How to Love a Legume


Benvenuto! What a day it has been! Though I didn’t have classes Tuesday, it was a busy day that had me walking to and from my house three times. My roomie informed me that it’s about .8 miles from our house to any main building on campus, so I feel as though I covered some ground today!

Having managed to get almost seven hours of sleep, I woke up a few minutes before my 7:45 a.m. alarm. It probably isn’t a good thing when your body is confused my sleeping longer than five hours. Tisk tisk. I ate half a naner with some Mighty Maple p.b. (unpictured), did some bathroom things, put on the gym clothes, checked to see if the latest Glamour was in my backpack and headed to the gym.

A 45-minute elliptical session always puts me in a fabulous mood. It’s 45 minutes of just me, a magazine and my thoughts…oh, and sweat dripping into my eyes and in-between my tots. I did a speedy round of ab work and headed off to my first interview of the day. I cleaned up a bit, don’t worry.

The interview was to take place at 10 a.m., and the professor only had 15 minutes. This would have been fine had she shown up. I waited 15 minutes, left a note and high-tailed it back to my place to shower, eat and get ready for the other three interviews. I felt awful leaving, but I couldn’t wait much longer before throwing off my other interviews, and she didn’t have any time after 10:15. I did what I could. The professor did email me with an apology and said to call her whenever.

That’s of no importance, though. What’s important is this obnoxiously delicious breakfast I had:

That's my dresser with lime green accesories of an alarm clock and jewelry case

That's my dresser with lime green accessories of an alarm clock and jewelry case

I can’t fool you. This is the same mix I had last week, but with fat free plain Stonyfield yogurt instead of cottage cheese. Both are satisfying; I don’t play favorites. You really need a closer look…

The heated peanut butter dripped over the creamy, yogurt-coated sweet fruits and Kashi Honey Sunshine pillows. Does that sound good?

The heated peanut butter dripped over the creamy, yogurt-coated sweet fruits and Kashi Honey Sunshine pillows. Does that sound good?

In the bowl: 1/2 C yogurt, cinnamon, strawberries, 1/2 naner, Kashi Go Lean, Kashi Honey Sunshine, Smucker’s All Natural p.b. Heaven, I’m in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…

I left the house for the second time after breakfast. First up was a triathloner named Jake. Finding total strangers in a coffee shop full of people is, well, challenging. I sat for a while, searched for people who looked as though they were searching, too. I spotted a guy in a white tee shirt, sitting with his laptop and listening to something on his headphones. After several minutes, I worked up the courage to walk toward him. I saw that his coffee to-go cup said “Jake.” Perfect!
Me: Hi! Are you Jake?
Jake: (looking perplexed, wondering why this chick is talking to him) Uhh, yeah?
Me: I’m Kailey! I’m supposed to talk to you today about triathlons?
Jake: Ummm, no, I don’t think so.

OOPS! What are the odds that it was a Jake, but the wrong Jake? Luckily, two seconds later the real Jake caught my attention. I just laughed the embarassment away and carried on with the real SlimShady Jake. He was a chatterbug, which is a dream for me! Yes, give me all the information you have! Immediately after Jake was Erin, who was super friendly and sweet. Both gave me excellent information about how to train for a triathlon, the necessary gear, the mindset while you’re competing, what keeps them coming back to triathlons…such great info on something with which I’m unfamiliar.

The interviews took a couple hours, and then I visited Muffin in the newsroom. Though it seemed as if I’d just eaten, it had really been three or so hours since breakfast. My tum felt lonely, so I headed home again. Hmmm, what to do for lunch? Huge Jass salad. Ok, it wasn’t Huge Jass, it was more Medium Jass:

Chickplease Salad

Chickplease Salad

In the Chickplease salad: broccoli slaw, romaine, baby toms, celery, chickpeas, raspberry vinaigrette and …because what goes better with chickpeas than…more chickpeas!…in the form of hummus.

Getting close to the legume love

Getting close to the legume love

With the legume and lettuce love, I had a Granny Smith. For a year or so in high school and after, I refused to eat any other kind of apple. Clearly, I hadn’t known the sweet nectar of a Honeycrisp or tarty teaser that is a Pink Lady. It felt good to be with my old companion today:

Ignore my cuticles and crooked, dirty throw rugs AND robe belt that's dangling

Ignore my cuticles and crooked, dirty throw rugs AND robe belt that's dangling

My stomach felt a little…liquidy after the salad and the apple. A Fig Newman fixed that right quick:

Practicing my hand modeling.

Practicing my hand modeling.

Then it was time for interview numba three, which, funny enough, was also the third time I left my house for the day. Sometimes I try to make a game of looking for things on my street I’ve never noticed before. Today: the mud patterns by the house under construction have stretched further into the street. Thrilling, no?

The last interview was fantastic. Dan talked forever about little details that perfectly filled in holes from others’ comments. Details about shirts, shoes, bikes, cost, social life, etc. that I had wanted to know. He also brought an issue of Triathlete for me to have. What a sweetie!

We chatted for an hour before I headed to the newsroom to write a blog post for the paper’s website. Muffin was there as well, so we laughed and talked and worked on our respective writings. By the time 6 p.m. rolled around, I was already supah hungry!  Just in time for a dinner date with MisterMan!

I treated MisterMan to dinner tonight at Restaurant Salaam. Mainly, I needed to eat there again before I could write about it for my magazine writing class, so I lured him into it by assuring him I’d pay. I am SO LOVING doing research for this piece.

