Sweet Saturday


Hi beauties! How are your Saturdays so far? I swear I’m turning into an even more mature adult. Or just boring. You can decide, but I’m loving it.

I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. last night after doing laundry and snacking. From 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. I slept like a log. Where did that saying originate? Anyway, I woke up and my roomie was still gone! She went out with friends last night, and I still don’t know where she is. I’m sure she’s fine, though.

I went on a ridiculously beautiful run this morning. The sun was out, everyone was running or walking, the ocean was crashing and navy. Just out of this world. I also chatted with MamaJ for a while during a walk interval. Apparently, my internship has Popsicle thinking about vegetarianism…hmmm!

After an hour, I returned to my aparment, stretched for ten minutes, washed my face and popped a pimple, then made breakfast. This breakfast was crazy-delicious:

How could that be anything less than amazing?

How could that be anything less than amazing?

I had a major craving for yogurt, but clearly don’t have any on-hand. As the base, I used equal parts unsweetened shredded coconut and almond milk (1/4 C each). Then I cut a sweet, ripe banana in half and spread it with approxiately one tablespoon of crunchy almond butter. I sliced it atop the coconut-almond milk mixture for this blissful breakfast:

I don't need no yogurt.

I don't need no yogurt.

Each bite had exactly what I wanted: coolness, coconut, banana and crunchy almond butter. Bites looked like this:

Perfect. Don't mind the blinds.

Perfect. Don't mind the blinds.

The coconut-almond milk mixture was nothing like yogurt, but it was divine. I read blogs for a while before BrookeBaby picked me up for our Trader Joe’s date! There is nothing like meeting someone and instantly feeling comfortable with them. Comfortable enough to wear no make-up, sweaty running clothes and a thick layer of Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy to cover the stench.

We had a marvelous time perusing the aisles and picking foods together. Jeeze, we sound like an actual couple. Not so, though. I made it back with groceries that I’m stoked about.

First, the dry goods:

My goodies

My goodies

-More of those amazing bite-sized crackers
-Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls
-Almond Milk
-Raw Unsalted Crunchy Almond Butter (can’t wait to try it!)
-Smoky Peach Salsa
-Balsamic Vinaigrette
-Whole Wheat English Muffins (just realized they have honey in them…boo! I’m still eating them.)
-Whole Wheat Pitas
-Three Layer Hummus
-Arrabiata Sauce
-Luna Caramel Nut Brownie
-Sesame Sticks
-unpictured toilet paper

The produce:

Oooh, colorful!

Oooh, colorful!

-TJ’s Meatless Balls
-Butter lettuce
-Green beans
-Red Peppers
-Cherry Tomatoes

The grand total (including toilet paper and an amazing jar of almond butter, mind you): about $55. Some of you may think that’s a bit much, but I honestly think it’s all a pretty great deal. Most of this will last longer than a week. Or so I hope. You know how SnackFacey I get.

Eager to try everything I purchased, I calmed myself down, showered and then made a killer salad:

Brought to you by TJ's

Brought to you by TJ's

In the salad: spinach, butter lettuce (sweeter and softer than romaine, which means I love it), broccoli, green beans, cherry tomatoes (uber sweet and delicious), mushrooms, cucumber, sesame sticks, three balls, balsamic vinaigrette and peach salsa (not as good as pineapple). This is the best salad I’ve had in a long time! And I normally think every single salad I eat is pretty damn fab. Trader Joe’s balls are exquisite, too! Flavorful and chewy.

A little while after I finished that, I pondered dessert. Without ice cream on-hand, I resorted to this champagne mango I randomly bought earlier in the week:

Wish I could eat mangos erry day.

Wish I could eat mangos erry day.

And now that it’s 3-something in the afternoon, I am going to finish getting ready for the night. It’s 6 o-clock in Cincinnati, okay?

Alright, love you all, and I must be off! Please go and enjoy life and your loved ones! And if Popsicle or MamaJ or Matty Rich is reading, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! 🙂

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: I know people don’t like to talk about money, but how much do you usually spend on groceries? If you don’t want to answer that, how much would you like to spend on groceries?
I try to keep it around $40 or 50 because I have to have variety in the pantry, yet I don’t want to spend too much. I’ve definitely spent $80 at the grocery store for just me before. It would be cool to keep it to $30 or 20, but that ain’t happenin’.


