One Hundo


Hollaaaa to the One Hundredth SnackFace post! I can’t wait till I can title a post “A Milli” to indicate the post’s number. I may be 109 by then, but I like the thought. Thank you times a trillion for reading! (Lotta numbas goin’ on)

Also, thanks for dealing with my SapFace yesterday. I don’t know what was up, other than my raging emotions flaring up like a bad herpes outbreak. Monday was significantly better.

I slept horribly and woke up before my 7 a.m. alarm, and the only thing that propelled me forward was: A) I had to pee and B) I wanted breakfast! There was some love in this club last night, as this mingled for at least 8 hours in the dark:

Overnight oats with Koffee

Overnight oats with Koffee

Overnight: 1/3 C fat free plain yogurt, 1/3 C oats, 1/6 C water, cinnamon, raisins, flax. In da morning: strawberries, soy milk splash, Naturally More. You have no idea how challenging it was not to make sexual references there. So here’s some overnight oats porn:

Globs of Naturally More peanut butter coats the top of creamy yum

Globs of Naturally More peanut butter coats the top of creamy yum

Breakfast gave me just enough energy to drag my hiney to class, coffee in hand. No one was in class! There were 8 of 14 people, which is noticable in such a small class. I felt bad for the professor. I just know I’d be so pissed if I were her, prepared for a full two hours with my wonderful students, and a sizable chunk of them were missing. Oh well, I’m sure people had good excuses.

The great part about this, though, is that we were released a bit early. I got to talk to my prof about the barbershop piece I’m working on, and I also had enough time to pick up the latest issue of VegNews!

I came home, played with my hair and clipped my nails before making lunch. Groceries are slim, and I had to make the best of my last Flat-Out. Lunch de la crack:

My attempt at an arty shot

My attempt at an arty shot

On the plate: Flat-Out with last of Roasted Red Pepper Sabra and a Laughing Cow, last of the celery with salsa, apple dusted with garam masala. I thought garam masala would be a welcome change from simply cinnamon on an apple. It wasn’t too shabby. You just rreeeally have to like garam masala.

During lunch I refreshed my memory of A Doll’s House while being amused by some texts from my fellow cheetah girl. My break was over too soon, and I packed this odd jumble of snacks and entertainment for the afternoon:

Half Pure Protein, baggie of prunes and apricots and VegNews

Half Pure Protein, baggie of prunes and apricots and VegNews

I get so excited looking at that mag, just thinking I get to help create an issue! BAHHH!!

Okay, so afternoon classes were pretty chill. We debated the “featherhead”-edness of Nora in the first class, I created a made up magazine called Half Baked for raw baked goods in class two, and we learned how to ask for letters of “support,” not recommendation, in class three. I was incredibly thankfulΒ when the afternoon, 1-7 p.m., block of classes were over. I had a hunger and sleep-depravation headache that needed to be fixed, stat.

For dinner I successfully made GlidingCalm’s refried beans and veggie mess. This time I added more water, spices and onion to make aΒ snot-drip inducing meal:

Mmm beans, veg and salsa! GasFace for life!

Mmm beans, veg and salsa! GasFace for life!

What’s in there? Onion, 1/2 green bell pepper, defrosted okra, water, more than 1/2 can of fat free vegetarian refried beans, pepper, mace, chili powder, crushed red pepper flakes, encircled with medium salsa. Though this was scrumptious, I was still a bit hungry afterward. Nipped it in the bud:

Frozen yogenberry flax carob mess

Frozen yogenberry flax carob mess

I only wish it were frozen yogurt, but no, Athens doesn’t have that treat for me. This was good though! In the bowl: carob chips, few scoops of FF plain yogurt, frozen bloobs, gorund flax sprinkles. Mmm. I got mayjuh flax in my teef and had to brush them before a capella practice. Can’t scare the girls!

