Splendid Start


Buongiorno! Muffin and I have made it back to Athens safely, and we’ve had a splendid start to spring quarter already!

First, let me backtrack to Friday night’s dinner. Again, it was an odd mix-and-match dinner in avoidance of skin-on grilled chicken.

pineapple, salad, turd-looking stuffed grape leaves, Yukon Gold taters

pineapple, salad, turd-looking stuffed grape leaves, Yukon Gold taters

Grape leaves aren’t the most photogenic things, are they? Also, multiply the salad by three or four, and the pineapple by two, and that gives you the actual portions I consumed. For the rest of Friday night, MamaJ and I watched Quantum Solace (Casino Royale was significantly better) and then The Secret Life of Bees. Between moments when I was bawling my eyes out during Bees, I snacked on this lovely:

Digestive biscuit, Chocolate Monkey mix

Digestive biscuit, Chocolate Monkey mix

I left most of the nuts and ate the dried fruit and chocolate from the mix. After the good boo-hoo fest, bed was calling my name.

I woke up Saturday and immediately thought, “I don’t want to go back today!” There is something about lounging around the house, traipsing about town with Mumsy and eating wonderful food (that I don’t have to pay for) that is hard to leave. I kinda wish MamaJ had a house here in Athens so we could chill more often.

For breakfast I had this threepeat:

FiberOne, Kashi Vive, almond milk, strawberries

FiberOne, Kashi Vive, almond milk, strawberries

Shocking, I know. MamaJ and I headed out to fax a voucher from the Five Star photo shoot to my agency. By the time we got to my dad’s place of work to use the fax machine, I realized I’d left the voucher at home. Oops! I don’t know where my head was. Eventually we successfully faxed it (which was a challenge in itself), visited the men folk of our family (Matty Rich and Popsicle work at the same place, so cute) and then realized our tummies were growling. I got my final Panera fix:

Black bean soup, Harvest something salad, whole grain baguette

Black bean soup, Harvest something salad, whole grain baguette

I’m sorry. I forgot my camera! That lunch was incredible though. MamaJ and I couldn’t stop talking about it while we were eating. With happier tums, we left Panera and headed to Kohls so I could get some new boob holders. I don’t enjoy bra shopping, mostly because it feels odd to be topless in a dressing room. I’m always afraid there’s a camera hiding somewhere and some creep is watching me. Oddities of my mind aside, I found two lovely Maidenforms that fit well and then we skiddadled.

I rushed around the house, packing and making sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. I had to make sure not to forget this amazing mail I received today from the wonderful Kristina:

Thank you so much! SO NICE!

Thank you so much! SO NICE!

My roomie and I actually needed new oven mits because the pair we’re using right now is caked in nastiness and doesn’t always protect us from heat. This is perfect!

Before I knew it, Muffin arrived and we all packed her car with my belongings. I did NOT want to leave MamaJ at all, but I knew that once I was in Athens I’d be fine. It was great to see Muffin too because we didn’t see each other at all over break! How bizarre, how bizarre. The drive flew by thanks to healthy, yummy snacks. We had apple slices, juicy, drippy pineapple and this beauty:

Muffin and I shared this in the sunset

Muffin and I shared this in the sunset

We pulled into Athens at 8/8:30ish, dropped off my stuff at my house, got ready for the night, dropped off Muffin’s stuff and immediately went out for the night! We had to start the quarter off well!

I had wanted to try the hummus at JackieO’s, so that’s where we headed for dinner. While we waited an HOUR for our hummus and cheese plate, we made friends with strangers and sipped home-brewed Raspberry Wheat beers. I made the kind gentleman next to us take a picture of our first night out for spring quarter. He said, “Oh, so I’m going to be that guy.” I said, “don’t worry. You don’t have to be that guy for long.” We were happy:

Elated to be together

Elated to be together

Eventually our dinner arrived. I cannot understand how a cup of hummus, a cup of olives, sliced flatbread and too much cheddar takes an hour to prepare. I tried not to be bothered. I snapped this pic as fast as I could, so I apologize for the lack of clarity.

Whoah cheese! Who needs that much?

Whoah cheese! Who needs that much?

Their hummus was peppery and creamy; I loved it! Muffin and I made a “friend” who wouldn’t leave us alone. At one point he came up to me and asked for a piece of the flatbread and hummus. I was annoyed and shocked. I said,”no, but you can have some cheese. Is it a habit of yours to pick off people’s plates?” He said, “So what if it is?” He quickly understood that I no longer wanted to chat, nor did I want to share my food with him. What would you have said?