Salaam was covered with richly-colored rugs and tapestries, and the chant-like music created a laid-back atmosphere. To start, we ordered the Meze Platter, which had Baba Gannouj, Hummus and Dolmas:

Meze Platter with yummy bread

Meze Platter with yummy bread

Okay, so I didn’t step out of my favorite flavors with this dish. But how could I pass up this plate of goodness?:

True beauty

True beauty

MisterMan and I nearly cleaned that plate (and I couldn’t tell you how many pieces of bread I consumed; I wasn’t keeping track). The hummus had a lemon background, and the baba gannouj had a hint of eggplant with a slightly bitter finish. The man didn’t like the baba, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then came dinner, with which I tried to branch out a bit. Yes it is a stew/soup, but I’ve never had a Moroccan dish before this. I apologize for its blurriness, but I present to you Vegan Harira:

This was incredible

This was incredible

Legume love continued through to dinner. This stew taught me how to use lentils in another delicious way, as well as taught me how to use cinnamon, cumin and tomatoes to create a delicately sweet base. I fell in love with this dish. I’m already looking up recipes!

Here is something essential to loving legumes: one must drink plenty of water before, during and after consumption. I’m sipping Yogi Stomach Ease tea right now…ya know, just to be cautious. 🙂

Wednesday is another crazy day of classes: 9-11 a.m., 1-3 p.m., 3-5, 5-7, then practice 9-10. Tomorrow night I’ll also be writing my triathlon article, and maybe sleeping. Who knows.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely first half of the week! It’s flying by. Much love.

Ciao for now,


Question: Does anything rhyme with legume?
I couldn’t think of anything.


21 Responses to “How to Love a Legume”

  1. legume you moon
    legume you’re a bafoon
    legume you look like a goon
    legume LOOK AT THE MOON
    legume shlaywoon
    legume blegrume
    legume ma(y)roon

    ya, I went as far as to look it up in the rhymezone dictionary. NO ENTRY FOUND.

    i like my made up words better anyway.

    thanks for the hw distraction. im brain frieeeeeeeeeeeeeed if you couldn’t tell! 🙂

    happy Wednesday Kailey!

  2. 2 BB

    haha the jake story is so funny. Seriously, what are the odds! I used to eat the stonyfield plains sooo much when I was in college in maine. I keep this on the DL but I snagged one, two, three.. four.. (you get the point) every time I left the dining hall. Then I stuck it in my fridge back in the dorm and popped a container open every day multiple times. My roommates made fun of my love of yogurt but they don’t know what they were missing LOL. I’ve never tried baba ganoush but after seeing how much you enjoyed it, I think I need to branch out. Unfortunately I know of ZERO mediterranean or other exotic places around town. I need to do some research..

  3. Wow even without classes, looks like you had a busy, yet productive day! And um yes, that breakfast is immaculate 😉

  4. Legume rhymes with Heidi Klum. You’re welcome.

    Your Hugh Jass looks awesome. That is probably the only time you will ever hear that phrase in your life.

    Your dinner is the stuff my dreams are made of.

    Good night, Kailey!

  5. Hummus & Chickpeas?!?! Loves it!

    Ahh your dinner is making me so hungry and it’s only like 6am!!! haha

  6. Legume rhyme = perfume?? 😀

  7. 7 Anna

    Hmmmm, nothing’s coming to mind. That’s a tough one.
    I know exactly what you mean about running between home and class all day. My neighbors must think I have nothing better to do.

    Have a delightful Hump Day!

  8. I have the mental image of you power walking with wrist bands, a pedometer, knee high socks, the whole shebang in my head now! No?! That’s not what it looks like?! Okay 😉

    My cam would match your lime green decor! Get out of here with that Med. deliciousness! I’m thinking I need to take a road trip after seeing that divine plate of hummus!

  9. 9 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sweetheart,
    Love all the eats! especially the chickpea salad!
    haha thats so coincedental that there was another jake there…at least you found the right one in the end 🙂 glad the interviews went well!!
    granny smith apples are defo my fav ones too!
    have a great wendsday 🙂
    much love

  10. Sarah wins with Heidi Klum…..I can’t beat that!

    Yumm SERIOUSLY?! That dinner out looks like the most ideal, beautiful, delicious dinner ever! hahaha, I just love hummus platters! I had them both nights out when i was with the bro this weekend! Baba Gannouj is super good too, I love eggplants!

    So glad the interviews went well, that must have been such an interesting topic! 2 of my brothers have done triathalons and now I’m kinda interested in asking them some more questions about it, for fun!

    I need to try that breakfast….I need to try smucker’s pb.

  11. 11 Colleen


  12. schmegume?
    lovin that dinner.. i want to eat that bread! it looks absolutely AMAZING! 🙂 love your salads, hope you had a wonderful wednesday girly 🙂

  13. i heard somewhere that the only words in the english language with no rhyme are: orange, purple and silver..?? Weird huh, okay back to costa rica!! 😀

  14. 14 Meg

    Love all the amazing eats! Glad the interviews went well!

  15. Get a room…
    Get off my boyf’s broom!
    You better clean that off with kaboom! …

    Clearly my mind is grotesque. Thank you and goodnight. (ps) love!

  16. 16 caitlin

    I think we’re all finding something hilariously enjoyable about this post. Sweatin between your tots!? LOVE it

  17. 17 dailydulcie

    Hey pumpkin 🙂 That’s so funny how at first you talked to the wrong Jake! Luckily, you ended up finding the “right one” haha. It sounds like both interviews went well. It was good that they both talked a lot so you were able to get lots of info.

    The bread and hummus from Restaurant Salaam looks FABULOUS! I love legumes also ❤

    Hope your crazy day of classes today went welL!

    much love darling,
    dulcie xo


  19. [i just made that up!]

  20. ohhhhh that yogurt mess DOES look SOOOO good!!!! i just had one and i want another right now 🙂

  21. 21 Emily


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