SnackFace and the City


Hello beauties! I have had an outstanding day! I’m bursting with excitement writing this. I was out of my house from 10 a.m. until 6:15 p.m. exploring downtown. If discovering San Francisco were a pedicure, I’ve only painted the pinky toenail. I have so much more to see, and I LOVE that! Let’s take a tour…

I jumped out of bed at 8:15 a.m. ready to conquer the city. With few groceries, my breakfast was definitely different than it normally is, but it was still lovely:

Raw Revolution Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with grapes and reading materials

Raw Revolution Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with grapes and reading materials

The Raw Revolution bar was great! It didn’t exactly taste like cookie dough, but it had wonderful surprises of chocolate chips and walnutty bites. Mmm. I spent an hour or so examining maps and figuring out public transportation schedules. I figured I’d take the Muni L line to downtown as soon as I could.

I dressed and got ready, packed my bag and headed out into the crisp and chilly ocean air. While I waited for the Muni I caught up with Muffin on the phone. Must remember these phone calls will cost a fortune! When the Muni pulled up, I was so excited to pay my $1.50 and be downtown in 30 minutes.

I tried not to look like a tourist and follow whatever the locals were doing. I couldn’t pretend to be nonchalant for long. A huge grin took over my face and didn’t leave for the rest of the day.

The Muni stopped and I climbed the stairs to the street. I had no idea where to go first!



The best way for me to feel at home in any city is to, surprise surprise, shop! Okay, I didn’t buy anything, but going into the gigantic, glamorous, glitzy Forever XXI put me at ease:

Ahhhh...Now I need to find a way to actually buy clothes. Financial District is next on the list of places to go.

Ahhhh...Now I need to find a way to actually buy clothes. Financial District is next on the list of places to go.

Before I found Forever XXI I walked in an enormous circle and stopped into H&M as well. I texted Matty Rich who then called me a b!tch. Haha he loves some good shopping, too. I roamed for a while in search of somewhere fun to eat. See, I only spend money on food (and necessities like toiletries) and really wanted something different.

I found Westfield San Francisco Centre, which is a giant mall filled with stores I longingly look into (I was VERY tempted to go into Herve Leger just to try on one of those uber-tight bandage dresses). It also has a Food Emporium, so I headed down there to find something. Most places were fast food-ish, which will be great other days, but I wanted to sit in a restaurant. Thankfully, there also was a restaurant down there called Out the Door.

After glancing at the menu, I knew what I wanted and was seated immediately. I ordered Vegetarian Spring Rolls:

Filled with rice noodles, tofu, mushrooms, lettuce, mint and cilantro

Filled with rice noodles, tofu, mushrooms, lettuce, mint and cilantro

The mint and cilantro made those babies sing. I loved them and the peanut dipping sauce! For another lunch component, I ordered the Green Papaya Salad. The waiter was so kind as to ask whether I was a vegetarian, as there was fish oil used in the salad. He said they could easily take care of that and make it vegetarian. I found that amazing–it wouldn’t have happened in Cinci, that’s for sure. Anyway, I enjoyed a phenomenal salad:

Green papaya, pickled carrot, fried tofu slices, roasted peanuts

Green papaya, pickled carrot, fried tofu slices, cucumber, celery, roasted peanuts

Oh my word! If I could figure out how to replicate this, I may eat it every day. Practicing my chop-stick skills, I ate every bite of this delightful lunch. It was pricey ($20 including tip), but the experience and the tastes were worth it. I also wasn’t weighed down at all by this meal. In fact, it made me energized to explore!

The following three hours were spent walking, observing, smiling, climbing:

I will have incredibly toned thighs by the end of the summer

I will have incredibly toned thighs by the end of the summer

I didn’t know where I was going at first, but I saw what I figured would be Chinatown, which may actually be Japantown, now that I’m reading this tour guide book:

Fun ensues

Fun ensues

Walking the bustling street was fascinating. There were so many scents I’d never smelled, I couldn’t understand the conversations going on around me, the streets were packed with locals vying for the best produce in the countless markets:

One of the many markets

One of the many markets

At one of the markets I spied a glorious sight:

I placed that standard-sized onion there for comparison. FOOT LONG SWEET TATERS!

I placed that standard-sized onion there for comparison. FOOT LONG SWEET TATERS!

I could make a wonderful dinner of one of those beauts. They were only $.49 a pound, too. Shoulda snagged some.

When walking around San Fran, there is a cable-wire ceiling:

A lil' wiry

A lil' wiry

But if you look closely, there’s something just beyond those wires:

Taken from a different street...

Taken from a different street...

Wait for it…

Breathtakingly beautiful bay

Breathtakingly beautiful bay

I was in awe. And if you’re closer to a different direction (south, I think), you get glimpses of this:

Simply amazing

Simply amazing

Throughout my wandering I found random things I wanted to take pictures of. Here is the Fairmont:



Then, as I was strolling up California Street, I happened to look up and see this:

Thought it looked cool

Thought it looked cool

I made a ridiculously long walk to another destination that always maked me feel at home:

Whole Foods, of course!

Whole Foods, of course!

