Baby, Now That I’ve Found You…


Benvenuto and Happy Friday!

For the past three years I’ve been in Athens, Ohio, I’ve been disappointed in the lack of markets. I haven’t been able to find seitan, tempeh bacon, soy yogurts, fresh produce, or unsweetened carob chips anywhere in Wal-Mart or Kroger, let alone within walking distance. Thursday, however, my disappointment was replaced by utter surprise and joy.

Knowing I had a lot to do yesterday, I woke up early. I snacked on half a naner with Mighty Maple, got ready for the gym and skiddadled. I was confused by the weather, as it was gray and unsatisfactory. “, you lie! You said it was supposed to be 65* and sunny!” Moving past my realization that is poo, I did 5.2something miles on the elliptical while reading the Miley frickin’ Cyrus profile in Glamour. I actually didn’t realize she’s only 16 with a billion-dollar brand tied to her. I do have to hand it to her for that. And Disney. I finished my workout with arm machines and a few ab machines, and 10 minutes of stretching.

The sun was trying desperately to come out of the clouds when I left the gym. YES! I missed you, baby! The rest of the way home I fantasized about what I wanted to wear for the day. Judge me if you want; I just like clothing–especially fun-colored spring and summer clothes.

A shower and a white deep-V neck tee with banana-cream-colored pants outfit later, I made the first meal of the day:

Yes, I ate "breakfast" at noon

Yes, I ate "breakfast" at noon

In the bowl: 1/2 C fat free plain Stonyfield yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop protein powda, uncooked oats, Kashi Honey Sunshine, Kashi Heart to Heart, 1/2 naner, strawberries added to the yogurt, then topped with a bit of Smucker’s All Natural p.b. This was creamy, sweet, delicious:

The protein powda made this sweeter and last longer (that's what she said)

The protein powda made this sweeter and last longer (that's what she said)

I spent too long primping and reading mail before heading into the newsroom. I received word yesterday that I will be rooming with a female this summer at VegNews! Get this: the apartment is directly above the office. I’m getting even more excited! I really barely believe it’s real and that it’s going to happen. AH! I’ll be in San Fran in five weeks. Whoah.

Editing my news story about triathlon athletes with Muffin was a breeze. She’s incredible at what she does, and she didn’t change much in my story. If you’d like to read my news-writing skillz, click here for the article. Writing that piece was hard because I had so much great information, but news writing isn’t the best for sharing all the details and describing them. It’s short, but it’s a 12-inch story that made it on the front page of the paper today– a first for me! Guess it helps to know the girl who will most likely be the editor in chief of the paper next year: Muffin! She’s going through the application process right now.

After editing I ran a few errands and then started to visit resaurants and shops to talk to sources. Places I went to speak with owners and staff for a piece I’m writing: Restaurant Salaam, Donkey Coffee, Casa Nueva, Import House, Blue Eagle, Della Zona, THE FARMACY!!! Ok, I’ll get back to the Farmacy, but I saw this guitar in Blue Eagle, a music shop, and had to show my fellow food lovers:

Guitar made of peppers!

Guitar made of peppers!

“Hot and Sweet Peppers” is a hand-crafted guitar made by a local Athenian. Isn’t that awesome?

After that, I found the store that has changed my entire perspective on grocery shopping in Athens: The Farmacy. It’s a five-minute walk from my house, but in a direction I never go. Yesterday I ventured in that direction, and baby, now that I’ve found you, I can’t let you go. The people who work there will be sick of me by the end of this quarter.

The Farmacy has all the bars, local produce, locally-made breads, grains, yogurts, cheese, non-dairy cheese, all the Quorn, Amy’s, Ezekiel I could ever want, just everything. I walked around the store with my jaw dropped. How had I not discovered this heaven before?

I walked home with a huge smile on my face, two bars and fresh chipotle hummus in my hand. By the time I got home it had been over four hours since I last ate. I was so distracted all afternoon that I didn’t even notice. Muffin and I were to have dinner in a couple hours, so I didn’t want to totally ruin my appetite. Enter SnackPlate:

A lovely appetizer: carrots, grapes, bell pepper, Wasa crackers, celery, Farmacy Chipotle Hummus

A lovely appetizer: carrots, grapes, bell pepper, Wasa crackers, celery, Farmacy Chipotle Hummus

The chipotle hummus is a bit chunky and pasty, but I love it. The chipotle really adds a subtle heat and round flavor. The sign above the hummus said that they use organic, wheat-free tahini. I had no clue tahini was in any way related to wheat. After the SnackPlate I had a pretzel rod with Mighty Maple, just because I wanted it.

