I’m a Big Girl Now!


Buongiorno! I had a fantastic Tuesday, and I hope you did too! It’s been a biggie!

I woke up at 7 a.m. with my back and hip still a hot mess. For a good half of the day I hobbled around. In heels, mind you. Anyway, I had a delicious cold cereal breakfast:

High fiber O's, banana, coconut, almond milk, almond buttah, baby!

High fiber O's, banana, coconut, almond milk, almond buttah, baby!

Charlotte and I traipsed to the office after dropping off our garbage in the dumpster. I started my day by fact-checking an editorial piece about pooping. Or rather, how the writer once had difficulties. I don’t mind– it had me laughing in the a.m. Plus, I’m really a 12-year-old boy, so the mention of poop still makes me laugh. Shortly after reading, an arrival of other tubular, round goodies dumped into the VegNews office:

The fun never stops!

The fun never stops!

Vegan doughnuts! I don’t even like doughnuts that much. I never have, but I did have a few little slivers throughout the day. One had a maple glaze with Bac-O bits on top! I got back to work, and for a couple hours diligently wrote a couple news stories.

Soon enough, it was lunch time! More deliciousness:

Green glory.

Green glory.

On the plate: salad with tomato and avocado and green curry with veggies and tofu. I love curry and had no clue before working here that I would!

Shortly after lunch I chatted with a producer of Sims 3! She was so nice and so passionate about her baby! That’s one of the things I adore about journalism: getting to talk to other incredibly passionate people.

I was busy writing and fact-checking when Colleen gave me a present:

I'm a big girl now!!!

I'm a big girl now!!!

Isn’t that insane??? I can hardly believe I have the most bangin’ business cards! I’m handing them out to everyone! I was on cloud 1,289 for the rest of the day! ALSO, a lost puppy stopped by our office until the owners showed up! Papa was sooo cute and was just the dose of puppy loving I needed.

I successfully wrote two news pieces for the website, one news blurb for the magazine, edited two or three stories and had a blast. I also avoided afternoon sweets with an apple, but that apple didn’t do a damn thing for my hunger. It may have made me hungrier.

By the time I got home at 6something (and for those who were wondering, this is an unpaid internship), I was more than ready to eat. First course:

Big a$$ salad

Big a$$ salad

I don’t need no green monster! I eat enormous green salads, yo! In the mix: romaine, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, roma tomato, chickpeas, Sesame Ginger Soy Vinaigrette and pineapple salsa! Almost as divine as the second course:

Beautiful butternut curls!

Beautiful butternut curls!

Butternut squash curls may be giving cheetahs a run for their spots. I don’t know whether the skin is edible, but I ate it anyway. I’ll let you know how it goes. After dinner I had a couple wannabe Triscuit crackers with TJ’s Tomato Basil Hummus Dip. PIZZA! Is there a difference between hummus and hummus dip? Is it not official hummus? I also may have had a few chunks of a Sticky Fingers brownie. Oh ma gah.

Now I am getting ready to meet up with a fab chiquitaΒ for an hour or so of catching up! OH! Thank you ALL for the wonderful recipe suggestions! I can’t believe I left my copy of V’Con in Ohio!Β Grrr. Now I have plenty to choose from. Thank you! Anyway, I’m off!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How much will you spend on shoes? Does it depend on the type?
These days I don’t want to spend any more than $20 on any kind of shoe. I know I have to give this up if I want to get new running shoes. By the way, I took today off from running, and my back/hip/bum feels a ton better! I know I still need to get it checked out, though!


34 Responses to “I’m a Big Girl Now!”

  1. 1 Amanda

    I also love a bargain when it comes to … anything! but good running shoes absolutely are the most important thing if you want to continue running. Go to a specialty store with knowledgable people who can assess your stride .. if you have foot-strike issues it can affect shins, knees, hips, etc. etc. … not worth being stingy!!

