Graduation and Family Time


Happy Sundays, beautifuls! We have had a joyous, sunshiney, lovely, delicious weekend here in Cincinnati. I’ve been blessed enough to be able to spend my last weekend before the summer with my family, and could ask for nothing more. It’s been perfect.

Alright. I’m primarily vegetarian and will most likely be vegan over the summer, so I’m feeling a bit of guilt for eating one of the last animal proteins I actually enjoy. However, MamaJ knew I would like it, bought a pound of it, and I naturally helped to eat it:

Shrimp dinner

Shrimp dinner

On the plate: grilled Thai Peanut glazed shrimp, salad, roasted potatoes, chickpea,blackbean, corn, red onion salad. This was a perfect summer meal! This was also the first time I’ve had regular potatoes in a while, and it should be known that I love any kind of potato. Yum:

Ignore the dog leash in the upper left corner

Ignore the dog leash in the upper left corner

MamaJ decided to snap a picture whilst I was SnackFacing away:

Serious chowing going on here. Gorgeous, no?

Serious chowing going on here. Gorgeous, no?

After dinner, I watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and bawled my eyes out. Actually, I kind of screamed and gasped my way through the ending. I get really into things. To lighten the mood, MamaJ and I watched Oprahs and Make Me a Supermodels afterward.

I awoke to the scent of something baking, so I immediately popped out of bed, visited the john and hopped downstairs to find that MamaJ baked pumpkin spice muffins! MMM! Before I could have breakfast, though, I had to fill out the dreaded FAFSA. Ick. I had a delicious breakfast to lighten that mood, too:

Berries and Oikos with a Pumpkin Spice Muffin

Berries and Oikos with a Pumpkin Spice Muffin

Know that some of that muffin was crumbled into the serving of plain Stonyfield Oikos yogurt with strawberries and mango. Absolutely fabulous breakfast:



We all showered and beautified after breakfast to get ready for the main event: Matty Rich’s graduation! Here I am with the stud before we left the house:

The Graduate and I...and the garage

The Graduate and I...and the garage

I took a billion pictures at the ceremony, but I will not bore you with those. I was SO excited to see Matty Rich graduate. There have been times we weren’t sure whether he’d pull his grades up, but the kid’s smarter than I am. He’s just, um, lackadaisical.

At the ceremony Matty Rich sang the National Anthem in a quartet. He was amazing:

He's on the far right. Sexy bass voice.

He's on the far right. Sexy bass voice.

The ceremony did drag a bit, and my butt bones were killin’ me from the plastic seats. Also, MamaJ and I forgot to pack snacks, so our stomachs were making awful, angry noises. That is of no matter, though. Look at this explosion at the end of the ceremony:

Congrats Class of 2009!

Congrats Class of 2009!

And here are the proud parents with the graduate:

Awww I love them so much

Awww I love them so much

Once the picture-taking finished, we drove straight to dinner at P.F. Changs. This is where we went when I graduated, and Popsicle is big on tradition, which I adore as well. I hadn’t looked at the menu in a year or so, therefore I had no preconceived notion of what to get. Then I spied it: Coconut Curry Vegetables. Ding, ding, ding!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It was as though I couldn’t eat fast enough. This dinner was delicious! I wanted to drink that coconut curry sauce with a straw! I had almost all of that paired with approximately a half cup of brown rice. There were crunchy, scrumptious veggies mixed with large chunks of tofu that were chewy and fried on the outside, but creamy and smooth on the inside. Clearly, I loved this dinner.

A little after-dinner treat could not be missed, despite my Buddha belly. Enter Yagoot, a creamy, tingly, tangy yogurt:

Strawberry and plain Yagoot swirl with raspberries and white chocolate chips

Strawberry and plain Yagoot swirl with raspberries and white chocolate chips

That was a perfect, cooling ending, but it put me over the edge! When we got home, MamaJ and I changed into our comfy cozies and took naps for an hour or so. I awoke feeling significantly better.

We left the house again to stop by my dad’s friends’ house, as they had spent $125,000 on a pool and landscaping. We had to check it out. It was nice, but we were all tired and wanted to spend time together at our own home. We left after an hour or so.

Popsicle went to bed first, then MamaJ, Matty Rich and I sat in the living room and talked until 1 a.m. I lay with the big dog, Sheba, on the ground for most of this time. Gotta get in my puppy loving while I can! Late night SnackFacing included lots of fruit (apple, mango pieces, strawberries) and dry Frosted Shredded Wheat. We all dragged our hineys upstairs, tired and happy.

Today I have to head back to Athens to finish out my last week there. In six days, I will be in San Francisco. This is absolutely crazy to me! I won’t believe I’m doing it until I’m actually in it. Until then, however, I have a billion things to do, so posting may be sporadic. Then again, I can’t stay away so who knows! The location schedule goes as follows:
-Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Athens
-Thursday, Friday: Cincinnati
-Saturday: In the air from Cinci, to Charlotte to… SAN FRAN!!!

