Tanfastic Tuesday


Hola mis amigos! I took Spanish so long ago I can’t even remember whether that’s correct. Oh well! Thank you for all the congrats on and compliments about SnackFace! I was thrilled all day to see new commenters too! It led me to some great blogs. In fact, Tuesday overall was great.

It started with a sunshiney wake-up call at 8:20 a.m. I was eager to post and then head to the gym. To fuel I had half a naner with a smidge of Mighty Maple. The workout itself was glorious. I had sweat dripping off my nose while I ellipticalized and read the latest issue of Vogue. It’s the model issue, which–I know this is shocking– is my favorite issue each year. Some dreams never die, and I can’t help but read the articles about the models’ lives (and closets) longingly. I know this is dangerous territory, but I love the models! Doutzen and Giselle are my faves. How do you feel about high-fashion models?

After the sweatfest, I headed home, showered, dressed and made my first meal of the day. Not technically “breakfast” because it was noon. Needed me some stovetop oats and black coffee:

Bloob-ban flax-topped oats with Koffee

Bloob-ban flax-topped oats with Koffee

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 3/4 C water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, few frozen bloobs, sprinkle of flax, the very last of my Mighty Maple. This jar lasted almost 5 months. That’s too long for a food blogger, isn’t it? I finished others in the meantime, though…like Dark Chocolate Dreams mmmm. Back to the oats:

It's de-lovely

It's de-lovely

Once I finished breakfast I make-upped and threw a load of laundry in the washer. It was painfully gorgeous outside, so I took my homework outside and worked on my porch in the sunshine for a couple hours. A tanfastic way to write.

I had to create four different leads for the barbershop story, which was a tad challenging. I loved that I could sit in the silence of the sun, just writing and thinking. That’s the beauty of writing. You can do it anywhere, anytime. I actually like to think about my leads when I’m on the elliptical, constantly rewording things in my head. You probably don’t care to know that, but I’m sharing anyway.

MamaJ and Popsicle were concerned about my lack of groceries, so MamaJ basically ordered me to get some foodz. Ay ay Cap’n! I didn’t have access to a car to make a big trip to Wal-Mart, but I went to The Farmacy for a few things. Most importantly, CEREAL and other grains:

Way to celebrate the 100th Post Day!

Way to celebrate the 100th Post Day!

What I purchased:
-Aladdin’s Large Whole Wheat pitas (super chewy and delicious)
-Oat bran
-Puffed Kamut (Shelbs, I couldn’t go long without it!)
-Mother’s Peanut Butter Bumpers
-Bragg Liquid Aminos
-Light Coconut Milk
-Light Vanilla Soy Milk
-Oasis Hommus (I will be typing “hummus” though)

After I dropped my load and put it away, I realized I had to eat a little sunthin’ before meeting with my group for the Ibsen project. WARNING: This is going to get graphic. I had the best snack/ meal-lette of my life. Dramatic, much? Nah, this is worth the hype:

Cinnamon Maple Sweet Potato Toast

Cinnamon Maple Sweet Potato Toast

Somehow I had some leftover sweet potato half moons hanging out in my fridge that needed to be consumed. I’m so thankful. I know I try to peer pressure ya’ll into buying and trying different things, but seriously, do the damn thang:
-Toast a piece of whole wheat toast until golden brown
-Heat pre-made sweet potato cheetahs in micro for 15 seconds
-Layer Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese on Toast
-Lovingly place the sweet pots atop the toast
-Sprinkle with cinnamon, drizzle with maple syrup
-Sit by a window in the sunshine and do nothing but eat and enjoy:

True beauty

True beauty

I think I’m just going to stare at that pic for just. a second. longer. Mmm.

Euphoria ended when I realized I needed to jet to CVS and the library. On my way uptown I stopped by the barbershop to visit my main man, Alan. He surprised the hell outta me with something I’ll share after dinner. His generosity and kindness made my heart swell.

I met with my group for an hour, picked up a prescription from CVS and was picked up by my roomie and her boyfriend in the middle of the street. They spotted me and saved me from walking on this enormous blister I have on the bottom of my left foot. Evil flip-flops.

MamaJ called and I chatted with her while folding and putting away my laundry. She shared some news about her mom’s health that rattled me, but MamaJ reminded me that Nanny (her mom, my grandma) is 83 and happy as a pig in muck, and her recent diagnosis is nothing to be upset about. Still, Alzheimer’s is nothing I take lightly. By the time I got off the phone, though, MamaJ reassured me that everything will be fine.

I was borderline hangry at this point and got to work on dinner. Oh how I’ve been wanting a salad! I had a huge pile of lettuce with carrots, onion, almond slivers and Bragg’s, and a pita-broccoli-Boca bowl:

Cravin' that good stuff

Cravin' that good stuff

Le salad with carrots de neon:

The organi lettuce is so delicate and fresh

The organi lettuce is so delicate and fresh

Pita-broccoli-Boca bowl: just broccoli with pasta sauce and a Bruschetta Boca burger thrown in, poured into a pita-lined bowl. So good:

So maybe it's a little digested-looking. I don't curr.

