Anais Nin and D.H. Lawrence…


…are too much for one day. Seriously, have you read the works of either of these people? I’ve been doing nothing but school work all day, and my mind has been consumed with smut. If you want a glimpse at Victorian-era porn, crack open Lady Chatterly’s Lover. It’s both frightening and hysterical. But that is neither here nor there.

Tuesday started off with a bang of a breakfast:

Blue Bran yogurt with Koffee

Blue Bran yogurt with Koffee

VitaTops have officially won me over! Oh my gosh the Blue Bran is incredible. In the bowl: Blue Bran VitaTop, 1/2 C plain fat free yogurt, flax, blueberries. This was all smooshed together post-photo, but it looks prettier like this:

Gorgeous, luscious

Gorgeous, luscious

After I thought I had digested enough, I got ready and went to the gym for a quick elliptical session. Whoah. Thought I was going to spew blue chunks all over the elliptical machine. This is why I prefer working out on a nearly-empty stomach.

I jumped off the elliptical after 45 minutes, then sweatily and stankily made my way over to the library to meet with my group. We are presenting our project about Anais Nin, and we were getting together last-minute details. I went home after an hour there, showered and was ready to give more food a go:

Crack, zucchini with mustard, battered apple

Crack, zucchini with mustard, battered apple

To spend the majority of my afternoon hours, I carefully edited two feature stories (took fo’ evah!), did laundry, whimpered when thunder started to roll in and made a smoothie:

A green thang and a coffee-stained table

A green thang and a coffee-stained table

In the green thang: 1/2 naner, tons of spinach, 1/2 C soy milk, 1/2 C water, 1/2 scoop whey protein powda. My stomach was on the fritz all day, and this only made it worse. An hour after this, I had Kashi TLC Roasted Almond granola bars with a side of Tums.

Then I headed back to the library to work with InDesign to create a four-page magazine layout. Nothing brings me to tears as easily as frustration with computers. Nothing. I had to tell myself to calm down and just ask for help. The lovely man working at the library had no clue how to work with InDesign. Thankfully, the man sitting next to me (who was designing labels for a local bakery–mmm) helped me create a new page with the correct sizing. He also enjoyed the Ben Folds tee shirt I was wearing. So kind! I love it.

Two and a half hours later, I called it quits. It’s a rough draft at this point, but at least it’s something. By the time I got home it was 8:30 p.m., and I threw what I really wanted into the oven. First round:

Brussels and ketchup, because everything goes with ketchup

Brussels and ketchup, because everything goes with ketchup

Round two:

Cheetahs...the good life

Cheetahs...the good life

I thought that was a really awesome photo until I realized I’m a doofus. There is SO a Kleenex box in the background. Those sweet taters made my day, though. I went right back to work when I finished eating. I compiled a part of a justified bibliography (MLA can suck my calloused big toe), wrote notecards for my presentation of a scholarly article about Nin’s diaries, read the SparkNotes for Lady Chatterly’s Lover with the novel in hand so I could see just how down and dirty things got… I mean… Oh, there were some snacks involved, but just some kamut puffs with soy milk and carob chips, and a dip of a chunk of pita bread into the White Chocolate Wonderful jar.

To keep myself awake during this work, I did two sets of 10 push-ups (cuz now I gotta keep ‘dem guns toned), 100 crunches, bicycle abs, two other ab work outs that have no names, two sets of 1-minute planks, and then did random arm workouts with cans of candied yams while reading.

I’m sorry that this post is fast and furious! Hope you weren’t too thrown! Also, I may not be back until Thursday night or Friday morning, as I have to edit my barbershop story, turn in assorted assignments, clean, pack and travel back to Cinci! Ahhh this week is nutz! But kinda fun 🙂 Love you all!

Ciao for now,


BIG QUESTION: What are your best packing tips?
I don’t know how to pack 3-months’ worth of clothing and my life into a few suit cases! I want to take everything. I get serious cases of closet dilemma.


32 Responses to “Anais Nin and D.H. Lawrence…”

  1. 1 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie,
    sweet potatoes..yum!! and definetely best served with ketchup 🙂
    sorry about the frustration with the computer 😦 they can drive me insane too!
    haha glad your keeping “the guns” in shape 🙂
    have a great wednsday hun

  2. 2 Shelby

    Mmm, loved the blueberry themed breakfast!

    Sorry about your tummy though, I hope you feel better and not so queasy!

    Doesn’t ketchup make everything better?! But I found one thing it wouldn’t be good in…oatmeal! BLEH!

    Your snackage is making me hungry!

  3. sometimes rolling clothes is good for packing, but i won’t lie- i never do that. only in my massive tank top and t shirt drawer!!

    take stuff you can mix and match….and if you are like me….TRY NOT to bring too many fancy clothes. i always thinking im going out to a ball or a huge famed night club or restaurant and end up packing all my pretty , girly, favorite, cute frilly clothes…….and then have nothing to wear during the week because I didn’t pack anything “normal”!!

    your sweet taters look bomb, even with the kleenex box, and SHIT i want a crack wrap.

    oh ya, i thought your blueberry bran muffin was def. a falafel before I scrolled down to really see your picture. STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING KAILEY. freakin me out.

