Pseudoephedrine Saves SnackFace


Buongiorno! Thank you all for the get-well wishes. They worked!

Monday started a little roughly. I couldn’t sleep at all throughout the night. First my mind was too busy, then my nose wouldn’t stop clogging and itching, then I was frozen and needed to get up to put on a robe over my sweats, then I needed to find my sleep mask… all followed by my looking at the clock every single hour until my alarm went off at 6:45 a.m. You can see how this only exacerbated my already-present feelings of illness and exhaustion.

Thankfully, there is always breakfast to get things moving in a happier direction:

Simple oat bran with Koffee

Simple oat bran with Koffee

In the bowl: 1/3 C oat bran, 1 C water, 1/2 thinly sliced banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, sprinkle of flax, spoon of Naturally More. I haven’t mentioned this, but ever since I started to make oats stovetop, I haven’t turned back to my old microwaving ways. There too good stovetop to return to gummy, micro-ed oats:

Warming and soothing

Warming and soothing

I felt slightly more human after breakfast, and once dressed I booked it to the library to print off a copy of the barber shop story (a draft as rough as my oncoming infection). Then I headed to magazine feature writing where we read a piece by Eric Schlosser. Not my favorite, but always a learning experience.

Perhaps I didn’t enjoy the piece because I was distracted by the pain in my face. I felt as though someone had been trapped in my sinuses and was pounding against the surface to get out. I stayed after class long enoughΒ to chat with my professor about the barber shop piece (hi Dr. Price!), and then I needed to take action.

I don’t like to take medicine or pills for anything. I will wait until I can barely breathe, think, walk before I will take something. The sinuses needed it, though, and I couldn’t imagine getting through six more hours of class without relief. Thank you, CVS, for supplying me with pseudoephedrine- filled cold & sinus relief pills to save my face. And my day.

For lunch I wanted something warm and spicy:

Toasted pita, grapes and Campbell's Select Harvest Light Garden Vegetable

Toasted pita, grapes and Campbell's Select Harvest Light Garden Vegetable

To amp up the soup, I added chickpeas, crushed red pepper, chili powder and pepper. It was much needed. I have to say, though, that it was hard to resist the call of the crack wrap. I was trying my darndest to avoid dairy, as the consensus is that dairy feeds mucus. No thanks. For dessert, I took two cold & sinus pills with hot water and lemon. Mmm.

As I trekked back uptown for my afternoon classes, I already felt a difference. I could breathe more clearly, the pressure was lifting, my mood wasn’t as miserable. Gotta love over-the-counter goodies sometimes.

My afternoon snack was an unpictured Kashi TLC Roasted Almond Crunch bar, which was eaten somewhere between panicking about how I need to finish four weeks’ worth of work in two weeks, and hearing a gentleman singing and strumming on a stoop.

I was leaving the Scripps building when I heard a growl. Oh wait. No. That was singing. “I will always be your slave, your slave, your slave/ Until I’m in my grave, my grave, my grave.” Just the mood-lifter I needed before my last class!

Classes came to a close for the day as my stomach became furious with hunger. The second I stepped into my house, I washed my hands, put dinner course number two in the oven, then made dinner course number one. The cold veggies:

Chickpea almond jicama salad

Chickpea almond jicama salad

In the salad: spinach, romaine, celery, jicama, chickpeas, roasted almond slivers, raspberry vinaigrette, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. I finished the cold veggies just in time for the warm to be finished baking:

Steamy pic

Steamy pic

That, my friends, is roasted brussels and cheetah…rutabaga. I forget what inspired me to pick up a rutabaga during my latest Wal-Mart trip, but I’m pleased that I did. I spiced ’em up with crushed red pepper, chili powder, pepper and salt (I rarely use salt, but I thought these would need it–they did). They aren’t as soft or sweet as sweet potatoes, but they aren’t as starchy and bland as regular potatoes. That being said, I don’t think I’ll pick up another one–they jsut aren’t as good as taters!

Β IΒ Googled these to find that they are of the turnip family, and contain slightly more than 50% of your Vitamin C daily intake. Curious about brussels, I found that a serving of those contain 135% of your daily C intake. Hollaaa!

Temporarily, I was stuffed after that. After a half hour though, the sweet tooth came a-knocking. Fixed that with carob, Kamut and soy milk:

Good, but surprisingly, not enough

Good, but surprisingly, not enough

I got to work on a fact checking memo for the barber shop story after I ate the abovementioned fluff. This fact checking is tedious and time-consuming, but, understandably, necessary. I had to call the police department to double check the spelling of a name. Let’s hope I don’t have to call them for much more than that. Ever.

