Please, Sir, Can I Have S’more?


Hey kidlets! After Thursday and sleeping in till 11:30 a.m., I have vowed NEVER to sleep in again. It threw off my whole day. I felt like a lost puppy. Where am I? What day is this? What am I supposed to do? Where do I potty? I only knew the answer to the last question.

I started the day with what I’ll call “breakfast.” Hells bells, I ate lunch at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, but Thursday I was just waking up. Must. Have. Structure. At least “breakfast” was delicious:

The Better Whey to Break the Fast

The Better Whey to Break the Fast

I peeled open a Strawberry Banana Better Whey of Life yogurt to start the yogurt mess. To it, I added kamut puffs, strawberries, blueberries, ground flax and a drizzle of Smucker’s Natural p.b. It wants more attention:

Mmm. Tangy.

Mmm. Tangy.

This Better Whey of Life was phenomenal! I’ve always been as fruity as strawberry-banana, so it already had that in the bag. What I love most about the Better Wheys is that they are never blatantly sweet, and they always have a great tarty-tang to them. I like to think I have a bit of a tarty-tang to me as well. So basically, this is Kailey embodied in yogurt. You’ll love it.

I spent some time trying to figure out more financial whoohah, then threw in a load of laundry. The stairs to my basement (the location of the washing machine)ย are terrifying. They are as steep as a ladder and they creak with each step. Therefore, doing laundry is a feat.

The most productive thing I did all day was sweat it out on the elliptical. I love those 45 minutes of sweat dripping between all–yes all– cracks on my body. Then I struggled through 30 or so push-ups, 100 crunches, two sets of 1-minute planks, some side planks, and more abs-tacular work.

I made it back to my abode at 4 p.m.! Ick. I showered, dressed, and started an afternoon of endless snacking and blog reading. First I had an old school favorite:

Apple with peanut butter. Can't go wrong.

Apple with peanut butter. Can't go wrong.

After something sweet, I needed something salty. Newman’s owns me:

White Cheddar Soy Crisps

White Cheddar Soy Crisps

I’ve been eating random handfuls of these since the weekend. Do I even have to tell you that they’re good? Because at this point, I don’t know who these people are who run Newman’s Own Organics, but I’m convinced they’re superhuman. They haven’t messed up with any of their products. At least none that I’ve tried. And they’ve brainwashed me. I had two Ginger-O’s after that. All about the balance, peeps.

I had an inner struggle. Should I go to the library to research magazines, or should I save it for tomorrow? It started to pour outside. Clear sign to stay in.

I had no concept of time during the afternoon/evening hours and really felt as though I was just wasting time. Didn’t enjoy it one bit. Eating kept me entertained, though. I remembered I had a mango in my banana bowl, and thought it could be a delightful snack. Have you ever sliced a mango before? I never have. I mangled a mango:

Yes, I was too lazy to grab the cutting board and used a papertowel. I need to be nicer to nature.

Yes, I was too lazy to grab the cutting board and used a papertowel. I need to be nicer to nature.

Clearly, I had no clue what I was doing. I felt as though I got maybe 1/3 of the mango into the bowl. Not one to waste food or fruit, I tried to eat the skin:

Nope, not working. Help me!

Nope, not working. Help me!

Whoah, I was on bronzer overload. Anyway, HELP! How do you efficiently slice a mango?

An hour or so after the massacre, I started to snack on frickin’ Newman’s pretzels. It was actually dinner time, so I said to myself, “Self, what do you want.” Self: “I need a hit.” Crack wrap it was:

Hummus and Laughing Cow-filled Flat-Out griddled to burnt perfection, celery, shrooms, green beans with salsa

Hummus and Laughing Cow-filled Flat-Out griddled to burnt perfection, celery, shrooms, green beans with salsa

I enjoyed this and then felt so guilty about doing nothing all day I kicked it into high gear. I cleaned the living room, kitchen and bathroom. I mean Windexed, 409-ed, vacuumed, Swiffer dry, Swiffer wet, scrubbed…the whole shebang. I kinda half-assed the bathroom, but don’t we all? My self esteem lifted a bit after that.

