Happy Friday, kids! I’ve been enjoying the beginning of my four day weekend. It’s odd not having obligations, but it also gives me ample time to relax, work on a TON of homework and cook!

I woke up Thursday not feeling particularily hungry, but knew I should have a lil’ sumthin’ before my workout.

Mini Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar

Mini Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar

These are quite scrumptious, but they appear as though they’ve already been digested… by someone who doesn’t eat enough greens:



I’m sorry that I’m a bit gross. Moving along…At the gym I ellipticalized for 35 minutes, then did some weights/sad strength training. I came home, showered and had the most backwards meal. First up was a raw snack plate:

Broccoli, celery, apple, hummus, salsa

Broccoli, celery, apple, hummus, salsa

When it’s beautiful and warm outside, all I want is veg. This was delightful, and after I needed something a bit warm. I also needed grains. Enter the breakfast course:

1/4 C oats, protein powda, cinnamon, water, Smucker's All Natural p.b.

1/4 C oats, protein powda, cinnamon, water, Smucker's All Natural p.b.

I also drank coffee with that. My cravings were wackadoodle, but all I could do was roll with it. I was positively stuffed after this.

With a full tum, I headed to The Post newsroom for a couple hours. I emailed sources, researched story ideas and managed to feel accomplished. It’s amazing what one can finish when she tells herself, “NO GOOGLE READER.”

Eventually, I walked home and cracked open a cold one. No, not really. I did, however, crack open a new novella: First Love by Ivan Turgenev. After a page or two I wondered, “what’s on Bravo right now?” Mistake. I turned it on and Make Me a Supermodel was on. Does anyone else watch and love this? I love modeling shows (shocking, right?) and this is much more legit than ANTM. I have a great ANTM story/experience…anyone interested in hearing about it?

So basically, homework flew out the window. I snacked on strawberries and cream with peanut butter crumbles while watching:

Sweet strawberries, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 crumbled TJ's Crunchy P.B. granola bar

Sweet strawberries, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 crumbled TJ's Crunchy P.B. granola bar

I thought TJ’s crunchies couldn’t get any better. Oh they do. They love to mingle with your milk of choice. So amazing. It wasn’t long after this that I realized I was ready for a real meal. Dinner after dessert? I love to eat backwards, apparently. With extra time on my hands, I made a lazy version of Veganomicon’s black bean burgers. Actually, the only thing similar about my patty and V’Con’s was the usage of black beans and vital wheat gluten. I think. And what goes better with black beans than a sweet tater?

Burger, fries and artsy ketchup

Burger, fries and artsy ketchup

How am I not orange yet? So here’s what was in the patty:
-unknown amount of black beans, smashed with fork
-chopped celery
-chopped spinach
-spices: pepper, chili powder, red pepper flakes, oregano poweder
-a shake of vital wheat gluten

I fried them in a pan with non-stick spray for an unknown amount of time on either side. I’m sorry that I neither measure things nor time them. It was deeelicious, though! Next time I need to put more wheat gluten to help it hold together more and give it a chewier texture.

Here is a repeat of the sweet tater technique, as some of you have asked for that again:
-heat oven to 450*
-line baking sheet with tin foil; spray with non-stick
-cut tater into desired shapes and spread evenly on sheet; sprinkle desired spice and spray again
-put in oven for 15 minutes; flip, place back in oven for 15 minutes
-that should to it!
I use a gas oven, so I only have to put the taters back in for a little less than 10 minutes once flipped. Fifteen per side in an electric oven should work, though!

After dinner, I had the other half of the TJ’s granola bar with more almond milk and a few grapes. And then the last of the cinnamon-dusted chocolate-covered almonds 🙂 Dessert before and after dinner? Even better. MisterMan picked me up later, and we spent some quality time together.

This morning I was bright-eyed at 8:30 a.m. and more than ready for breakfast. What I had will not surprise you:

Bottom up: protein powda, Kashi Go Lean & Crunch, half naner, almond milk

Bottom up: protein powda, Kashi Go Lean & Crunch, half naner, almond milk

I have a deep passion for both cereal and Kashi. I won’t apologize for that. I also need to thank Erin for sharing the pro-powda-at-the-bottom-of-the-bowl trick. Brils. I sipped coffee and read for a couple hours. Okay, so I may have watched Heidi Klum’s True Hollywood story, too. Living vicariously, folks.

I got hungry again and had the other half of my breakfast naner with some PB& Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. I have maybe a tablespoon or two left, so I’m using it up very slowly. That stuff is dangerously delectable.

At the gym, I did 5.5 miles on the elliptical (or so it says) while reading Turgenev’s First Love. This novella is fascinating so far, and it did a fabulous job of distracting me from the sweat dripping down my everything. I finished up with ab work and my hilarious attempts at push-ups. I’m workin’ on it!