    Alsooo I am supah lazy when it comes to the bnut fries and I ALWAYS leave the skin on – kindof like it that way and I’m still standing!

  2. 2 Megan

    ahh you’re so lucky you get business cards.. they def make you look even more awesome than you already are πŸ™‚ i’m happy you’re having fun in san fran!!! wooooo

  3. 3 The Novice Berker

    You have a business card now!! How freakin’ awesome is that?! And I seriously hope your hip/back like… magically gets better. Like, um, right now. That must be awfully irritating AND painful! 😦

    I’m kind of a sucker for pretty shoes. Flip flops, I’ve gone up to like $40, but that pair has an insane warranty/guarantee (yeah, weird, I know, Californians take their flip flops seriously) where they’ll replace them if they get messed up. I’ve already gotten my pair replaced once so, um, technically the 40 bucks has provided me with… 5 years of wear? And still going strong! For non-sandal shoes… I’ve gone embarrassingly high too. Shoes and sweets–totally my weaknesses! 😦

  4. your business card is so cool!

    and the show thing,my dad is a manager for dillards so i get a discount but still shopping at a department store if i love the shoes i will pay for them not over 100 though. and i do not buy a lot of shoes maybe 3 a year. and possibly look on criagslist or ebay for non worn running shoes.

  5. Kailey,

    I picked up a copy of Veg News at Barnes and Noble today. In honor of you of course. Your cards are so cool. You are a big girl now!!

    Your yummy eats are giving me the hangries though. Dinner time!

    Have a fantabulous humpday tomorrow!

    With Love,


  6. 6 sue

    ahh i’m so happy for you! glad you are loving san fran and your internship! and i’m insanely jealous of all the yummy lunches and treats you’ve been enjoying!

  7. 7 AnAppleADay

    LOVE your business card!

    CAN I GET ONE? =)

  8. Business cards that soo awesome! Butternut squash curls those sound amazing! I’m thinking i gotta those one day very soon. I’m glad the hip is feeling a bit better – a day of is sometimes all we need. Have fun with homegirl! Hmm shoes I hate spending alot to i always try to find shoes that are on sale. If i reallllly want them or need them then i’ll spend up to 100 but that rarely happens.

  9. 9 homegirlcaneat

    Yeah, I have that business card. Yeah, that business card will be spread throughout the Irish and Italian populations this Saturday. Yeah, I felt the need to comment you even though I saw you less than 30 min ago.

    Paying bank for shoes killlls me! When I got new running shoes, they were over $100 and I was actually on the verge of tears because I knew that I would be switching them out in less than a year! But then again, they give me lots of endorphins which make me happy so, I deal!

    V-mont in 4 hours. Saturday in 4 days. Lots of CRAIC and “givin’ it killarney”???…WHOLE SUMMA!

    I miss your face and our beautiful tripod with Brittany already. Loves you darling!

  10. 10 rediscoveringlauren

    yay awesome business cards πŸ™‚
    those dohnuts look so good! tasty-licious!!
    glad your hip is feeling better after taking a day of running, somtimes our bodys just need rest in order to repair injurys.
    have fun laters πŸ™‚

  11. GORGEOUS business cards, and how cool is it that they let a puppy stay there until the owners came and found him? Good peoples, those vegnews folks.

    Maybe someone in the office can give you a referral to a chiro and/or massage therapist to get your hip set to rights. A lot of practitioners will charge based on a sliding scale. I would say if you’re having trouble with your hip, but the best shoes you can afford, which I know is easier said than done. πŸ™‚

    Good luck! Donuts look awesome! Eat some for me!

  12. Thats awesome!! I had a donut with maple glaze and real bacon last year, and it was AMAZING! Congrats on the business cards…they make any job more official!

  13. Congrats on your buisness cards! I am cheap too when it comes to buying shoes. I always look for sales, especially with sneakers. Running shoes can be SO insanely expensive, but if you know your size you can find good deals online.

