No Fun in the Sun Monday


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is off to a great start this week. Monday for me was as exciting as a day full of eight hours of class can be, which is to say, not too exciting. It’s probably not smart of me to reveal that up front. Oh well. I did, however, eat some exciting things, so allow me to hop onto that.

A restless night of sleep left me tired before the day had even started. I had a snap, crackle, pop breakfast to wake me:

Giant Rice Krispies mess with Koffee

Giant Rice Krispies mess with Koffee

In the bowl: Giant Rice Krispies, kamut puffs, Kashi Heart to Heart, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla soymilk, ground flax. This new Krispie cereal is a delight! This bowl was light and fluffy, a great breakfast for a ridiculously hot day.

Buy the big Rice Krispies--you won't regret it

Buy the big Rice Krispies--you won't regret it

As I walked to magazine feature writing class, I couldn’t help but think, “this is going to be a long day,” and “I wish I were able to be outside all day.” Spring in Athens is so beautiful you don’t want to miss it. At least I love my classes.

I had a presentation about Susan Orlean, a journalist who is now my writing idol. She says she wants to be “enthusiastic wallpaper” to observe people and write about them. Her subjects are people you wouldn’t think to write about, such as the life of a regular 10-year-old boy or orchid fanatics.

We also received our first stories back. I got an A, which made me ecstatic. It’s good to know you’re okay at what you want to do with the rest of your life. I also handed out Newman’s Own Organic Newman-O’s Mint and Fig Newmans to the rest of the class. I brought zip-lock baggies in case they wanted cookies for later. The class loved them!

My Krispie breakfast held me over well enough. I wasn’t ready to eat my foot or anything, but I was definitely ready for lunch. Lunch was very,very exciting for me. I did the damn thing and made a crack wrap. Does it still count if I used a Laughing Cow instead of fat free plastic?

Apple, shrooms, raw green beans, salsa, CRACK WRAP

Apple, shrooms, raw green beans, salsa, CRACK WRAP

A mouthful of warm, oozy, creamy crack is what that is. SHOOOO. I know it’s just hummus and cheese, griddled to perfection, but it really is spectacular. Thank you, Mama LovIN. That tutorial actually helped. Another look:

Get yourself some Flat-outs, hummus and cheese (dairy or non-dairy) of your choice. Now.

Get yourself some Flat-outs, hummus and cheese (dairy or non-dairy) of your choice. Now.

I sweat my balls off when I walked back uptown for class. My usual speed-walking pace has been reduced down to a painful stroll. I say painful because my feet are adjusting to summer footwear, a.k.a. flip-flops and sandals. My feet hate these sorts of non-footwear, but I tell them to shut it and deal with it. I don’t care how many blisters you create in protest!

The 1-7 p.m. block of classes was almost as equally as painful. I just wanted to sleeeep. In graphics class we received our grades for these book covers we had to make using photoshop. I have never, ever in my life used that program before. I got a B, which bothers me, but I know it shouldn’t. I’m just anal like that. I need to be PERFECT even if I’ve never touched the program before! Haha Is anyone else like this?

I ate this candy bar throughout the day:

Nutz Over Chocolate? Why yes, I am.

Nutz Over Chocolate? Why yes, I am.

Alright, so I may have saved the wrapper to take a picture after. I’m sorry 🙂 Eating Lunas makes me feel naughty. They’re supposed to be good for you, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m eating real food, just a really delicious chocolate-dipped nutty rice krispie treat. And I don’t mind that one tiny bit.

By the time I returned to my humble abode, dinner could not be made fast enough. For the first course, I slaved over the microwave to make this:

Boca Bruschetta burger with Barilla Basil and Tomato sauce

Boca Bruschetta burger with Barilla Basil and Tomato sauce

I know people be hatin’ on the Bocas, but they are cheaper and they are delicious in my book. Especially this flavor, which had some mozzarella throughout. After the protein course came the Nothing Is Off Limits salad course:

Big and raw. Bahaha.

Big and raw. Bahaha.