I walked home in the cold rain and wind only to have an equally cold lunch. Another crudite-style snack plate was devoured:

Crunchy: broccoli, celery, apple, cukes, huge glod of hummus, mini La Tortilla, salsa

Crunchy: broccoli, celery, apple, cukes, huge glob of hummus, mini La Tortilla, salsa

By the end of “lunch” I was so cold I curled up in a ball, hugging my legs. Then I took an unneccesarily long, steamy shower. Actually, whenever I shave my legs in the shower I feel as if it takes forever! Anyone with me? I have a 34″ inseam, which may have something to do with it. Darn you, amazon legs.

I’m hungry again and not sure what to have. You’ll see that tomorrow! I’m going to finish this novella, get ready to meet up with Muffin and eventually head out for a night on the town! I’m so loving life right now. I hope you all have incredible weekends!

Ciao for now,



18 Responses to “Backwards”

  1. 1 Bec

    I’ll have to check out that show! Lets hear the ANTM story 🙂

  2. 2 sue

    haha that first bit was gross but funny 🙂 of course we want to hear the ANTM story! have a great friday night!

  3. I would love to hear the story!!!

    Yeah…how come you aren’t orange yet? I’m jealous =)

  4. I really adore your observations of the Clif bar! I try telling myself “NO GOOGLE READER” but it backfires every damn time!

    MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL! Gurrrl you know I watch that from time to time – that british guy, love him! I want the story – you can’t just leave me hanging like that, nice try! I want to try the PB granolas with Greek yogurt 🙂

    Move over Top Chef!! I take supah long showers – it’s great but my skin hates me! Oh and you have amazon legs, I have amazon torso. When I used to have to get measured for things they would ALWAYS have to pull out the extra measuring tape just for your girl K. It’s great 😉


  5. hi girlie
    great eats 🙂 haha i think i was just put off clif bars (totally icky discription will change my love of them…)
    shaving takes FOREVER and i dont even have amazon legs 😛
    i definetly wanna hear the story 🙂
    have a great friday!
    much love

  6. Hahaha, you are hilarious! LOL!!!
    Totally love your eats!!!!

  7. 7 Sarah

    Screw your ANTM story.

    I kid. Of course I want to hear it, and now I have to wait until you are done enjoying your Friday night with your Muffin. I’ll be patient, have fun!!!

  8. ” have a great ANTM story/experience…anyone interested in hearing about it?”

    YES, PLEASE!!!

    And thank you again for posting your SP cooking technique!!

    Have a blast tonight!!

  9. Tell us the ANTM story!!! Don’t tell me you made the show….knowing you, you probably did but had to decline because of school or something! 🙂

    And I am definitely a fan of make me a supermodel!! mentioned in a post I wrote a few days ago!! it’s so much more fun than antm and there are some gorgeous boys to look at too! all this food looks beautifullll, love your little veggie platters! 🙂

  10. OH PS…YESSS, SHAVING LEGS = LONGEST SHOWERS OF MY LIFEEEE!!!! I too have amazon legs, hahah, it’s not such a horrible thing though!

  11. 11 BB

    I want the full ANTM story! and seeing your sweet tater discs makes me wanna try out your method.

  12. yay for loving life!! and obv you have to tell the antm story now 😛

    your strawbs and cream and pb snack looks sooooo yummy. i hope i get hungry again someday so i can eat that!

  13. LOVE your eats– i cannot live without kashi cereal, or any kashi product! so good 🙂 im dying to hear this ANTM story! do tell! LOVE ur veggie burger and sweet taters per usual.. have a great day beautiful snackbaby

  14. im fivetwo and all torso.
    aka it takes me like uh..
    thirtyseven seconds to
    shave my wee legs. ballin!

  15. 15 dailydulcie

    I hope you are enjoying the start to your 4 day weekend lovely.

    I sometimes eat dessert before dinner also. We’re just cool like that 😉

    Every time you make your delicious sweet taters.. I crave them like MAD! Give me some pretty please!!

    Thanks again for your splendid sweet tater technique!~ Gotta make those babies soon!

    I totally agree about shaving in the shower.. takes freakin foreverrrrrrr UGH!

    I’m so glad you are loving life right now.. you totally deserve it 😀

    <3much love,

  16. 16 cleanveggiex3

    haha kailey you crack me up – your description of the cliff bar could not be more dead on 😉

    oh man, lovin your sweet potatoes & veggie patty! just delicious

    glad your enjoying life!

  17. kaaaailey you never cease to entertain or amuse =) that clif bar description really is spot on, and was so eloquently put!

    uhh yeah thanks for the sweet potato lesson again because i totally haven’t tried using FOIL! i bet that’s the key part to the equation! i’ll give it a go and keep you posted.

    and as far as shaving goes? hate it, drives me crazy. but 34-inch inseam legs are NOTHING to complain about! ha! mine are freakishly long too, though, so i totally know what you mean!

    hope you had a fantastic weekend, my love. xoxox

  18. your posts are always so fun! love that outfit girl, youre rockin it!!! glad you had a great weekend! 🙂

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