  14. Yay for your legit business cards! That’s exciting πŸ™‚

    Oooo I need to try butternut squash fries, better than cheetah SP’s?! Oh my…

    I will spend up to 50-60 IF they are nice shoes, that I can wear A LOT (i.e. all year round, with everything), if not, 30 bucks is the limit.

  15. I understand your AM laughter because I’m a 12 year old boy too! Puppies and business cards – what a great afternoon!! Congrats, lover!

    I hope you guys had a fun night!! I’m living vicariously through you since I’m stuck in the boring ass Midwest πŸ˜‰ Shoes – I’m CHEAP!! My running shoes though I’ve luckily gotten discounted through my sport – holla!

  16. Awesome buisness cards!!! Love it!

    I will spend no more than $100 on a pair of shoes. Any more than that is crazy!

  17. Love the business cards!!!!! so cool!

    salad looks amazing. yum yum yum

    the treats you get at your job look so fab!

    i don’t like dropping large dollars on shoes but often do…booo….runners are always at least 100 but worth it because I don’t want to damage my knees. Shoes can be sooooo expensive. boo!!

  18. 18 april

    I hope your butt/hip feels better! I don’t spend much on shoes at all! I actually hate wearing shoes lol

  19. 19 lowandbhold

    I got my first business cards too recently but haven’t had anyone to give them too, lol! Yours are so pretty and colorful!!

    I used to be a shoe addict and won’t even go into how much I’ve spent on shoes in the past, but I’ve reformed. However, I just bought some new running shoes and they weren’t cheap ($85) but ever since I bought them I’ve had terrible ankle problems. I bought them because they were cheaper than other brands, but now I wish I would have spent a little more. Doctor’s bills ain’t cheap either!!

    Good luck!

  20. The one time I went balls out and really splurged on shoes was when I saw a pair of these Christian Louboutain black high-heals. I fell in love with the red bottoms. So basically I died after purchasing them, but it was worth it. I’m not a donut fan either, but those look pretty pretty good!!!

  21. oh what a day! I love the meals and treats you get at vegnews…so interesting especially when it’s all VEGAN!

    and for shoes i never splurge…unless they’re converse. haha. i must have about a dozen pairs. oh, or running shoes. i always need nice running shoes. πŸ™‚

  22. those business cards are SWEET! so professional. and your internship sounds like my dream job. food and journalism? yes, please!

  23. bacon doughnuts? gnar. i am not a doughnut nut either, i can take them or leave them. the curry looks fantastic! i love thai curries and indian curries, which i like better is a debate my brain always has with itself.

    business cards! you’re so official and shiii. now you can drop your card into the little buckets they have at various places to win free lunches and whatnot. or just win free spam email…

    shoes? i’m a cheap ass. i live in $2.50 old navy flip flops basically. if i need to get fancy i go somewhere like forever or DSW. a girl i work with spends up to $1,000 on boots. A THOUSAND DOLLARS? absurd. but jea, running shoes are worth the dinero.

    have a good one!

  24. 24 Anna

    I know exactly what you mean about that apple – those darn things make me even hungrier than I was before I chowed down.

    I used to be a shoe magnet. I would throw down medium amounts of dough ($40) for any old pair that had a good chance of fitting. However, I am now up to 45 pairs and really only wear 10 of them EVER. The rest don’t fit well, kill my feet, or really aren’t as cute as I once thought. I’ve stopped going crazy with the shoe purchasing, and now only buy them if they are a really good deal, really cute, and comfy. This doesn’t happen too often, but once it does, there is no stopping this girl from throwing down the plastic. Urban Outfitters has been a beautiful place for me this summer, where I bought 2 pairs of flats for $20 each and a pair of hotttt boots for $20 that were originally $90. No regrets here!

  25. Kailes! (Can I call you Kailes??) Sounds like another great day at Vegnews!! I love the cards-and that they’re made in soy ink! That’s so cute!!