I spent a half hour in there. It was so busy! Or so I thought. The cashier, Mikey, told me they were slow at the moment. That WF is the second busiest in the country, after the Times Square location. I picked up oat bran, a bar a man and I had a conversation about (he totally convinced me to get a Super Greens bar) and some other things. I decided to sit for a while to enjoy my snack:

Mojo Mountain Mix (from home actually) and Zevia Cola...supah sweet

Mojo Mountain Mix (from home actually) and Zevia Cola...supah sweet

Snack time was fab! It gave me the strength to walk miles back to the central part of downtown. I stopped into American Rag on my way back, but after that I hit some uncomfortable streets. The only fond memory I have of that is a grovelly-voiced man asking me if I was a movie star, “because [I] look like one.” Hahaha! Nope, definitely not!

What seemed like an hour later, I made it back to the safe, touristy area (AKA Gap and Forever XXI). I went to CB2 looking for hangers and walked out with two dessert/appetizer plates for under $4:

YUM and a quote I adore and believe

YUM and a quote I adore and believe

I talked to a staff member of CB2 to find where I could get hangers, and we got to talking about howΒ he moved to San Fran from D.C. two years ago and assured me I would love the city (of course I told him I just moved here for the summer!). He also directed me to The Container Store, just down the street, where I bought 20 hangers and a laundry bag.

At 4 or 4:30, I got back on the Muni to head to 17th Street, where I saw a Safeway. I thought it was somewhat close to my apartment. Boy was I wrong. With pounds of groceries, I spent nearly an hour trying to find my way back home on foot. I seriously think I’ve walked at least 20 miles today.

Here is what I picked up today:

Only smooshed one banana in the trecherous walk home

Only smooshed one banana in the trecherous walk home

We have some veggies, fruit, crackers, lavash wrap, dressing, oat bran, but most importantly this ALMOND BUTTER I found at Whole Foods. Guess how much it cost! $2.79!!! Hell yes, Blue Diamond!

So pumped about this

So pumped about this

I made dinner as quickly as I could. All the walking had me starvin’. A quick fix:

Lavash wrap with simple salad

Lavash wrap with simple salad

In the wrap: Safeway garlic hummus, tomato, mushrooms. In the salad: perfumey Romaine (it tastes different here!), cukes, celery, Safeway Poppyseed and Roasted Onion dressing (sounds odd, doesn’t it?). This was yummy! Even yummier:

Peach with 1 tbsp almond butter on a YUM plate!

Peach with 1 tbsp almond butter on a YUM plate!

I measured the almond butter just because I was curious to see how muchΒ 1 tbsp.Β was. More than I would have given myself–good to know! This almond butter is DELICIOUS! I had Barney Butter in March or April and thought that was good, but now that I’ve had this, I realize it’s best without added sweetners. It’s divine on its own! (okay, mine has salt added, but whatevs).

Now I’m just chilling, getting ready for my first work day tomorrow! Ahhh! I’m a little nervous, but I think it’s going to be awesome.

If the pictures haven’t said it all, I am clearly starting to fall for my current city. I’m incredibly thankful I’m here, seeing, breathing, experiencing, living, tasting new life. This is going to be an unforgettable summer!

See you tomorrow after my first day interning at VegNews and a cruisin’ date with a bossy babe!

Ciao for now,



29 Responses to “SnackFace and the City”

  1. 1 The Novice Berker

    I’m so happy that you love it in SF!! And hells yes for thigh-toning hills of doom!! Keep your chin up and stay optimistic, girl. You’re doing great!

  2. 2 Shelby

    I’m so happy for you Kailey!!!!

    What a gorgeous city, I never knew San Fran was so lovely.

  3. 3 Emma

    Everything looks amazing – the city, the eats… I’m so glad you are enjoying SF!


  4. 4 Yasmin

    What beautiful pictures! I haven’t been to SF since I was little. I heard they have great seafood there too. Do some shopping for me!

  5. 5 Sarah

    You are such a sassy lady to go exploring! I love it. Your pictures make me feel like I am there. Have a great first day and meet up with the official Ms. Sass Pants. Love you Kale Chips!

  6. Glad you are there safe and sound!! Everything looks fabulous, good luck on your first day!!

  7. Thanks for the tour bugaboo!! I would have called you a b!itch for shopping too πŸ˜‰ I love spending moolah!!

    Now you know where to get your cheetah fix!! CHECK OUT THAT ZUCCHINI!! It’s a long one (twss)!

    Cheap AB? I need to track down that! That dressing sounds tasty tasty! Enjoy San Fran (that always makes me think of Laguna Beach!) πŸ˜€

  8. 8 homegirlcaneat

    Oh goodness I am smiling from just reading this post!! I am so happy you loved your first day of SF adventuring!!! I CAN’T wait to show you around tonight! Cruising the city is what I do best! ahhhh!!!!! I am so happy you are here for the whole summer! We have so many BOSSY places to go to! Yiipppeeee!!!!! Have a good day at WORK shawty! I can’t wait to hear about that amazingly cute magazine co. by da beach! I text you lata girlfren! πŸ™‚

  9. love love love! I hate finding low-brow streets when I explore- I find the similar plague of being a 5’9″ blonde sore thumb does not bode well in that sitch πŸ˜€ I don’t measure AB or PB either, but I was surprised when I did- i was being totally stingy! Have so much fun with brookie poo!