MisterMan picked me up at 9 p.m. and we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new friend of mine. Kate, of Cooking with Kate, I haveย two things to say to you: thank you and I love you. I will have S’more and S’more and S’more until it’s gone:

Edy's Slowly Churned S'mores Ice Cream. Buy this, elastic-waist pants, a ladle and enjoy.

Edy's Slowly Churned S'mores Ice Cream. Buy this, elastic-waist pants, a ladle and enjoy.

The description on the carton says it all: Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Light Ice Creams with a Graham Cracker Swirl, Marshmallows and Chocolatey Chips. There are actual mini marshmallows in this. And the chunks of graham cracker? Huge. Don’t even try to eat one serving. Just eat it straight from the carton, like I did when I came home from MisterMan’s after I’d already eaten some at his place. Bliss.

Oh, you know what else I did? Booked my flight for San Francisco!!! I still cannot believe I will be jetting off there in THIRTY DAYS! I’m still hoping I’ll make friends quickly when I’m there, considering I know nothing about San Fran, nor do I know anyone.

Can you believe it’s May already? SnackFace is now starting its 4th month! I’ve been thinking about how happy blogging has made me. Every day I look forward to sharing my life through words and pictures.ย Opening my email to read your lovely comments makes me smile every single time. I love writing my blog just as much as I love reading all of your blogs. I send mayjuh hugs to all readers, commenters and fellow bloggers. Thank you!

So what are you doing this weekend? MamaJ is coming to town tonight and it is going to be crazy. I cannot wait to see her and squeeze her! I have no clue what the weekend holds, but I have a feeling it’s going to be good.

I wish you all fabulous, relaxing, wild, whatever you want weekends. Much love!

Ciao for now,


Questions: How do you slice/peel/dice a mango? and Have you ever made a huge move to a new location, not knowing anyone? How did you cope? How did you make friends?


40 Responses to “Please, Sir, Can I Have S’more?”

  1. 1 sue

    that ice cream sounds amazing…i’m all for mini marshmallows! i cut mangoes using the “criss-cross” method…here’s a link:

    • 2 snackface

      Sue- Thanks for that awesome link! I just watched, and that woman (who is crazy beautiful) makes it look soooo easy.

  2. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sunshine,
    loving the eats :)…sorry about the odd-times day. Id say id be the same if i slept in, totally confused and not really able to get on track with the day.
    all of the newmans products sound so good!
    haha your too adorable, eating the mango skin? haha.
    ive never attempted to cut up a mange myself, but it does look rather awkward!
    i LOVE reading your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ and your comments are always so lovely too, they always make me smile! happy 4 month anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚
    have a great friday,
    much love

  3. 4 Shelby

    The stairs to my basement are like that too!!! Carrying a basket down the stairs is like cheating death!

    I totally half-ass the bathroom everytime I clean. You’re not alone.

    I CANNOT believe it’s May already! Where is the time going?!

    I randomly moved to Arizona in June of last year. It was a lot of fun and school helped a lot with friends. I could totally re-invent myself and not have all the silly rumours about my past going around.

  4. ohhh…loving all the eats! and slicing a mango is never and easy feat. but what i do is set it upright (stem on top) and cut along the sides that are the thickest. then i cut along the thinnest edge where the slices will be thin because of the huge seed. then i gnaw everything off the seed i missed. i use a pairing knife to cut off the skins and presto! i just bought some mangoes, so maybe i can do a video for you? or find one on youtube. ๐Ÿ™‚

    and great job w/ 4 months of blogging ! wonderful!!! congrats!

  5. 6 t.

    I’d think that it’d be much easier to peel a mango than to slice it with a knife.

    That’s what I prefer to do, anyway .. though, really, I can never be bothered to take the skin off a mango and dice the “flesh” up.. I simply cut the mango into 3 sections (2 halves + the seed) — and just eat it like that. I use a spoon to dig into the halves.

  6. i eat my mango skin with the flesh! ha!

    and ummmm could your comments on my blog be any sweeter?! seriously you make my life. thank you girrrrrrrrrlfriend.

