Keepin’ It Real…Simple

Hola! Did everyone have a thrilling and spectacular Monday? I can’t say that I did, as classes from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. prevent much from happening. That’s not to say I didn’t get anything out of my day. I definitely learned a thing or two.

A solid five hours of sleep flew by before I was harshly jolted awake by my alarm clock. I saved a project till last minute, cranked it out, had enough time to get seven hours of sleep, but decided staying up until goodness-knows-when to read blogs. I felt so out of the loop!

Breakfast was a clear choice this morning. I needed warmth, sweetness and nuttiness. Hmmm, that could describe so many things. But of course I mean oats:

Cinnamon banana peanut butter oats with black coffee

Cinnamon banana peanut butter oats with black coffee

Foods sound so much better when you give them a title. In the bowl: 1/2 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, nutmeg, 1/2 naner, spoonful Smucker’s All Natural p.b. Though these tasted banana-ey and cinnamony enough, the texture was way off today. Almost like gelatinous eggs. Whatevs. I ate them.

Banana, oat n' p.b. porn

Banana, oat n' p.b. porn

I left my house early today to take care of some biznass. First, I stopped by the gas station to purchase gum and exchange a dollar for dimes. The dimes were necessary for the next daunting, hellish task: photocopying.

Now, I’m not sure whether it’s just my ineptitude, or whether I just have bad luck with technology. After printing off several copies of a department query letter (for magazine feature writing class), I tried to make six copies of a page from a magazine. This took 20 minutes, two people, two dollars and a near conniption fit. I had to calm myself: “Kailey, it’s only the beginning of the day. You can’t be upset now. You have eight hours of class still. Stop being a baby.”

The pep-talk worked. In magazine class we had to read our work to the class, then get into small groups to evalutate one another’s writing. This always gets me hot and bothered (and not in a good way). I start to sweat a little as people read over my work. For anyone who is a writer, I’m sure you know what it’s like to have someone analyze your baby and dismember it. Actually, for anyone with any passion, you probably know that uncomfortable feeling. Thankfully, I received positive feedback from both my classmates and professor, and all had excellent suggestions.

Before I knew it, it was time for my early-bird, 11:30 a.m. lunch. The fridge was bare and sad, and I scraped together what I could. Eats today were rather simple. Simplicity, however, is often surprisingly satisfying.

Real Simple lunch :)

Real Simple lunch 🙂

For lunch I had the rest of the produce in my fridge: cherry toms, carrots, sugar snap peas. The wrap was a delight today. I heated up some chickpeas in the micro with garam masala, then mashed them with a Laughing Cow on a Flat-Out, dotted it with mustard, and rolled that baby. It desperately cried for spinach or some green crunch, but I was pleased nonetheless. To get some fruit in (other than the toms), I cracked open these little naughties:

Newman's Own Organics Fig Newmans

Newman's Own Organics Fig Newmans

I actually had a couple last night, but wanted to share that picture. Doesn’t it make you want to sink your pearly whites into them immediately? Yeah, me too. As I said, to round out my lunch I had one:

Good little gomer

Good little gomer

These are chewy, dense and not as sweet as Fig Newtons, which I find enchanting. Something else I find enchanting is walking in the rain 20 minutes back to campus. Not. At least it’s not 2* out and pelting ice nuggets at me.

Classes were the same as usual: entertaining. I am so fortunate to finally enjoy all my classes. I get to chat about cultures and novels, play with Photoshop (oh nelly, I am so bad at this right now) and write magazine pieces. Yes, I am bragging 😉

To keep me hopping like a happy bunny throughout the block of 1-7 p.m. classes, I had these snacklettes on hand:

TJ's Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars; 1/2 naner with a few roasted, salted almonds

TJ's Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars; 1/2 naner with a few roasted, salted almonds

The naner with almonds were eaten after the 1-3 p.m. class, and the TJ’s CrackBars were eaten after the 3-5 p.m. class. This held me over juuust long enough to make dinner.

Dinner was a bit of a challenge. I really wanted a salad. No lettuce. No tomatoes. No cukes. What do I always have on hand, though? At least one giant sweet potato. To accompany it, I made some blah lentils with broccoli.

