Veg Love and Gorgeous Run


What’s poppin’? I hope you don’t get tired of my saying this, but I’ve had another wonderful day! I’m thinking Cali might be the place for me. If only I could figure out how to move the whole family out here…

Anyway, I slept horribly Monday night because I was paranoid someone was trying to break in. I didn’t even hear a big noise or anything, I was just being unreasonable. Every house/ apartment has its own sounds, and I’m definitely adjusting. After waking up at 4 a.m., then 5 a.m. and so on, I got out of bed at 6:45.

I went to sit on the couch and plug in my laptop when sparks flew out of the wall and scared the poo outta me! Seriously, where are my Depends when I need them? I blew a fuse! Such morning trauma literally shocked me into being wide awake. I do not recommend it, but it works!

For breakfast, I had a repeat of oat bran. I jazzed it up in a beautiful bowl, though:

Oat bran, almond butter, fine China

Oat bran, almond butter, fine China

In the bowl: 1/3 C oat bran, cinnamon sugar, 1/2 chopped naner, 1 C water and a spoon of Blue Diamond Homestyle Crunchy Almond Butter. Find that butter if you can! I’m all about the $2.79 and DELICIOUS almond butter. I don’t need no $12 Mara Natha. Okay, I haven’t had it, but I’m sure it’s a delight.

Moving on, I got ready for a day at the office and remembered to wear a sweater. San Francisco is gorgeous, but people aren’t messing around when they say it’s cold here in the summer.

My second morning in the office was exciting! I learned how to update stories on our website, and published two little news blurbs. Head over to VegNews to check ’em out! They’re teeny, but I’m proud. That took a couple hours, and then I started to work on fact checking a travel piece. One of the pieces I’m fact checking Wednesday is written by Rory Freedman, of Skinny Bitch. I feel so behind-the-scenes!

Before I knew it, my tummy was rumbling and Elizabeth, the managing editor, had lunch cooked and ready. It smelled ammmazing:

Roasted eggplant with marinara and whole wheat spaghetti with side salad

Roasted eggplant with marinara and whole wheat spaghetti with side salad

Again, this was the plate used for the VegNews site, not my own. My own was about half the pasta, double the sauce and double the salad. Oh my goodness, it was so good I ate it in no time!

We all sat around the table, laughing about ex boyfriends’ horrible tattoos and other ridiculous things. These people are amazing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent fact-checking and writing. Loving it! I sipped a yummy Coconut Rum green tea all day with Stevia and TJ’s soy creamer. At one point I had a cream cheese and ginger-stuffed, chocolate-dipped date. No words. Just…mmm. I do have to say, though, that I’m not used to sitting all day and being, esentially, sedentary. Even when I have classes all day, I’m running all over campus. This is very different.

The office also gets quiet in the afternoons, as everyone returns to their respective projects and concentrates with seriousness. It’s fascinating to work in an office! I’ve only worked in delis, coffee shops and,let’s not forget, Olive Garden.

I left the office at 6 p.m. after I’d finished writing, editing and posting two more news pieces for tomorrow. The sun was shining, begging me to play outside. I had a snack when I came in the door before heading back out:

1/2 an apple & a bit of almond butter on "i think everybody should like everybody" plate :)

1/2 an apple & a bit of almond butter on "i think everybody should like everybody" plate 🙂

As soon as I finished SnackFacing, I changed into my running gear (read: Soffee shorts circa 9th grade, a sports bra tank thing, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt circa 10th grade–I’m serious, yo), grabbed my camera, cell phone and keys. I locked my door and shoved my keys into my cleavage and set out for a running adventure.

I had an hour-long run/walk that had to be the most gorgeous run of my life so far. Things looked like this to my right:

Sunshiney houses

Sunshiney houses

Straight ahead of me was this breathtaking view:

Look at that!

Look at that!

And then, to my left, was the most beautiful view of all:

A little dark, but the sparkling Pacific Ocean is phenomenal

A little dark, but the sparkling Pacific Ocean is phenomenal

Before I turned around to head back to mi casa, I had to get close to the beach:

Blessed, really

Blessed, really

Incredible scenery makes for a significantly more enjoyable run! Alright, so I actually did a run/walk combo, which was about 30 minutes of running and 30 of walking, broken up into odd chunks. I tried to track it on Google, and it was somewhere between four and five miles. Because I want to sound like a badass, I’ll say it was five miles.