In the salad: romaine, broccoli slaw, celery, cherry toms, 1/2 apple, black beans, Country Bob’s frickin’ fabulous sauce. I didn’t win a contest to get my Country Bob’s, but I did practically squeal when I spotted it in Wal-Mart. It’s surprisingly spicy, which I was not expecting. I loved it, of course.

After dinner a had an unknown-to-me number of Vegan Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Spice cookies. The number is unknown because I just kept breaking off pieces that I wanted of different cookies and maybe throwing the rest away. Don’t hate me. It’s an odd method, but I just wanted the chocolate chips!

I had a capella practice 8:30 to 10 p.m. and we rocked it. The girls complimented me on my solos, which made me feel like a superstar. Okay, not really, but it felt great. I’m paranoid that I sound bad and no one’s telling me, so I like the confirmation. At the end of practice some barbershop singers sang for us. They were too cute.

Muffin met me uptown for a chat when I was finished singing. She was having man issues, so we hashed over that and sorted it out. She’s too good for him. Always the answer 😉

When I came home I was SnackFacey, so I had some unpictured watermelon and Newman’s Own Organics Honey Wheat Mini Pretzels with Toffuti Better Than Cream Cheese. These pretzels are divine! I know, shocking that Newman’s has another delicious product, but these taste like actual honey, aren’t too sweet and are balanced with a sprinkle of salt. They are also killer with the Toffuti. I didn’t take a pic last night, but here is one from this morning:

Newman's is my life

Newman's is my life

Let’s play a game. What can you spy in the background? To the left is my overflowing bookshelf, Sex and the City women. In the center is a painting by MamaJ with a piece of paper with a list of homework from the second week of the quarter. To the right is my vision board. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love it. I love looking at it for inspiration, thinking, “oh yes, I’ll be living in Italy someday. Don’t you worry.” It also has little phrases: “share the love,” “stay healthy,” “be fearless,” “blithe spirit,” “happiness.”  Pictures of Tuscany, Greece, Savannah, Santorini and a hot guy are pasted on there, too.

Question: Do you have a vision board or anything like it? What’s on it? Has anything come true?
Not much of mine has come true, as far as destinations go. I do have a man now, which I put on there when I was single. I’d also say that I’m in a healthy, happy place.

Alright, I must start my busy Tuesday! I don’t know all that’s in store, but I have a lot to accomplish. Enjoy the day, sunshines!

Ciao for now,



17 Responses to “No Fun in the Sun Monday”

  1. Sorry about your long Monday… =( but that breakfast looks freaking amazing! And I need to try that wrap sometime.. I can’t find any laughing cow near me!! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. 2 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    sorry you were stuck inside during such a nice day 😦 but at least you enjoyed your classes 🙂 and way to go on the A, thats awesome!!
    i want those giant rice krispies haha…they remind me so much of my childhood ( well the normal size ones do anyway….)
    love the vision board 🙂 i still havent started one yet, its been on my to do list for so long now, maybe il have a crack at it this week seeming as im pretty darn bored. health and happines, family, and australia will definetly be on mine, not sure what else yet….
    have a great tuesday 🙂
    much love

  3. Oh wow, everything looks amazing. Super delicious! And dudddee, why isn’t Newman’s in Canada? super lame, supppper lame……

    And no, I don’t really have a vision board. Well, I do have a bulletin board back home, and I just clip random things on it, like receipts and important notes. But hum.. maybe it will transform into one instead. 😀

  4. I am the best drug dealer you’ll ever know. I love that other people are trying the crack. Now they won’t think I’m crazy when I eat it EVERY day.

    Maybe I need a vision board. That is a fantastic idea. I’ve contemplated doing one before, but now might be the right exact time.

    I feel the same way about Luna bars. I no longer trick myself into thinking that eating one is a healthy replacement for a meal.

    I’m sorry you sweated your balls off. There’s nothing worse than shweaty balls.

    Have a great day Shnickety Shnackie face!