Lentils surrounded by a lot of love

Lentils surrounded by a lot of love

While the taters were baking, I thought it would be good to work on a protein. Into a pot went 1/4 C lentils, 1 clove garlic, garam masala, crushed red pepper and cumin. I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer with broccoli until I could wait no longer. It doesn’t look too bad…

...but they were too watery

...but they were too watery

It’s hard to go back to plain, simple lentils after you’ve had the vegan delicacy that is Veganomicon Snobby Joes. I ate a few forkfuls with broccoli, but couldn’t finish it. I did manage to eat the Great Wall of SWEET POTATO! Please be assured that I ate HFCS-filled Heinz ketchup with my wall.

Little blurry, lotta beauty

Little blurry, lotta beauty

After dinner I rushed around Wal-Mart, quickly scooping up fresh produce. I didn’t purchase anything too exciting, or else I’d share. Most of it was lettuce, apples, naners, strawberries, broccoli slaw, things of that nature, tofu, Kashi Heart to Heart, Stoneyfield Fat Free Plain Yogurt (switch to organic dairy, just do it), OH! and some Luna bars and a Clif Mojo (they are too good to pass up).

Tuesday is going to be oddly busy. I am interviewing sources for a couple stories I’m working on (cringe at ending the clause with a preposition, but I’m moving on now). The interviews are at 10 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 1:45 p.m. and 4 p.m. To fit in a workout, I’m getting up early to get it out of the way before the choppy schedule. By the way, these are much more “conversations” than they are “interviews.”

I’ll also be doing research all week for a department piece I’m writing for magazine feature writing. My research entails eating vegan in Athens restaurants. Yessss!!!

Alrighty pudding pops, it’s time to get my SnackFace on while reading about your days. Love you long time.

Ciao for now,


Question: When you dine out, what do you look for in a vegan or vegetarian dish?
I tend to go for things I know I already like, such as Mediterranean flavors, salads and soups. Sistah needs to branch out.


21 Responses to “Keepin’ It Real…Simple”

  1. 1 Bec

    Love the SP wall!

  2. Okay, so much…um yes, food tastes better with fancy titles, it’s scientifically proven, by ME. 😉

    And I’m glad your pep talk at the photocopier worked, that would stress me out too!!

    I adore adore adore your Great Wall of Sweet Potatoes, would you post your recipe (even if you already have) again because they always look really perfect!!

    I never purposefully have ordered vegan or vegetarian, so I have NO idea what I would get if I were presented with options. Most likely things I’d heard about in the blogosphere…but who knows?!

  3. Oh I love your description of the day! You just write so eloquently and in such a cute manner!!
    I’m with ya, completely hate when you gotta do the peer-reading in english….I just get so nervous, but it’s usually positive feedback…so us girls gotta just cut ourselves some slack!
    I crave your sweet-p wall…….I must make that the first night I’m home for summer, haha! And I definitely wanna dig my pearly whites into the fig newtons, not gonna lie……tj’s fig bars are really good too though…..try them!? 🙂

  4. PS!!….if the restaurant has fake chicken or tofu or tempeh…..I usually go for that! It’s all so tasty and gooood…but I also think I typically go the med. route too, this whole weekend we always got the pita & hummus platters as an appetizer first thing, you just know it’s gonna be good!

  5. Hey thanks for the sweet comment! Yeah it’s definitely a rough time for me and a lot of my friends but hopefully we’ll get through it. I love blogworld and how supportive people can be! Thanks again!!

    And I’m not vegetarian/vegan, but when I do go out to eat, I love steamed veggies [so ordinary but so delicious for some reason!?]. I also love indian food.. I think it’s pretty easy to go meatless at an Indian place!

  6. All the COOL kids had broccoli with garam masala with their dinners. And all the COOL kids now have stinky broccoli gas to go with their stinky broccoli homes. I keep it real, no?

    You know your lunch was just a hummus wrap incognito. I saw right though your “mashed chickpea” farce.

    I don’t usually have a ton of vegetarian/vegan options, so pretty much I just order the one suitable dish on the menu. I am so helpful.

    Don’t stay up too late!!!