So maybe it's a little digested-looking. I don't curr.

Amazingly, I was still hungry after this and had the other half of the pita with hummus. Then I turned to the incredible gift the barber, Alan, gave to me this afternoon:

Homemade Snickerdoodles and Chocolate Chip cookies!!!

Homemade Snickerdoodles and Chocolate Chip cookies!!!

We had talked about baking and our favorite things to bake, and Alan had mentioned baking cookies for the barbershop crew and me. First off, I didn’t think he was serious. Secondly, if he did bake, I most certainly was not expecting a whole plate of cookies!

These are the best cookies I’ve ever had. I am a HUGE sucker for anything homemade and baked, and Snickerdoodles and Chocolate Chip are my absolute favorites. These are soft, chewy, sweet, buttery, amazing. I don’t even know how many I had– I was just in heaven. I still can’t get over Alan’s kindness! We set up a “date” for Thursday afternoon again 😉

I returned to my homework after dinner. The boob tube was on in the background, of course. An hour or two later I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to break into my new cereal! Hello, Peanut Butter Bumpers. Does anyone else think that name is hilarious? Wanna bump? Bahaha, yes, as a matter of fact I do:

Whoah. Addicting.

Whoah. Addicting.

I’d say these are almost as good as Peanut Butter Puffins. Mind you, it’s been, like, 8 months since I’ve had Puffins. The Bumpers may be a bit cornier, and less peanut-buttery, but it’s still there and it’s still a Tasti D Lite.

After SnackFacing I washed the dishes, my face and changed into my jammies. I settled into the couch for a nail-painting session and Housewives, both from New York and New Jersey. Talk about tanfastic.

Wednesday is a duplicate of Monday’s schedule: class 9-11 a.m., 1-3 p.m. (project presentation), 3-5, 5-7 and practice 8:30-10. Funfunfun! Have a Happy Humpday! Or Bumpday! Same thing.

Ciao for now,


P.S. To answer Qs about Garam Masala… It is an Indian spice blend that is fabulous. I’ve added it to just about everything and have yet to find something it’s nasty with. In the blend:
-Black Pepper
I found mine at Whole Foods and unintentially bought a really expensive jar. I was having a blonde moment and looked at the wrong price tag before buying it. Ya know what, though? This will last a long time, as the spices are rich, and it’s been worth it.


24 Responses to “Tanfastic Tuesday”

  1. 1 Jen

    That sweet potato toast is BRILLIANT! Definitely going on my to-try list as soon as I have leftover sweet potatoes (but Lord knows that never happens). I love garam masala, and I think splurging on some quality spices is a-ok!

  2. 2 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie
    ohmygosh that sweetpotatoe creation looks AMAZING!!! i rename queen of the sweetpotatoes 🙂
    aww freshly baked cookies? thats so nice! they look so good too!
    Im a big fan of SOME highfashion models…heidi klum, giselle and miranda kerr are my favs!
    have a nice wednsday hun 🙂
    much love

  3. 3 Yasmin

    What a creative snack combo! Looks satisfying!

  4. PB BUMPERS!!! Love ’em! Oh my gosh, get out of here with your Cheetah Girl snack! First of all HOW do you have left over SP moons?! Second of all, that’s just pure genius!

    Snickerdoodles – you had me at hello. I’m in LOVE! How fantastic was Dirty Jerz last night? Buh-beez and Albie – I’m sold 😀

    Hope your Wednesday is just as good as Tuesday, dollface!!

  5. that snack does look so good!!! i love randomly coming up with killer combos like that one. i have never had Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese tho…hmmmm…

    four leads is hard man!! especially when you come up with one that sounds PERFECT in your head and then the rest sound so lame in comparison. i love that you made good friends with alan. it was so sweet of him to bake for you!!!

    have a great humpday!!

  6. 6 Sarah

    I agree, that toast is incredible lookin, not unlike my good friend, Kailey!

    Are you not lovin’ the Braggs? I think it makes everything taste better. Well, maybe not a crack wrap, but you can’t mess with perfection.

    I’ll say some prayers for your Grandma. I lost mine to Alzheimers a year ago, and I know how terrible that disease can be, but they have made some HUGE advancements lately, and I’m sure your Grams will be as feisty as always!

    Have a lovely day, Lovely!

  7. that sweet potato maple bread looks amazing! so clever! that salad looks pretty snazzy and delectable as well. have a fabulous day!

