Homegirl To the Rescue


Hello, dolls! I was very tempted to say “hello dolly,” but that’s just to theater nerd of me. So how was Wednesday? Surprise, surprise! Just another glorious day in San Fran…with a twist.

I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm, but slept like a rock all night. Must have been that gorgeous run/walk! For breakfast, oat bran sans spices was wearing on me, but it’s all I had. So I switched up the fruit in hopes of a drastic change:

Just peachy

Just peachy

In the bowl: 1/3 C oat bran, 1 C water, 1 chopped peach and a spoon of crunchy almond butter. So, peaches get really hot, really fast. The roof of my mouth is now covered in scar tissue. Mmm, I’m sure that put you in the mood to eat something tasty, right?

I got ready and headed to the office. Sunshine was shining and my mood was as bright. I quickly got to work on fact-checking stories, which is something I’ll be doing every day probably. Hours flew by, and suddenly it was lunch time. My stomach realized it ws time before my head did. Grrrowling.

We had the BEST lunch ever. Get ready:

Vegan ribs, couscous, salad... did not want to stop eating this, ever!

Vegan ribs, couscous, salad... did not want to stop eating this, ever!

Frankie, a long-time friend of the co-founders of VegNews, makes homemade seitan and an incredible sweet and addictive barbecue sauce. I was in heaven. The seitan was wonderfully chewy and carried the barbecue sauce perfectly. The couscous and salad were great, too, but they weren’t no ribs:

Mouth-watering. Mouth watering now.

Mouth-watering. Mouth watering now.

We laughed throughout lunch and then returned to our work. Seriously, the hours fly by when you have deadlines to meet, emails to check, Google Alert updates to tend to, more things to learn. I love it.

What I especially love about working at VegNews is that samples of new products are dropped off at the office all day! You know what that means? TASTE TESTS! Hell yes. Today we sampled (all vegan) strawberry marshmallows, cinnamon pecan-topped marshmallows, rocky road bark, double chocolate chunk ginger cookies and key lime coconut cayenne cookies (my fave of all we sampled). I’m pretty sure I’ll weigh more by the time I leave San Fran. So worth it!

I was in the office until 7 p.m., trying to find and photoshop the right pictures for a couple news story blurbs I wrote. By the time I got home, I had a huge headache! I drank water constantly during the afternoon, but I hadn’t had a real meal since 1 p.m. Also, too much sugar gives me a headache, even though I just had small bites of each.

To fix my problems, I fixed a huge salad in the salad spinner, dressing and all (I’ve never had one of these before, but I love ’em!). It turned out lightly coated in a poppyseed dressing:

Big ol' salad

Big ol' salad

In dat der’ salad: romaine, cucumer, celery, 1/2 an apple, carrot and a serving of Tasty Eats Soy Jerky in Tandoori Chick’n flavor. The soy jerkey were hard, chewy wood-chip-looking things that tastes exactly like Bragg’s. So if you’re into that you may like this jerkey!

I didn’t want to sit around the apartment all night, so I decided to try to make it to Trader Joe’s. What an adventure. I had no idea where to go, but I just hopped on a Muni train and hoped a nice stranger would help me. The one woman I asked on the Muni was somewhat clueless, but super nice. In times of hardship and feeling lost, I turned to my homie. She promptly responded to my text and I hopped off the Muni as soon as I could. She said to walk down 19th Street and TJ’s should be there pretty soon.

Well, I pranced (I prance a lot) off the Muni at 17th Street, found 19th Street and started my walk. I called MamaJ to catch up and to see who won Make Me a Supermodel. If anyone know’s when they’re casting next, let me know! But that’s neither here nor there. Actually, I didn’t know where there was as I was walking. It kept getting darker and darker, too. But I was determined to find this TJ’s!

What I’ll call two miles down the road, I eventually found it! TJ’s closed at 9 p.m. I glanced at my cell to see the time. 8:58 p.m. Son of a nutcracker. Will they let me in? Please let me in! YES!!!

I was in such a hurry that I grabbed the most random stuff! I had no idea and just wanted to grab things people had told me to get. “Uhh, eggplant hummus! No, they don’t have it! K, where are the peanut butter-filled pretzels? Masala burgers?” When I checked out it was pitch-black outside, and to be honest, I was scared to walk home in the dark!

HOMEGIRL TO THE RESCUE!!! My angel and her Britty-boo came to pick me up at Trader Joe’s! How sweet are they!? We chit-chatted and I got to meet homie’s other half. It was great! So happy I planned poorly! Thank you so much, my dear!

