Crazy Cat Kailey


What up stunnas! As I sit here typing, I’m in a panic. I’ve lost my voice and we have our biggest singing event of the year tomorrow. I’m just going to be praying and drinking a lot of fluids. But let’s review Thursday, shall we?

I awoke at 8:30 a.m. to sunshine! Immediately, I dressed for the gym, blogged a bit, ate half a naner with p.b. and left the house. I was having my usual 45-minute elliptical session when I was hit with a strong, pounding, vicious head ache. Not wanting to stop, I let the sweat continue to drip down my nose and brows until I was finished. As soon as I stepped off the elliptical I knew I needed to sit down for a bit. I think I got really overheated for some reason, so I just sat on a bench for ten minutes and then left. The rest of my workout was not in the cards.

When I made it home I fixed the fastest breakfast ever: cereal!

Berry covered cereal with Koffee...the worst hydrator, but I needed it

Berry covered cereal with Koffee...the worst hydrator, but I needed it

In the bowl: kamut puffs, Kashi Go Lean, Peanut Butter Bumpers, protein powder, soy milk, blackberries, strawberries, flax. Yumlicious:

Isn't that gorgeous?

Isn't that gorgeous?

After breakfast I finally felt normal. I showered, dressed, puttered around for a bit, and then I sat on the porch and read Lady Chatterly’s Lover. I think it’s going to get steamy. Before I knew it, hours had flown by since breakfast (which was really eaten at noon), and I made a little snack plate before heading to the barber shop:

Do you spot that classy green plastic chair behind the plate? Porch furniture at its finest.

Do you spot that classy green plastic chair behind the plate? Porch furniture at its finest.

On the plate: grapes, jicama, orange pepper, cuke slices, Blue Diamond Almond Thin crackers, hummus. I almost forgot how much I love snack plates. I had a carrot with White Chocolate Wonderful after this, but didn’t take a picture because of its suggestive manner.

I make-uped and changed to head out to the barber shop. When I stepped outside my front door, I spotted my fat, furry, orange Kitty Friend and immediatly shouted, “KITTY!” in an octave higher than I normally speak. I thought no one was around to notice my freakish behavior. Wrong-o. A khaki-shorted gentleman was right in front of my house and turned, stared at me and probably thought, “what the hell is wrong with her? She’s crazy.” You are right, sir, I am.

To further convince khaki shorts of my insanity, I stood in the middle of the street for five minutes, desperately trying to take a good picture of Kitty Friend. From afar:

Come here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Come here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Kitty Friend was not having the close-up shot:

Not happy with me

Not happy with me

I haven’t always been such a freak, I swear.

I finally made it to the barber shop and chilled until it closed. Then Alan (main barber) and I went across the street to a bar to sit and chat some more. I’m so happy Alan’s in my life now. He has such a cheery spirit and old-fashioned wit that he brightens my mood every single time I see him.

Shortly after that I met up with MisterMan for dinner! We went to Casa Nueva, a local, mostly organic restaurant. To start, we had the tortilla chips and three salsas:

Chips with red pepper, black bean and green chile salsas! Best when mixed together.

Chips with red pepper, black bean and green chile salsas! Best when mixed together.

I decided to try the special for the night: a salad with mushrooms, ginger-chili sauce, tofu, rice, cilantro and romaine:

Salad served with warm, homemade pita favorite part ;)

Salad served with warm, homemade pita favorite part 😉

While I highly enjoyed the flavors of this dish, I have no idea why the rice is on the salad. It was completely unnecessary. Perhaps I feel that way because I don’t really like rice, but still, it would have been better had it been replaced with another veggie, like red peppers. Another view:

That lime really made the dish sing

That lime really made the dish sing

MisterMan and I hung out at his place for a while after dinner, and then he had to go back to the lab to work. I’m never going to grad school! He works so hard all the time. Anyway, I met up with Muffin uptown. Old Post (our newspaper) alumni are in town for the weekend, and we just had to go find them in the bars. Our new student body President was elected yesterday, and he and his crew were out celebrating. Everyone was in a splendid mood!

I didn’t stay out long, however, and headed home at midnight. Crazy Cat Kailey needed a snack and sleep. Unpictured snacks included a bowl or two of cereal with carob chips…and a cookie or five. MisterMan stopped by on his way to his aparment, and I gently lay my head on his chest. Thirty minutes later, I awoke in a puddle of my own drool. Poor MisterMan’s shirt.

Friday shall be filled with a workout, reading, writing, more barber shop visiting and a Tempo Tantrums party (my a capella group). I am terrified that my voice is going to be completely shot tomorrow, too, as a phlegmy cough is setting in. I’m gross, sorry. And crazy. I’m such a catch, right?

Alright lovepies, I hope you have beautiful Fridays and weekends! I send my love.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do I heal my voice in 24 hours? Is that possible?


23 Responses to “Crazy Cat Kailey”

  1. awh cute cat. i have no idea how to heal your voice, but i REALLY hope you get it back!! try googling it? haha. ive been eyeing those diamond thins at the store, i may have to get some when i can eat real food again. it’s ok, i drool too 😉 have a great friday!!

  2. Drink LOTS of tea, and sometimes gargling warm saltwater helps. Tastes like sh*t, but it works 🙂

    I do the same thing when I see stray animals wandering around! And even when I see full-grown dogs, I will scream “puppy!”…yes, my friends hate me.

