Muffin’s Makin’ It


Hello happy faces! This is what I learned Tuesday: I do not do well without structure to my days. I felt exhausted all day…from doing nothing! What? No obligations? Yeah, I was shocked, too.

My morning started with the intention to eat a snack and then go to the gym, but I got wrapped up in blogging. I sat on my made bed and ate half this juicy bowl of watermelon (THE summer fruit!):

Gave me a better jump-start than coffee

Gave me a better jump-start than coffee

 By the time I finished posting, it was such an awkward time: 11 a.m. I have this thing where I like to wait an hour after I eat before working out, or else I’ll be burping it up the whole time I ellipticalize. Nas-tee. So then I was concerned about getting to the gym too late– when it’s really busy. Dazed and confused, I poured cereal and fruit into a bowl:

Kamut puffs, Jumbo Whole Grain Krispies, vanilla soymilk, 1/2 naner, bloobs, ground flax

Kamut puffs, Jumbo Whole Grain Krispies, vanilla soymilk, 1/2 naner, bloobs, ground flax

It was a half-hearted breakfast. To be honest, before this I opened a Plain Better Whey of Life yogurt to make a yogurt-cereal mess. Ick! Maybe it was me, but it tasted sour and off. I didn’t want to risk it, or force it down, so I had to go with something else.

Not knowing what to do until I went to the gym, I tried to take care of money/ financial issues I’m having. I’d rather pluck out my eyelashes one by one than deal with money. Several phone calls, a mini meltdown and a toenail trim later, I pulled on a sports bra, socks and sneaks and headed out the door.

The 5.5 mile elliptical session I had was phenomenal. My gray tee was soaked with sweat–a sure sign I was actually workin’ it. To follow up, I tried the ab workouts from the lates issue of Women’s Health. Whoah. Did not know how painful it was to hold side planks for a minute. I just hope I’m sore tomorrow.

Magically, four hours had flown by since breakfast and I was ready for lunch. My mouth started to foam at the corners and my hands started to shake. I needed a hit:

Crack addict

Crack addict

On the plate: Flat-out hugging a Laughing Cow and Roasted Garlic Sabra hummus, carrots, mushrooms, salsa.

When I felt the drugs kick in, I had the energy to take a shower and dress for the day. And then I realized, “oh, I’m not going anywhere.” No makeup, no cute outfit, no Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. Just me, old jeans, a huge OU sweatshirt and Dove deodorant.

Three or so hours were spent reading short stories by Kate Chopin and many just-as-important blogs. I also read through wildly interesting academic journal articles about Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. I fought sleep all afternoon and eventually had another form of crack– a Coke Zero. Love these things.

Dinner was a bizarre salad. These combinations are my artistic expressions:

Who puts strawberries and black beans on a salad together?

Who puts strawberries and black beans on a salad together?

It all magically worked, though. I think beans have such a pasty, neutral yet delicious taste that they can go with anything. In the mix: romaine, broccoli slaw, green beans, cherry toms, celery, black beans, strawberries and Country Bob’s All Purpose sauce. I normally taste the elements both separately and together, but when I eat a salad I think,”ok, now I want a strawberry. Now I need a celery bit. Where are dem black beans?” In case you wanted to know…

The second part of dinner– I’m not calling it dessert, it’s too healthy for that– was OMFGosh (I’ll use F but not the Big Man’s name in vain) deeelicious. Meet the incredible Pumpkin Banana Carob Pita Pizza:



On half a whole wheat pita: schmear pumpkin puree, add sliced naners and a sprinkle of carob chips. Pop in microwave for 25 seconds. Then mash. After:

Ooey gooey pumpkin-banana-caroby bites of lusciousness

Ooey gooey pumpkin-banana-caroby bites of lusciousness

After that, I felt euphoric and did not want to continue to do homework. I tried my hardest to edit a huge paper of mine, but felt The Real Housewives of NYC was more important. I was right. Last night’s episode was awesome, and I cannot wait for the finale next week!

I snacked throughout the night on celery with salsa, celery with p.b., but more importantly, a couple bowls of cereal:

Kamut, Kashi Heart to Heart, Jumbo Krispies, protein powda, vanilla soymilk

Kamut, Kashi Heart to Heart, Jumbo Krispies, protein powda, vanilla soymilk

Multiply that a couple times. I could NOT get enough of the Krispies! I stayed up much later than planned and watched more t.v. (Candy Girls on E!- what is this show about? I don’t get it).

Today is a big day in Athens, Ohio. The editor in chief position for The Post (our student-run newspaper) will be selected for the next school year. Who’s running for the position? MUFFIN!!! I send all my luck to her today, as she interviews at 12:30 p.m. and finds out shortly after whether she got the position. If anyone’s makin’ it in Athens, it’s Muffin. GET IT GIRL!!!