As soon as I walked in the door, I tore open my grocery bag and found I’d made a mistake in my scattered-ness. The cereal I picked up is not vegan 😦 Too bad I realized this after I grabbed a (delicious) handful. See, I’m fine with avoiding dairy when it comes to cheese and yogurt, but when it’s in little things like that, I get flaky and don’t think. Oh well, I’m learning! I did manage to get some yummy loot:



Here we go:
-High Fiber Fruit and Nut Multi-Grain Cereal (flaky mistake)
-Almond Breeze (missed you so much)
-No-Salt Added Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels (these are going to be dangerous–I tried a couple while unpacking)
-Organic Ketchup (can’t be without it)
-Red grapefruit (most random of all–I felt as though I needed at least one piece of fruit in my bag)
-Hiding Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus (tried a bit with celery–HOLY SHHH– incredible)
-Glee Gum (I learned that if you chew only one piece, it sticks to your teeth. Not exactly what I like in my gum, but oh well)
-Split Pea Soup (for these chilly summer days)
-TJ’s Masala Burgers (these better be good–they don’t have much protein, which I was expecting)
-Spinach (to make those Green Monsters I don’t have a blender for)

Yeah, it’s an odd bunch, but I know I’ll eat it all. I plan to go back this weekend when I have more time and it’s daylight still. After putting the newbies away, I had some new cereal with almond milk. Felt so good to return to the classic night time SnackFacing!

After another long, fun, crazy, somewhat lost day, I am pooped, but SO pumped for Thursday. I never know what exactly I’ll do, who exactly I’ll meet or what exactly I’ll taste. Just the way I like it… Love you all!

Ciao for now,


P.S. Thanks for all the TJ’s recommendations! I’m keeping them in mind for this weekend if I haven’t purchased them yet!


30 Responses to “Homegirl To the Rescue”

  1. Hello beautiful!! Just as I finished reading about your day I see a new message in my gmail account, and it was oh…. just another lovely comment from Kailey! How adorable….catching up on each other’s lifes (however yours is way more exciting right now) at the same time!

    I’m sooo happy that Brandon won! Did you watch it on youtube?? He’s adorable and I squealed when they announced his name!! The other 2 will for sureeee get jobs, they are all the most talented and clearly deserved to make it to the final 3! Montaha WHO!?

    Please, pleaseee keep that one tj’s cereal in mind…if it’s vegan (that I mentioned before), you’d love it!! I just know it! But that high fiber one is great too, I OD-ed on that last year when I was more of a cereal freaaak! I’m now too obsessed with oatmeal as my breakfast choice! So glad you found the pretzels though!!

    And yessss, come visit me! We will go to Whole Food’s and live it up in SD!!! You and Brookie should honestly take a road trip some weekend and we can all hangggg!!! It’d be too great. She told me that I should come visit you TWO….but I gotta figure out how i’d convince my parents to allow me to drive like, 9 hours…to MEET two of my long lost sistas! Ahhh what a marathon comment! Love you, the vegnews lunch looks amazing, once again!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. 2 homegirlcaneat

    HI LOVE! Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me (Kim Possible?) or text WHENEVER! You need help/tips/anything because I am more more more than happy to help!! Brittyboo and I are both soo excited to go out this weekend with you! Woohoo woohoo!

    Your lunch looks incredible!! I love your VegNews peeps! I don’t even know them but Frankie so far is my favorite! She seems like a vegan diva master! I think eating that lunch would help me overcome my fear of seitan because it is covered in delicious BBQ sauce!

    And JESS NEEDS TO COME VISIT!! Or sometime we will just roadtrip down the state or meet halfway at some junction because we are blogger sistas fo life! I love you two 🙂

  3. 3 The Novice Berker

    Wow, I can just imagine you flying through TJ’s trying to pick up everything. Ahaha. SF at night can most definitely be pretty spooky!! So cute that Brooke came and rescued you. Awww. 🙂

  4. 4 rediscoveringlauren

    hi darlin,
    sounds like another great day 🙂 and the eats look delish too! especially lunch…that chef is awesome 🙂
    im so glad brooke could come to your rescue! yay for new friends 🙂
    have a great thursday,
    much love

  5. 5 Shelby

    I’m so glad you got to go to Trader Joe’s…enjoy your goodies! I still haven’t tried those PB pretzels for the same reason…they would be extremely dangerous near this mouth!

  6. 6 Yasmin

    Man, I wish we had a Trader Joe’s somewhere in Texas. I read about all these great products/buys and get so jealous. Enjoy your loot! And ROCKY ROAD BARK caught my eye!

  7. Ah it’s always so hectic when you are rushed at the grocery store. I hate that feeling, or when you are shopping with someone and you know they wanna get out of there so you do your best to rush. Blah! I hope your loving SF!! It’s one of my fav cities. I was out at school near there for a while, but now I’m on the east coast. Big change!!! Love your snacks and oat bran. I’m off to make me a bowl right now!

  8. 8 brandi

    enjoy all the TJ’s goodies! I can only go like every 6 months and it’s so exciting when I do!

    and those samples sounds amazing!

  9. Taste tests and cooked lunches?! Where do I get this job?!

    FYI – the masala burgers need to be blotted like a biznatch! I broil mine until their heated up and then pat the hell out of them 🙂 For a two minute TJs trip you picked up the good stuff! PB pretzels are laced with Mary Jane – honestly!!

  10. 10 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    Sounds like your internship is going well! And gourmet, cooked lunch everyday?? Can’t beat that!

