Three More


Buongiorno sweet thangs! I would be lying if I said that after 3.5 hours of restless sleep Sunday night, Monday wasn’t a struggle. There were several instances where tiredness took over my body and I wanted to pass out in the middle of class. Thank goodness for gum, doodling, tapping my foot violently and the fact that I only have three more Mondays left of the school year.

I woke up before my 6:30 a.m. alarm, paranoid I wasn’t going to hear it or my phone would malfunction. Anyone else use their cell phone as an alarm? I have a perfectly good alarm clock, but the phone is more convenient. Anyway, I showered and slowly got moving. Days that start off earlier than they should are good for one reason: more time to make breakfast. Hello my stovetop love:

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Flax Oats with Koffee

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Flax Oats with Koffee

In the bowl: 1/2 C rolled oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, 1/2 mushy, supah ripe banana, sprinkle ground flax, spoon of Naturally More. Naturally more, by the way, is rocking my world. Take a closer look at how smooth and delicious it is:

Foodgasm in the morning.

Foodgasm in the morning.

I left the house a bit earlier than normal to make it to Kinkos. I had to make copies of a query letter and an article from The New Yorker, and much to my surprise there weren’t any major snafus in the copying process.

When I made it to class and sat down, I felt my eyelids immediately start to droop. I don’t know how others feel, but I never want to show a professor that I’m tired. If ever my eyes glaze over and my head starts to bob with sleep, I hope he or she hasn’t seen. It’s disrespectful in my eyes. But it definitely has to happen occasionally. Luckily, magazine class always keeps me on my toes. We pitched our story ideas speed dating style, spending four minutes with a person and then switching. Some highly enjoyed my story pitch, which made me a bit more chipper.

My walk home was rather entertaining. A gentleman walking 20 or so feet behind me was talking on his phone. Topic of discussion? His “healthy libido” and hid girlfriend’s lack thereof. He expressed great concern that his libido was being stifled and that his girl needs to step it up in the bedroom department, or else he’s outta there. What a sweetie!

While thinking about my own libido, I made lunch. I tried to make a modified crack wrap. Don’t put lettuce in one. It gets wilty and limp. Maybe that’s why that guy’s girlfriend’s libido isn’t doing so well. Lunch was a joy:

Modified crack wrap, strawberries, green bell pepper with salsa

Modified crack wrap, strawberries, green bell pepper with salsa

What works well in a crack wrap, however, are bread n’ butter pickles. Totally got pickle juice on my clothes. Totally worth it.

I left for my afternoon round of classes armed with another form of naughtiness:

COKE ZERO with grapes and a Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie granola bar

COKE ZERO with grapes and a Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie granola bar

Coke Zero was necessary to help me get through the afternoon. I’m not even sure if I feel the effects of caffeine, but that fizzy, caramely elixir made me happy.

Afternoon classes were…meh. I have to work on an info graphics presentation that’s due Wednesday. Let me tell you that it’s amazing I even get pictures on this blog. I am wildly computer illiterate, especially with programs like frickin’ Adobe Illustrator. I’m trying my best.

By the time I got home from class, I was so hungry my hands were shaky. Never a good thing! Immediately, I put sweet taters in the oven and ate this chick’n salad while I waited:

organic romaine and baby spinach, Boca Chick'n patty, BBQ sauce...nothing but class

organic romaine and baby spinach, Boca Chick'n patty, BBQ sauce...nothing but class

I really feel a little trashy when I eat those chick’n patties. They are delicious, but I feel as though they are not healthy at all. But, in fact, they are pretty decent for you. That is, if you don’t mind processed crap. Which I don’t. Next time I have one, I’m just going to eat it with my hands and dip it into ketchup. The greens were too fancy for the chick’n. I was ready for my dessert after the salad course:

Sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes, it had been too long since we last met

Sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes, it had been too long since we last met

Dusted with garam masala and dipped into ketchup, sweet potatoes couldn’t have tasted any better. I needed a real dessert after this, though, and had many a spoonfuls of S’mores ice cream straight from the container. Mmmm 🙂

We had a capella practice from 8:30 to 10 p.m. Somehow I managed to stay perky. I believe that when you get little sleep, shove that thought out of your mind. Pretend like you got a full 7 or 8 hours. Mind over matter. That can’t be all that healthy, can it? Oh well.