  5. 5 BB

    Wow your mondays are long! I wish i had you in my class- ill take free newtons any day! My bulletin board just has pics of hot men and other random stuff i think is interesting. It’s a fantasy board i guess.. Well as far as the pics of hot guys go 🙂

  6. CRACK WRAP SPOTTING!!! Delish!! I use string cheese in mine so LC is a perfectly acceptable sub in my opinion!

    I adore that you used the phrase sweat my balls off on the blog because I use it in real life and didn’t know if it was blog appropriate 😉 You and I are going to be the rated R bloggers in no time (douche and balls)!

    PRETZELS AND PSEUDO-CHEESE! I love it! Love, love, love it! Have a fantastic Tuesday, dollface 🙂

  7. 7 Mama J

    I can”t wait till friday p.m. I am also looking forward to your performance with The Tempo Tantrums . I just heard a little sample on my space music.. . Luv Ya

  8. the crack wrap looks crack-tastic and i totally need to make one, pronto. protein alert!

    and i wish i had a vision board…but i do have a life list; does that count? it’s got a list of all the crazy things i want to do in my life…like jumping off waterfalls and running up the eiffel tower. 😛

  9. I want a crack wrap now! Holy yum!

    I dont’ have a vision board but now I think I will make one!

  10. 10 sue

    i love that painting by mamaj–i thought it was a warhol poster! i have an “inspiration book” im always tearing things out of magazines and i started pasting them onto the pages of an old textbook so i wouldn’t lose them. it’s mostly cute outfits rather than visions/goals though…

  11. hiiii pretty!

    uhh yeah my feet are scolding me too — the transition to summer, unsupportive footgear is tough! i feel your pain!

    love love love your version of the crack wrap, why didn’t i think to use a laughing cow?! i’ll be trying that one asap!

    i havent tried that luna OR that boca burger, but i clearly need to get on that too — look how much inspiration i draw from your blog (food and otherwise, of course!)

    i actually don’t have a vision board but i might have to make one, it’s a neat concept to me! love that you have one though, and that you’re in a happy and healthy place — that was all you, though!


  12. 12 Emily

    I agree with you, Lunas feel much more like candy than healthy food. Balance bars too. Not that that stops me from eating either of them for breakfast!

  13. 13 Bec

    congrats on the A 🙂 love the wrap!

  14. Kailey,

    I tried Kamut puffs today just because of YOU! All i can say is wow! I love that you can bulk up cereal with a full cup for under 50 calories! Crack wrap here I come.

    I do have a couple of bulliten boards but I post things that make me happy or make me laugh or are just pretty. They are great fun in my oppinion!

    Have a great night sweetie!

    With Love,


    PS- U are such a good friend to muffin! She’s lucky to have you. 😀

  15. Oh wow, what an awfully long day!

    I don’t have a vision bored, but I do have a “things I want” list (matching furniture, a house, a dog, a blender) more materialistic, than anything else.

  16. I love that we both mentioned the oh-so-fab SATC girls on our posts!! I just bought the reg newman’s pretzels and I love em’……mini honey’s will be purchased next!!

    I feel the sameeee about lunas, I love the flavors….but they just don’t seem as whomesome (?) as so many other bars!

    Girls are blasting the veronicas in my dorm, I’m distracted by their annoying singing…….hmm, let me focus…. I LOVE YOUR VISION BOARD!! That is such a cute idea, and I hope that all your dreams come true!!!

    You write me novels and I love it….DON’T APOLOGIZE, EVER AGAIN!!…and I’ll just keep doing the same for you! 🙂

    2 weeks….and I’ll attempt the crack wrap!

  17. Honey, you have the BEST looking eats ever!! I love mixing my cereals like you, and honestly you should be a spokesperson for Newman’s AND the giant rice krispies!! I will buy that next on my cereal list when all my boxes run out. They really remind me of kashi puffed wheat cereal…but tastier. hahaha

    Mmmmm and your salad looks really darn good. I don’t know why mine end up lookin’ so boring!!! *sigh* SKILL, that is what you have. 😉

    P.s. I love flipflops!!! Sorry they’re not helpin’ with the speed, but at least they’re cute and easy to wear!! 😀

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