  11. i think you have officially the coolest internship ever! vegan ribs? yes, please!
    taste tests? what a good way to be entertained throughout all the fact checking…

  12. 12 Megan

    Mmm those seitan ribs look soooooo yummy! You’re so lucky you get to taste different goodies at work.. ugh so jealous!!

    PB pretzels = crackkkkk .. they’re SO good!! I’m still rooting for TJ teriyaki baked tofu! haha have a fantastic day!!

  13. You, me, and Brooke must have a blogger ice cream laugh sesh next time I’m out in SF!!!!!!! Have a fab day my dear!!!!

  14. 14 april

    How awesome that you’ve made real-life friends with another blogger! I don’t blame you for not wanting to walk home- I get scared to walk anywhere in the dark!

  15. Glad you were rescued and restocked!! And I’m totally jealous of your beautiful daily lunches, I can’t wait to see what Thursday brings 😉

  16. What nice peeps at TJ’s letting you in that late. I’ve yet to go to one because the closest one to me is across the border =( The lunch at vegnews looked soo amazing again meatless ribs – who knew those existed?!

  17. even though it is a random bunch of goodies all of them look like fun…def the peanut butter pretzels.yumm and i love love bbq seitan! im jelous. have a great day in san fran

  18. ha! i love the randomness that is your TJs run. you got some good items though, that is for sure! i am jealous, i want a TJs here. good thing you had a rescue ride! wouldn’t want you getting lost in the dark in a new town. so i had a question about your be-a-uuuutiful run yesterday.. do you carry your camera while you run?? anyway, your job sounds SO amazing! taste testing! and those vegan ribs look fanfreakingtastic. have another good day at work today, im sure you will! xoxo

    • 19 snackface

      janetha- Haha this is a funny question. I took my camera with me that one time because I had a feeling the views were going to be incredible! I don’t normally take it, though. However, I normally do take my cell phone–carry it in hand– and my keys–shove them in my sports bra. Because I’m just that classy…and paranoid that someone will attack me and I’ll be phoneless.

  19. 20 Anna

    Yet another amazing lunch. I don’t think I would believe you if you said that something you had there tasted anything but delicious.

    No worries about the accidental non-vegan purchase. I still do it, and no matter how closely you read the fine print or how much you screen the ingredients, animal products are everywhere and almost impossible to avoid. I just remind myself that I’m doing the best that I can and that every little bit of avoiding meat and dairy is better than none.

  20. 21 Jess

    key lime coconut cayenne cookies- OMG that sounds amazing! Tart and Spicy? I’m so there!
    Here’s a dumb non-vegan eating girl question- if you are eating a strictly vegan diet how do you account for your calcium intake? Supplements?

    • 22 snackface

      Jess- That’s a great question! I’ve never consumed the recommended amount of dairy to acquire the calcium necessary (too much dairy kills my stomach), so I started to take a calcium+ D supplement about a year ago. I actually just read a medical journal article about this today! Out of a study of 210 women, half vegan, half omnivores, vegans consumed on average half the amount of calcium that the omnivores consumed, but both groups were at the same percent risk (20 percent) of developing osteoporosis! Isn’t that something?

  21. i don’t know if i can handle an entire summer of work lunches. they are so ridiculously delicious! i get shocked by it every time i read a new post! will you have to have a turn as lunch chef? (key lime coconut cayenne would have no doubt been my fav cookie, too!) i love your tj’s adventure. i’m a crazy planner, but some of the times when my planning skills have been off have resulted in the best memories!

    • 24 snackface

      Sarah (Tales of Expansion)- Haha I get shocked everytime someone says “lunch is ready!” and I see the gourmet meal they’ve whipped up. Bad news is…YES! Soon it will be my turn to cook! AHHH! I’ve got some things stewing, but I’m scurred!

  22. 25 Bec

    wow those ”ribs” look great!!!! I love these work lunches that you have been having!

  23. 26 e.

    Ahhh… I feel a bond with you my sister seeing those PB pretzels. May you have a happy tummy with all of your good eats. I bought those Massala burgers and haven’t tried them yet.

    I ❤ TJs with an undying love.

    Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll? Your site is so funny and witty.

    • 27 snackface

      e.- I’d be honored to be added to your blogroll! Thanks for thinking SnackFace is humorous! Oh, by the way, just had the Masala burgers… mmmm! They taste very similar to something I ate in my youth. Just wait for the update 🙂

  24. 28 jaime

    soo glad you are LOVIN vegnews!! ok if you ever get your hands on that BBQ sauce recipe– let us know 🙂 it looks absolutely DIVINE!!!!!!

    so jealous of all the delicious samples you’ve been having!! 🙂 they sound incredible!

    yay for homegirl helpin out! your finds are awesome!!


  25. 29 Sarah

    You were flaky about your cereal…BAHHH.

    I have never had seitan (satan, yes…seitan, no), but your “ribs” look so tasty!

    You could have called me, I would have picked you up. You would have had to wait 15 hours, but I’d have done it.

    I can’t wait to see what you think of those masala burgers, I’ve never tried them.

    Hope you had a great day! I’m lovIN your job, and I can tell you are too!

  26. 30 elise

    i need to get back to the bay. period.

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