A couple hours into that, I got restless and cut up a baby watermelon for the week. Naturally, some of it was consumed in the process. As sweet as that was, I still wanted something else…chocolate. I have a huge stash of Newman’s Own Organics chocolate bars lying around, and I’ve been trying pieces here and there. This is just the first photographic representation because it was AMAZING combined with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter:

Newman's Own Organics Mocha Milk Chocolate piece with White Chocolate Wonderful p.b. Pardon the skank nail.

Newman's Own Organics Mocha Milk Chocolate piece with White Chocolate Wonderful p.b. Pardon the skank nail.

Does milk chocolate count as dairy? SHOOT! It was so good I had another piece just like that. I ended the night finishing my fact checking memo, then washing my face (just Proactiv) and plucking my grizzly brows. Goddess right here. Also, I got hungry at 1:30 a.m. and had snickerdoodle cookies πŸ™‚

The good news is that I feel 12 times better, my eyebrows are groomed (the ‘stache too) and I’m feeling as though I’ll try to tackle a bit of a work out to start my long, work-filled Tuesday (three projects in one day–word). I hope all of you are off to great starts of your weeks!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What do you pluck? How regularly do you do so?
I pluck my eyebrows and sometimes stray ‘stache hairs regularly. When I say regularly I mean whenever I remember. I’m also bizarre and have tried to pluck stray armpit hairs. It was grossly fascinating. Just like me.


23 Responses to “Pseudoephedrine Saves SnackFace”

  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well! But Im glad the over the counter elixir made it a bit better.

    I’m terrible about grooming my brows. Need to work on that. I’d rater just get them waxed!

  2. 2 Sarah

    We can’t get old psuedofed over the counter here anymore. I think Oregon is the capital of meth manufacturing. I am so proud.

    Thanks for the heads up on the rutabegas. I think I’ll pass for now. Now kaboucha is a different story. Where are those blasted squash anyway?!

    I pluck everything from the neck up, including grey hairs.

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, hon.

  3. 3 Bec

    I know what you mean, I dont know if I can ever go back to microwaved oats, stove tops are the best!

  4. 4 kaneil

    yay! I finally caught up on SnackFace!!! πŸ™‚

    I pluck random brow hairs in between waxes. The bushy brows are too much for me to handle alone. I’ve been waxing since I was in 7th grade! Sadness! hahaha

    I agree – pseudoephdrine is a miracle drug – no wonder the methies love it! AND the fake stuff does not work – Sudafed PE sucks!

    Take care!
    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  5. 5 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    aw im sorry youve been feen sick, but im glad the sinuses are starting to improve πŸ™‚ gotta love medicine! i always avoid taking it till im really sick too…
    love the dinner πŸ™‚ especially that steamin hot pic!
    my eyebrows are not my greatest feature and seeming as i made the mistake of plucking them too thin by accident, im now not touching letting them grow and getting them reshaped properly…so i currently look like a bushman..but its better than having no brows at all right?….
    have a great tuesday girlie

  6. That sucks you aren’t feeling well!! I hate when I look at the damn clock every hour all night long! uughh!
    At least your breakfast (which looks great) was a pick-me-up!
    I hope you feel better!

    Your food looks so good!

    I am sure you can get all of your work done! Good luck!

    I don’t do any plucking! Wax all the way! If I plucked my eyebrows they would be so incredibly uneven and awful. Plus I hate pain and like to get it over with in one foul swoop (or a few swoops!)

  7. 7 Sarah

    so glad you opted for sinus relief! sometimes, a medicinal boost is absolutely necessary for survival πŸ™‚

    and you will finish all 4 weeks of work in 2 weeks, no sweat! (ok, maybe some sweat, but you will find a way to do what you need to do to get it done.)

    your hot dinner course #2 looks amaaaaaaaazing. steam coming off the top and everything!

    i pluck maybe once every 10 years (ha) when i feel motivated!

  8. 8 Amanda

    i haven’t been able to sleep lately either! and counting sheep does not work for me. i tried.

    yay for feeling better though!

    i hate plucking but i occasionally tackle the eyebrows. i also get them shaped via waxing about every other month. it’s less painful for me when someone else does it! ha! and i don’t have to worry that i’ll overpluck. i learned i can’t deal with hair when i gave myself terrible bang trims a few years ago!

  9. 9 Megan

    yay for getting better! I always try to just let my body “heal itself,” but sometimes you just have to take the plunge and drug up. glad it worked!!

    i could eat chocolate dipped in peanut butter for every meal of every day for the rest of my life! mmmm. eye candy. πŸ™‚

  10. Rutabega huh? I’ve always wondered about those. I made tunip mashed potatoes one time which was good, weird- but good. That choc w/pb looks awesome – drool….

    I am going to San Fran for my honeymoon. We leave Monday June 1st and will be there thru that Sunday. I know you get to have a whole summer there, which I’m sure will be amazing. I’m really looking forward to visiting wine country!

