job better now, but that smaller breakfast allowed me to be hungry by 10:30 a.m. so I could have some of this divine treat:

The biggest thumbprint cookie thing I have ever seen.

The biggest thumbprint cookie thing I have ever seen.

It was dessert-plate sized. It was almondy and crumbly and raspberry-ey. It was phenomenal. I had bites throughout the day and still have half left. Colleen is such a sweetheart for giving us those! She also gave some of us copies of Ani’s Raw Food Desserts! Will I ever use that? I hope so.

Surprise, surprise on me. Today was yet again my turn to cook. This week is Brunch Week at VegNews. Each day, one staffer is cooking a brunch out of Isa’s new book, Vegan Brunch. If you’d like a chance to win a copy, hit up Cafe VegNews, our blog about our daily lunches. Just leave a comment and there will be one winner each day!

Look what I whipped up:

Puttanesca Scramble with Spelt Chive Biscuits

Puttanesca Scramble with Spelt Chive Biscuits

This is how amazing that scramble is: I burned the garlic to the point of bitterness, and this still tasted incredible. And the biscuits? Not only were they fun to make, but also they were dangerously delicious:

I love me some biscuits, and these were nothing but extraordinary. Go spelt flour and Earth Balance!

I love me some biscuits, and these were nothing but extraordinary. Go spelt flour and Earth Balance!

The whole office had a very busy Monday. Our final member of the crew, Abby, joined today and it was crazy to have a full office! It was also super quiet, as everyone was so into her work. A brief summary of today’s tasks: wrote news story, edited two, wrote reader profile, emailed bunches, cooked lunch, wrote Table of Contents for Sept+Oct issue, wrote out a ton of ideas for tomorrow’s brainstorming session, Facebooked about our giveaway… it never ends and I love it. Which is why I didn’t leave until 6ish.

I got hungry for dinnah at 7ish and one thing was calling my name. He’s got back:

Hugh Jass Salad!

Hugh Jass Salad!

On the plate: spinach, butter lettuce, cherry toms, red bell pepper, green beans, broccoli, sesame sticks, balls, pineapple salsa and Sesame Ginger Soy vinaigrette. So satisfying!

I’m sure you’re a little worn out after that recap, as am I. I think I’m going off seven hours of sleep, tops, over the course of three days. Holla. Just givin’ it klarney. Now I must catch up on all your lives before I fall asleep. Love you all!

Ciao for now,


P.S. The Sunday look was brought to you by Brooke and Brittany. Brooke’s black dress, Brittany’s signature curls. Deodorant also by Brooke.


33 Responses to “Givin’ It Klarney”

  1. 1 jaime

    omg!! youve been having SUCH an amazing time— so glad for you girl!!!! you girls have totally been tearin’ it up!!!! and what FABULOUS eats!!! xoxoxo

  2. awh i’m jealous of your escapades with brittyboo and brooke! The blonde trio be shaking up san fran! The burrito looks amaaazing – totally craving one now!

  3. 3 Sarah

    Sweetie, I hope that Hugh Jass was detoxifying for you!

    I was texting you right before the trampoline incident. Looks like you were texting me during the tramping incident. Oh, SNAP!

    Love you dollface, be good!

  4. ahhh this looks so fun!! i love everything about this post!!! so glad you have Homegirl to show you a good time!!!

    and hurray for business cards! 🙂

  5. 5 homegirlcaneat

    Well HELLOOOOOOO sugamama! This is an amazing recap of an amazing weekend. I loved urry second of it, surriously. I will list the things that stick out my memory but there are many many more things I loved about this weekend, too.
    1) Summer Brew
    2) The Castro neighborhood and their $12.50 bbq
    3) Givin’ it Killarney (I don’t know why they say that, because Killarney is a place in Ireland ahaha)
    4) Dancing on “stage” Saturday night
    5) Dancing on Sunday
    6) All having the same hair-do
    8) Having a crazy man scream that he “FIXES SPRINKLER HEADS B!TCH!” and his daughter punched two guys like “CRACK! CRACK!”
    9) You giving randoms your business card…I really really really hope that at least one of them email you at VegNews
    10) S*n* lookalikes..or actually, none of them looked like S*n*..I just love how we name any creeper S*n*

    Tomorrow will be de craic, I just know it!

    BTW, Brittany is going to LA from Wed-Friday…so I am coming and hanging with you and I am going to bring my own sweet potato for cheetahs. And then maybes we will go on an adventure to find Maggie Mudd. wwoooooo!!!

    Love you swag sista!

  6. You and brookie boo have left me in TEARS!!!!!!-jk, well….i’m just super bitter/sad that I can’t be in SF with you ladiessss too!
    Her irish boys sound like so much fun, and “giving in klarney?”…ha! That’s hilarious. I read every. single. word. in this post and just couldn’t get enough of it!! Long posts can get tedious, but this was nothing of the sort! 🙂
    And I see you rocking the pink mini skirt in that first picture, adorable!
    The pictures involving brookie’s irish friends lurking, that “show us your boobs” shot and the puff puff pass sign are classic.
    And congrats on cooking up another successful vegan meal!!! That one sounds so creative, and looks so delish….i’m in awe!
    Glad you’re enjoying the sesame sticks! HAHA! Addicting they are Kailey, addicting they are!
    Love that hugh jass salad too, i gotta try topping my next one with some balls…..must have been divine, hahhha….that sounds so odd!!

    OK… this novel shall end, even though I could probably say loads more! LOVE YOU!