  8. 8 Sarah

    when i did journalism in college, i was the same way about coming up with leads– and it always worked best during some good cardio!

    ohhhhhh my goodness, your cinnamon maple sweet potato toast is AMAZING. and i feel so honored that thinking WWSD? was part of your inspiration 😛

    and i need an alan the barber!! those cookies, geez. i can’t believe he baked for you! (well, actually, i can …)

  9. Oooo that sweet potato toast is looking delish, I’ll hafta try that soon!

    That cereal pic. makes me want some! Have a great day Kailey!

  10. 1. Thanks for the shout-out girl! Aren’t those things addicting?! I’m out and I neeeeed some more. Oh and that hummus is one of my favorite brands!

    2. I totally saved that toast/sweetp awesomeness in my to-make folder. Holy yum!

    3. Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies!

    4. Does your WF have a bulk spice section? Mine is by the vitamins and I can buy however much I need.

  11. I love your blog!! Great name too 🙂

    Wonderful, amazing food 🙂

    Nothing beats homemade cookies! So yum! They look great!!

    Have a great day!

    • 12 snackface

      Melissa and Emily–Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying some SnackFace!

  12. 13 homegirlcaneat

    What a brill barber you know! I love him and I don’t even know him! He hooked you up with those cookies like none otha! Whata guy.

    Sweet potato toast is lookin’ fab. Is tofutti cream cheese a good purchase? I won’t lie, it kind of scares me, but then again it is called tofutti so it is kinda cute.

    Thank you for the garam masala info. I will need to go out and buy it now to spice up my life! Every boy and every girl.. spice up your life! People of the world..spice up your life! aaaaaAAAHHHHH!

    p.s. I wanna bump!

  13. Ah, I need to watch the new joizzzy housewives premiere asap! Was it hilarious?! I’m sure it was….the preview was good enough!

    I have tried the pb bumpers and they definitely aren’t as amazing as pb puffins, but they’ll definitely do! 😉

    Once I make your cheetah fries, I WILL try that snack out…..it looks as heavenly as you describe it to be!

    And ah!! braggs is so, so good……I’ve grown up with that stuff always at my dads, and it’s just like soy sauce….but it ain’t!! It’s comparison to soy sauce is like chocolate to carob chips…..heheheh, maybe?!

    Let me just say you were quite the creative CAT this tuesday, and I loveeee it!! Alan seems like such a cool guy, I am so jealous that he made you cookies, you must have charmed him big time!! Hope your wednesday was just as good Kailey!! xoxo

  14. Oh shoot, I always forget to answer your questions because I get too worked up on everything else haha!…..I’ve always loved the high-fashion models. I was a little more on top of all the latest and greatest names sophomore/junior year of high school, but I still adore doutzen and giselle! But I lovee Jessica Stam! She’s too adorable!

  15. 16 Emily

    Love you blog! I just found it and can I just say that those Peanut Butter bumpers are AMAZZZZING! 😀

    That Sweet Potato Creation looks fab!

  16. you’re a genius! that cinnamon sweet potato toast has got my eyes boggling! wow!
    I have an Indian neighbor. When I asked him where I could purchase garam marsala, he gave me his sister’s own secret home-blended, home-crushed bag of garam marsala!
    not sure what I think about high-fashion models…they’re different from the dumb ones from ANTM, right?

    • 18 snackface

      burpexcuseme- What! Your neighbor sounds incredible! That is definitely the way to get the best spices. Haha and high fashion models–I like to believe they’re different from the dumb ones on ANTM. The high-fashion ones know how to market themselves, and the know you can’t do that through a reality show. So that’s at least one point in their favor.

  17. 19 Bec

    what a sweetie for baking you those cookies!

  18. 20 ohonemorething

    I think high-fashion models have the cool factor.. I guess that certain something most people don’t have. Because some of them aren’t “pretty” per say, but they’ve got something working for them!

  19. Kailey,

    Uhm … do you realize your culinary genius? SP on toast? You have a gift. ;P

    Have a great Thursday. TGIAF!

    With Love,


  20. 22 broccolihut

    Heck yes for PB Bumpers love! I like them for using in trail mix/snack mix, while PB Puffins are better for eating out of the bowl, IMO.

  21. 23 Anna

    Ooooh, I’ve heard good things about those bumpers. A PB Puffin doppelganger?

    I’m with you on the high fashion models: I love them. I want to be them/have their closets/be given free stuff by fabulous designers. Should we aspire to be as thin as them? No way. But I also think that many of the top girls (Giselle, Claudia, Agnyss, etc) are really just naturally thin, while it’s the lesser known girls who are being truly detrimental to their bodies and to the self esteems of women and girls everywhere. It’s entirely debatable though, and something we’ll never know the complete answer to.

  22. 24 Tina

    Those PB Bumpers look amazing! I wish we had something like PB Puffins or bumpers here. I’ll have to take a look down the cereal isle just to make sure but I know we don’t have PB Puffins or bumpers anything – maybe something else with PB? Unfortunately Sweden isn’t big on PB like in the US. Le sucks.

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