  4. Ooo I’ve only found the “cranbran” vitatop, but I bet I would LOVE the blueberry one!!

    haha i always take pictures and I’m like “damn good one jenny”, only to realize there’s like a remote or piece of trash in the background 😉

    I get major anxiety from packing, I either want to take everything or nothing! I hope you get some good tips!

  5. 5 Bec

    Wow you’ve been a busy bee with school work, keep it up! Roll everything you can so it will fit better in the suitcases and make a list of everything you are packing which helps to see if you actually need it!

  6. 6 Amanda

    i know those indesign frustrations well. i worked on yearbook for three years and that program and i were complete frenemies!

    i wish i had packing tips for you but i have a hard time with it myself! someone needs to invent a real mary poppins bag.

  7. Nice breakfast, chickpea!! The bran vitas are my favah fav! I wish I had your patience when it comes to grilling the cracks – yours looks so burnt and delicious!

    YEAH BEN FOLDS 🙂 I love your cheetahs! I’m now craving them at 9:40AM – thanks. My packing tips: get yourself those vacuum bags that you shove your crap in and seal out the air! Honestly, they’re SO worth it!!

  8. 8 Lauryn

    looooove how you did random strengthening moves while doing work — multitasking is my middle name! and yours apparently too =)

    good luck with all the work, i know you’ll get it all done and get it all done WELL! deep breaths, deep breaths! xoxox

  9. 9 Megan

    That breakfast looks DIVINE. Good luck packing for SF.. it’ll be SO MUCH FUN (I SWEAR). In terms of packing, I’m terrible at it but you could try the rollup method? Hahaha, bad advice but good luck with it! LOVE those sweet cheetah taters too 🙂

  10. 10 Megan

    So I just wrote you a nice long comment but it got deleted 😦 So.. I LOVE THOSE CHEETAH TATERS and your brekkie looks FABBBBBB. In terms of packing, I’m TERRIBLE at it too 🙂 Good luck packing!!

  11. 11 Megan

    Hahah okay oops I have no idea what happened.. so now you’ll have three comments from me on this post. Oops.. I guess you can’t get enough lovin 🙂

  12. dude trashbags are where it’s at! you just gotta stuff the clothes into some hefties- and then have MommaJ help you with the aftermath when u get home 😀 My momz and I got in HUGE fight when i moved out of my freshman dorm, and she left in a huff puff and I had to move out everything by my onesie!! (i lived on the 8th floor)..baha I managed to get all my shiz packed into my tiny honda and drove home with my car possibly scraping the ground on the freeway 😀 Ahh memories..

  13. 13 Tina

    I like to consider myself quite the expert packer… my best tip is to roll things, instead of folding things into a square roll up things like t-shirts and smaller items, it gives you more space. And put bags and shoes in a cloth bag to keep them from getting scratched or from damaging your other clothes in the suitcase. I had to pack like you for when I moved to Prague. It was SO hard and I filled three suitcases. After living in Prague for a few months though I realized that I didn’t even use or need half of everything I brought. You’ll probably notice that too, we can manage with so much less than we think. Good luck!

  14. for packing. do not pack a lot of the same things like excessive amounts of jeans, or shorts. And pack more tops and dresses so that you can mix and match your tops and rewear your bottoms. at least that is what i do.

  15. love ben folds!! they’re from chapel hill, where I’m going to law school next school 🙂 represent!

    I have SUCH problems with packing too. I went to college far away from home and had to fly there aka fit my clothes for the school year in suit cases!! I always warned my parents that yes my bags would be overweight. there was no getting around it.

    the rolling method is a good one (roll up t shirts etc to take up less space)
    i also like laying things out before i pack them up and thinking logically about what I am most likely to wear. and if you don’t have enough dresses/shoes etc when you get there..guess you have to go shopping!! oh such a drag….

  16. hey girl. you sound turbo busy! that is good though, staying busy is important. love the bluebran tops also! i like the bran varieties over the chocolate ones. love ben folds! saw them in london when i lived there. great live show for sure. soo i missed something, i guess, i have no idea where you are going for 3 months! but wherever it is i am jealous, pack me in your suitcase and take me. that is my tip for you 🙂 naw but really, i lived in europe for 6 months and like tina said above, i ended up taking crap i didnt even use and i wore the same things over and over because they were a lot more functional than some of the other items i brought. take a lot of versatile items that you can create a few different looks with.. and i have found rolling the clothes works better than folding+stacking! have a good one lady xoxo

  17. 17 BB

    yumm the bluebran vitatop is one of my favs! I can’t pack to save my life but my sister is pro at it. her number one rule is to only take the basic necessities and if you really need something, just buy it there.

  18. 18 Anna

    Sweet potatoes make everything and anything better.

    I am the absolute worst at packing. The first time I went home for winter break my bags weighed in at over 70 lbs…and I didn’t need half of it.

