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Peachy Clean


Buongiorno bellas! I am thrilled that people were not offended by my rated- R weekend! MamaJ just sent me a text that reads: “Luv the parade, but it was still PG-13. Good for you.” MamaJ will be receiving an email shortly that will include pictures over which WordPress would make me delete my blog if […]

Freakum dress, freakum me: I dance all the way to my fingertips. If I were modeling, Tyra would be proud. The funny thing about this is that I was the only person dancing. Obviously, Saturday night was fabulous. The day started calmly and wonderfully. I woke up after nine hours of sleep feeling refreshed and […]

Hello gorgeous people! It is Friday night and I am pooped. Completely wiped, huge shadows under my eyes, hair as drab and stringy as Britney Spears’ post-shave extensions. But I’m excited for what’s to come tomorrow and Sunday. Watch out. The day started with a lovely run, followed by stretching and some planks. A shower […]

In the Raw


Hey beauties! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thursday. Wasn’t it a bizarre day? Farrah and M.J.? I mean, pure shock! You can bet this weekend will be full of men in mirrors, thrillers and not stopping because I never get enough. I was pleased to see people biking downtown, trailing behind a man blaring […]

What up, boos? Oh don’t you worry about that title. I’m not going to show you a picture of me in a bikini or anything. I’m merely saying that my body is a wonder in that…I feel FABULOUS again! What, what! The magic combination: plenty of fruits and veggies and Puffins, no caffeine, no running, lots of […]

I’m going to see how many plays I can have on SnackFace. I woke up today feeling like the bottom of a shoe: tired, worn, covered in snot and germs. I barely slept, shivering then sweating, snotting then clogging…you get the glamorous picture. Needless to say, I did not go for an invigorating run this […]

Chick Mafia


Hey hey hey, beauties! How we doin’? SnackFace has caught a cold or flu or is just having sinus issues. It’s probably my own fault. My weekend made me sick, but it was so worth it. SATURDAY I woke up bright and early, eager to test out the new kicks. I had a bangin’ run […]