I’m Hooked


Ay baybays! How we doin’? The sun is bursting over San Fran today and I love it! Saturday was a blast from start to finish, so allow me to thrill you with every single detail. I mean that.

Somehow, I naturally woke up at 7 a.m., full of energy. I immediately changed into my running garb, did some bathroom things and hit the pavement. I’m so hooked on this. I don’t pressure myself to run X minutes or go a certain pace, I just run when I want and walk when I want. Yesterday it was a straight two miles and then intervals– as sweetie pants Jess pointed out to me– the rest of the time. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect and I felt amazing after that one hour.

I came home and did Polly’s Yoga for Runners, then did abs (100 crunches, other ab things like bicyles and leg lifts) and arms (20 pushups, 20 dips…workin’ on it). Once I showered and robed, I finally made a flaky and coconutty bowl of cereal:

Mmm... nutty

Mmm... nutty

In the bowl: TJ’s High Fiber Fruit and Nut Multigrain Medley, 1/4 banana, strawberries, 1/4 C unsweetened shredded coconut. So maybe 1/4 C of coconut is too much. The packaging for it has to be wrong. It says 1/4 C is 0 calories. I’m not buying it. However, I am enjoying it immensely:



The chewy flakes were a perfect addition to my cereal bowl. Therefore, you get to see it again:

Glory...dooo it!

Glory...dooo it!

After crunching my way through breakfast and catching up on bloggity blogs, I put on my face and some clothing and gathered some books and notes. Then Muffin called! It was so great to hear her voice again! I love my babygirl and I wish she were here to experience San Fran with me, but she’ll be working at the Columbus Dispatch this summer. She’s so newsy, it’s nuts.

But anyway, I gathered my books and notes to write a five-page final essay for an english class. Once I started writing I couldn’t stop. It turned out to be seven pages long. Seven pages is easy peasy when your professor wants it double-spaced and 14-sized font, though.

Miraculously, four hours had passed in a span of what seemed to be two hours, and it was time for lunch. I had few supplies, but did work, son:

Lavash wrapadoo, snapple and snap peas

Lavash wrapadoo, snapple and snap peas

In the lavash: TJ’s Cilantro Jalapeno hummus (still amazed by this), cucumber and a ton of lettuce. Crunchy and delicious:



I was antsy to leave the house, so I booked it after I finished eating. MamaJ called me and we chatted for a bit as I tried to figure out what a bus stop looks like. I was so puzzled that I had to ask a very kind stranger whether I was standing in the right spot. Not only did she assure me that yes, indeed, I was where I should be, but she also told me I could call 311 for the bus schedules. How incredible are strangers? Well, nice ones.

I spent an hour or so in Stonestown Mall and Trader Joe’s. First, I bought an $18 baking pan at William Sonoma (one of my favorite dreamy stores–I cannot afford that kitchenware…yet!) and then spent my sweet time wandering through TJ’s, examining labels (I think everything I got is vegan!), gathering food, observing people.

One guy walked up to a tower of sports drinks and exclaimed, “Damn! I thought that was Kombucha!” I’ve never seen a twenty-something man get so upset about missing Kombucha.

Travelling home was another mini-adventure in itself. I do not have the pulic transportation system down yet. I made it home in once piece, with all my groceries, though. Wanna see ’em?

First up, we have my favorite portion of grocery shopping: the dry goods, snackles, cereal, hummus, randoms:

The fun stuff

The fun stuff

-Almond Milk
-High Fiber O’s!
-Wheat and Flaxseed Bite-sized Crackers
-Dr. Praeger’s California Burgers
-Pineapple Salsa
-Garbanzo beans
-Pumpkin Pie Spice
-Yogi Ginger tea
-Strawberry Fruit Spread
-Tomato Basil Hummus
-Whole Wheat Pitas
-Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

And then there is the second, less-processed half:

Produce in my new pan

Produce in my new pan

-Celery Hearts
-Roma tomatoes
-Broccoli florettes
-Apples (Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady)

Total cost: $40.18. Hollaaa. Actually, I’d like to not spend as much on food, but what’s a foodie to do?

I dug into new goodies as soon as I put everything away:

Celery, broccoli, bite-sized crackers and PINEAPPLE SALSA

Celery, broccoli, bite-sized crackers and PINEAPPLE SALSA

I put emphasis on that salsa because it is outstanding. I’ve never been one to enjoy sweet salsas, but when I saw this one I thought I’d give it a shot. It has a perfect balance between subtle sweetness and smoky heat. I ate a ton of this throughout the day. I’m hooked on TJ’s fo life. I took that photo on my back porch, so I wanted to share my backyard:

I really meant backyard, not my other backyard

I really meant backyard, not my other backyard

That green snack plate was not the only thing I snacked on. There has been this beer in the fridge that’s been staring at me all week. I actually enjoy beer and would love to be a pro at beer-tasting; I know this sounds peculiar but I just like good drank. I photographed my thought process before sipping.