At 6 p.m. I headed back uptown to pick up wine to have with dinner. Muffin and I went to Della Zona, a local pizzeria that is steadfast in using local, organic foods. LOVE. I had the most incredible personal pizza:

Anna Magnani pizza; about 8 inches wide

Anna Magnani pizza; about 8 inches wide

So what’s on that beauty, you ask? Marinara, roasted red peppers, onions, parmeZano (their non-dairy cheese) and…SWEET POTATO! Of course I had to get the one with sweet potato! How could I resist? This pizza was light, crispy, softly sweet and all-around sensational. I saved one piece for leftovers. I will be going back to Della Zona for sure.

The rest of the night was spent with MisterMan. We watched a really horrible movie, Sex Drive. Never see it. It was obviously written, produced, directed and casted by men. It features women in an infuriating matter, has unnecessary nudity and was full of guy-humor. But not even smart guy-humor that I normally enjoy, just dumb stuff.

It’s gorgeous outside today, so I’m sure I’ll spend most of the day out there! I’ll be back tomorrow with a pic of my Friday going-out outfit, because I’m a fashion girl, too, and would like to share it. Have the best weekends ever!

Ciao for now,


Question: Do you read newspapers anymore? If so, in what form: paper or on-line? If not, do you read any print journalism?
I’ve never been one to read newspapers, but I hoard all my magazines. Magazines are pure entertainment for me. I open it and the rest of the world goes away. I seriously love them and will never stop reading them.


25 Responses to “Baby, Now That I’ve Found You…”

  1. Score on the apartment location!! And thanks for your article link – great stuff!!

    Coolest. guitar. ever.

    The Farmacy sounds great!! If I ever make it out to Athens, I’ll check it out.

    Lovely pizza; especially with the SWEET POTATO!!!! Haha, thank you for the linkage 😀

    We’re learning in journalism classes that print journalism is definitely on its way to being dead – technology is taking over!! I still love my magazines too though.

  2. Cyrus is so young! I didn’t even know that either!
    And hahaha, THAT GUITAR IS ROCKIN’!

  3. 3 Bec

    I am a magazine addict, but I read the paper on line at school since I am to poor as a student to get a subscription…

  4. wow that pizza looks out of this worllddd! and i’ve given up cheese for 30 days, so its me cheese friendly 🙂 YUMMERSSS

  5. 5 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    that dinner looks amazing 🙂 sooo good!
    you sure do love the Sweet potatoes.
    yay for it being so nice out today,
    enjoy it my love 🙂

  6. I’m so excited for your summer adventure!! You will have a legit blast! Farmacy sounds like heaven in Athens! Glad you found somewhere to get your fix!

    SWEET POTATO?! ON A PIZZA?! Genius! Pure, genius!

    I’m a magazine whore – it’s redic! I have stacks!!

  7. 7 BB

    omgahhh awesome guitars! i’ve had my eye on a yellow les paul because it resembles a banana but i’d rather have peppers 😉
    i’ve never even heard of the movie sex drive and now i know why haha and that’s so awesome that you found a new grocery store. it’s like finding treasure isn’t it?!
    although i prefer print newspapers, online news is a lot more accessible. have a beautiful weekend girl!

  8. 8 sue

    congrats on getting your story on the front page…and finding the farmacy!

  9. Ew, Miley Cyrus makes me want to puke. Not even joking.


    Mmm, sweet potato pizza sounds heavenly!

  10. Alison Krauss, much?

    You have the coolest places around there, I swear. I’m moving in to Jungle Jim’s next week.

    Quit renting porn, okay?

    Have a good weekend, Kailey love!

  11. Wow, talk about a score on your apartment for VegNews! That is amazing! I am so happy for you – I know it’s going to rock da hizzouse.

    That guitar is freakin’ amazing! I would learn to play just to be able to strum a tune on that 😉

    Sweet potato on pizza?! Yes, please!

    I agree with you 100% on your news question. I read magazines on cardio machines to relax me, and in bed when I could use a way to relax!