34 Responses to “Sweet Saturday”

  1. 1 sunshineach

    Whereas you say that you must be turning into a mature adult, I found myself laughing when I read, “Trader Joe’s balls are exquisite, too!” What am I, 12 years old?

    Anyway, I’m intrigued by the three-layer hummus, as I’ve never seen that before (then again, we don’t have a TJs or WF here either, so that could be why)>

    As for my grocery bill, it’s probably around $50/week. I live by myself, so there’s no one to share food, with and I like to go a couple times a week for my fresh produce. Some people might think that’s a lot, but I never eat out and it’s totally worth it to me. I would rather have healthy, organic (when possible) groceries that make me feel good than a new pair of shoes I will only wear once.

    • 2 snackface

      sunshineach- Hahaha! I never said my humor was mature. I love using the word “balls” like that. It cracks me up!

  2. I love how you just include “popped a pimple” like its no biggy. I would be so embarrased to admit that haha!

    What a fabulous idea for “yogurt”, I’m totally going to make that!

    I love Shredded Spoonfuls! I must pick some up next time I shop. Ooo and that AB too! That Three-Layer hummus is to-die-for!

    My mom is obsessed with butter lettuce! We’re growing it in our garden.

    I spend around $50 on myself every week. I know it sounds like a lot but I’ll admit being a vegan ain’t cheap! Especially buying organic. I wish I could get it to $20 but I don’t think that’s happening

  3. I hate to admit it, but I probably spend around 150 a week on groceries, which is WAY too much. I try to justify it by not spending much on other items and by telling myself that I live in NYC which is a very expensive city.

  4. i love that banana coconut pb master piece you will be seeing it on my bog tomorrow.lol

  5. i spent SOOO much on groceries when living alone. it was disgusting!!! but now that I’m living with the rents again , I am SPOILED. I ask for much, but they have the best food!!!

    hurray for TJ’s run!!!
    have a great rest of your weekend ,lovE!

  6. 7 Megan

    Ahh stop torturing me with your TJ shopping trips! I’m so jealous!! Your brekkie looks fabulous as well.. I love reading about your time in SF!

  7. 8 lora

    omg i spent 87 bucks a week ago at Joe’s..how? no idea. I kept walking the ailses like I was on Supermarket Sweep or something…this week I am planning on going in with a gameplan…a list of essentials only LOL. we shall see how it plays out!

    love that salsa and balsamic! I bought it and they are almost half gone!


  8. I often put AB or PB on my nanner, but to then slice it up like you did? Genius!!

  9. 10 Jen

    I spend roughly $60 a week for just myself, but that’s more than food. It includes all toiletries and cleaning supplies.

    I love Trader Joe’s, but I always come out with more than I went in for.

  10. 11 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    I spend about $120-$130 a week for 2 of us. It seems like a lot but we like our food healthy and fresh! I guess it’s worth it.

  11. 12 Lyss

    that breakfast is a mixture of both visual and sensual bliss. (not SEXUAL bliss, SENSUAL. TASTE. get yo’ mind outta the gutter.)

    i’m with you on the ridiculous amounts of sleep… i’m so tired all i wanna do is lounge in my free time! it’s reeeee-diculous. but i love it. and i went to TJs today too! did i ever tell you that pineapple salsa is my absolute fave? i’m not a huge salsa fan, and was sooo skeptical to try “sweet” salsa, but OMG. to die for.

    i usually spend 50/week. sometimes more, sometimes less. but you have to take into consideration things like shampoo, detergent, facewash, TP, nail polishhhh… you know, the essentials!!! and i have to go back mid-week for produce since i’m a fruit/veg fiend. obv. whatever, it’s food, not shoes. it’s excuseable.

    love you blondieee ❤

  12. 13 Kristie

    Your blog is seriously making me want to become a vegetarian solely because of your delicious looking food! You’re doing an excellent job! 🙂

  13. daaaang look at all that loot! i am envious of your TJ goods! that peach salsa is addicting, look out. i think i have a few drops left in my jar, trying to make it last until california time again!

    well.. to put it bluntly, i spend a shitload on groceries. but i only have me to buy for and i do what i want! everything i buy lasts quite awhile though.. i stock up on the essentials when i need to but i always buy fun stuff if i see it and i want to try it. actually i went to 3 grocery stores today! i can’t put a dollar amount on it because i usually go to the store every couple days to get whatever i am feeling at the moment.

    oh, and i am in love with the way you sliced up that banana! so artsy.

