My Goodies


Hello fine people! Things are already go-go-go here and I don’t mind a bit! Not yet, at least…

On Sunday I snacked for a bit before I finally got to see MisterMan. First up was a mini La Tortilla with hummus and salad leftovers that I brought from home:

Small and mighty

Small and mighty

After that I unpacked, which took forever. I’m anal about how things go back in my drawers and closet, and I figured I’d also clean along the way. I ate a banana to ease the process. I got a text from MisterMan at 2 saying that he was finally back in town and would fetch me in 30 minutes. I snacked on Trader Joe’s Crunchy peanut butter granola bars while I waited and chatted with MamaJ. Midchew I saw a male figure at the front door. MisterMan! I didn’t even swallow the bite of granola bar when I ran to the door; it just kinda hung out in my mouth. I was that excited, I guess, that I forgot how to eat. These are great though:

K, thanks for introducing me to these. Really!

K, thanks for introducing me to these. Really!

My sweetheart of a boyfriend came bearing gifts from Harrod’s in London:

Oh my yum

Oh my yum

In the bag sits cinnamon-dusted chocolate-covered almonds; next to that is a box of chocolates too pretty to eat (pshhh yeah right); next to that is a witty little book. You should see these chocolates a little closer:

Sorry for the glare...I'll give you drool-worthy chocolate pics when I eat them

Sorry for the glare...I'll give you drool-worthy chocolate pics when I eat them

We spent the afternoon together and then grabbed dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Casa Nueva. Casa makes it easy to be a vegetarian or vegan, as they have several meat-free, dairy-free options. If you have dietary needs, just let them know. First, we started with their homemade chips and salsa. These chips are baked and I could eat five pounds of them:

Roasted red pepper and garlic salsa, salsa verde, chippers

Roasted red pepper and garlic salsa, salsa verde, chippers

For an entree, I ordered the Taco Salad, which has mixed greens, vegetarian chili, guacamole and other goodies.

Devoured that beauty

Devoured that beauty

I had a Culture Staff meeting 7:30-9 p.m. and then MisterMan and I went grocery shopping. Get ready for my goodies…

All of this for less than $50

All of this for less than $50

I’ll start with bananas and go from there:
-bean sprouts
-Kashi Go Lean
-green pepper
-Pace salsa
-Plain Oikos
-Brownberry Double Protein bread (first time you’re going to see real sammies on SnackFace)
-celery is hiding behind that
-ThinkThin peanut butter
-LARA Bar, peanut butter cookie
-Two  unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
-Wishbone dressing spritzer thing
-dill pickle chips

I felt great about this trip. I loved having tons of produce around at home, so I wanted to recreate that. I did, however, have to go to both Wal-Mart and Kroger to get what I wanted, but it was worth it. I snacked on some grapes and cinnamon-dusted chocolate-covered almonds after shopping.

Sleep did not come easily Sunday night. I always get really excited about the first day of classes, and on top of that, I was thinking about the VegNews interview. Darn that busy mind! This darling breakfast helped ease me into a long Monday:

Black coffee, Plain Oikos with 1/2 naner, few strawberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

Black coffee, Plain Oikos with 1/2 naner, few strawberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

I tried to be good and not use artificially-sweetened creamer. I prefer black coffee anyway, so I don’t know why I thought I needed the creamer. It went very well with the tangy and sweet breakfast.

Loved it

Loved it

Properly fueled, I headed off to my first class of the quarter: JOUR 441J, Magazine Feature Writing. This class is AWESOME. This is exactly what I’ve wanted to do for the past two and half years, but had to suffer through required classes such as Macro and Micro Econ. It was worth the wait. Today we went around the class, talked about magazines, creating story ideas, course objectives…I smiled ear to ear the whole time. I’m such a nerd.

I bought a book for the class, decompressed for a bit and then made lunch. I craved simple veggies and fruit, so a salad was in order:

Romaine, carrot, broccoli, crumbled tempeh, dabs BBQ sauce

Romaine, carrot, broccoli, crumbled tempeh, dabs BBQ sauce

There is a Pink Lady hiding in the back, but the salad was the stunnah. Because I have class straight 3-9 on Monday and Wednesdays, I’ll probably do the big salad for lunch and bring a sandwich for dinner. I’m not happy that I’ll have to walk and eat, but it’s only twice a week. I can deal.