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  12. Kailey!!! Farmacy sounds like such a perfect little food shop!!!! The exact same thing happened to me last weekend, and I was just as excited!! It’s also 5 minutes in a direction I never walk, and I know the people are going to get all too familiar with me by the end of the semester….which is only 4 weeks away!!

    That sweet potato pizza looks fab, I definitely would have ordered the same thing! 🙂

    San fran is going to be such a great experience, I am so excited for you….everything just keeps getting better and better!!

    And i’m going to go check out your little published piece, miss superstar!! Can’t wait to see the friday night outfit, I’m definitely a fashion girl too and your carrie-inspired outfit won my heart! 🙂

  13. that guitar looks really really cool! wow!
    and sweet potato in pizza! YUM! that’s actually very common in korean-style pizzas! They also had ones with chestnuts, and potato. It’s soooo good.
    I’m so excited for you…just 5 weeks left! AAH! I’m living vicariously through you because you’re doing all the things I dream to do too!
    hmm…newspapers…We order the Washington Post and I skim through some of them, though I hardly read news about the war and stuff because I’m getting quite sick and depressed about it. I love to read the opinion page though, and of course the food section. Oh, I also read Time magazine and the National Geographic and the occasional tabloid! hee hee. But I also subscribe to online newspaper feeds, but I don’ read them all the time.

  14. i want to lick your toes.

    ..i screen.
    because that pizza
    looks feckin bomb.

  15. 15 Maya

    Sweet potato pizza! Glorious!

    I do read print newspapers and magazines. It is definitely convenient that the content is available online, but honestly, nothing is better than newspaper in my hands while eating breakfast, or a Vogue to flip through in bed. Maybe it’s not eco friendly, but I recycle! Probably all print journalism will go to the web eventuallym which will be sad for me, maybe I,ll be more used to the idea by then.

  16. I love finding new organic shops! I’ve localized all of them in my town and I’m ridiculously excited every time a new one opens. I have my favorite that I go to ALL the time. It’s a very small organic shop run by a family and since I’ve been going there for over two years they recognize me and always say hi, they’re super friendly.

    I still read newspapers in paper form, I usually read it with breakfast if we’re subscribing otherwise I grab one of the free newspapers to read on the subway or bus. I also read a ton of other magazines. I’m so jealous you’ll be living with someone from VegNews, right above the office no less. LUCKY!

  17. yessssss, gotta love the thrill of a new discovery such as farmacy! love how only bloggers like us would get excited about something like that — i swear my friends would be like “big freaking deal…” haha! cant wait to see what you come up with from all of your adventures to come!

    hmm newspapers. im a journalism major myself, and it saddens me that newspapers are slowly dying, but i understand why! i work at the newspaper at school (advertising side, though) so i certainly have a soft-spot in my heart for college papers, though i often forgo normal papers for the internet version or…glamour. haha im a total magazine junkie too! love it!

    have a fabulous saturday, pretty! xox

  18. so happy you found a place that sells all that delicious stuff!!! in love with that pizza you ordered– sweet taters on a pizza sounds like heaven!!

    i dont read newspapers at all– i usually just skim headlines and articles on but i do my love trashy mags 🙂 heh love u girl xo

  19. PIZZA!

    I love magazines as well, but haven’t read the newspaper in ages!

  20. LOVED that pepper guitar!

    and, alas, I WRITE for the newspaper and I still rarely read em except online.
    no wonder they are dying off….

  21. 21 eatlivelovedream

    Sweet potato pizza?! Genius!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!!
    I get all my info from magazines and of course the internet!

  22. oh my goshhh i’m dying of laughter because a. you are funnay, and b. one of the frequent searches for my blog (LORD knows why???!!) Is “cream-colored cabana pants” hahahha…gets me every time! Maybe that’s how you found me ;D

  23. Look at all of those delish eats!!!! I am loving your blog!

  24. everything in this post is seriously making me so happy! i love your yogurt mess, obviously, and that pizza!!! and discovering a food store heaven…best feeling ever!!

  25. i love that song!
    and fantasizing about summer clothing is not crazy at all — it’s one of the only ways to keep sane amidst all the greyness!
    such fun news about the san fran living arrangement. SO convenient.
    and that guitar is amazing. how do you have so many exciting things for me to comment on in ONE post???
    that store is an awesome discovery. too bad you only have 5 weeks left to enjoy it!

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