  7. So glad that the pep-talk worked for ya!!

    SWEET POTATOES!!!!!! 😀

    To see what I look for when I dine out, please see my current blog post, haha 😉

  8. ahhh what a day! and i thought my monday was busy…pshhh.

    love your creativity despite the odds you were up against — but i’m glad youre fully restocked now, seriously makes me feel so much better after i hit up the groc every time! thank god for sweet potatoes though!

    umm im always boring and end up ordering the same or similar stuff on menus but im trying to branch out! that being said, though im not a vegetarian or vegan, i often do go for those kind of dishes (salad, soup) …and then promptly ask for chicken on top!

    haha have a fantastic tuesday! xoxox

  9. Mmm great eats today.

    LOVE the Sweet Potato wall! haha

    Hopefully today is less busy for you and you can get enough sleep girl!!!

  10. No spectacular Monday here either 😦 I loathe when people edit my stuff and I don’t even write that much. It’s just like it’s something so personal who is this person to tell me it’s not good enough, you know?! Of course you do!

    First that wrap – YUM!! Second I think after I polish off these Kermit Hermits I’m going to have to crank open the Fig Newman’s! Those look DELISH!! Great wall of SP – LOVES IT!

    I’m the same way when I’m eating out (who would have guessed we eat alike?!), give me some pita, hummus, falafel, or soup and I’m set. Oh wait, maybe a brewskie or five 😉

  11. Sweet potatoes!
    I keep on staring at that awesome cool mug! LOL

  12. 12 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie
    tanks for the sweet comment 🙂 it made me smile!!
    i say this everytime, but man your dinner always makes me crave some SP :)! i have you to thank for giving me the idea to cut them into rounds instead of fries…now no lil bits get burnt cause theyre all the same many of my SP fries used to end up in the bin cause they were too thin to last in the oven…came out black as a peice of charcoal..poor things…..
    Wow mondays are very long for you indeedys, but im glad you like the classes 🙂 makes it more tolerable!
    wowzer, that wrap looks so good, and mushed chickpeas with garam masala?…i have some unopened wraps and i like that idea….:)
    way to go on pep talking yourself after having issues with the photocopier!
    have a great night hun
    much love
    (sorry i wrote you a novel haha…)

  13. 13 gina (fitnessista)

    i love the great wall of sweet potato… now that is a wall i would be willing to climb for 4 hours 😉
    glad to know you liked the newtons! i’ll pick some up for the hubby
    have a great day ❤

  14. 14 BB

    Im not a writer by any means so it feels extra worse when someone critiques it because i know it’s bad haha. I havent tried out the snobby joes but now i really want to, i love lentils! Good luck with your busy day!

  15. I couldn’t agree more – food taste SO much better with a name 🙂
    that sweet potato wall is sick!!! love it 🙂 oh and the broccoli too!

  16. my looove!! you are one busy lady!! love pb n naner oats– just the best. clif mojos are the best– seriously mountain mix– cannot live without it.

    the article sounds so cool! whenever i eat veg/vegan i want TOFU!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and sweet taters heheeh .

    love uuu

  17. You’ve inspired me to bake up some sweet potato goodness for dinner. The fig cookies look good, I may have to try some soon.

  18. 18 dailydulcie

    Hi sexy mamaaa,

    I hate copy machines. I just do.. they frustrate me so I totally feel your pain!

    I definitely would love those Fig Newman’s! They look extremely tasty.

    Gotta love the Great Wall of Sweet Potato!!!!!!

    Hope the interviewing went well darling 🙂

  19. yeah, I totally get what you mean! I get very anxious when other people read my writing to analyze it, too!
    Wow! You’re quite the architect! The Great Wall of Sweet Potato! I’ll love to live encased in that wall! But it’ll probably be gone very quickly…into my tummy that is! haha.
    I don’t really look for vegan/veg items in resaurants, but if they are made up of cool unsual stuff like hijike seaweed or unique sauces and dressings like creamy cashew dressing, I’ll order that!

  20. 20 eatlivelovedream

    I’m wanting some sweet tators now!!!
    Hmmmm… When I go out to restaurants I usually find what I’m craving and ask them to make a couple of adjustments so it’s vegan. They are always so kind and willing to do that:)

  21. kailey,
    I am sooo sorry to hear that the professor didn’t show up :\ thats not cool! thats too funny though that two people had the name jake in the same place! As soon as I get home I am trying the mashed chickpea/laughing cow wrap! sounds delicious !

    For vegan/veggie meals I look anything that won’t be covered in cheese and is not just a garden salad.

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