Opened the bottle, brought it to mouth:

I want to, but should I?

I want to, but should I?

I had to stop and think:

Shoo, homes, I dunno 'bout that.

Shoo, homes, I dunno 'bout that.


Did the damn thing.

Did the damn thing.

These frightening pictures are a prime example of what happens when one lives alone: she goes loopy and takes pitcures of herself, thinking it will be entertaining. It was for me, at least. The beer ended up being too hoppy.

I puttered around for a bit and then wanted to break in the new baking pan the SnackFace way:

Chu-chu-chu-Cheetah pet.

Chu-chu-chu-Cheetah pet.

I didn’t have aluminum foil or non-stick spray, so I coated the pan with a thin layer of EVOO. They turned out beautifully, though. I missed them dearly:



Though sweet potatoes are, well, sweet, I needed chocolate after “dinner.” I didn’t have any good stuff, but I had one  Think Thin Chocolate Toffe Nut Bites. Meh:

Think Thin Nugg

Think Thin Nugg

That was…alright. I won’t buy them again. Suddenly, sleepiness swept over my body and I took a 30-minute cat nap. I hope I’m not turning into a napper. When I awoke I was hungry again, so I had a handful of crackers, a few stalks of celery with mass pineapple salsa and half a peanut butter cookie (one of those giant Alternative Baking Company cookies). Finally, fullness was reached.

I spent the 8 p.m. hour getting ready for a special night out with Brooke and her homie Britty-boo! We had an absolute blast last night, just chatting away and generally loving life. They introduced me to one of their Irish friends. Love the accent! Anyway, I am so blessed to have these fabulous women in my life now. They are both incredibly sweet, fun, happy, hilarious girls. The Blonde Trio:

Glowing with happiness

Glowing with happiness

Old fart Kailey got tired at 12:30 a.m. and took an $18-dollar cab ride home. Uhhh, never doing that again. Whoah expensive! I changed into my jammies and ate some cereal, then hit the hay.

I woke up at 8:30 feeling…headachey. I did what I thought was best to fix my funk. Another running and intervals session! Seriously, this is the best way to start the day. Totally hooked on this, too. My concern is that I need new shoes, though. I’ve had them for over four years now, and can tell that they have zero arch support (for these delicate dancer’s arches–kidding kinda). I don’t want to hurt myself, but I also don’t want to spend money on shoes! Baking pans, no problem, but shoes, I dunno.

An hour of intervals had me feeling delightful! I stretched for a while, showered and then made breakfast for my shaking hands:

Fibah Os with strawberries, coconut and almond milk

Fibah Os with strawberries, coconut and almond milk

I also sprinkled pumpkin pie spice in there, which worked perfectly with the coconut. Yum:

Lighter on the coconut this time...kinda missed the full coating

Lighter on the coconut this time...kinda missed the full coating

I’m not sure what to do today! I have laundry to do, garbage to take out, sunshine to read in…dime pieces to check out in Whole Foods… And Charlotte arrives today! I’m so curious as to what she’s like!

So now that I’ve shared as much as I could, I must be off to enjoy life. I hope you’re all having unbelievably fantastic Sundays!

Ciao for now,




30 Responses to “I’m Hooked”

  1. 1 The Novice Berker

    Excellent TJ’s haul!! I still haven’t tried sweet, fruity-ish salsas myself, but I’m glad to hear that you liked it. I’ll have to look into that pineapple one soon!

    And hurray for Charlotte’s arrival! I hope she’s wonderful, and now you don’t have to have beer&Kailey photoshoots all by your lonesome. 😉 Not that I didn’t like the beer&Kailey photoshoot, ahaha. ‘Twas lovely!

  2. 2 Amanda

    adding coconut is BRILLIANT! my dad would love that idea–he eats it straight from the bag with his fingers. so classy.

    after seeing peach and pineapple salsa on the food blogs, i need to try some! i normally like when things are sweetened with a little somethin’ somethin’. i love me some sugar.