  14. kailey, that breakfast is the most fabulous and delicious creation ever! this is going on my list for the next time i have a banana.

    and i’d say you did quite well for yourself at tj’s! i have a $40/week grocery budget … but it often ends up being less due to all the coworker generosity!

    and i’m so glad you got to share your cheetahs with the vegnewsers!!

  15. 16 Tina

    Ohhh! TJ’s sesame sticks! I looove them!! We always stock up on a few bags of them when we’re in the US. They’re soo good I just can’t stop snacking on them! I think you got a good haul for $50. I spend probably around $40-50 on food too (trying to do a mental conversion from Swedish crowns to dollahs right now). It all depends on what I’m getting and where I’m buying it. I’ve definitely become better at trying to find the cheapest place to get certain things, I’ve found that the large grocery store nearby where I live actually have started stocking organic soy yoghurt and Tofutti for a much better price than the small organic shop I used to buy that stuff in. Basically I have pretty standard groceries that I’ve always got on hand or that I stock up on and then I splurge a little and go to this small organic shop (that’s more expensive) to get some special products I can’t get anywhere else.

  16. 17 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun,
    love that breakfast 🙂 sounds like a beautiful morning all in all, i love morning runs, theyre the best way to start the day!
    im so glad you and brooke had another blogger date, thats so cool! all of the grocceries look delish! and not bad price wise either…
    have a great sunday,

  17. 18 elise

    i spend WAYYYY too much on groceries, but its one of my treats to myself. i rarely buy clothes or do any other retail therapy…for some reason i always end up talking myself out of things with the idea that “that {insert item here] is one trip to whole foods worth of $$” its sick i know. that said, i think your 55 trip = SUCCESS!!

    i dont keep track but i spend way more than that :/

    sesame sticks = seriously addicting…i cant buy those in bulk anymore, haha!

    peace out kailey!

  18. Early bedtimes are A-okay in my book! Us grannies need our beauty sleep, ya know?! Woohoo for the pops turning veggie – my dad would NEVER do that but it’s okay!

    I love how you sandwiched your ‘naner with PB! Ooooh sweet cheeks, I’m loving that TJs haul! Those sesame sticks are crack and TJs balls are delicious (TWSS). Try a taco salad – regular salad ingredients with TJs balls, salsa, and sprinkle some red chili powder. Your mouth will be on FIYAH but it’s worth it 😉

    I don’t spend TOO much on groceries. I try to work the system (coupon cutter! Deal hunter!) and usually it works out in my benefit. Have a loverly Sunday!

  19. Mmm your run sounds glorious, and that breakfast is certainly bangin’!

    I usually spend close to 50, and it’s a lot but groceries are expensive! It’s the loaves of bread that get me.

  20. 21 april

    Oh my goodness gracious your breakfast looks divine!!

  21. 22 Mama J

    Computer is up and running again. Needless to say we miss the heck out of you but you can’t stop progress. Dad is going to drive me a little crazed with his weekly countdown for your arrival back home.
    You know what picture I would like to see is the front of your street and a pic of you and Charlotte. Throw in some pics of gorgeous gay men maybe some Irish boys at the pub…… Just a little something to mix it up.
    How many of those business cards have you given out ? Like I said before they weren’t meant to save like Vogue.
    Bowling last night was an absolute blast. The bowling shoe with my smart little capri leggings made my ankles look like two heat and serve baguettes. If moving the palm tree in the big urn while cleaning the glass inclosure didn’t mess up my back bad enough,…bowling took the pain to a totally different level. I couldn’t get comfortable in my bed so I switched to your. I knew that would do the trick.
    Dad had to help me out of bed. Now I moving I am good. Ttfn… Later OXOX

  22. I love Mama J’s comment! Her ankles look like heat and serves!!! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Anyway, back to the Junior Snackface, I think your filled banana slices are genius!