I hope everyone has gorgeous Sundays. Spend it with those you love, sunshines!

Ciao for now,


P.S. THANK YOU for all the skin recommendations! I must figure something out ASAP, as I’ve run out of ProActiv face wash!


37 Responses to “Graduation and Family Time”

  1. 1 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie,
    im so glad youve had such a great weekend 🙂 the graduation pics are great! you look beautiful and your dress is so cute!
    i love frosted shredded wheats! i always crumble them up into yogurt…so good!
    mamajs muffins look really yummy (i dont mean that to sound so wrong and inappropriate, you know what i mean!…..)
    have a great sunday darlin,
    much love

  2. Aw congrats to the grad! And me and my fam went to PF Chang’s (bro’s choice) for my brother’s high school graduation last weekend!! I did NOT have such an amazing meal though!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

  3. I was just thinking about how I haven’t had a regular potato in what seems like forever – yours looks heavenly!

    Your entire family is booty-ful! You’ve got some great genes, chickpea 🙂 I’ve never eaten at Changalangs but that meal looks WAY too good!

    I CAN’T believe you’re already going to San Fran!! That’s insane!

  4. ahhh! can i say i love everything about this post?! and you?! you look gorgeous! your dress is beautiful and the mid chomp pic is adorable!!

    shrimpy dinner sounds awesome too, and I love your pretty yog breakfast and pumpkin muffin, plus your amazing pf changs meal! hot damn! i knew I should have gotten those coconut veggies when I went last Monday! dang! next time!!!

    sooo happy to read a comforting joyous fam post. It made me so happy!

    Have a wonderful Sunday hunny bun!

  5. 5 Bec

    congrats to your little brother!

  6. 6 jaime

    LOVE LOVE LOVE SHRIMP! fish and crustaceans are the reason i could never go veg!!

    congrats to your bro!!! you are the CUTEST family ever!!!!! love it!

    have a great day xoxox

  7. I just came across your blog and love, love, love it! You are very funny!

    I wish my mom would make muffins for me when I visited home. 😦 She said she is on mom-hiatus from domestic duties. So not nice.

    Your family sounds very cute!

    • 8 snackface

      Stacey- Thanks bunches for reading and enjoying…and for thinking I am funny!

  8. 9 e.

    How sweet is your little bro? You guys must be so proud. I stole my husband’s little brother when we got married (I’m the baby and I always wanted a little brother). He graduated not long ago and now the kid is pushing 21! I’m proud and sad.

    Maybe when Matty Rich goes to college we’ll see the Brother of SnackFace blog. 🙂

    • 10 snackface

      e.- It’s funny you should mention that Matty Rich may/should/could start a blog when he goes to college. Last night he was talking about all the ladies he plans to meet. He said, “Kailey, I’m going to make a spin off of SnackFace. You know how there’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice? Well this is going to be SnackFace and SuckFace.” Apparently he’s planning on making out. A lot. Anyone wanna see that? Not me! Haha.

      • 11 e.

        EW! NO! 😀

        Maybe the world can do without that blog!!!!!!

  9. 12 strivingforbalance

    what a fun weekend!! I cryed sooo much during grey’s season finale! I cannot believe that was GEORGE! lol

  10. 13 Amanda

    yes to pumpkin spice muffins! those are my grandma’s and sister’s personal favorites.

    love the congrats banner for your bro. my family totally did that too.

    have a good sunday! 🙂

  11. Don’t feel guilty about the shrimp girl, nobody is perfect and if you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters.

    Congratulations to Matty Rich!!!

    Enjoy your weekend =) xoxo

  12. 15 ellie

    congrats to your brother!

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages so thought I’d stop being a stalker and say ‘hi’! Pumpkin muffins rock…and vastly improve fruit + yogurt combos (yogurt is my reason why I could never go vegan!)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • 16 snackface

      Ellie! Thank you so much for commenting! I greatly appreciate it! And I totes understand the yogurt thing. It’s the number one reason from keeping me vegan!

  13. 17 Emma

    Give (even more) congratulations to your bro!

    Everything looks delicious – I’ve never been to PF Changs, and I might just have to sometime soon!

    I’m excited for you and San Fran! Count down the days, and get some more puppy love before you go!


  14. Love the post! Your dress is fabulous and congrats to Matty Rich!

  15. SUCKFACE….hahaha that’s too hilarious, congrats to matty rich on graduating!!

    You look absolutely adorable in your matching red outfits! 🙂
    MamaJ sounds like such a chef!! Pumpkin spice muffins?! Ohhh!! And yum, you ate some GOOD FOOD on your bro’s grad day!! You missed lunch so inhaling the PF changs and fro yo was completely necessary! 🙂

    Can I just say i’m IN LOVE with your family and I don’t even know them! You all seem so close, so happy…I love it!

    And please tell me more about being vegan this summer?!?!

    Hope your last week of school goes well and that you have a safe trip to SF! Love ya!