I was oddly pumped to have bread again. I go through phases of liking it and not liking it, but I couldn’t resist it this week. Check out this killer sammie:

On the double protein bread: original hummus, cucumber, lettuce, pickles, bean sprouts, more lettuce, mustard

On the double protein bread: original hummus, cucumber, lettuce, pickles, bean sprouts, more lettuce, mustard

When I eventually ate this, it was so good I couldn’t slow myself down. Gone in 60 seconds. Okay, no. More like a few minutes. Here’s the sammie wrapped with snacklettes I ate throughout the rest of the day:

Grapes, ThinkThin, sammie

Grapes, ThinkThin, sammie

The rest of the day was insane. I ran around between classes trying to buy all my books, trying to eat and trying to organize the next couple days in my head. I also had that interview…I’ll just say that I hope it went well. It felt pretty good, but who knows? To be honest, I’ll lose it for a bit if I don’t get it. But no more of that thinking…

I think all classes are going to be fascinating this quarter. It’s the first time every single subject has appealed to me. Before I knew it, I was out of class and and in MamaJ’s car. She had to come get me so I can go to the Long John Silver’s call back tomorrow! Stay tuned for the juicy details…:)

Ciao for now,



20 Responses to “My Goodies”


    b. im sure your interview went fantastic. :]

    c. oh man oh man. that grocery haul. i waaaaaaant.

    d. i totally agree. i was sooooo in love with all
    the yummy produce at home that for the next
    month or so im just going to splurge and make
    sure i dont have to ration myself like half an
    apple a day. were totally worth it babycakes!


    [get it..e is me! and that was the next letter!]

    f. sorry im such a spaz. !!!

  2. 2 BB

    I have to say, your first featured sandwich looks really good! i’ve never thought to put sprouts in a sammy before. And I hope your interview went well too because you should come to cali! haha

  3. I love having a fridge full of produce to “create” with, so I feel you there.

    Mister Man is the man when it comes to sewer vaneers.

    Remember, everyone loves pirate accents. In fact, it may not be too late to get an eye patch and fake hook. Work it girl.

  4. 4 sue

    soo happy it went well with the interview! i’ve got my *fingers crossed* for you girlie!
    can’t wait to hear about the call back too!

  5. What a sweetie to bring you chocolate! YUM! And delicious eats my friend! Glad you are enjoying the go-go-go. It sure is fun sometimes!


    Your boyfriend is definitely a keeper!!

    Hooray for good classes!!

  7. 7 shelby

    Mmm, now I want to try those PB granola bars.

    And those chocolates!!! YUM!

    That’s so cool how the chips are baked at the restaurant, most places I’ve been to fry them =/

    You bought a PB Larabar?! Does that mean they are back?? I haven’t seen them anywhere…

  8. 8 jlmorocco

    hey love! congrats on the call back for long john silvers! 🙂 you are awesome!! i’m drinking out of that anthropologie mug as we speak! except mine is a J lol! LOVE harrods! i hope the chocolate was amazing! have a great day xoxo

  9. hmm i’m not sure where my comment went!! i was logged into wordpress under jlmorocco so i wanted to come back and tell u its me (jaime!) heheh. congrats on the long john silvers call back! you are amaazingg 🙂
    LOVE harrods– hope you enjoy those chocolates 🙂 and im drinking out of that exact same mug– cept mine says J heheh. love u

  10. Glad you’re already lovin’ this quarter! And woo hoo for that call back girl, can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  11. 11 Bec

    good luck!

  12. Dude, I want that sandwich. I want that sandwich!! =D
    And mmmm I here you on those chips!

    Hope all goes well, and good luck!!!

  13. Your groceries look GREAT. I love produce; it makes me feel happy inside when I have a bunch of fresh veggies & fruits on hand.

    Also, we share a name…although your parents had to be sly and add an “i” in there. 🙂

  14. hi girlie
    great eats 🙂 love all the yummy buys!
    its great you are really interested in every class this semester! im sure itll make college super enjoyable!
    cant wait to hear about the audition!
    much love

  15. YAY TJS CRUNCHY PB STICKS OF HEAVEN! I may or may not be guilty of licking the wrapper of those things…

    So glad you and MisterMan are reunited 🙂 What a fab restaurant AND grocery haul – hope your bean sprouts aren’t bean boogers like mine were! If I worked for VegNews I would hire you in a heart beat! I think you should do some research for this LJS gig – you know like drink some rum and wear an eye patch?! No? Okay…just a suggestion 😉


  16. I love looking at everyone else’s groceries. Your’s looks so healthy.

  17. chips and salsa is my ultimate favoriteeeee, I could devour a pound of those bad boys too!! when I was younger I literally sat in front of the tv and just ate chips and salsa for lunch and dinner all the time, if my parent’s didn’t notice…OBSESSED!

    Ps your snack, monster salad and sandwich look beautiful! 🙂

  18. now you have me singing Ciara. my goodies my goodies..

    OMG. taco salad looks bomb dizzle!! heyo!

    and arent those trader joe’s PB granola bars THE BEST?!!!! so amazing. I gotta get some more!!


  19. aww, pretty chocolates 🙂

    love your grocery stash! Looks verrrry similar to what I came home with today. I’m so glad the PB cookie larabars are back… so yum!

  20. what a freakin haul i love it!! Goooood luck tomorrow!

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