Practice was awesome tonight! We really nailed out some parts that have been pretty hard for us. Let me rephrase that: We worked through difficult spots in the music. Nah, the second version is too boring.

MisterMan picked me up and then we chilled for a bit while watching The Hills, then Diners Drive-ins and Dives. How long does Guy think he can get away with that look?

When MisterMan left, it was serious SnackFace time. Unfortunately, I don’t have cereal, soymilk, fun crackers, crunhy pretzels. What I did find, however, was a sad little 100-calorie bag of popcorn. This portion does nothing for my hunger, but it was delicious with carob chips and cinnamon! The little baby:

Made it work...for ten minutes

Made it work...for ten minutes

I had more carob chips after that, and then finally a piece of 2-month-old Double Protein bread. Does bread normally stay good for that long? Creepy.

I’m not sure what Tuesday holds, other than a workout, homework and a group project meeting. Perhaps a little celebration of the 100th post is in order. I know! Grocery shopping! I hope the start of the week is being kind to you!

Again, I thank each and every one of you for reading and commenting. If you read and don’t normally comment, please feel free to start doing so! I’m not that evil. To make it easy, here’s a simple question:
What scent do you wear?
I’ve been addicted to Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture ever since I got it for my 21st birthday in November. I remember to put that on before I remember to put on deodorant, which is why I smell like a combo of beautiful perfume and Vidalia onions. Kidding!

Ciao for now,



35 Responses to “One Hundo”

  1. 1 rediscoveringlauren

    HAPPY 100TH POST πŸ™‚
    thats so cool! i love all of your posts, and look forward to many more πŸ™‚
    Lovin all the eats as per usual!
    i had some classes like that when hardly anyone turned up…the profressors really are troopers, still teaching when theyre clearly dissapointed.
    mmm that popcorn looks so good!
    i wear “apple” by dkny!
    have a nice tuesday πŸ™‚
    much love

  2. Wooo hooo 100 posts!! HOTT stuff girl πŸ˜‰

    Lovin’ the eats, obviously. I’m really jealous cuz I did NOT put overnight oats in the fridge last night, and now kinda want some, what’s a girl to do?

    My current fragrance is Armani Code…I love the scent, but I love the bottle even more, it’s very sleek.

    Have a good Tuesdayyy!

  3. 3 *Andrea*

    happy blogiversary! you can say “A Centi” haha.. lil wayne may not approve. i wear Hanae Mori… it smells so good and isnt tooo expensive, plus it has a cute bottle!

  4. big 100 yaya! I wear miss dior cherie- so yum!

  5. 5 Yasmin

    Yah for your 100th post! I am getting near that number too and debating whether or not to host a giveaway in celebration. Great food. I love putting chocolate in my popcorn. It gets nice and melty and so messy but fun to eat. Oatmeal porn puts me in the mood πŸ™‚

  6. 6 ohonemorething

    I have a couple scents actually. It depends on my mood and what character I feel like being that day.

    When I want to feel like a grown-up woman I wear Prada Tendre. When I want to be a young woman I wear Nanette Lepore. The one I usually wear on a daily basis is Marc Jacobs Perfume. For freshness I might just use a coconut lime body spray, or there’s this really lovely perfume by Lolita Lempicka called Fleur de Corail.

  7. 7 ohonemorething

    Oh and another one… if I feel like being seductive (oh lala) then I use this oil called Egyptian Goddess! SOOO sensuous.

  8. 8 Lauryn

    YAY for 100!!! here’s to hundreds and hundreds more!

    that overnight oatmeal = to die for. seriously. i wish you threw in some porno terms there because it really would have been so…fitting. that’s not creepy/weird, right? ha!

    oh and i didn’t get to say that you and your mama are both GORGEOUS! those shots of her are phenomenal, seriously, and i can see why you’re such the hot tamale that you are! loved it!

    my favorite scent = burberry beat, it’s delicioussss!

    have a fab day, my love! xoxo

  9. 9 Bec

    Congrats on post 100! I totally know what you mean about Guy, he needs to go on a make over show ASAP!!!!!

