Queen of Athens


After three years of hard work, countless hours in the newsroom and undying love for what she does, Muffin will be the EDITOR IN CHIEF of The Post. This basically makes her the Queen of Athens:



We went out for a bit last night to celebrate. It didn’t last long, though. At one point we looked at each other and said, “I’m tired. I want to go to bed.” Old ladies:

The Queen and I

The Queen and I

Thank you all for the good luck for my best friend! I don’t know anyone more hard working than her. That being said, Muffin has also tought me how to live fully. I used to be so rigid with my schedule, didn’t do anything spur-of-the moment, but my lovepie has taught me to let it go sometimes and just live.

One time when Muffin and I were out, aΒ lovely gentleman asked us, “Do you ever get off each other’s t*ts?” Why no, kind sir, we do not. I love her and couldn’t be happier for her!

But let’s backtrack so I can share the day that led to that night. I didn’t have my 9-11 a.m. class, but I still wanted to get up early to start my day. It allowed enough time for me to make oatbran stovetop for the first time evuhh:

Simple: 1/3 cup oatbran, 1/2 thinly sliced naner, 1 cup water, cinnamon, Smucker's natural p.b.

Simple: 1/3 cup oatbran, 1/2 thinly sliced naner, 1 cup water, cinnamon, Smucker's natural p.b.

This took no time to make stovetop. It was a bit creamier, but I didn’t notice a huge difference from the microwave method. I’m out of oatbran now and must buy more! I think I like it better than regular oats. Maybe.

I took my sweet time getting ready, and then I left the house for a couple hours. I stopped in a barber shop on my way to the library to talk to the owner. My next piece for magazine feature writing will be about this old-fashioned barbershop, its characters and atmosphere. I’ll be sitting in the barber shop for a few days over the next couple weeks, simply to observe and chat. I’m really excited about this one!

After that I went to the library to edit a paper and print off a journal article about A Doll’s House. I went to the library to edit because it just was not working when I was in my home. For hours I tried to edit this darn thing, but a new location helped.

I came home at 11:30 a.m. to eat lunch. I had a simple salad to start. This is something MamaJ normally makes with mozzarella, but I made it cheese-less. Make it:

Easy peasy breezy to make

Easy peasy breezy to make

Greeky salad for one:
-chop 1/3 cucumber, however many cherry toms you want, and a few raw green beans. Throw them into a bowl.
-Crush Italian seasoning in your hand, until it looks like green dirt and sprinkle over top.
-Drizzle with a teeny bit EVOO and teeny bit balsamic vinegar, dash of pepper and stir.
Don’t you love how I’ve given you directions for something you could have figured out on your own? I’m just trying to make myself feel as though I actually cook or something. Close up:



For the second course I totally lost the Greek theme (that’s a Wasa with hummus accompanying the salad, by the way) and had an apple. Are apples Greek at all?

Apple and carpet

Apple and carpet

Then I headed back out for six hours of class. It was during my first class Muffin sent me a text telling me she got the job! She immediately came to the english building (where I was) and I ran out of the classroom and squeezed her. Tears made a brief appearance. We decided a little celebration that night was in order, and then I went back to class.

The snack of the afternoon was basically a dessert. So. Freakin’. Good.:

Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bar

Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bar

I wish I would have taken a picture of the actual bar. It was drizzled with icing, and within the bar there were bits of chocolate cookies. The flavor itselfΒ was like a less-sweet Thin Mint, but with a far better texture. It was soft, chewy and a bit crunchy from the cookies. Find it, try it, let me know what ya think.

Classes were fine and I was in an extraordinarily perky mood. In my last class I handed in a 16 page personal essay aboutΒ  my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Felt good to let that puppy out of my hands.

I came home ravenous! Somehow that carblicious energy bar didn’t last long. While I made dinner I snacked on divine watermelon:

Dripping with sweet juice

Dripping with sweet juice

I was craving the same dish I had Monday night as well as a Boca burger. It was had:

Pita, vegetables in pasta sauce, Bruschetta Boca burger

Pita, vegetables in pasta sauce, Bruschetta Boca burger

In the veggie mixture: broccoli, okra, black beans, pasta sauce. I was still hungry after that delicious dinner, so I had a few cookies. First it was my roomie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Spice cookies, and then I had what I really wanted, Ginger-O’s! No pictures because I was eating while getting dressed for the night.

I went to a capella practice from 8:30 to 10:15, and then found Muffin still working in the newsroom. Dedication right there! Like I said, we weren’t out for long, but we did get a bit of dancing in.

Today the agenda is wide open. I need to do some schoolwork before MamaJ comes to town for the weekend!!! She’ll be here Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Mom’s Weeend. I cannot wait! Other than homework, I’m going to work out, send some mail and see MisterMan. Speaking of him, when I came home last night, I found these in my mailbox:



It is now 1 p.m. and I’m still in my jammies! Ahhh I feel so behind! Alright lovelies, have fabulous Thursdays!