As for me, I have classes allll day(eight hours of them) and practice 8:30-10 p.m. Then I will spending the night out with Muffin, whether she gets the position or not. Enjoy the day, kidlets!

Ciao for now,


Question: Have you ever been in an executive position? Have you ever tried to get one? Spill.
enior year of high school I was the president of Jazz Choir. Other than that, no and no.


35 Responses to “Muffin’s Makin’ It”

  1. Kailey, you just brightened my morning! I’m sitting here, huddled on the floor in child’s pose, waiting for my hopefully last dose of pain pills to kick in, waiting for SOMETHING to pop up in my reader, to take my mind off the pain. VOILA! Snack Face to the rescue!

    I think I might have my first post-op food be that pumpkin carob pita pizza. I’m sending Chris here for the tutorial.

    Go Muffin, Go Muffin, Go!

    I have had too many “leadership” roles to mention, including SBA Secretary, copy editor of my HS paper, team captain of my HS/college basketball teams. I layeth the smacketh down.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that plain Better Whey just isn’t that great 😦 Mmmm crack – I’m jonesin’ for one at 8:40 in the morning. I’ve got the shakes just looking at yours! AND carrots and salsa?! What are you trying to do to me?!

    That pita pizza looks phenom! I’m so sad to see the NYC chicks go but I’m SO excited for that shit show that will be Jersey!

    GOOD LUCK MUFFIN!!!! My leadership roles?! Captain of my “insert sport here” team – Yes, I was the HBIC 😉

  3. that pita pizza is out of this worlddd! also your flat out wrap is amahzingggg! good luck to muffin! hope she gets the gig! in high school I was captain of both the fh team and lacrosse team my senior year but other than that, nosireee

  4. 4 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    ooo love the cereal messes you always have 🙂 they look so good! especially when giant rice krispies are included!
    good luck to muffin! i hope she gets the position!! keep us informed 🙂
    ohmygosh..that pitta looks HEAVENLY!
    have a nice wednsday,
    much love

  5. UM okay, I am DEFINITELY making that pita pizza tonight for dessert!!! And I tried the laughing cow+hummus+spinach combo yesterday and I LOVED IT! Good luck to Muffin!! Right now I’m VP of a co-ed business fraternity, and I LOVE it! Have a great day!!

  6. 6 Colleen

    Best of luck to Muffin! Does executive assistant count? LOL, sadly I am no executive. I am an analyst though…answering to the executives. I still don’t think that counts. In highschool I was usually voted most improved in all the sports I played, so no captain or co-captain here – Master Benchwarmer – that was me!

    Is it just me or does this comment make little sense? I can’t think in very many complete sentences right now. Have a great day! 🙂

  7. ooooohh, that banana chocolate goeeeyness loooks sooooo good!!1
    And mmm everything looks delicious!

  8. Seriously? That pita pizza is too much goodness in one place. Day-um girl. 🙂 hahaa thanks so much for you comment yesterday! 🙂 I am not giving up on the food blogging…yet!

    Good luck to Muffin!! I was never the “pres” but was often the VP or Rep of student council, French club, tennis team, etc. I guess it’s the secret politician in me?!

    Happy Wednesday! Kaneil, balanceisbest

  9. 9 sue

    i love all the yummy food combos you have going on in this post 🙂 i have my fingers crossed for muffin!

  10. If Better Whey plain is too sour for you, try peach mango! That is the least sour…I just finished my peach-mango this morning after a nice yoga class. You cant beat the whey protein!

    I will also have to try your banana-pumpkin-carob elixir. Sounds delicious!

    – Daphne
    CEO, Better Whey of LIfe

    PS – Try adding agave nectar to the plain…it does wonders!

  11. 11 Anna

    My most exhausting days are the ones when I don’t get out of my sweats. I pass out way earlier than my roommates do, and then when they ask me what I did all day, I just go ‘uhhhhhhh’ for a while and try to think of something of actual consequence that I managed to accomplish. Most days it sounds like ‘eat, paint nails, read Nylon…yeah.’ I’m sure they all hate me now that they live at the library.

    As far as holding a position of any sort, the answer is no. In high school I was all about putting stuff on my resume without actually doing anything. That’s the worst part of being in charge: ACTUALLY doing something. And in college I spend too much time trying not to snore in class to really get involved. Someday, maybe. Someday.

    Good luck to Muffin!

  12. Hmm…I was Co-editor of my HS paper my junior year, then Editor-in-Chief my senior year. And prez of the Drama Club (rep!) for 3 years.

    Also, since middle school, I’ve been the prez of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Does that count? Maybe? …No? Okay.

    Anyway, GO MUFFIN!!!!!!!

  13. GO MUFFIN!!! WOOO!!!

    I need that pumpkin wrap, carob and pumpkin are the perfect match!