    I love your snack plate, and I’ve never tried jicama?? sounds coolll…I hope your voice gets better, and you have a beautiful Friday!

  3. 3 Sarah

    You so funny.

    My favorite part: “a cookie or five.”

    Gracie can work with you on that crazy cat lady hair…she’s got it DOWN!

    I have no idea how to heal your throat. Honey? On top of a hot biscuit perhaps?

  4. 4 homegirlcaneat

    HOT tea hot tea hot tea! Before cheerleading competitions (did it in 7th grade..ahhahaahhaahha) our crazyass coach would make us down 3 cups of tea at practice every night the week before. I believe it’s called child abuse.

    You and MisterMan sound like such lovebirds! Please tell me he will be visiting you in SF? Yes? No? I have “known” you for 3ish weeks now and want to meet your lova&friend. I haven’t always been such a freak, I swear.


  5. 5 sue

    aww kitties! i wish i weren’t so allergic to them, i’d probably have a bazillion by now. i think that rice on the salad is weirdddd too…and i love rice! sorry no advice on your voice- but i’m thinking positive thoughts for you- so hope that helps!

  6. You had another Pen15 carrot?! 😉 KITTY!! SO CHUBBY! I LOVE IT! I also love that you and Alan are BFFs now! That restaurant makes my Mexican restaurants look like el crapo. It looks so fresh!

    What’s MisterMan going into? I’m hoping your voice is back to peak performance so my little ham SnackFace can shine like the star she is! Lot’s of warm drinks?!

  7. 7 Anna

    Losing your voice is the WORST. I went through college orientation with no ability to communicate. Talk about awkward. I was the girl who just smiled and tried to eek out an introduction. As far as a cure, I would recommend not talking unless absolutely necessary, like if you see someone about to be hit by a car or if someone attacks you from behind. And drink LOTS of lemon zinger tea. Good luck getting it back!

  8. 8 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sweetheart,
    sorry about the voice 😦 lots of vitamin c rich foods and tea! and no talking, you need to conserve that beautiful voice!
    lovin the breakfast…looks good as always 🙂 and so does the snack plate! i love your snack plates…i must make my own sometime…
    anyways doll, i hope that voice heals in time,
    have a nice friday,
    much love

  9. I hope your voice comes back better than ever so you can sing your heart out! I wanna go to my local barbershop now and talk to the barber now. Yum yum to all your eats and what cute kitty!

  10. Mmm, cereal is the best! I wish Kashi didn’t make me feel so crappy or I would eat it all the time. Guess I’ll stick to my kamut puffs =)

    Love all the snacky action. I love snack plates instead of “real” meals.

    I’ll be hoping your voice gets better love!!! ❤

  11. 11 Aimee

    I’m so happy that you found my blog, so that I could find yours, but I may cry because I miss Casa so so so much!!! It was my fav and I wanted to take it with me when I graduated from OU. I graduated in 2007 and going to school there was some of the best years of my life.

  12. I hope you get your voice back!! Drink lots of tea with honey and try to limit talking!! 🙂

    Great awesome looking meals! Yummy!!

    Cute kitty!

    I hope you’re having an awesome Friday!

  13. 13 Katie

    I’m an OU alum(’01) and stumled upon your blog from someone else’s. It makes me so nostalgic to hear about the good times at OU. It’s a magical place…enjoy it because you’ll probably never find another place quite like it! I look forward to reading more of your adventures Uptown and elsewhere. (I secretly wanted to be a journalism major there, but was too intimidated.)

  14. ahhh…kitty!

    and love the late night cereal..or two bowls. best way to end any night!

  15. i swear i turn into a crazy cat/dog/bird/bunny/fill-in-animal-of-choice lady whenever i’m near an animal too — i just want to hug them all! hahaha

    hoping the vocal chords get better STAT! im not much of a singer but rest up? drink tea and honey? take a steamy shower? all of the above???

    happy friday, my dear! xoxo

  16. 16 Megan

    ahh good luck with your voice! i hope you get it back before tomorrow :/ your breakfast bowls always look SOOOO amazing even when they’re thrown together!! have a fantastic weekenddddd


  17. 17 Bec

    hope you feel better soon, rest that voice up and drink lots of tea!

  18. 18 Sarah

    oh no, not the voice!! i hope it came back in time :-/

    and it’s so cute how you and the barber are best buds now!

    that salsa trio looks innnnnnnnnnncredible. as does that huge and healthy and delicious salad, mmmmmm.

    feel better better better!

  19. MMMMMM, love love love all your tasty eats! COOKIES ❤

  20. Kailey,

    Hey Darlin! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days! Finals are looming. 😦

    HONEY! Go make some tea with honey ASAP. That is supposed to help.

    Other ideas:

    1. Gargle with ginger and salt

    2. Or try a) salt , in warm water b) listerine
    in cold

    3. Try SUCKCEE tablets
    cotaining vit. C and don’t swallow.
    Suck it like a candy.

    4. Avoid butter and fried
    food (don’t think we have to worry about this one)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Good luck with the vocal cords.

    With Love,


  21. 21 broccolihut

    One word: Cepacol. Learn to love it–it got me through many a vocal solo in high school when I was sick!

  22. 22 lisa

    beauty & make up post!!!!!!


  23. 23 Erin

    OH FRIEND! Our kitty friend is sitting outside the window meowing at us right now 🙂

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