  3. cilantro jalepeno hummus? please teleport a TJs to me NOW.. i am missing out on some seriously delish perishable goods! you got some good loot, i have tried that tomato basil hummus when in cali once actually. tastes like pizza sauce! it’s gooood. i love the pineapple salsa too, have you tried the peach one from TJ’s? divinity.

    18 dolla cab ride?!? damnnn. think of all the food that coulda bought! 😉 loved the play by play of the beverage consumption. i think you made the right choice. for reals.

    im not a fan of the think thins. meh is right.

    have a lovely day in that lovely city with that amazing backyard.. jealous!

  4. 4 nicole

    i Also dumped coconut on my fruits it tastes soo yummy. ALl three of you look so pretty in that picture! have a great day

  5. 5 Bec

    your backyard is gorgious! enjoy your sunday!

  6. 6 Lesie

    Coconut is an awesome addition to any fruity breakfast! However in my experience it is not zero calorie hahaha.

  7. 14 sized font?! You lucky lady!! I love your snow capped breakfast 🙂

    I may need to try out that salsa for myself, you girl loves her salsa! Girl your cheetahs are looking mighty fine – glad you got your groove back!! YOU ALL LOOK GORGY! I’m glad I’m not the only Gma! I left the bar last night at 12:30, too – us beauty queens need our rest 😉

    Hope your roomie is awesome (let’s be real – you and I were meant to be roomies)! Hope you’re having a glorious Sunday!!

  8. 8 april

    Yay the return of the sweet potato wedges! Have a great sunday!

  9. Ok. Added to my grocery list: specifically, TJ’S cilantro hummus and pineapple salsa!
    But I did pick up pita bread yesterday and thought of youuu!! You always make the most divine lookin’ pita sandwiches, throw pasta sauce and veggies over ’em……etc,etc. Giving me so many ideas!! Thanks for the shoutout baby gurrrrrrl! I’m glad you’re loving all that interval work, it really is the way to go!

    And I WILL be joining you gorgeous blondies sometimes this summer!! My brownish/blonde locks need to be added to the mix! Glad you enjoyed that beer, the photo op was very amusing, very adorable…and totally understandable!

    Can’t wait to hear about the roommate!! Good luck! 🙂


  10. I love your morning runs. They sound so peaceful and relaxing. You also got in such a great workout. You’re totally motivating me now.

    0 calories? Must be wrong. No food is 0 calories…at least it was delicious.
    I always silently scream “YES” when my teacher wants double-spaced papers.
    Williams- Sonoma! Love it but yeah, I’ve never gotten anything either =P

    Pretty damn good haul for $40! It sucks being a foodie sometimes though, so expensive!
    My gosh, your hair is stunning! I love it wavy, how did you do it?!
    Now I’m off to make some cheetah taters!

    • 11 snackface

      Shelby- Shooo, come on! I always like to believe foods have 0 calories. I know you’re right though 😦 Thanks for the hair complement! Here’s the hair how-to…So I have relatively straight hair that’s hard to curl, but I’ve mastered the wave for my hair. I shower, wait till my hair is almost dry, then I twist it into a bun at the back of my head. I leave it there for however long I feel (maybe an hour for soft waves, 2 or 3 hours because I like having my hair up occasionally, whatevah), then I let it down and shake it out a bit. Easy as that!

  11. 12 homegirlcaneat

    Wooooooopwooooooop for a good night of laughs and talks and accents and life! Brittany is sitting next to me and we both loooooOove you and cannot wait to hang again! Next time, we will find the vegan ice cream or get some danka$$ food! And whaaaat?! a $18 cab??? I’m sorry!! Homeboy must have taken the long way because that ain’t worth $18! Next time we will find a much better chauffeur.

    And the next time you hit up TJs, can I come?? Let’s be grocery shopping homies! I haven’t been to TJs in so long and I need to hit up with salsa you are raving about.

    Love yo intervals and can’t wait to hear about the roomie!,

    • 13 snackface

      homegirl- I’m in-between texts with you at the moment, as you’ve just sent me pics of a dreamy man, but I’m still responding to this comment via blog. YES let’s be grocery shopping homies!! That will be so much fun, just hittin’ up TJ togethaa!

  12. 14 Megan

    soo jealous of your apt in san fran.. and all your tj goodies!! i love reading about your internship.. makes me so jealous! 😉 and i love any fruity salsa.. so much better than regular!

  13. So jealous of you gorgeous girls having a ball together!!!! I wanna join haha! How are those High Fiber O’s I almost bought a box the other day, but then realized I have about 20 million cereals in my pantry right now. Love the addition of coconut to the cereal mixture…gonna have to try that myself.
    By the way, love that you wanna be a beer taster. Good brews are da bomb!!!