    YAY FOR MAY! my bday month!

    and i totes agree. i am an early bird, and hate waking up LATE. I actually physically can’t sleep in past like 8am.

    those soy crisps sound tastay!

    HAPPY FRIDAY DOLL FACE! p.s. bronzer is the best. no such thing as too much! what brand do you use?

    • 8 snackface

      glidingcalm- First off, you’re welcome about the comments. I just can’t help myself. Second, what bronzer do I use. Easy, breezy, beautiful…Covergirl. OKay, too many episodes of ANTM have been watched, but anyway, it’s their “Tanfastic bronzer” in “solstice.” I love it and wear it year-round, even when I’m my palest and it may look as though I have orange streaks on my cheeks. I don’t curr.

      • i just picked up my first covergirl blush yesterday… it’s
        “shimmering sands”? since I’ve never had a pink colored one. thanks for the info mama…. I’ll keep an eye out for yours!

        and yes, whenever I walk by covergirl I TOTALLY think ANTM..always.

  7. 10 Yasmin

    I’m too scared to cut a mango and pineapple. I buy mine pre-cut which is so expensive! When I went to college I only knew a couple of people from HS and that was still scary. When i plan on moving to Cali next year I will know no one but I think it will be fun to have a fresh start and make new friends.

  8. Hell’s Bells, Trudy! I have to say that every time ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Girlfran, stop being so adorbs please and thank you! I love the mango murder scene! A crack wrap will never let you down!! Especially burnt ones – extra crispy, extra deliciousness!

    Aw baby SnackFace is growing up! Happy 4th months!! Hooray for San Fran!! You won’t have a problem making friends since you are Miss Fabulous ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Glad you made it through your “off” day, I am the exact same, I learned rather quickly to just set my alarm everyday and get things moving!

    I wish I had some mango wisdom to impart, but sadly, I suck at cutting those darn things! Moving to a new location is really something I have yet to do, but WANT to accomplish successfully. I know you can do it, and we’ll always be here to support you and encourage! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 13 Sharon

    MMMM mango!!! What I do is, I use the pairing knife to peel the mango, and then you slice around the seed to get the flesh into cubes.. ta-da! super easy, and not as messy. and you waste less too, because… the best part is, eating the rest of the mango around the seed! yuuummm

  11. 14 Lyss


    • 15 snackface

      Lyss- HELL YEAH! We absolutely have to make that happen! I know it will be the most joyous day if we do so.

  12. 16 Megan

    Love mango! When I cut a mango I’ll lightly slice strips around it so then you can peel the skin off– after you peel the skin off, I’ll just cut slices around the mango until you get to the core.. then you don’t have to worry about the skin anymore! I REALLY am obsessed with your breakfasts and snacks.. I neeeeed to get my hands on that s’mores ice cream!! Then again, it would probably be gone the same day so maybe I shouldn’t…

    Have a fantassssstic friday!

  13. haha I just get a hugh jass knife and hack away, and literally have floss on standby….it’s not a pretty sight. I’d go with everyone else’s advice above me ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 18 Emily


    This is coming from a girl who once went three months without going sans mango.

    Opt 1-If feeling civilized and in company of another: take a small knife and skin the entire mango. Then slowy slice off strips until you come to the large pit. Hide pit. When alone knaw remaining flesh off of pit before tossing. Thou shalt not waste!

    Opt 2-If alone, hungry, and too lazy to use knife. Wash mango well. Pull stool up to sink and set plate inside. Take mango in hands and proceed to eat like an animal, pulling skin off with teeth and placing on plate.

    Of course I ALWAYS go with option 1. ;P

    Have a beautiful day sweetie!

    With Love,


  15. 19 BB

    hahah dudee mangoes are hard fruit to cut into. especially if they’re really ripe because they just smush in my hands. i actually looked it up on wikihow on how to cut a mango my first time. i recommend it lolsss.
    its pretty ridiculous that it’s may already. where has the time gone?!!!