  14. 14 Lindsay

    i love kate chopin! ripe figs is my favorite. have you read it?

    • 15 snackface

      Lindsay- Oooo no I haven’t read that! I may have to look into it!

  15. I know what you mean when you feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself when you have a free day! As much as I complain about wanting free time, I love structure.

    Your “second dinner” looks soooooooo good! Yum!!

  16. Kailey,

    Your pita looks divine!

    Go MUFFIN! I never held any official leadership positions but my mother has always said I was queen of my own little world… does that count? ;P

    With Love,


  17. 18 April

    When you do the ellipitical do you put it on a certain program or resistance or anything like that? how long does it usually take you?

    • 19 snackface

      Hey April! I use the intervals. I do two minutes at level 5, then 2 minutes of level 8 for 30 to 40 minutes (depending on how I feel), plus 5 minutes of a level 5 cool down. Uhh I hope that makes sense!

  18. omg, i had all these things to say, and then i saw your pumpkin banana carob pita pizza and my mind went blank.

    good luck to muffin!!

    (oh, and i think i was sort of in an exec position when i was the director of a tutoring center in brooklyn for 3 years. i had to manage people, hire/fire, do the company’s budget. it was caaaaahrazy and i pretty much never want to be in an executive position again! :-))

  19. your day sounds SWEET. nice job getting in all that relaxing!! im madly in love with that dessert by the way. and the watermelon!!!

  20. Good luck to Muffin!! I’m VP of Public Relations and just the experience of interviewing for the position made it worthwhile, whether or not I had gotten it!

    please make me that carob-banana pizza now, thanks 😉

  21. 23 ADEN


    • 24 snackface

      Hey Aden! I just looked for you to see what brand it is, ‘cuz I didn’t even know. It’s large whole wheat pita made by Aladdin Baking Co., which is based in Cleveland.

  22. your eats are always so eclectic and yummy!! the watermelon looks sooo good!! and i love having a hard workout session, the elliptical is a great workout when you really work that thanngg!

    love that you put strawberries in that salad– so clever! and your dinner part 2 sounds and looks just incredible!

    have a great time with muffin! xoxoxoxoxo j

  23. Time for a novel….
    Your whole little “drug fix” and “getting high” description of lunch made me laugh, you are too adorable!

    Part dos of dinner is orgasmic. I think melted chips and peanut butter always do me in.

    I will say the F word too (when I’m frusturated), but never in vain either!

    Candy girls is odd, I don’t even want to give that show any of my time….I need to catch up on real housewives though…they aren’t anywhere online!
    Make me a supermodel is on tonight! You know I’ll be catching it live or on the laptop sometime tomorrow! Who’s your faveeee!? I just love that arrogant guy (who reminds me of all the jerks I swooned over in high school, who I was always good friends with, but still always had the hotter girlfriends)…. HE FINE!

    And I’ve seen beans and strawberries mixed together in a salad before, so don’t feel too special or anything. 😉

  24. omg i want that pita. i think it’s calling my name.

    and i totally used the word snackface the other day when i was eating…and obvi thought of you.

    • 28 snackface

      Melissa S.- AHHH that makes me so excited! I’d love the term to sweep the nation. Won’t happen, but it’s a dream.

  25. 29 Emily

    That watermelon looks awesome! I was president of the Future Educators of America society in college and I’ve trained new employees at both of my waitressing jobs.

  26. 30 dailydulcie

    Hi dollface,

    That watermelon looks so juicy and refreshing. Id be all ovah that.

    Holy foodgasm with that flat out wrap with laughing cow and sabra hummus.

    I hope Muffin got the position!! I have my fingers crosseddddd 😀

  27. 31 homegirlcaneat

    Hi hi! I am a first time commenter but a long time reada! I am finally saying hello because I started my own blog today and wanted to say how much I enjoy reading yours daily! I love your humor and your good eats and I also want to say how I want to eat that pumpkin carob creation right now. So hello and I am sure you will be seeing myself again. AND! I hope Muffin gets the position! Homegirl sounds like a fabby friend!

    • 32 snackface

      Homegirl– Hey girl! Thanks so much for commenting, complimenting and reading my blog, and HOLLAAA to starting your own! Are you a wordpress girl? I must find you!

  28. your dessert pizza looks freaking amazing. and I don’t even like sweet stuff!
    and I agree: financial issues give me a freaking HEADACHE. I hate dealing with money. I just like to spend it. haha. If I ever become rich, I’ll be hiring someone else to manage all my money.
    Oh, and yup, black beans go with everything, bt I love it with sweet potatoes or winter squash or pumpkin the most!

  29. 34 eatlivelovedream

    I need structure in my day for sure! I like being crazy busy all the time.

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