    I know this internship is unpaid and all, but i’m sure that you know that it’s going to get you farrrr, you are getting so much experience from it even a week into it, truly preparing you for a real job after college!! Also being able to name drop vegnews on your resume isn’t too shabby either! πŸ˜‰

    You have reminded me of my love for curry!!!! I rarely eat it, but know that I really like it’s salty/spicy flavor!

    And the vegan donuts look great!! I’ve never been a donut girl either, AT ALL…but once I won that holey donuts giveaway I fell in love….I guess i hated them since I knew they were cooked in animal FAT. yum! (yours weren’t though, since they’re vegan!). LOVE YA! xo

  26. 26 hemp jogger

    embarrassing, but too often than not, my family’s convos turn to pooping and the like…difficulties, too much, etc. and i’m older than you, and the shit still makes me laugh *pun fo sho*

    yay to business cards! and woop woop to the bnut. oh, and i always eat the skin, and not much has happened, ever. not even lots of pooping.

  27. 27 Tina

    I.just.love.reading.your.blog!! It’s SO exciting! I envy you so much (and I know I say that in like EVERY single comment I leave). I SO want to intern at VegNews because it’s like… PERFECT for me. I’m vegan/vegetarian, I’ve wanted to go to SanFran FOREVER and VegNews is my faaaav magazine that I ALWAYS buy when I am in the US. Plus I’m super interested in everything vegan/vegetarian and eco-friendly! I love that your business cards are printed with soy ink! So awesome! Was it very difficult to get the internship? When did you first apply? Are they paying for your appartment and everything? Do you know if they take interns from other countries? I live in Sweden but I’m half american and have american citizenship and speak/write english fluently.

  28. Hey! I just found your blog, I love it! I also just started working my first “big girl” journalism job in radio. I freaked out when I got my own e-mail address!

    I hate spending money on shoes since I always seem to dirty and ruin them anyways. Running shoes are worth investing in though. Mine were close to $80 and and I don’t regret a penny πŸ™‚

  29. unless they’re running shoes, I don’t spend more than $20 on shoes, either.
    CONGRATS on your first business card, Kailey! WOO-HOO! Big girl, indeedy!
    and love the idea of the donut with maple glaze and Bac-O bits!!

  30. hey girl!!

    ughh sorry about your hip and back! just be careful– running injuries only get worse if you dont traet them properly (take it from me– i havent been back to my running schedule since JANUARY!!) try using the foam roller at your gym– hurts like a biatch but it works wonders!! so glad you are takin some rest from running though!

    as far as shoes go– i hate spending more than $200 because they are JUST SHOES, i usually ruin them within a few years– and im more of a bag gal πŸ™‚ hehe

    asics are my FAV running shoes!! its so critical to have a good pair of runnin shoes– it may be the ones you are wearing that caused you a bit of pain in the first place. (the ones i have are the 2130 which are around $80 i know if i run on worn shoes a few times i start having pains in my foot/knee/hip! just a thought!!! i’m sure everything will work out!!!!! lots of love πŸ™‚

  31. omg and congrats on the buss cards! thats HUGE xoxoxo

  32. 32 randomlymikey

    i’m all about the bargain too. but when it comes to running shoes you really do need a good pair.
    vegan doughnuts…mmm…drool…..

  33. those business cards are great! can you believe ive been an AE at my job for 9 months now and still dont have cards?!?! haha i have to write out a little note every time i send something to an editor. im jealous πŸ™‚

    your butternut curls look delish!!! they really rival the sp?? ive got a squash in my cabinet that i might just have to cut up…

    happy thursday!!!

  34. I love a good bargain. I think my highest would be $70 for shoes (non-running that is). I sometimes splurge when it comes to heels. All others would be in the 20-30$ range….I’m addicted to shoes, its a bad (& expensive) habit!!

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