  7. 7 homegirlcaneat

    OMG ahahahhahaha! I am dying because the #8 turned into a little sunglasses man!! ahahahahah 8) 8) 8)

  8. 8 Tina

    I did actually miss you! Haha, I am always excited to read a new post by you. And with good reason, your life seems so fun, joyful and exciting! Looks like you had a brilliant weekend with fantastic weather. Here it’s been soooo rainy for days and days and days but today it’s sunny so I’m about to hit up some breakfast and then go out for a run (once my food has digested, of course). Looks like you made yet another faaabulous lunch for your VegNews colleagues! Good job!

  9. A weekend full of Irish lads? Jealous! Haha, in Belgium the guys definitely rock the man purse, maybe it’s the same in Ireland?

    Love Brooke’s black Mesican-esque dress!

  10. 10 rediscoveringlauren

    hi darlin
    im glad you had such a great weekend 🙂 it looks super fun! and you and the girls all look stunning! that festival looked like fun…bahahha those guys with the signs..cheeky!!
    that lunch you whipped up looks delicous!! as does that huge cookie..theyre the best!
    have a great tuesday hun

  11. Looks like an amazing time!

    You know… I got a tattoo on the corner of Haight & Ashbury street when I was 18. That was… um, a long time ago, but I still loves it! I wonder if that shop is still there? Maybe you should go stop in… get a little tattoo of a peanut butter puffin to commemorate your internship. 😀

  12. It looks like you guys had a great time! Good memories and food 🙂

  13. You girls are having so much fun!!!!! AHHH I wanna be out there chillin with Irish lads and eating phenomenal looking burritos! Where am I gonna get one of those out here haha. I love that you and Brooke are so close and having so much fun! You def gotta make a visit out east when she is out here for school and we can all meet! That cookies looks delish, oh man I am craving a bomb ass cookie right now so I better go make some breakfast! Have a glorious day!!!!!

  14. Oh my gosh!! You’re alive 😀 “you know you’ll be greeted by food you like in the morning” so true and delicious food at that! Awww you guys look MORE gorgeous than usual and I’m glad you had a blast!!

    You cooked that?! Holy cow, come back to the Midwest and whip that up for me!

  15. 15 fruitveggielife

    I’m so excited with my time with Irish lads… in Ireland! Ah… I’m not sure I’ll be handing out business cards. I do hope something good comes of your cards though. 🙂

    Have a great day at VegNews! Thanks for the heads up about the book!

  16. You three are GORGEOUSSS! Glad you had fun and the eats look wonderful!
    ❤ jess

  17. 17 Bec

    wow what a crazy fun weekend!

  18. Y’all were all looking super fine this weekend!! And I can imagine that spending the night with a fellow foodie blogger would be a dream come true for me! No worries about an amazing breakfast in the AM!

    Glad y’all have found each other and are living it up, have a good Tuesday!

  19. ahhh what a PERFECT weekend, i had so much fun (and envy 😉 while reading this post! you guys look SO gorgey (can’t blame the creepers for spittin’ their game and trying hahaha) and i love love love how you guys are hanging out and living it up in san fran! and that burrito. i love that too.


  20. your weekend looks like a lot of fun! thats wonderful you adjusted to san fran so quickly. and your food all looks amazing!!

    have a wonderful day pretty lady.

  21. Amazing food, friends, and fun! Love you girl! =)

  22. 22 april

    What an exciting weekend! I missed your posts these last 2 days! lol

  23. That was quite the weekend….your lunch that you made looks great! What’s the recipe?

  24. 24 Katharina

    Your weekend looks like you had sooo much fun! And your week started off on a delicious note 🙂 Those biscuits sound so good. Do you have the recipe by any chance?

  25. woow it looked like so much fun and that burrito does look absolutely EXCELLENT!!! Too bad you had to suffer those hiney attacks from sketchy men. Giving out business cards was a very daring move girl…I hope you have weapons to fend off those dudes!

    I totally checked out the vegan ribs you mentioned at the Chicago Ribfest, but I didn’t think they were worth it ($6 for a skewer!!) cuz they were simply seitan skewers that I am now inspired to make at home. hehehe…thanks for the heads up though, I definitely made it a point to scope them out!! 🙂

    OHHHHH last but not least, we would be great cereal friends. Shredded spoonfuls are THE most under rated yummy cereals in the world!!!!!!!!! And I have slowly but surely finally weaned myself off the expensive PB puffins habit. Woohoo!!!

  26. haha im dying! looks like a great weekend. i love how brooke and brittany have totally adopted you for the summer, it’s too cute!!! cant believe you gave your card to 3 randoms LOL. now you have the fun of the big blowoff to look forward to 🙂

    oh yeah, and the food looks yummy too. especially that ritto!!!

  27. dang, all the events look like a blaaasty! san fran is so fun, i am envious that it is now your home turf!

    oh and that dish you made at work looks SO good.. i bet that cookbook is fabulous to the maxxx

  28. 28 elise

    i heart you girlies more than any comment can express! cards were passed out left and right, you may be getting some creeper calls in the near future 🙂

    gorgeous photos – you little trio of rubias!

    ps sesame sticks are OUT OF CONTROL addicting. i recommend buying them from bulk bins only and in small amounts. if you are anything like me, you cant stop once you start…so self imposed quantity control is a must 🙂

  29. wow, what a great weekend! you and your friends look like you had so much fun…besides being hassled by a bare chested man, a 37 yr old wanting a date, and getting bumped on the a$$. haha.

    and damn, i want that cookie! i wanna work at vegnews!

  30. 30 Jane

    the last line of this post was def the best– deodorant courtesy of Brooke haha. oh and it cracks me up that you were so liberal with your business cards. can’t wait to hear how many people call you back…. 🙂

  31. 31 Erin

    I love that you and homegirl hooked it up and did the damn thing!
    It looks so fun!
    I kinda wish I was there, but I’d certainly mess things up, given that I’m not at all blonde!


  33. You definitely had an amazing weekend! Looks like incredible fun!! Great stories haha

    Great food photos too!

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