Another Fest Weekend!


Welcome to a fresh week! It is frightening to know that I have three weeks of classes and two weekends left before my summer in San Francisco. For the month of May, or heck, forever, I am trying to spend as much time with the people I love and simply enjoy our time together. This weekend was a fabulous example of that.


I don’t have many food photos, and embarassingly enough, the eats were a little sad. Dinner on Saturday? Chips and salsa, Wheat Thins and cream cheese and Reeses Puffs. I was being so collegey all weekend.

Saturday was another fest: Palmerfest. I have attended this fest for the past two years, but it has never been as crowded as it was this year:

Perhaps thousands of people?

Perhaps thousands of people?

Muffin and I were at Palmerfest from 3 or 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. It didn’t take much to tire us, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves.



We danced, caught up with old friends and laughed all afternoon. Here I am being a goon:

Sailor-meets 1940s pin-up- meets 2009 outfit. And no, I do not sponsor Bud Light.

Sailor-meets 1940s pin-up- meets 2009 outfit. And no, I do not sponsor Bud Light.

We returned to Muffin’s casa at 7 p.m. for our SnackFace SnackFest of a dinner. I love eating loads of snacks and calling it a meal. Salsa was the only “vegetable” I consumed that day. Whatevskies.

Muffin’s friends from out-of-town came to visit for a while, and then later we went uptown to check out the bar scene. They were packed! I enjoy crowds most times, but when I’m being shoved and stepped on, uh-uh. No, no, step off. At one of the bars I ran into this guy:

Me and MisterMan---he looks so studly in this pic!

Me and MisterMan---he looks so studly in this pic!

At one point in the night, I walked by a friendly man who asked me, “Why you so sexy?” Uhhh, how is one to answer that? My response (after nervous laughter): “I was born and bred that way.” Sassy pants. Does anyone ever think of themselves as sexy? Baha I certainly don’t.

MisterMan walked me home at 1 a.m. and I slept like a rock, only waking once to pizzle.


By the time I posted, showered, chatted with MamaJ and got ready for the day, it was noon and I wasn’t feeling breakfast foods. Don’t worry, breakfast came much later in the day. I had a lettucey wrap with a Granny Smith to kick off the day:

In the wrap: Roasted Red Pepper Sabra hummus,  mustard, loads o' lettuce

In the wrap: Roasted Red Pepper Sabra hummus, mustard, loads o' lettuce

I spent the next couple hours reading for class and feeling a little lonely. For some reason I get sad on Sundays. It may be the fact that I’m bummed I have school work to do those days, but I tend to think about what I have for the upcoming weeks. As the days pass I realize how I’m going to miss everyone. Boo to Sundays for my pity-party introspections.

I had to meet with my group for the Ibsen project at three, so I had a snackadoo before I left:

Half naner with Naturally More p.b.

Half naner with Naturally More p.b.

I may have hydrated with a Coke Zero while at the library. We divided our work and I ended up writing our whole paper, which I didn’t mind doing at all. Hello control freak! It only took two hours to get the first half of our project finished, so I was pleased.

I was a little shaky on my walk home and I knew I needed something to stabilize the bod. CVS came to my rescue with this chemical gem:

Half of this did the trick

Half of this did the trick

Once home, I immediately put sweet tater half moons in the oven and then put together a lovely salad:

Le salad on a crazy-busy patterned tablecloth--love

Le salad on a crazy-busy patterned tablecloth--love

In the salad: baby romaine and spinach, cherry toms, strawberries, corn, edamame, almond slivers topped with raspberry vin. My vegetable drawer now contains celery, half a bell pepper and an onion. Should be an interesting Monday of eats. By the time I finished my salad, cheetah taters were ready:

Delicious sweet potatoes with the last of me ketchup--scary!

Delicious sweet potatoes with the last of me ketchup--scary!

After dinner I lay on the couch to read, and shocker of all shockers, I fell asleep! This is so out of character for me! Even when my eyes droop, I normally manage to keep myself awake. I woke up an hour later hungry-ish and had some prunes (unpictured) and a few Chocolate Creme Newman’s Own Organics Newman-Os:



The chocolate creme was cool and scrumptious between those crisply crunchy chocolate cookies. A major tooth-brushing session was needed after that, and then I went to a capella practice. We debated what to wear for our upcoming event, had auditions for more solos (I didn’t audition for anything) and worked on our new songs.