When I came home I changed into my jammies, turned on the tail end of The Hills, and settled in with my late night activities:

Cereal and tweezer time

Cereal and tweezer time

I apologize to anyone who had to look at me yesterday. I had a forest growing above my eyes. My poor, poor neglected eyebrows. After the pain of plucking, I ate a mug of Jumbo Krispies, kamut puffs, carob chips (like, 6 of them), bit of a naner and soymilk. Don’t think I didn’t go back for more Krispies.

I made it to bed before 1 a.m., which is out of the norm but warmly welcomed. After 7 hours of sleep, I am ready to start Tuesday. In the plans: gym, shower, eat a few times, read, FAFSA (maybe) and try not to flip my sh.. when trying to deal with Adobe Illustrator. I hope you all have enjoyable days!

Ciao for now,


Question: Are you conscious of your phone convos when others are around?
Sometimes I censor what I’m saying when I walk by others. I also don’t like to talk on the phone in front of anyone, which may be odd, but I’ve just never liked it. I don’t even like talking on the phone when my roomie is in the house.


21 Responses to “Three More”

  1. Ew ya i totally agree, lettuce gets some stage fright when its heated ;D No good. I hate being on the phone in public, but I don’t mind at all listening to others..haha especially if they do NOT censor!

  2. 2 Sharon

    YUM yum! I love your oats, and your wrap!!!!
    Oh yes, I am strongly conscious of my phone convos when others are around. I don’t like talking on the phone in public. I used to not mind, but after being in Japan and adapting to their customs, it is just odd to be blabbing on in public.

  3. 3 Megan

    LOVE stove top oats! I definitely sensor what I say on the phone when I’m around other people… that’s probably only because I eavesdrop when other people are talking on the phone around me! hahah, have a fantabulous day!!


  4. 4 Yasmin

    I am always paranoid people are listening to my conversation so I keep them short. And the fact that I am annoyed by others when they are on their phone.

  5. Kailey,

    I’m super concious about my convos. But some people have no shame!

    Crack wrap and lettuce doesn’t sound to great! But I probably would have tried it as well. Spinach might be tasty…

    Happy Tuesday sweet.

    With Love,


  6. 6 Sweet and Fit

    love love love cokezero! its such a guilty pleasure for me, but theres just something about it thats totally worth the aspartme/splenda in it =)

    thats such a weird phone convo – i would be so weirded out walking hear a guy talking about that!

  7. COKE ZEROOOOOOOOOOO. Nectar of the Gods.

  8. 8 Lauryn

    awww lover, i feel you on the intense sleepiness — i’ve been a walking zombie this week too! i dont even know what day it is anymore! haha hope you’re well rested and ready for today though =)

    omg pickles in a crack wrap = genius! and as far as the chick’n patty goes, i feel the same way, it almost seems too good to be true. one time i made a “chick’n parm” sandwich with it with a laughing cow and tomato sauce and i thought i had died and gone to deep fried chickeny heaven! haha.

    oh i totally change my phone conversations sometimes when im around people, like yesterday when i stuttered and stammered for 5 minutes while passing a guy who is trying to hang out with me…only because i was on the phone with my best friend, telling her about a DIFFERENT guy i kind of like! ha!

    hope you’re doing well, my dear! xoxox

  9. 9 Emma

    Lettuce + heat = bad idea. I know from experience…. 🙂

    I definitely watch my phone conversations, not for my sake, but for those around me. I don’t think strangers want to know the inner workings of my strange life. The only ‘public’ situation I don’t worry about what I’m saying is when I’m talking a walk. Since no one is with me, there isn’t anyone to hear – only the occasional passerby.



  10. 10 Sarah

    Hi Kales,

    I was very much like you in law school and hated to be sleepy during class. I sat in the front row of my post lunch class and was constantly dozing. I have a nice technique, though, of leaning my right elbow on the desk and resting my forehead against my right hand, shielding my eyes, and thus allowing maximum sleepage. I slept through the whole semester like that, and ended up getting High Paper in the class. I almost felt bad about it.

    I’ve learned that the Original Crack Wrap is the way to go. I no longer mess with perfection. Maybe that means you should stop plucking too 😉

    Love you girl!

  11. 11 BB

    i often myself weirdly awake after getting minimal sleep. Im like the energizer bunny that day! It’s usually the day after that kills me and im likely to fall asleep while walking.
    I don’t like talking on the phone in public either because i think it can be rude in some circumstances and heck, it’s annoying. One of my pet peeves is when people use blutooth headsets when they’re in the grocery store or bank and not when driving. I get confused and think they’re talking to me..