  19. 19 ellie

    working out with undigested food isn’t fun 😦

    everything is good with ketchup- you just reminded me that it’s been WAY too long since I made some roasted brussel sprouts…

  20. sorry in design is being a pain in the butt!!! if i were there i would totes help you — making your writing LOOK just as bomb on the page as it SOUNDS is so much fun! im a wee bit in design obsessed 🙂

    as far as packing, just make sure to bring the clothes that you wear all the time. favorite jeans, tees, cute tops, summery clothes, something warm…you will probably want/need to bring a lot but dont take anything you dont wear all the time now, it’s not worth the suitcase space!!

  21. 21 sue

    wow that second pic is food porn at its finest! love it! though i’ve moved cross country several times..i have no good advice for packing…i guess just keep in mind that you can always shop for stuff you’ll need in san fran and you probably WILL cus there are like a gazillion cute shops there!

  22. 22 Erin

    Lady Chatterly’s Lover…had to read that in 9th grade…seriously. And I like Anais Nin 🙂

    Brussels & ketchup? Never tried it before! I like baked okra dipped in ketchup, as well as carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower…weird, I know. 😉

    Packing tips? Oy. I over-pack, even for school…

    Feel better!

  23. Kailey!!! You’re an animal! As I’ve said before…. I thought I had just done a gnarly little ab routine and yours beat mine, big timeee!! Haha!

    The cheetah fries look GLORIOUS, and I did not notice the kleenex in the background…. until you mentioned it! Now i’m craving a batch of some, mmmmmm…you’ve got me hooked!

    Not only are you a workout animal, you are a working one too!! All this hard work is definitely going to pay off, you’re being a great student and gettin’ yo shizz done!! Good luck and enjoy your last few days in the OH!

    PS-you’ve convinced me to buy vita tops, i’m thinking the blueberry or choc is the way to go?? Whatever you love I always end up LOVING, so i’ll be buying some soon!

    And to answer your Q: just make a list! Over-packing is inevitable but at least you won’t have to worry about forgetting things! That’s always my strategy anyway! 🙂 Have a good day love!

  24. Packing tips- bring lots of classic tops, some slacks, fave jeans, couple of skirts, dress, then mix it up with different jewelry, belts, shoes to make it look different but that way you can wash/wear it again. Rolling is also very helpful-try to pack things that don’t wrinkle easily. I’ve done lots of packing (not quite 3 months worth) and that is what helps me. Hope that helps 😀

  25. 25 Sarah

    those are definitely some gorgeous and luscious blueberries. and your exercises while working are crazy — way to multi-task!

    i’ve always gotten so overwhelmed packing for long trips like that, but the truth is, you really don’t need any more for three months than you do for two weeks. you’ll still be able to do laundry, and you can buy more toiletries, etc as you need them. the main thing with sf packing for summer is layers! the summer weather there is so fickle — make sure you bring some warmer clothes because you will need them!

  26. ketchup makes everything taste better!! haha i loveee all of your eats. I really got to get on the wagon with adding a vita muffin to my yogurt combos! looks delicious 🙂

    my packing tips are to pack the day before to ensure everything is all ready to go

  27. packing: take only what you need. you can always buy more later! hehehe!!

  28. 28 jaime

    my biggest packing tips? LARGE SUITCASES!! lol!! girl i’m terrible at packing!!

    LOVE that you LOVE vitatops!!!!! i’m addicted to them 🙂 and bluebran IS AWESOME!!

    so sorry your stummy was off today– i’m totally with u on the exercising on a near empty stomach– i atleast need it to digest for an hour!!

    SWEET TATERS!! i love u so much for your lil orange cheetas 🙂 xoxox

  29. 29 homegirlcaneat

    I gotta get going on that ab workout. Hold up, nevermind. All my ice cream scooping and devouring is just working my stomach! WOOPWOOP!

    hmmmm packing..well, weather update! It is sunny and beautiful here. But the city can get a pick breezy so pack some sweaters, jeans but also get out your freakum’ dresses and your sexyTIME tops because we have work to do.

    I need to find some bluebran vitatops!! Chocolate is good but eh…it ain’t no brownie!

    Can we make brussels sprouts and cheetah fries togetha foreva? Yes we can! Yes we can!

  30. 30 Lyss

    Best packing tip – try your clothes on! If you put it on and feel good in it, you’re going to wear it. If you try it on and think “meh”, leave it at home. I always try and pack EVERYTHING because I’m like “WHAT IF I WANT TO WEAR THIS” and then it sits in my suitcase and I kick myself in the seat of the pants.

    Love you Kailey-Wailey!

  31. 31 randomlymikey

    i haven’t tried ‘crack’ yet but i keep seeing it around and it look so good!

    • 32 snackface

      randomly mikey- I’m tellin’ ya, once you get Flat-Outs, Sabra and Fat Free Swiss, there is no turning back. I first thought I could get away with a Laughing Cow in the crack wrap, but the Fat Free Swiss (aka plastic) melts beautifully and mixes prefectly with creamy Sabra. Shooo, I need one!

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