Ciao for now,


Question: At what time does it feel late to start your day? Does it stress you out when you feel as though you’re getting a late start?
For me, waking up at 11:21 this morning freaked me out! I like to get an early start (wake up at 8/9 a.m.), even if I don’t have any obligations that day. It DOES stress me out. Obviously.


25 Responses to “Queen of Athens”

  1. 1 caitlin

    yay for muffin!!

    hahah oh honey… 8 am is not an early start to the day! i wish i was in college still. i wake up at 6 AM now and sometimes earlier. there are not enough hours!

  2. 2 Yasmin

    What a cute picture of you two! Thanks for the great breakfast idea too πŸ™‚ Starting late in the day for me is 9 AM b/c I am used to 6 AM mornings. I feel so off the rest of the day.

  3. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    *yay* im so glad muffin got the job πŸ™‚ she sounds like an amazing bff, im glad you two have eacother πŸ™‚ its awesome she helped you bring some spontanaeity into your life!
    you both look gorgeous!
    wow a 16 page essay? you are defeintly a writer haha πŸ™‚
    those flowers are so pretty!
    hmm well unfortunatlymy internal body alarm clock wakes me up at the same time everyday, no matter when i go to bed….7.am so anything after that is considered late for me haha! i am a granny though…i go to bed at 10.30 most nights!
    have a nice thursday girlie,
    much love

  4. 4 Shelby

    Jeez, college for me will be a snooze! I’m already an old lady…I get to bed by 11pm

    What is your method for oatbran in the micro? I never have time to make it because school and it takes longer to get everything set up for stovetop.

    The Barber Shop sounds like so much fun! I wish I could do that…wait, I can. But that would be really weird to just sit there and watch people haha

    I am loving the greek salad! Ooo and the Clif bar!

    You’re in a capella? I would love to hear you sing =) Ooo and those flowers are lovely!

    Late for me is 9am. It’s impossible for me to sleep in and then if I do, I feel like I wasted half my day! Enough of this longggg comment, have a great day girl!

    • 5 snackface

      Shelbs (is it ok if I call you that, cuz when I think of you, I always call you “Shelbs” in my head)– here’s the deal with oatbran. It cooks RIGHT QUICK in the micro, so it must be monitored. I put 1/2 C oatbran, 1 C water, 1/2 naner (so for you, a pear or apple or something else delicious), cinnamon, and pop in in the micro for 2 minutes. After one minute, I take it out, stir it, pop it back in. Then I watch it because I don’t trust it. If it’s in there too long, it soaks up too much water and turns into a thick, dry paste. So I guess it normally only takes 90 seconds, total. That’s the poopiest method, but it’s more a see-as-you-go deal. Love ya!

  5. 6 Megan

    congrats to muffin!! that’s a really cute picture! and i agree that papers are a huge burden–but once you’re done with it and it’s handed in you feel so relieved!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CHOCOLATE MINT CLIF BAR!!! It’s probably one of my favorites!

    And whenever I wake up later than 10 or 11am I feel like I wasted my morning… I went to bed at 3am after playing with wordpress for 4 hours and still couldn’t sleep past 9am.. it must be an internal body clock or something =)

    I hope you’re having a great Thursday!


  6. YAY MUFFIN!!!! GO CELEBRATE AGAIN πŸ˜€ CONGRATS! That barbershop gig sounds very interesting – regulars at those kind of places are always crazy!

    I don’t know if apples are Greek but I do know they’re damn good! Thanks for the Clif review, I haven’t tried that on yet!! Booty-ful flowers from the man πŸ˜€

    I feel your freakiness on waking up late! I like to get things going by 8:30ish so 11:30 would throw me all off! Have a great Thursday, lovepie!!

  7. congrats to muffin!

    I still have not had the chance to make stove top oats ever! GAH! lol

    And as for waking up, whenever my body wakes me up is good enough for me. Today, for example I woke up at 2, but went to bed at 6am. Usually balances,

  8. 9 Lauryn

    hi love!

    hoooooooray for muffin! you two make such an awesome duo, it’s so sweet! were you best friends from home before you went to school?

    omg i need to try oat bran asap, especially if you possibly like it more than oats! AHHH is that possible?! haha i’ll give you a full report when i give it a go!

    im a total early bird, i cant even physically sleep in anymore — 9:30 is about it! i love getting my day started nice and early and then crashing like a grandma at like 12 or 1. but that’s the way i’ve always been! first little kid at the sleepover to fall asleep, and the first one ready to play in the morning!

    haha have a fabulous day, my love! xoxo

    • 10 snackface

      Lauryn– Hi love! Muffin and I actually met out freshman year in college. We were in the same learning community and lived in the same dorm. Toward the end of our freshman year, we bonded by talking about these worthless guys we were, what I like to call, “exclusively dating without a title.” It was so natural for us to be completely open and share everything. It was a huge coincidence that we are both from Cincinnati, so that worked out perfectly!