  16. hellz yea smores ice cream!!! isn’t that stuff wicked good?? totally not saying how long it took me to finish off the container…:)

    have so much fun with mama j!! mom reunions are the best. mine involve a lot of squealing and hugging, always.

    oh and about making new friends…i moved to LA a lil over 2.5 years ago and i didn’t have any girlfriends out here. just accept every single invite, join some groups, whatever. i went to drinks with girls from work, played kickball, and hung out with friends of friends of friends…you get the picture! it can be frustrating BUT now i have an awesome girl posse that totally kicks ass, so it will happen, i promise!!! too bad you arent going to be in LA, then you would know ME, you lucky girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 21 Sarah

    You’ve already got lots of mango advice, so I’ll let that one go.

    I agree about sleeping in. So disorienting. Even more so when Mr. Pill de la Sleeping has been a part of it.

    Soy crisps are totally legit protein sources, so no worries there.

    And I would rather leave the house without pants than without bronzer. Sistah is WHITE! We’re talking Conan O’Brian white.

    I don’t think you need to worry about making new friends girl, you will have tons before you know it!

  18. 22 Sarah

    ahh 30 days until sf! going to be awesome (if scary) and i have no doubt you’ll make friends right away.

    re: mango, i don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but i usually slice off one side at a time, getting as close to the pit as possible — you’ll get about 1/3 of the mango, peel still attached, in hand. I turn the third, inside facing up, and use the knife to make several vertical slices and several horizontal slices (making squares), cutting ONLY through the flesh and not through the skin. Then, I invert the whole thing, peel and all (picture an umbrella blowing inside out) and use my fingers to pull all of the now-diced square pieces off of the skin (it should happen easily). It’s really simple, but i think i just explained it in the most complicated way ever!

    this weekend = 100% barrication (is that a word) in my apartment to get my paper done!

  19. I CAN’T cut a mango to save my life. But all this mango massacring is making me crave so I’m going to go dice the heck out of the lone mango sitting in my fridge right after this comment. Thanks for the mangolicious snack inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never moved, at least not anytime in my recent days (childhood doesn’t really count). I almost wish I could though, as scary as it is. Fresh start! New places, new people, new opportunities… sounds pretty darn awesome to me! I have no doubt you’ll adjust immediately, how could people NOT love you and want to instantly be your friend?

    Happy weekend Miss Snacky!

  20. 24 dailydulcie

    Oh man, that ice cream looks too damn good to be true. Gimme some of that deliciousness pleeez!

    I tried cutting a mango once.. haha unsuccessful to the max!

    That’s so awesome that in 30 days you’ll be in San Fransisco !! You will definitely meet tons of people.. you are such a sweetheart plus you’re funny & beautiful.. how could someone NOT like you?!?? I mean c’mon now!


  21. 25 homegirlcaneat

    Can we eat this ice cream together in SAN FRAN THIS SUMMA?!?! OMG I am so excited you are coming to this grand city!! I feel like I have known you for years with the love we share for bronza! It makes me feel nice and glowy. But really, I have so many exciting places to share with you and you are gonna absolutely love it!!! Who are you interning for? And do you know where yo livin?? woooooopwoooop! xoxo

    • 26 snackface

      Homegirl! I am SO PUMPED! I am interning for VegNews, vegetarian magazine. I will be living on Wawona st.? No clue where that is!

  22. This may sound dangerous but I first peel the mango by holding the skin in between my thumb and a sharp small knife. Just get a good grip on it (must be ripe) take your time and it peels off in huge chunks. Then I slice two giant cresents off the sides w/ the most “meat”. Slice in pieces around the pit and when you can’t get any more, eat the rest off the pit with ur teeth! Easy peasy….

    I’m going to San Fran for my honeymoon the week of June 1st, that’s about the time you’re there isn’t it?? OH and the s’mores ice cream looks incredible….

  23. 28 alayna

    Hi! I stumbled on your blog accidentally..I just got back from san fran and may be moving there in the next month or so! i had an interview, and am waiting to hear..I dont know that many people either..and Im from ohio total plus!! email me , we can chat some more!

