She Got Her Own


Hello gorgeous lovepies! Wednesday was a whirlwind day full of classes, rain, catching up with Muffin and sangin’ my heart out…to get my own solo! More on that later…

Wednesday morning I awoke bright and early, minus the bright. The sunshine in my morning, though, was a creamycold concoction, overnight oats:

Get in my belly

Get in my belly

Made love all night:
-1/3 C rolled oats
-1/3 C fat free plain yogurt
-1/6 C (?) water

Hooked up with in the morning:
-1/3 banana
-Naturally More
All in one bowl, having a bangin’ time:

Make them if you haven't yet. Yes, I'm being bossy.

Make them if you haven't yet. Yes, I'm being bossy.

I smiled my way through the bowl, got dressed and ready for the day, and then I skidaddled out of my abode to magazine feature writing. On my way there a friendly gentleman handed me a packet, reminding me to “Help end violence” against animals. I’m tryin, dude! I just have a dairy problem.

I should have upped the oats to 1/2 C, because by the time 11 a.m. rolled around, Mama needed food. Now, I know yesterday was Raw Wednesday, and I wish I could fully jump on that band wagon, but I messed up my salad with hummus and dressings. Poop. What wasn’t poop, however, was this gorgeous salad:

Ain't she a beaut?

Ain't she a beaut?

I planned this salad during class, actually. Bad Kailey. I tried to arrange everything in rings. From the inside out:
-dollop Roasted Red Pepper Sabra hummus (not raw)
-sprinkle of roasted almond slivers (not raw)
-corn and edamame mix (not raw, but cold)
-cherry toms (raw!)
-apple celery salad (raw!)
-under it all: baby romaine and baby spinach
-over it all: dressing of balsamic vin, maple syrup and mustard

No guilt about the non-rawness because look how colorful it is:

Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow

Sometimes I am amazed at the colors nature creates. However lovely that salad may have been, I needed a little more afterward so I could focus on an upcoming midterm and not be distracted throughout. I finished this wee baby apple:

Apple, meet man hand

Apple, meet man hand

And because that lasted three bites, I had this phallic-looking carrot with Naturally More:

Should have thought about this positioning. Woops.

Should have thought about this positioning. Woops.

Finally content, I packed my snacks to help me last from 1 to 7 p.m. Oh no. Is that what he said?

Banana remains: eaten at 3 p.m. TJ's Crunchy GBs: eaten at 5 p.m. (my last ones :( )

Banana remains: eaten at 3 p.m. TJ's Crunchy GBs: eaten at 5 p.m. (my last ones 😦 )

First up in the afternoon, I had a midterm. It was for English 309 and we had 5 essays from which to choose. I selected the grad-student-level question, where I had to examine and explicate the first page of a novella we had to read. Because I’d read it twice, I chose Chopin’s The Awakening and examined every single word on that first page. This is so nerdy, but I discovered things within the first page that got me so excited to write my exam. That Chopin knew what she was doing. I wrote for the entire 2 hours.

I had Info Graphics after that, and we turned in our projects and started to play with InDesign! Yes! That is exactly what I need to learn for magazine. Following Info Graphics was English 306, and we discussed resumes and cover letters, my fave! Not.

It was monsooning by the time I finished classes, and thankfully, a sweet girl drove me home. I love random kindness. Oh, she’s in my class, so it’s not like I selected a random stranger to take me home. Though I may do that sometime…

When I returned home I found that my roomie made Raisin Bran Bread! YES! I immediately ate a warm, gooey piece of baked love. I look at this baked good as A) grains, B) fiber and C) fruit. Well-rounded in my book. I was tempted to eat the rest of the loaf, which was a sign that it was dinner time. What did I crave?

Pasta sauce-soaked veggies and a chick’n patty:

Sauce-soaked broccoli and okra with breaded soyness

Sauce-soaked broccoli and okra with breaded soyness

A handful of grapes were eaten after this to cleanse the palette.