  9. 11 kaneil

    hmmm totally jealous that “early” for you is 8 am! I can’t sleep past 7 anymore 😦

    Nice job, MisterMan! The flowers are purty. Congrats to Muffin!!

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  10. 12 Anna

    All Hail the Queen! I’m so happy for Muffin!

    And I am totally with you on freaking out about waking up late. I rarely have obligations but I get up between 8 and 9. When I run into my roommates in the kitchen they’re always so confused. I just like to get my day going though, or else it stresses me out!

  11. 13 Bec

    congrats to muffin!

  12. 14 lisa


    huge request:

    you HAVE to do a beauty post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your skin is radiating & glowing
    what products do you use and love!?

    • 15 snackface

      Lisa- Haha thank you! That is a great idea! I’m going to have to share my skin routine in detail in a full post. The huge help to my skin–believe it or not– is Proactiv! I have no idea what I’d use instead of it! But be ready for a post full of more detail about my skin than you ever wanted to know…bahaha πŸ™‚

  13. Kailey,

    I’m so glad muffin got the job. Perfect for her I’m sure. πŸ˜€

    I second Lisa in saying your skin is GoRgEoUs. I’ve never known anyone who used Proactive before. Other than Jessica Simpson… lol. Good to know it works.

    Have a great day sweetie!

    With love,


  14. Congrats to Muffin!! We all knew she could do it πŸ™‚

    Yay for Mama J to come visit, my mom (“Bobs”) is coming for my birthday on Tuesday and I’m really excited!

    Beautiful flowers girlie!

    I think starting my day (eating breakfast, etc.) past like 10am tends to stress me. I feel like everything else must shift after that point. Good think I RARELY sleep past 9!

  15. whoohoo! yay muffin! i get stressed when lunch rolls around and i havent left the house yet. i wake up before 9 even on weekends when i am awake til 3 and trying to sleep in sooooo the waking up part isnt the problem, it’s the getting my butt into gear that i can’t do!!! although, sometimes it’s nice to have a day of nothing πŸ™‚

  16. 19 homegirlcaneat

    Muffin is so cute and so talented! And I love how close you two are. A bestfriend is almost as good as just really ridiculously incredible hummus when you are cravin’. And Ibsen’s A Doll’s house! Oh goodness gracious that book is so simple yet teachers seem to find crazy complex topics for assignments! Yumyumyum your salad looks so tasty and the roses are BEAUTIFUL!! And waking up late TOTALLY stresses me out. I start school at 8:15 most days and live literally 4 minutes away..but for some reason I get up at 6:50 because I just feel like I will be late and rushed if I don’t!

    have a lovely day!! xo

  17. 20 BB

    aww congrats to muffin! delicious looking salad and those are beautiful flowers. misterman sure knows how to pick them flowers ;D

  18. 21 Megan

    hey! thanks for that awesome comment! i actually LOLed outloud when I read it =) The falafel mix was.. okay. It was just okay. Not amazing, not terrible either. It was good mixed into my salad! If you like falafel I would definitely give it a try though! I’m actually in love with YOUR breakfasts [and YOU of course]

    Too bad you’re in Ohio, that’s sooo far from Baltimore!

  19. 22 Erin

    Oh my that guy sounds like…a total douche!
    Congrats to Muffin! You guys are perfectly gorgeous and hot.
    Uhh…I love your sense of humor, mage!

  20. Congrats to Muffin!!! I’m sure she is gonna rockkkk it!

    Even if I go out the night before, I usually can’t start my day past 10ish….it stresses me out too!! There just isn’t enough time in the day when you wake up that late!! It always throws all my meals off too! I love waking up around 9, 9:30 though…those are perfect days for me (since I always get to bed so late) !

    I gotta find that cool mint clif bar, I’ve seen it actually…so I just gotta purchase it!

    That dinner looks divine, delicious, heavenly! All of it. I love pasta sauce, veggies, pita bread and veggie burgers….so what’s not to love about that meal!!

    Glad you got to have a somewhat relaxing day! How are the wasa crackers? Love em’? Hate em’? Just alright?

    Have a good weekend girl, I believe since it’s thursday yours has begun! πŸ™‚

  21. ya 9 is pushin’ it now for me! HA you, kind sir, are hilarious. As for San Fran- my mom is actually there tonight for a biz trip! I love it so much…I will definitely fly up for a datie-poo with you some weekend this summer!? Can we just TALK about the 3 story Forev 21 they have?? yeaaaa. We can chat por Facebook πŸ˜€ xoxox C-money

  22. 25 dailydulcie

    Hi sweet thang. Ah that’s so awesome that Muffin got the jobbbbb! Tell her congrats for me :] :]

    Lovely eats, as always.

    Wow, the flowers that MisterMan gave you are GORGEOUS. Damn girl.. lucky you ;]

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your Mom!! Sounds funnn!

    ❀ much love,

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