  11. *turnip*

  12. Haha, glad you’re feeling a teensy bit better love!

    Some good looking eats right there!

    I pluck my eyebrows! Got them shaped (through waxing) once a long time ago, and now I just have to pluck strays! I love my eyebrows! πŸ™‚ And I hear ya on the stray hair here or there… πŸ˜‰

  13. That steamy picture is food porn for a girl by the name of jesslikesitHOT! I always have to microwave food after I’ve snapped even 2 pictures, because then it’s not hot enough for me… so all that steam is lookin’ goooood!

    And ohhh my precious Kailey, i’m so sorry you’ve been all sicky! I never take the pills for nada…..unless I TRULY have to, and I think you made the right move!

    Good luck with all your upcoming work, I know you’ll get it done and probably dominate everyone else’s projects in the process. Sick or not!

    I gotta try the newman’s chocolates w/ WCW! yum!

    Andddd, lastly…I wax the brows every few days and that’s about it! Plucking your armpits though?!!! Eekkk, sounds painful!

  14. hahah i love that you’re so open and admitting to the stache plucking…i definitely try to hide it from the bf. hahahah You crack me up…but i pluck whenever i look in the mirror and think my eyebrowns are becoming a unibrow. hahaha

    I love your combo of kamut, carob, and soy milk!!! I’ve only done the kamut flakes and soy milk…but maybe i should try carob!! I’m usually just scared of things i don’t know…they sure do look like chocolate chips!

    • 15 snackface

      luckytastebuds- Thank you for finding my openness amusing! I figure, why not, we all do wierdo stuff. But about the carob chips–try em! To me, they have a gentler, fruiter flavor than chocolate has, and they are delicious. I find them to be more addicting than regular chocolate chips, so beware πŸ˜‰

  15. 16 homegirlcaneat

    I am all about the waxing. Unlike Sarah who does things from the neck up, I prefer to wax all things from the ankles up. (TMI, my b!) Plucking hurts me SO badly..which is ridic because waxing hurts too but, whatevs. I can’t do self-inflicting pain! Unless it is stuffing myself with delicious food. Then I can handle tha pain.

    I hope you are feeling better snickerdoooodle! You need to be well rested for our San Fran antics. WATCH YOSELF for an email from me asking you a BAZILLION questions about your upcoming adventure! I gots so much handydandy info to make sf a BEAUT experience!!

    • 17 snackface

      homegirl- Waxing from the ankles up, eh? Actually, I’d do the same thing if I had the money and the balls to do that. Aww, thanks for calling me snickerdoodle. Not only are the cookies delicious, but I think that term is darling. AND HELL YES!! Email your girl all about SF because I got so excited today when I realized I’ll be there in 11 days!

  16. 18 shelby

    I wish I had mroe time in the morning to make stove-top oats. I hate cooking them in the micro but then I’d have to wake up earlier…it would be totally worth it though.

    I always crave spicy foods when sick! It’s the craziest thing. But then I read cayenne helps with stomach pains so many I was on the right track after all.

    That picture is sooo steamy πŸ˜‰ Sorry the rutabega fries weren’t your favorite. They aren’t my fav either but it’s a nice change from the usual. Especially when your literally glowing orange like I was today!

    Suprisingly not enough?! You’re Snackface, how is that suprising? πŸ˜‰ I always go back for more Kamut myself…it’s just too delicious to stop at one bowl. But guess what?! My health food didn’t have it the past 2 times I went…I was about to cry!

    I pluck the ‘brows. Or else I have a unibrow…not attractive.

    • 19 snackface

      Shelby- I actually do get up 15 minutes earlier so I have time to make them! Haha does that make me an even bigger freak? I don’t mind. And you’re right, I shouldn’t have said “surprisingly enough.” “Unsurprisingly” would have been much more accurate!

  17. pseudoephdrine is amazing!! that stuff has probably saved my life numerous times. your dinner and post dinner snackfacing looks delish. its so hard reading blogs with the time difference sometimes because i want to leave work and eat dinner NOW!!!!!! your yummy pictures are prompting some SP cheetah action tonight i think!!

  18. 21 dailydulcie

    Hi sexy mama. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well!! At least the pills made you feel a little better though!

    I totally agree about stove top. They are DEF the way to go :] creamy and orgasmic.

    I don’t pluck anything. I was very fortunate with my eyebrows.. they are naturally thin and I’ve never had to pluck or wax them! People do not believe me when I tell them I’ve never touched them haha

  19. 22 Megan

    Hahhaha I pluck about twice a week.. I think I’m OCD about that. I hate those little stray hairs that start growing if I don’t pluck for a while. ANd I LOVE the smokey pics.. it makes your rutabaga look so sexy hahahah.

  20. Waxing is the joy of my life πŸ˜€ So is the word, “exacerbate”, now that I think about it …

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