MisterMan picked me up and then we cuddled on the couch for a while. Poor guy got a horrible sunburn while playing soccer, so he left early to get some aloe gel. When he left I noticed a rumbling tummy. I am out of what I really wanted, CEREAL! AHHH! Why don’t I have any groceries? Anyway, I found another breakfast goodie from the freezer:

Nutri-Grain waffles with Smart Balance Light and SF maple syrup

Nutri-Grain waffles with Smart Balance Light and SF maple syrup

I had two of those, and not two hours later I was hungry again! Celery and Naturally More helped me out there. Sunday taught me that I really could never skip breakfast. I don’t know how people do that. My body definitely notices when it’s missing some loving.

Speaking of missing some loving, I am really missing my family lately! I’ll be going home May 22nd to see my little broskie graduate (amazing!), but it seems so far away. I need a big hug from Popsicle, laughter and late nights with MamaJ and a hip-hop and high school update from Matty Rich. And I NEED to see my furry lovepies and pet their ears and squeeze ’em.  For now, though, I do have my family here. There is my stud, MisterMan, and the bestest friend evuh, Muffin. Muffin and I were kinda inseperable this weekend, and I have a feeling we will be until June. From Friday night:

Sundresses and sweaty post-dancing faces ;)

Sundresses and sweaty post-dancing faces 😉

Yes, I was wearing a bathing suit top under that dress. I don’t have a strapless bra so I did what I could, bahaha.

I’m sorry for being a bit of a sap in this post! It’s just how I be feelin’. Anyway, Monday is a doozie that shall keep my mind occupied: class 9-11, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7 and practice 8:30-10. I hope you all have had fabulous weekends and that you all have great starts to the week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have your parents ever had a job you’d love to have?
This is obvious, but all the pictures from the MamaJ post are from her modeling days. She modeled from age 18 until I was in 1st grade. It makes sense that I’ve dabbled in it, too. She’s also been a stylist, make-up artist, bartender, real estate agent and actress…to name a few. She’s ab-fab! (Anyone else love that show?)


24 Responses to “Another Fest Weekend!”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Hi Sweets! What a roller coaster of a weekend you had. Just reading it, I was happy…then sad…then hungry…then happy again…then sad…then happy because you are going to be a West Coaster soon! I’m thinking the LovIN family needs a road trip South!

    Mister Man has such a sweet face! He just has kind eyes and a lovely smile. And I always love the pictures of you and Muffin.

    I hope your week is good to you and that you are able to scrap up some veggies and cereal somehow!

  2. 2 Megan

    Ooooh craaazy weekend!! I’m jealous =) Your cheetah sweet taters look absolutely fab and I love your snackalicious meals!! I do that a lot too haha.. Good luck with your crazy Monday!

  3. Ab-fab?!?! I’ve never heard of this show….am I missing out on somethin’ kailey!? 😉

    Yumm that burnt-y lookin waffle is soundin G—-OOOOD (don’t know why I wrote it like that) right now! Yes, so amped that I picked up frozen kashi blueberry waffles today! Definitely know what i’m having for breakfast tomorrow!

    You are too dang gorgeous my friend, and I love the sass… time someone calls you sexy please say you were born and bred that way again-I love that!

    And I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to try out your sweet p method…..this week it WILL be attempted.

    I have those shorts!!!!! Or ones just like them, they are too cute and you pull them off fabulously my dear! And mamaj sounds cooler and cooler each post! I wish I was smart enough to be a doctor like my pops….I admire all the hard work and YEARS of schooling needed for that profession!

  4. And please don’t be too down about this summer away from the fam-you will miss them dearly but I’m sure you will be incredibly busy and loving every minute of your new adventures in the big city!! 🙂 And can we please plan something?! Hello cali girls road tripping to san fran! Oh, it would be such an amazingggg meet up!

  5. 5 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sweetheart,
    wow mamaj is awsome, shes had such cool jobs 🙂
    lovin all the eats, especially SP!!
    i LOVE your highwaisted shorts, theyre super cute 🙂 so are you hun!!
    lovin the pics of you and misterman, hes a stud 🙂
    i think you and muffin have such an adorable friendhip, your inseperable by the sounds of it!
    im sorry your missin your family at the mo, being away from them must be super hard. i hope the next few weeks fly by for you so you can be home quick to see them all!
    have a great monday sweetpea,
    much love

  6. 6 Shelby

    Crazy weekend and lovely eats but I just can’t stop staring at those Sweet P fries!!! Yum!

    How exciting to be leaving soon, I wish I was 😉

    Enjoy your Monday girl!

  7. 😦 😦 😦 NEXT TIME!!! You and I will just drink our meals and it will take over the blogosphere like SP moons and Greek parfaits – sound good?! You and MisterMan are too cute for words!!

    Great pick up line and I love your response. You so fierce, gurl! Waffles + buttah = yum! Nice choice! Sorry your Sunday was a little blah 😦 I hope you have a FANTASTICO Monday, mamacita!