    I need to go to TJs because they were all out of balls during our last trip! I’m pretty sure you could not find a more processed product, but I LOVE THEM!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is fab!

  23. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite activities, especially at a utopia like TJ’s!

    That nut butter in a banana and then sliced is brilliant. It looks perfect over yogurt, cereal…I need to try that!

  24. Hello lovely! Where did you get that genius idea to mix a little coconut and almond milk together?? SUCH a good idea! That breakfast looks divine and so fine (esp. the little banana slices stuffed with pb, mmmm).

    I’m so glad that you and brooke had fun grocery shopping together…it would have been even BETTER if I was there…hahhahha totally kidding, i’m full of myself, eh??

    Oh, and in response to your earlier comment, I have had the tj’s meatless meatballs before and love ’em…actually stocked up on some more yesterday and had a few with last night’s dinner! Glad you both hit up the sesame sticks too! Do you like them?? But yayyy for Barbara’s shredded spoonfuls! I grew up on that shizz! If you’ve ever tried quaker oatmeal squares and liked them, buy the shredded OATS….they’re even better!

    I’ve got tj’s/cereal recommendations for my girl coming out of the ying yanggg apparently!! And lastly, I’m ALSO glad that you and brookie had fun last night….well, i’m guessing from her 2 am drunk text!! haha! LOVED IT! But love you two even more!! xoxooxoxox

  25. I spend TOO much money on groceries…way too much. I think probably around $50-60 a week? And that’s just for me…not the rest of my family. But I don’t go shopping for other stuff, so I try to justify myself with that. lol.
    and oh my lordie…your breakfast is heavenly BLISS indeed! I wanna get inside your head and learn how you get such creativity spinning! You’re awesome!!

  26. 27 Jane

    Wow that breakfast looks really good- i bet if you toasted the coconut it would be even more flavorful. I think I may have to try it 🙂 That and your cheetahs- yum!

    i’m super jealous of your internship at VegNews. I’m a creative writing major but I’d love to work for a sweet magazine like that!

    Great blog and I look forward to reading more!

  27. 28 Brooke

    I’m drunk and I put my swaaaaag ooohnnn!!!

    You can delete this.

  28. I love the idea of chopping up the banana with PB in the middle! I’m definitenly trying that with my oats sometime 🙂

    I spend A LOT on groceries, usually around $80 a week for just me. But that’s because I’ll buy a lot of low-sodium or organic stuff. Plus, I never eat out, so I save a lot of money there. I eat every single piece of food I buy, nothing ever goes to waste! 🙂

  29. Kailey,

    Hey darlin! It’s so great to “see” your shining face this morning!

    Big time Yumlovin to that salad. Looks deeelish. You have almond milk…you should make Pbu. lol.

    Groceries. Oh dear. I’m still livin with my folks so Grocery bills are higher. More like $100 bucks a week for 4 people. Not horrific, but not great. If I were by myself I think I could get it much lower because I don’t eat too many processed expensive foods.

    Have a great Monday sweetheart!
    With Love,

  30. I am such a bad budgeter period. It’s not that I have copious amounts of money- I am just bad at keeping track of what I spend: especially when it comes to food. But just calculating: I spend at least $100 a week PLUS I have a lot of staples. It’s definitely a lot but I was brought up to never be cheap with food. Let’s see how well that goes over when I am back in school this fall and am not making any money! Yikes!

    Mango looks really good!

    Have a good Monday!

  31. I spend about similar!! I think it is more important to spend a little extra for quality food.

  32. Those TJ meatless meatballs are da bomb. I usually spend about $50. Though this weekend I scored with $10 on produce at the farmers’ market.

  33. 34 eatlivelovedream

    I spend a $100 a week on groceries for my hubby and I. EEEK!!!!!
    We are trying to get better. But, we just love fresh fruit and veggies!

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