Running sometimes puts my appetite off, which was the case for a few seconds tonight. Yeah, no issues there. Not wanting another salad, I had the same wrap with a de-lettuced salad, or crudite as it’s more commonly known:

Hummus, shroom and tomato lavash wrap with celery, tomato, sugar snap peas and carrots

Hummus, shroom and tomato lavash wrap with celery, tomato, sugar snap peas and carrots

At this point in the day, I had eaten completely vegan. And then I had to go F it up by eating mitfuls of Mother’s Best Toasted Cinnamon Squares. They’resodeliciousgobuythemifyouaren’tveganandlovecereal! The girl who works at VegNews did not say that, though. To clarify, I am not vegan yet, but within these past two days, I’ve been getting closer and closer to wanting to commit. I’m testing things out for now, as you’ll see.

I rounded out my night by editing a cover letter and resume for an english assignment. That’s right, I’m still doing school work because I left early! It’s almost over.

Wednesday is sure to be another lovely and interesting day! After work I have a few options of things to do. Shall it be yoga with co-workers? Another SnackFace and SanFran adventure? I don’t even know, and I love that!

Oh, by the way, I’m sorry I’ve been a poopy commenter lately. Working from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. definitely changes my commenting opportunities, but know I’m still trying to stay up-to-date! Google Reader is at a cool 224 right now.

Everyone have a fun Hump Day!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What vegan goodies MUST I try to find at Trader Joe’s?
Cheap is always good, too 🙂 I love me some TJ’s and I haven’t tried something from there I haven’t liked. I’m on the market for some meatless balls, but other than that I’m not sure what to try. And are the balls vegan? Anyone know?


37 Responses to “Veg Love and Gorgeous Run”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat

    The balls are vegan! You must get them! You will love and you can douse them in crazyloads of ketchup..even betta!

    I am so happy the sun was a shinin’ for you today darling! WOOPWOOP! Seriously, get up at like 8 on the weekend mornings and so many hot exercising peeps off the yingyang! Inspirational and breathtaking views..otha than the beach 😉 But your beach pictures are phenom! God’s country my friend, God’s country.

    Down the road is this restaurant called Beach Chalet and we gotta hit it up soon because I hear Taco Tuesday is off the chain!

    Love love love!

  2. 2 rediscoveringlauren

    hi darlin,
    lovin the beautiful views on your run 🙂 breathtaking!!
    mmm that lunch looks so good! i cant get over the fact that a chief makes you all lunch, it should be manditory in all jobs me thinks….
    sorry about the rough morning and nights sleep but im glad you had a nice day 🙂
    have a great wednsday girlie

  3. 3 nicole

    that is so exciting that you are having a wonderful time in cali! thats really cool everyone sits together at lunch. I want your job! haha hope your day is another great day!

  4. 4 Becca

    Love all of the pictures! That is so awesome that you are having such a great time. And I bought the TJ Meatless Meatballs yesterday and they are fab! Get them!

  5. 5 Marie

    hey Kailey, can you link on VegNews what articles you wrote? I tried finding them but failed. I haven’t been to their website before but looks awesome! What a great opportunity for you!

  6. that looks like SUCH a glorious run! so glad you’re having such a blast!

    I always love trader joe’s trail mixes, hummus and chips!! I dunno if the chips are vegan but that would def be worth looking into!

  7. 8 april

    I have no idea about the vegan goodies since I’m not vegan but I just wanted to say hi and I’m so glad your having a great time!!

  8. I’m sorry to hear you’re hating every second your in Cali – I mean look at those views, awful!! 😉

    I LOVE that oat bran bowl – the actual bowl! It’s pretty!! TJs masala burgers are vegan and DELICIOUS!!!! Buy them, broil them, blot them, b-EAT them – I couldn’t think of another B word for consumption! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, sweetpea!!

  9. Wow, breathtaking views indeed!

    TJ’s- Masala Burgers!!!!