    • 16 snackface

      Coco- Come join us! PRONTO!!! I totally understand the cereal dilemma. I’m trying to keep it to one box at a time. Thankfully, I eat two full boxes a week. Which is more than anyone should ever eat, but that’s all I want at night, yo! So anyway, I really like the High Fiber Os! They’re a bit nutty, a bit oaty, and very crunchy. They’re almost the same texture as Kashi Heart to Heart, but more dense and less airy. I hope that makes sense, haha! If you’re into mixing cereals, I think this would be fabulous with kamut puffs (that reminds me I need to hunt some down, furreal)!

  14. wowowow you should just call that coconuty goodness! It looks like heaven! 🙂

  15. Awhh what gorgeous girlies! Good food haul. I just tried Almond breeze this past week and I’m in l o v e with it! This is the second post I’ve read in a row (from different bloggers) that have sweet p fries in them… I’m so cooking up a batch tomorrow.

    xox bri

  16. 19 Sarah

    Apparently all the cool kids shopped at Trader Joes, ate cheetah wedges and took pictures of themselves drinking beer this weekend!

    I’m so happy you are so happy in SF, Kail!

  17. 20 Tina

    I love everything you got at TJ’s, such a great load! I am always so bummed when I see bloggies hauls from WFs and TJ’s. My sister usually has her cereal like that! But she uses unflavored yoghurt and mixed in all kinds of stuff like fruits, granola etc. and then tops it with coconut. That’s weird that the label says 1/4 cup is 0 kcal. Sometimes you just KNOW that ain’t true! That’s what bugs me about labels sometimes because you never know if they’re telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Haha 🙂

  18. 21 Anna

    Oh, public transportation. We have a love/hate relationship. Darn Pittsburgh buses have ruined my life more than once, but I really enjoy saving the environment and not dealing with a car. Plus we get a bus pass with our student IDs, but I would really appreciate a magical taxi service that came whenever I wanted and whisked me everywhere for free.

    Sad story: I have that pineapple salsa in my cupboard, it’s been there for months, and I have yet to dig into it. I think I’m saving it for some unknown meal, but not really, and you are making me want to go dig into it right NOW.

    I’m so glad you had a fabulous night out, and I hope it’s the first of many craaazy times!

  19. glad you’re still having a blast!

    let me advise you though — i, like you, did not want to shell out the dough for new running shoes. they were old. many miles had been run. they needed a newer version but I didn’t get new ones and ended up getting injured! I really think one of the reasons is bc of my shoes. so moral of the story is learn from my mistake! /end of PSA

  20. Hey I am doing a give-a-way on my blog and dont have many readers. I would love for you to link my page to help me out and you can enter too!!!


  21. 24 elise

    🙂 TJs hooked it uPPPPP!

    so fn that you got to get chummy with my fave homegirl, but im totally with ya on the old fart late night. lately it seems i go to bars hardly ever, but when i do im yawning by midnight. whats wrong with me? grrr..hate $$$ cab rides. im all about public transport, but when you are alone in the dark, its best to be safe, bank account be damned.

    hahha, i enjoy the solo photo sesh. cameras can be such an entertaining friend!

  22. mmm that salsa IS amazing! you should try the tomato basil hummus too. im in love with that one!! how awesome that blogging brought u two cutie san fran girlfaces!!! i love it!

  23. 26 jaime

    omgomgomg! so much to say!

    so glad you are loving cali and hangin out with the fabulous homegirl!!!

    GREAT TJ’s finds– so funny about the guy and kombucha! hahaha 🙂

    LOVING the shredded coconut on your brekkie– im not a coconut fan but you make it look so pretty !!

    thanks for your thoughts on the new thinkthin products– i havent been able to find them yet and have been curious!!

    love you lots xoxox

  24. What a great weekend you had!! So great! You are just such a happy person- love it! 🙂

    I definitely recommend getting a new pair of shoes after 4 years to prevent injury. 🙂

    I LOVE the grocery shots! I like to take my time like you in the store.

    Great looking food period.

    Have a great night!

  25. 28 Katharina

    Shredded coconut is soooo good!

  26. Kailey,

    Hope me home state is treating you well!

    I spent the summer in San Fran a few years back dancing with San Fransisco Ballet. It’s a pretty awesome city. Make sure to hit up the $2 earring store on Haight! I think I bought… like 20,000,000 pairs!

    With Love,


  27. How do you make those cheetahs?!? They look AMAZING. I’m dying to make them!! What’s your technique?

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