  10. 10 sue

    happy 100th post miss snackface! i wear yves saint laurent baby doll.

  11. 11 BB

    Congrats on the 100th post! I guess i’ll be about 107 by your millionth post haha

  12. yay 100! wait, do you really not have froyo?? i am so sad for you right now!!! you should eat it every single day in san fran to make up for that πŸ™‚

    i mostly wear coco chanel mademoiselle but i also love pure by jil sander & dolce light blue…those two are my old-school scent throwbacks!!!

    • 13 snackface

      katecooks- I am very serious when I say we don’t have froyo here. There is a ColdStone, but I’m not into the heavy ice cream or their wierd sour yogurt stuff. OR their prices. Also, MamaJ used to wear light blue all the time; I love that scent so much!

  13. HAPPY 100TH POST!!! I’m so glad we’ve “met” through our blogs – you’re a doll!

    Thanks for the shout out lov-ah! I’m glad you liked my Hermit excitement!! GC’s meal looks MIGHTY tasty!

    Diners, Drive ins, and Dives reminds me of why I don’t eat at those places – Guys arteries have got to be hardening by the second! Isn’t it creeps how long some bread lasts?! I had a loaf for MONTHS and it was still not moldy – ahhh!

    My scent (ha, that word makes me laugh for some reason): Betsy Johnson πŸ™‚

  14. onehundred?! maui wowwie.

    also. mag. you
    should try to get an internship
    from them or something!? heh.

    and. my scent: le eau de erin.
    im lazy and always forget to
    spritz myself. good thing i shower
    every few days. haha. jaykay? ish.

    plus. i looooove youuuu. licklick.

  15. 16 Emma

    Congrats! 100… that’s impressive. πŸ˜‰

    I LOVE VegNews. I love going to Barnes&Noble and/or Borders, and getting a cup of tea and reading it. I’m too cheap to pay for a subscription : (1 cup of tea + several magazines + time)/month = much cheaper that paying for several magazines. πŸ™‚

    Your blog makes me hungry. Every time. Thanks for the food porn though.

    Scent… currently rocking Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst. I’m not a perfume girl – its all about the body washes and lotions.


    • 17 snackface

      Emma- I do the exact same thing at B&N!! I totally make an afternoon of it! And I’m glad you enjoy SnackFace food porn πŸ˜‰

  16. HAPPY 100th!!!

    Your blog has quickly become one of my very favorites so keep those posts coming!

    Love it all girl, there is too many good stuffs here! πŸ˜‰

  17. Congratulations on the 100! That is super exciting!

  18. 20 Erin

    Here’s to the next hundred!! πŸ˜€

    I *collect* perfumes, but a few of my faves are: Dolce & Gabbana’s The One, Burberry’s The Beat, Anna Sui, and Bulgari Rose Essentielle. Yum!


  19. congrats on the #100!! Girl, you have a fabulous blog, THAT is why people read it, so there is no need to thank us. You’re a funny lady with great eats and a fun-tabulous life. πŸ™‚ You also watch Diners, Drive ins & dives, which I love because Guy is just too wacky with THAT HAIR!!! At what? 40??? How spunky!

    It’s really sweet of you to notice that the prof had to prepare so much material for a 2 hour class just to have only half the class show up. I hardly ever skipped class back in school and I’m SO glad i didn’t! πŸ™‚ Good for you for going!

    About the scent…I carry a natural one. mauhahahaha I don’t buy fragrances because i can’t stick to one for more than 3 days. And i forget to wear ’em. πŸ˜› Plus it’s not so approriate at my work place! Hope you’re having a fabulous day so far Kailey!!

  20. hey i just found your blog and i love it. i am sure you get that a lot πŸ™‚ the eats look good! i keep it simple and wear warm vanilla sugar body spray from b&b works.