I had a capella practice 8:30- 10. For anyone who is curious, we are on Facebook and YouTube. Just search “Tempo Tantrums.” Anyway, we had auditions for a song I really wanted to sing. It was a close vote, but I got the main solo in… BARBIE GIRL! Bahaha! How awesome is that? We are singing a “Pop Girl Medley” that features several of our fave ’90s songs, and Barbie Girl is one of them. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. When we perform it, I’ll be sure to share the video!

I met up with Muffin after this, and we went to a bar to chat. No drinks were had, but we got to do some mayjuh catching up. At 11:30 I started to feel my eyes droop and headed home. I was pretty hungry by this time and delved into a snackadoo:

Two of my top ten brands: Newmans and Sabra

Two of my top ten brands: Newmans and Sabra

Yes, I ate on my bed. I know my girl K pointed this out, but these pretzel sticks are the longest I’ve eaten:

As previously stated, I have man hands with long fingers, so this thang is long.

As previously stated, I have man hands with long fingers, so this thang is long.

I apologize for the sexual undertones of this post. I’m not sure how that happened.

Today I’ve already worked out and eaten breakfast, which I shall share tomorrow. The rest of the day’s agenda includes researching for a piece I’m writing, organizing group projects and meeting up with Muffin for a night out. Hollaaa. Alright, I’m off to go play journalist for the afternoon!

Ciao for now,



25 Responses to “She Got Her Own”

  1. 1 Anna

    I’m not going to lie: I had to look twice once I saw that carrot. I mean, this is the internet and my mom did warn me about certain things…

    Have a fabulous time out with your Muffin!

  2. 2 Bec

    Your nails are still making me smile, they are just like barbie nails! Also I love how well your PB drizzles, mine never ends up looking that good.

  3. 3 Sarah

    “I apologize for the sexual undertones of this post. I’m not sure how that happened.”

    Story of my life. Self censoring is not my strong point.

    I love that you got the solo for that song. Coincidence that it happens when you are sporting Barbie nails? I think not!

    I am classifying your salad as raw, raw food Gestapo be damned!

  4. I have the same dairy addiction – it’s a work in progress! I’m glad to hear you’re using class time to be efficient and plan your eats! What else would you be doing?! 😉

    I need to restock my TJs crunch bars of love. I like your Pen15 carrot! Newman’s has long sticks (that’s what she said).

    Have a GUH-lorious Thursday, lover!

  5. hahahaha i have man hands with long fingers too! we were meant to be friends 🙂 haa. youre going to be a little graphic queenie soon! so fun!

  6. 6 Shelby

    I didn’t get my raw food day yesterday either…next time =)

    CONGRATULATIONS on the solo!!!

    haha that carrot…

  7. It’s necessary to boss people into those overnight oats, no one knows what they’re missing. Seriously.

    And I love me a few good sexual innuendos, so thanks!

    Have a great day being a reporter, and a fun night out! 😉

  8. i like the sexual undertones….hehehe they have the ability to spice up the description of a super-long pretzel! heheheh

    You’re just MULTI-TALENTED aren’t ya? you model, you sing, you write, you make artistic looking food….is there anything you don’t do?

    By the way, I LOVE the colors of your salad!!! It makes me want to do what you did and make a gorgeous salad with “special sauce” dressing. 😛

  9. congrats on the solo!!! sweet!!!! that bread sounds GOOOD. don’t you love when roomies bake?? mine is the cookie queen, which is awesome for my mouth, and not quite as much for my waist 🙂

  10. 10 Megan

    Hahahahha I LOVE the carrot!! And that salad looks unbelievably appetizing right now.. even though I jsut ate lunch. and.. CONGRATS on the solo! I knew you would rock it =) Please post the video!! xoxo

  11. 11 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie, congrats on the solo 🙂 thats awesome! i love that song!
    bahaha..that carrot….:)
    still lovin the pink nails! that nailpolish certainly is durable!
    have a great thursday hun 🙂
    much love

  12. 12 dailydulcie

    hi babycakes. ha totally love the sexual undertones in this post. so funny ;]

    yummy salad. so colorful!!!