  10. 11 Megan

    All I can say is that I’m extremely JEALOUSSSS of you right now!! You sound like you’re having a FABULOUS time out there and I wish I was there to enjoy it with yoU! Ahh I can’t wait to keep reading about your time in SF!

    And TJ Vegan products… I ABSOLUTELYYYY LOVEEE the TJ Teriyaki Baked Tofu.. mmm sooo good and makes a wonderful addition to the crack wrap!!

  11. 12 Erin

    5 miles?!?! Damn girl, you betta work. 😉

    I am, unfortch, TJ-less here in FL… Have a wonderful Wednesday, regardless of fab plans!

  12. 13 Jaci

    Try the soyrizo from TJs. I’m pretty sure its vegan and its DELICIOUS!

  13. I could NEVER get tired of hearing how happy you are! I’m so glad things are going well!

    Wow I’m soo jealous of your running scenery!

    Don’t worry about the comments, keep enjoying life and get to your Reader when ya can 😉

  14. everything looks amazing! i love hearing about your adventures 🙂 this is going to be the best summer EVA for you!!!!

  15. 16 Ris

    TJ everything!!! there one two miles from my campus so i’m there on the reg … they have insane dried fruits that are crazy good!!!

  16. Hey Kailey! Glad to hear your job is phenomenal!! That’s always such a great feeling! 🙂

    That scenery is absolutely gorgeous too, lucky girl!!

    I popped on over to VegNews…where are your blurbs? I’m interested to read them! 🙂

  17. loev the views of your run, not going to lie i am a tad jealous of your new found life! sounds like SO much fun!! can’t wait to go check out your writing. have a good one K!

  18. loove the sf and beach picture! I’m green with envy right now I wanna go there so badly. I’m happy to hear that everything at Vegnews is going swell! Have a good day at work =)

  19. love the views of your run, not going to lie i am a tad jealous of your new found life! sounds like SO much fun!! can’t wait to go check out your writing. have a good one K!

  20. 21 eatlivelovedream

    If you like Ice cream you will LOVE their soy vanilla mango ice cream! soo good! It never lasts long in our house:)

  21. aw it sounds like you are having such a great time!!! your office sounds ideal; working with cool people always makes a job a billion times better. i knew you would love cali!!! isn’t it the greatest?!

  22. 23 Tina

    I love hearing about your VegNews adventures! And what a BEAUTIFUL run you had! I wish we had Trader Joe´s here in Sweden, I’d basically live there if we did! Haha. The only vegan tip I can give you is carob choc chips. I bought them there when I was in the US last year.

  23. 24 randomlymikey

    i wish i had a TJs near me 😦
    awesome eats! and i also think “everybody should like everybody” !

  24. If the peanut butter filled pretzels are vegan, go for those (if you haven’t already….), and I love, loveeee the TJ’s cinnamon swirls cereal (maybe that’s the name….) !! PERFECT for snacking! Whenever my mama buys it I don’t even eat it with milk, they are like Cracklin’ Oat Bran…BUT BETTA!!!!! You’d love ’em, my cereal queen. Please let me know if you purchase those!

    And I love your day-to-day updates on vegnews and SF, I feel like I’m living it….but unfortunately, I’m not…YOU ARE!

    Sooo glad you’re taking full advantage of the beautiful SF views! I’m sure that run/walk was WAY more exciting that some bor-inggg elliptical sesh!! I love you, can’t wait to hear about your Wednesday!!

  25. 26 Sarah

    i can’t even handle the lunch deal you have going at this internship!

    running is the best way to explore a new area. exercise and sightseeing all in one. nothing is better!

  26. i’m so glad you’re having a great time in SF! I’ve been there once at the end of HS and had a blast!

    and i’m so happy that you’re happy at VegNews and in CALIFORNIA!!! My home!!!

  27. 28 catherine

    had to delurk to recommend some vegan products at TJs- the TJ and Double Rainbow brand soy ice creams; and since you are a cereal lover- the TJ Chocolate and Strawberry Filled Bites, Wheat N Oat Bran swirls cereal; TJ’s vanilla joe joes! (cookies); and the peanut butter filled pretzel bites… 🙂

  28. Kailey,

    First off-welcome to my state! Hope we are treating you well. 😀

    GO to TJ’s buy eggplant hummus. Better yet, buy three. Using spoon, proceed to devour an entire tub in one sitting. Now you can say you have officially tasted the best of the best from my beloved TJ’s.