  8. 8 sue

    what a fun weekend! i seriously love those sunglasses, i wish i could rock those! umm, and whatchootalkinbouttttt?! you are so sexy!!

  9. 9 BB

    cute outfits! anytime i lay down to read, i fall asleep. it’s best to keep myself sitting haha.

  10. hey girlie! what a fun weekend 🙂 you and MM look so cute together, love it! i totally feel you on sadness sundays. i missed my mom yesterday so much!!! and, sunday just comes too fast and then it’s back to the grind monday AM. but luckily you have some great people who will pull you out of a funk whenever you need it! sometimes just realizing i am in a downer mood and then doing something to get my mind out of that place helps so much. you and muffin are definitely going to have a great time until you come to CA, and then you are going to have a killer time on the west coast, i know it!!

  11. Oh my gosh, what an awesome weekend!!! What a blast!

  12. 12 Sweet and Fit

    palmerfest looks fun and our outfit is adoreable! you are such a QT!

  13. good lord! you have quite the social life! how fun it is to live life to its fullest! but gotta learn to enjoy the occasional solitude, too!
    my daddy is a missionary…and I dream of being one myself some day!
    have a great week, sexy pants!

    • 14 snackface

      burpexcuzme- I definitely do have quite the social life, but you are so right–I need to be comfortable with solitude sometimes, too! It just hits me like a stinging slap to the face on Sundays, when really, I should embrace it and love my alone time. Also, thanks for calling me sexy pants 😉

  14. 15 Sarah

    caaaaaaaaaa-ute photo of you and misterman. and of you being a goon 😛

    those cheetah taters never cease to amaze me. i need to make them asap!

  15. I love your life. Seriously, SO much fun. Everything you do is fun, everything you eat is fun, everyone in your life is fun… I just love it! 🙂

    You and Misterman are too cute for words.

    And your mom is beyond cool. I can’t believe all of the neat jobs she’s had. Seriously! She sounds like she would be FASCINATING to talk to. And you get to talk to her every day!

    • 17 snackface

      Kristie- AWWW thank you! Thank you for loving my life and thinking it’s fun; thank you for the me and misterman compliments; and thank you for thinking MamaJ is beyond cool (’cause she totes is!)

  16. 18 sammy

    You are skin and bones hun, I would be worrying about gaining some weight so you can actually start looking ‘sexy’

    • 19 snackface

      Hey Sammy– Thank you for the concern. I by no means was saying I look ‘sexy,’ nor is that a goal of mine. I was merely sharing what I thought to be a hilarious tidbit from the night. I am eating well (more than what I post), and if you saw my younger brother you’d understand that the slim build is genetic. However, I completely agree that a few more pounds couldn’t hurt. Bring on more late night snackfacing 🙂

  17. I literally just read ALL of the blogs of yours I missed – hehe! YOUR.MOM.IS.GOREGOUS!! Now we know where you get it from!!

    I am not sure what people were thinking staying at Palmer until freakin 10pm – it was dark out! They are crazy!! Depending on what time that picture was taken I might be standing RIGHT behind you!! I was at that house for a while!!

    That salad is perfection!

  18. 21 Bec

    looks like a great weekend, enjoy your last few weeks at school!

  19. 22 Erin

    Between him and you, the hotness (and yes, sexiness!) is almost overpowering. But not!
    So glad you had a collegey experience…those days are truly glorious girl. Emos are probs at an all time high, n’est pas? Well, at least you look gorgeous and have amazing sass.

  20. 23 homegirlcaneat

    Um who be Sammy and he is he/she hating on yo SEXINESS?! HomieSnackFaceK, I got yo back (and lovin’ the sight from behind 😉 )

    ANYWAYS! Sundays would ALWAYS be my downer days when I was at boarding school. I would call my momma, breakdown, and then realize I was being totz ridic and needed to snap outa my emo-ness! But still, Sundays can still be de to the pressing even at home.

    BUT you shouldn’t be sad because 2 weekends away until you land in the beautiful San Francisco, SNACKFACE WITH ME!, and DO DA DAMN THANG! all summa long! yeeyee!

    I feel like I have known you for 3 years, approx. Maybs 4. You are too FUN!

  21. 24 dailydulcie

    Hi hotstuff. This post had its ups and downs. You seemed like you had a jam packed weekend, and it always seems like you and Muffin have a great time together!! MisterMan is a complete stud. You 2 look HOT together ;] I know it’s going to be tough when you go to San Francisco, but I know it will be a wonderful experience for you!

    I totally love that pick of you under the bud light sign. You are a stunner :]

    I love reading your posts.. you’re always going out and having a great time !! You seem like a lot of fun and so incredibly sassy, outgoing, and lovable!!!

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