  12. 12 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sweetheart,
    mmm breakfast looks so good 🙂 and so do all the eats!
    baha funny conversation for that guy to be having so publicly… im definetly conscious of what im talking about when in public on the phone!
    im glad you got more sleep last night 🙂 i seriously commend you for surviving such a long day on such little sleep!
    have a great tuesday girlie 🙂
    much love

  13. 13 Shelby

    I use my phone alarm as a back up sometimes because there have been days my clock doesn’t go off, eek!

    I like making my own burger patties (like chickpea patties) and freezing them. That way I have a quick, healthy meal. Ooo I need those Sweet potatoes, I’m all out!!!

    I hope no stray plucking hairs got into your cereal haha! Oh how I miss carob chips already, it’s not a neccessity but I may have to buy them. I can’t live without them!!!

    I hate talking on the phone in front of people. I find it so rude and embarrassing.

  14. I hate those days where you’re in a daze from lack of sleep – I just stare at my teacher hoping they don’t realize that I’m not 100% there!

    Wow, libido guy sure sounds like a keeper 😉 Pickles in a crack wrap?! That sounds fantastic!! Oh sweet potatoes – why must they taste so good but turn me orange?! I’m craving one right now thanks to you!

    I’m really conscious of my phone convos just because I know that I TALK REALLY LOUD ON THE PHONE! I’ve been trying to turn the volume down a wee bit!

  15. 15 Anna

    Wow. Kudos to you for not passing out in class. I don’t know how many engineering classes I’ve fallen asleep in to wake up 20 minutes later to a competely different topic. I’m not that bad though. I’ve seen kids disrupt a 200 person lecture with their snoring, I know friends who have fallen asleep during an exam, and I know more than a few people who have gotten too cosy with the kid passed out next to them… you know it’s bad when you drool on the shoulder of someone you have yet to meet.

  16. 16 Sarah

    hahaha, i love eavesdropping on other people’s phone conversations (probably why i keep mine so quiet). that’s quite the gem you got!

    i hate hate hate when my eyes start drooping in class. i feel so horrible about it, but sometimes i just can’t do anything about it! i try pinching my face, hitting myself in the forehead with my pen, getting up to “go to the bathroom” and taking a walk … but when my body decides to sleep, nothing can persuade it otherwise!

    good luck with the adobe!

    3 more mondays, 3 more mondays, 3 more mondays … you’re so close!

  17. 17 sue

    i need to try that boca patty! it always looks so yummy on blogs- and really, there’s nothing classier than bbq sauce!

  18. 18 homegirlcaneat

    Oh gosh I never ever fell asleep in class until this year where I fell asleep everyday for 5 days straight in my English class due to watching a Hamlet movie circa 1950s. But nothing a Coke Zero can’t fix homegirl! And I always feel awk talking on the phone in front of people just because you only hear snippits of the convo and that never sounds aiight!

    Hope your Tuesday is pure loveliness!!

  19. Hello miss Kailey! Yaaa baby for 3 more mondays… about THREE MORE DAYS! 😉 Then it’s summer time for me! Weeeee! But you will be there…WELL SAN FRAN….soon enough!

    I always uses my cell for an alarm, but check it obsessively like 30 times before I go to sleep to make sure I set it for the right time. My biggest fear (obviously exaggerating a bit) is over-sleeping and missing a class/appointment/TEST/whatever!

    And i’m sorry about the whole nodding off situation in class, I hate that too ( I feel so badly if the teacher notices me snoozin’!), so luckily I never get too tired in classes…but I do hate the days when that happens!

    I always feel sketchy about the breaded chicken patties too, but I got over it and bought some a week ago and love em’! All those ingredients aren’t THAT bad… least they aren’t reppin hfcsyruppp. Am I right?!

    The naturally more pb & sweet taters are lookin’ beautiful, I hope you had a lovely (and more energizing) tuesday!

  20. 20 dailydulcie

    Hi bugaboo<3. I totally use my phone as an alarm clock, way more convenient.

    your stove top oats=love in a bowl.

    sweet taters .. total foodgasm ;]

    It depends who i’m talking to on the phone, but im definitely more conscious when others are around.

    mucho love,
    the dulcinator ❤

  21. 21 jaime

    lol i NEVER censor my phone convos and i most definitely should! that is too funny about the guy n girls convo!!

    what GREAT eats youve been enjoying– i can always count on you for AMAZING sweet tater porno 🙂 (i’m weird??!!!)

    have a great week love!!!

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