    If you ever head closer to LA let me know!

    With Love,


  29. 30 c

    also- and you don’t need to post this comment! (please don’t, actually. haha) I wanted to email, but I can’t find your contact info. Anyway, have you ever gone on the ppk forum? I love it! It was founded by Isa, the vegan cookbook author. There’s so many great things on there including recipes, food porn, political discussions, entertainment, clothing, kids, and social hangouts. I have learned so much on there and gotten a lot of ideas and inspiration for cooking and baking. I’m not vegan either actually, but after I discovered that site and lots of great vegan blogs, I went vegan for about 6 months. Now I consider myself very vegan-friendly.

  30. 31 e.

    Did someone say… Trader Joe’s??? 😀

    I don’t know if they’re vegan, but get some of the pretzels stuffed with peanut butter. They’re little squares. THEY ROCK. OH! And get the pretzels dipped in chocolate. OH! And the pretzels slims (flattened pretzels) dipped in chocolate. OH! And check and see if they have the pretzels squares filled with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate (those are season for my TJs). I may be the teeniest bit insane about the pretzel combos.

    Great thing about TJs is the vegan/veggie soups. They have split pea, black bean, lentil and a few other kinds that are similar to Amy’s and about $2 cheaper. I always pick up a few for when I don’t feel like cooking.

    I recently got a jar of valencia peanut butter with flax seed and it’s REALLY food. The flax seeds are crunchy, like little bits of toffee. You’ll find a bunch of nut butters, some of them raw, pretty reasonably too. OH, and the marcona almonds are great (they have them roasted with salt and rosemary AHHHH and a bunch of other ways too).

    I buy my husband these little maple cookies there too. Okay, I am shutting up I sound like a crazy person.

    WAIT! NO! I can’t! Whole wheat pizza dough is like $1 there (or it is at my TJs) and it’s actually super fast to whip up your own healthy pizza. Probably faster than ordering it! And cheaper!

    Now I’m shutting up.

  31. 32 elise

    soooo..i JUST found your blog. who knows why or how its taken me so long, but im loving it, and cant wait to keep reading. im an OG cali girl, but now hailing from the east coast…you are making me jealous! so you are there for work now? how long? i hope you enjoy the weather!

  32. 33 caitlin

    wow, Kailey, reading you rave about SF makes me love it in a whole new light! I’ve run along that path along Ocean Beach many many times, but never realized how gorgeous it was until looking at your pictures. Keep it coming!!

  33. 34 Lyss


    We are both in Cali, living the life of our dreams, and it couldn’t make me smile any bigger. 🙂

    Seriously, I may just have to make a voyage up to San Fran to dine with you one of these days! I can’t stand being so close and yet so far!


  34. 35 Lyss

    Um, twins seperated at birth? LOVE how we just commented on each other’s posts at the same time. Must be a Cali-girl thing. 🙂 LOVE YOU! Hope your Thursday is slammin’ – like yo’ fine self!

  35. 36 Anna

    A run on by the beach would be amazing right now compared to the lung-clogging streets of Pittsburgh. Yep, this city has earned it’s title as the most polluted air in the country.

    There are really just too many amazing-mouthtastic options at TJ’s, and the best part is that they label most of their food with a vegan lable, so you can just glance at the big friendly V and know that what you’re eating is safe!

  36. San Fran does sound like it is THE place to be!!! I’m DYING to go to grad school there (i just sent my apps!!) and i’m gonna go tour the city with my family in July!! Any super-awesome places you’ve discovered so far that you can share with me?? 🙂

    I’m loving all the Vegnews dishes!!! They all look so healthy and fresh…do you get lunch cooked for you every day?? Cuz that is THE life!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the almond butter, because WOW that is CHEAP for AB!!!!! And it is SO photogenic in your oats. heheheheh

    Sadly Ican’t help with the vegan produce…i’m not even sure i completely understand what it’s alla bout. *shame*

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