  21. i wan that dinner…bet it tasted just as great as miss GC’s!

  22. Congrats on your 100th post!! Quite an achievement! Eats are looking good, especially those overnight oats which had me intrigued, I’m not gonna lie! πŸ™‚

  23. 25 Sarah

    Happy 100 hon!

    I love you Cheetah girls!

    I need to hit the store too, I am without the crack to properly wrap.

    I wear Ralph. Not the vomit, but sometimes that too.

  24. Hey you-hook a sista up with some of that garam masala!? what IS that……your always reppin’ it though….and on an apple? very interesanteee! I dig it though!

    Thank you for the sweet comment Kailey, you always brighten my mood! πŸ™‚
    and can you pleaseeeee tell me where to find your cheetah fry recipe….i searched and searched and searched for it, but nothin’…and i’m ready to try those bad boys out!

    Glad practice went well, that spicy mess looks delish (love when food’s so spicy my nose drips!), yogurt porn….yes please, and your lunch did turn out very artsy…..such a beautiful shot!

  25. Hey you-hook a sista up with some of that garam masala!? what IS that……your always reppin’ it though….and on an apple? very interesanteee! I dig it though!

    Thank you for the sweet comment Kailey, you always brighten my mood! πŸ™‚
    and can you pleaseeeee tell me where to find your cheetah fry recipe….i searched and searched and searched for it, but nothin’…and i’m ready to try those bad boys out!

    Glad practice went well, that spicy mess looks delish (love when food’s so spicy my nose drips!), yogurt porn….yes please, and your lunch did turn out very artsy…..such a beautiful shot!

    oh, and I wear betsey johnson, sweet n’ sassy.

  26. 28 jaime

    hi baby girl!!
    congrats on the 100th post! here’s to a zillion snackalicious more!!! πŸ™‚ hahaha i’m so weird!!

    love the palmerfest pics! you are gorg!! aren’t pure proteins the best? at first i thought that was a mini one– almost had a MAJJAAAA freakout that i needed to get my hands on one! but then i noticed you had so neatly tucked his wrapper under πŸ™‚ hehe

    i always wear stella by tocca! xoxoxo j

  27. 29 Emily

    hi, i just found your blog! congrats on 100! impressive.

    i wear narciso rodriguez for her. and sometimes emilio pucci vivara or coco mademoiselle. and, sometimes i steal some cologne from my hub! just sometimes πŸ™‚

  28. 30 homegirlcaneat

    100 dolla dolla bills y’all YOU should get for having this one hundo posto!! CELEBRATIONS are in order!

    I have been feeling the refried beans combo lately too. So good. So gassy. So much information.

    What is garam masala? Will you please inform us beloved readers in your very next post? I mean, I need details, ingredients (is it just one? who knows?!), recipes, brands, where to buy, what to do, should I go out and purchase it now? Hook a homegirl up please and thank yoooo!

    AND! I usually rep anything by Escada…so much fruit fun! Or this vanilla-y scent from Anthropologie. It reminds me of last summer and that is pure HAPPY DAYS!

  29. 31 Tra

    i sent you something in the mail. a thank you…hopefully you got it.

  30. i hope your snot inducing meal was tasty! try throwing some cumin and coriander in there too!!

    happy 100th!!!

  31. 33 Anna

    Happy #100!

    I just forced (well, sent her the link and sweetly requested it) my mom to buy me Mossoni acqua for my birthday. I’m also a big fan of Chanel Chance and Gap’s Artist scent. I’m also in love with the baby samples of perfume that I get from Sephora. They’re perfect for when I want to mix it up without dropping any dough that I don’t really have…

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  32. Happy 100th! I wear Body by Victoria’s Secret. I alternate between that and Blue by Ralph Lauren.

  33. Congrats on 100 posts! Great blog!

    Popcorn with carob chips and cinnamon sounds awesome!

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