    yay for getting the solo!! please post the video after you perform barbie girl!!!

    hope you have a fabulous thursday :]


  13. 13 jaime

    girl you are ONE BUSY LADY!!!!! thats awesome you got the solo! i’d love to hear you sing sometime!!

    the salad looks BEAUTIFUL! you are so right about nature’s colors– the most beautiful!
    i’m always so curious about okra because i see if on your blog a lot! waht does it taste like??!? you got me curious lady!

    i also did enjoy the sexual undertones of the post lol 🙂 is that weird?

    hahah have a great day beautiful! xoxoxo

  14. 14 Jennifer

    Girl, why do think you’re “so cheap ” to not spend $8 on one jar of almond butter? It;s called smart. Just b/c other bloggers want to blow money on overpriced food doesn’t mean you have to. And as someone else wrote Trader Joe’s sells $5.99 jars. Mu Smuckers Natural costs $4.99 for 24 OUNCES. And it tastes awesome.

    • 15 snackface

      Jennifer- Thank you for that! Seriously, sometimes when I finally get to go to Whole Foods (which is very rare anymore) I look for products I’ve seen on other people’s blogs so I can try them. More often than not, I’m shocked by the price tag and cannot bring myself to buy this. A ton of other bloggers have a steady income, though, and can afford these products that are luxuries to me. I, on the other hand, am just living off student loans and know I got billz to pay. I do believe in spending money on good food, though. Just someday, someday 🙂 That’s probably TMI about my money situation, but whatevs, I’m open.

  15. 16 homegirlcaneat

    Have you ever thought about being a hand model? Your hands are beautiful with those pretzels in them, I ain’t trippin’ boo. I surriously need to hit up some overnight oats. Then look so intriguing and summer-y! And how crazy is the retrograde?! Seriously, I’m not surprised to hear your power went off randomly..Mercury can do some crazy sh!t when we ain’t looking!

  16. 17 Jennifer

    Hey it’s all good. I feel like an outcast when I post on Kath Eats or Carrots n Cake that crow the benefits of these high-priced nut butters. I make a steady income as well as a reporter, but c’mon! I eat healthy too but as I have said before my Smuckers Natural PB works fine. You have to be frugal in this economy (and I always have been anyway). Plus that extra money can go into my 401k and Roth IRA- something everyone should thing about and is NEVER mentioned on food blogs.

  17. 18 Jennifer

    I also think it’s not just the price of the nut butters that bothers me but that someone would pay nearly 10 DOLLARS for shipping for ONE jar. So that comes to about $15 for ONE jar of nut butter. I hope you never get to that stage! That $15 can buy a cute t-shirt or tank top you can wear for a lot longer than a jar lasts.

  18. Girl, you so dirty. =) Wink wink.

    LOVE overnight oats. In fact, I shall be making them soon.

  19. 20 Sharon

    Hahaha, I have man hands! =D
    LOL. And oooh everything looks so colorful!

  20. 21 sue

    ooh i love the ring-y arrangement of your salad- so pretty….and no comment on that carrot….

  21. 22 Tina

    Your yoghurt mess-breakfast looks so delicious I almost licked the screen.

  22. 23 gina (fitnessista)

    i love sabras hummus! i finished off an industrial sized container in a week.. oops 😉
    that salad is BEAUTIFUL!
    and btw, you do not have man hands!
    have a great day!

  23. I love all the sexually explicit graphics in this post 🙂

    So cool that you got to play around with InDesign! I love that program!

    CONGRATS on getting the solo in Barbie Girl – that is awesome! And I love the “Barbie pink” fingernails!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday, lovely! I love that we both played golf and study journalism. Two peas in a pod! Now we just need to meet.

  24. 25 Sarah

    yayyy congrats on your solo!! SO can’t wait for the video 🙂

    and that’s a gorgeous salad. thank goodness for downtime in class, haha.

    and i would expect nothing less from you than launching a that’s what HE said craze. someone had to do it!

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