  10. 10 Bec

    It sounds like you are having a blast, thing of the huge plate of SPs you could get from that giant Sweet potato! Hope your first day of work goes well πŸ™‚

  11. omg it looks like youre having a GREAT time!!! i can’t wait to see more, ive always wanted to go to cali!! πŸ™‚ esp san fran! good luck with your first day! the start of a great summer for you!!!

  12. 12 gina (fitnessista)

    everything looks amazing! i hope you enjoy your internship- it sounds like a great opportunity πŸ˜€

  13. After reading this post I want to go to SF so badly now! I swear I’m gunna drive myself to the airport right now and hop on a plane down there! A foot long sweet tater that would make big a$$ batch of sweet p. fries! I want one of those Herve leger dresses so bad but a $2000 dress doesn’t fit so well into my modest student budget =)

    enjoy your first day at work – don’t be nervous your gunna kick some vegnews butt!

    xox bri

  14. 14 Tina

    I am SO excited and happy for you!! I wish, wish, wish I could go to San Fran. I’ve waned to go there forever. And to work for VegNews would be the dream! I can’t believe you’ve got two dreams of mine in one with your super summer deal – both SanFran and VegNews. Oh, I just thought of two more – Homegirl and Whole Foods!

  15. 15 Anna

    San Fran looks amazing! If this one day is any indication of what the rest of your summer will be like, I say that you are going to have the most ridiculous time.

    And I now blame you for the fact that I am currently scrolling through Forever 21’s site looking for ways to blow the paycheck that I haven’t even been given yet.

  16. San Fran is an amazing city!! Enjoy everything it has to offer – beautiful sites, great restaurants, wonderful weather…

  17. That SF Shopping Center is so big it usually makes my head swell! I haven’t checked out Out the Door yet but LOVE their original restaurant Slanted Door. Have you been?

  18. 18 Erin

    Supa good luck with your internship, how cool!

    Oh San Fran…look how fierce that city is. I’m in love from afar. Have fun with mizz homegirl.

  19. 19 Sarah

    i’m so excited about your adventures, and i’m thrilled you’re enjoying sf so much. i knew you would — the possibilities are endless there! i hope today was amazing, and i’m so looking forward to see what goes down when you and homegirl get together πŸ™‚

  20. You definitely should try to hit the Mission up. They have the most incredible restaurants. Try Herbivore, its completely vegan. Dosa and Range are really good too, they”re both on SFGates top 100. Oh and Fresh Choice is my favorite restaurant, its a really cheap salad buffet with yummy baked goods.

  21. Oh and you were definitely in Chinatown. Japantown is less like a town and more like a small mall typle place. Haha. I think I know where you live! (That doesn’t sound creepy at all). The restaurants I mentioned are located on like 22nd street or something, walking distance from your place.

  22. AHHH THIS POST WAS SO FUN K! It was like taking a journey with you! I loved it!!!! Esp. because San Fran is one of the places I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to visit!! Awesome eats- the papaya salad and spring rolls look AMAZING!!

    Gluck with your first day! Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!!

  23. it looks like you are off to a fantastic start!!! i love the energy and excitement that’s coming through this post — isn’t it so fun and exciting to explore new places?? even cooler is know that after a few months, much of san fran will be like a home away from home and you will always be able to look at the city as a place you know and love and have lived & experienced. pretty cool, huh? good luck today on your first day!!

  24. I am practically jumping up and down with excitement just for you right now! I can’t believe how awesome the whole thing sounds already. I wish I could walk for miles on end and explore that city with you! Everything looks amazing. Different. FUN. I’m oh so jealous of people who live in good explore-worthy cities that have all kinds of sights and shops and restaurants. Wows!

    I’m also super excited for your recap of your first day on the job! I’ll bet it went completely amazingly.

    And I am in love with those plates. Coolest plates EVER.

  25. exploring a new city is sooooo exciting!! πŸ™‚
    It looks like you had a great time! Walking 20 miles is a lot! haha I would have totally done the same!

    Great finds with the foods (grocery store and restaurant- esp the veg spring rolls- so good)

    I hope you are having a great MondaY!

  26. 26 Emily

    ooh, I love San Fran! Awesome pics! And that peach + AB = amazin!

  27. kailey!!! i loved this post so much that i read it twice — no joke. haha looks like youre having an AMAZING time and living it up, i am seriously so excited for you; get ready for the summer of your LIFE! this post reminds me how i felt when i moved to NYC last summer — so full of energy and curiosity! lots and lots of love.

  28. 28 april

    I don’t know how you could not use a tablespoon of nut-butter…if I didn’t measure I’d probably end up having like three tablespoons! lol. Is that brand of almond butter good? I’ve never seen it before!

  29. 29 caitlin

    You are SO WISE to hit up Out The Door right away! Good Instincts — I love that place, and definitely the best place to eat in the basement of Westfield.

    Can’t wait to watch you explore some more, you are going to fall soooo in love with this city!

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