    • 29 snackface

      Alayna- OMGoodness! I’m totally emailing you this weekend! AHH!!

    • 30 alayna

      omg it’s so funny too, my little brother actually goes to OU! He’s a delta..(I think) Total coincidence!!! So, where are interning in SF??!! Have you been there? It’s totally cute and actually really chilly. I was there a few weeks ago and brrrr!!! I found a few really cute apts but theyre sooo exp..I really like the marina district though, it’s kinda like a lincoln park in chicago area..I love it!

      Anyway, I have nooooo friends in SF!! I’m sure I’ll meet people at work, but til then I don’t know anyoneeee!!! So we’ll totally have to get coffee/lunch and be the only ohio-ans in SF!! Email me we can chatty some more!

      • 31 snackface

        Anayna- No way, your bro goes to OU!? That’s nuts. I’m interning at VegNews in SF, and no, I have never been there. People just keep saying,”oh, it’s freezing there in the summer!” I’ll definitely be emailing you soon!

  24. Whoa, that tub of ice cream got me excited for summer!! I’ll finally have a regular fridge again with a freezer that can actually store more than 2 microwavable dinners!! And that smores flavor sounds CRAZY GOOD (that’s how my san fran friends talk, just getting ya ready for the slang)! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, I saw another commenter asking for skin tips!! Dang Kailey, you glow! I need to pick me up some bronzer, especially so that I can fake that summer tan!

    I love Newman’s, i’m enjoying their reg pretzels right now…they really never do mess up!

    I hope you have an amazing weekend with mamaj!!

  25. 33 Tra

    have a good weekend with yo’ mama. should i say sexy mama? just kidding. taht was a little out of hand. i know you’ll be in sf….but any time you come down to so cal will you hit me up with an email? =D

  26. that title was inspired by Oliver Twist, right? haha!
    I like sucking at the mango skin and seed, too, to get all the flesh out as possible! I think the other commenters have already guided you on slicing a mango, so I won’t bother, since I’m horrible at it too anyway!
    btw, in response to your question: I’m only in Singapore for vacation. I live in the U.S, and will be returning back tomorrow after spending 5 months here. I used to live in Singapore, though, I lived there for 10 years!

  27. 35 Emily

    Oooooh, I am feeling the need to go out and find that ice-cream now! I have totally not mastered mangos, your slices look about 8x better than mine usually do!

  28. I live in San Francisco!

    Mangos are one of my favorite fruits but I hate how big the seed is! It takes up like 1/3 of the freaking fruit itself. I just use the good ol’ criss cross method as well but I have now taken to buying already cut frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe’s. They taste great straight out of the freezer.

    How do you drizzle your peanut butter? Do you melt it first?

    • 37 snackface

      Tiffany!- To drizzle p.b., I pop the jar (lid off, obvs) in the micro until I think it looks melty enough. Then with a spoon I just kinda flick it over the top. Pretty technical, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 38 Tina

    I moved to a completely foreign country where I could not speak the language, didn’t know anyone and was pretty much on my own. I moved to Prague. How I coped? Well, I guess I both did and didn’t. I wasn’t happy there because the job I moved there for turned out to be a real dissapointment. However, socially I managed OK. I was living with two roomates so I made some friends through them and went to parties with them but during the four months I was living there I mostly just felt quite lonely and alone. Weekends I’d mostly just wander around town alone because I didn’t have a friend to call and ask if they wanted to go for coffee or something. I had good support in my roomates and they were of course my friends, but living with them it really wasn’t the same to then go and have coffee with them. I wanted other people aside from my roomates to go out and have fun with… I’m sure if I’d stayed longer I would have built my own group of friends though.

  30. 39 Briana

    That ice cream looks freakin’ amazing. Sorry, but I don’t have any advice in the mango department, my mom and I were actually just talking about how hard they are to cut. No advice about moving either, I’ve lived in the same house for all of my 16 years ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope your weekend goes fantastic!

  1. 1 HUGE Newman’s Own Organics Review « CleanTeenKelsey

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