    • 20 snackface

      Jess- Matt’s a big goober, first and foremost. Love that kid. And MamaJ’s muffins…I think they came from a boxed mix. Shhh don’t tell! I’m also thrilled that you love my family already; you’d fit right in! And the vegan thing–I haven’t fully decided whether I’m going to commit myself to it, but I’m definitely going to test the waters a bit. I’ll be working at a magazine with vegans, so I’d feel odd eating dairy and sea beasts around them. We’ll see though!

  16. 21 Megan

    yayyy i love the family pics! and shrimpies are SO cute 🙂 and yummy! mmmmm the coconut curry veggies look so yummy!! i love pf changs! have a fantastic day girl<3

  17. 22 Kaley

    That’s the EXACT meal I had at good old PF Chang’s the last time I went there. It’s sooooo yummy!!

  18. 23 Sarah

    I LOOOOVE your poppy dress (I just typed poopy dress, which hopefully isn’t true). I will have to post a pic of Livy’s shirt today…it is a pink striped polo. It might just be poopy.

  19. Oh wow, so exciting! And love the pictures!!!

  20. hey im new to blogging but i have added you to my blogroll. Your dress is very cute btw, have a fantastic day!

    • 26 snackface

      nicole- Oh my gosh, thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I’m gonna hop on over to your blog now!

  21. girl, I LOVE that dress you wore at Matt’s graduation. it’s stunning!
    but may I ask why you plan to go vegan?

    • 28 snackface

      burpexcuseme- Hey babe! The vegan thing isn’t fully decided yet, but I’ll be working at a vegetarian magazine with primarily people who are vegan. I’ll probably test it out a bit, but I’m not sure whether I can fully commit myself to something so huge. I’ve thought about it a lot, and will have to see what happens when I’m there. I do love my dairy though…:)

  22. okay. you go ahead and be vegan
    for the summer..I WILL EAT ALL
    dinner looks so amazing. mamaj
    can hook me up whenever ever.

    also. matthew is eighteen..right?

  23. wasn’t grey’s crazy?? the last fifteen minutes at least. i was totally freaking! congrats to your little brother! i love how your dress matches his grad gown, you are too cute!!!! and your dinner looks amazing!!! i love a good curry. have a blast with your fam this weekend! are you starting to get psyched about san fran?? it’s gonna be awesome!

  24. Hi Kailey!!! Reading your posts never ever fail to make me smile. You hvae the ultimate sunshine personality and the sunshine smile. 🙂 I hope modeling doesn’t corrupt you..sorry about that random-ness, but you’re just such a fabulous girl!!!! Is there a reason for going vegan this summer?? I’m gonna be in San Fran for a week with my fam in July!!!!! I’m so so so excited cuz I’m like, THATCLOSE with my family too, except my parents live in hong kong so I don’t get to see them half as much as i would like to. 😦 But hey, I can live vicariously through your fabulous family!!! Thanks for sharing all your adventures sweetie!

    P.s. Your dress is SO CUTE on you!!!

  25. 32 Erin

    Mmmm pumpkin spice muffins! I adore pumpkin year-round, since Fall is my fave season! 🙂

    FAFSA = no fun!

    That dress is fab on you! Mayj love.

    I also have iffy skin, and I SWEAR by Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. SWEAR. BY. IT.

  26. That’s so great your weekend went well!! Family time is always awesome!

    Pumpkin spice muffins would be the bestest smell to wake up to!

    The cocunut veg curry looks so freakin good!!

    Good luck with all the movement this week!! You must be so thrilled for San Fran!!

    Take care!

  27. 34 homegirlcaneat

    YAAAAY MATTYRICH! I graduate June 3rd..and you come June 4th! Party up in hurr!!! I am going to tell you again until I see you that I am so pumped to be REAL FRIENDS with THEE SnackFace! And now that I know you will be turning vegan this summer..I gots so many vegan restaurants to show you/tell you about! San Fran is the perfect foodie city. Soooo diverse and the most accepting place on the Earth! You will LOVE! What company are you interning for?? I need some deets on yo life!

    Love you shawty..I am so happy your weekend was so family fun filled and fabulous!

    • 35 snackface

      homegirl- Omg I am so pumped to be friends with THE homegirl! Furreal! As for your question, I am interning at the magazine VegNews! I’ll be living and breathing vegetarian magazine love ALL summer, which seems to me the best possible way to spend 3 months. Just testin’ out my dream job 😉

  28. HI BOO!

    wow ive been sooo MIA but i wanted to let you know that i LOVED your article (A+++++) and congrats to mattyrich! what an amazing weekend full of fun and family and amazing FOOD! i was just at the chang (haha) and totally should have gotten that dish, though my moo goo gai pan (love that name!) was excellent as well haha.

    hope youre doing well, lots and lots of love!!!

  29. congrats to the grad!! im in love with your dress!!
    pumpkin spiced muffins sound AWESOME!

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