The rest of the night was a blast. We met up with friends at an apartment, then we met up with a different set of friends at  a bar and stayed uptown for a while. It was 1ish when I called it a night and walked home alone. I snacked on a mini tortilla with hummus, had a few chocolate covered peanuts and cozied up in bed while reading blogs until I fell asleep.

I woke up craving crunch! Cereal was out of the question because I’m afraid of the soymilk that’s been sitting in the fridge for three weeks. I settled on an apple with peanut butter:

Simple and delicious

Simple and delicious

I had that two hours ago and I’m ready for something else now. I’ll be spending the rest of the day unpacking, grocery shopping, seeing MisterMan (!!!!) and mentally preparing for a new quarter. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with VegNews, so who knows whether I’ll be able to sleep tonight. My mind is going to be racing! Alright, it’s time for me to start moving!

Ciao for now,



19 Responses to “Splendid Start”

  1. 1 muffin

    haha and we learned the truth about joel from the bartender at jackie o’s! i had soooooo much fun 🙂 and i know you’ll ace the interview.

  2. 2 Bec

    I know what you mean I always find it so hard to head back to school after having a break at home! In 4 hours its going to be hard for my dad to get me in that car lol…

  3. Glad you made it back safely!!

    Mmm, stuffed grape leaves.

    Ew that guy needs to learn some MANNERS!! I would have told him to “eff” off. Period.

    Have a looooovely day, girl!!

  4. PANERA!!! I almost had that yesterday 🙂

    What a creeper at the bar – who asks for other peoples food, ESPECIALLY hummus?! Absurd! GOOD LUCK WITH THE INTERVIEW, LOVEBUG!

  5. Things I agree with: James Bond analysis, too much cheese diagnosis, beer and appetizers for dinner.

    I have to tell you, you are a celeb in our house this morning. My dad is a HR manager for a local grocery store, and they are looking to revamp the store’s image, so guess what I told him all about: JUNGLE JIM’S! I basically read your post to him over the phone and sent him the link to your site and Jungle Jim’s! So when his store becomes the hottest thing in the Pacific NW, we’ll have you to thank for it!

    Thanks Kailey! Good luck with your interview tomorrow!

  6. ummmm, i can’t believe that guy tried to scam your hummus!!!! good for you for standing firm. that is a LOT of cheese. did they slice up an ENTIRE block of cracker barrel? daaaaaaangerous because i so would have eaten it all.

    great job navigating the transition back to athens!! having fun plans waiting for you is the best way to distract from missing home. and once again, you and muffin are adorable — so perfect that you have each other!

  7. 7 BB

    I was obsessed with casino royale when it first came out and was so excited for quantum of solace. needless to say, that movie sucked..
    but glad you had a great kickstart to the new quarter and good luck on the vegnews interview!!

  8. Mmmmmm I love the cheese platter 🙂

  9. 9 shelby

    I thought the Quantum of Solace SUCKED! I watched it on the flight back from AZ and I had to turn it off after 20 min. because I was so bored.

    Apples and PB = One of the best combos ever!

  10. hi girlie
    great eats 🙂 aw sorry you had to leave mamaj 😦 i wish she was up there with you too!
    haha thats so funny some randomer asked for some of your food….annoying too! me thinks he wanted something else 😛
    good luck with the phone interview!
    have a great day!
    much love

  11. ps. *high five* digestives are the best!

  12. ah, sad to hear you had to leave, but glad you had a great time none the less!

  13. Oh wow, super delicious time!
    And The Secret Life of the Bees? NICE!

  14. so glad you made it back okay! looks like you got off to a great start, minus creepy rude man and a heck of a lot of cheese (which, i guess, could be a good thing if you really love cheese!)

    hope you had a fantastic reunion with misterman (awww!) and dominate that vegnews interview — like you won’t! love love love!

  15. Aaaah “Secret Life of Bees”! I almost cried just typing that out–so good! 🙂

  16. Ok, so I LOVE panera & I always feel sketch naked in a dressing rooms (due to lurking cameras) and I hated leaving home for the beloved time with my mama and yummy food!!! haha, but I’m so glad that you had also got to have a good break and perfect night to start off the quarter right! Can’t believe summer is so close!

    Coming in at 1 am is a perfect night for me, not too early, not too late!

    Can’t wait to see your grocery finds, I need to try some new crackers or chips next week (all of my bags plus your new smokehouse box is almost out for me!)

  17. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.

    gooooooood luck on your interview tomorrow!!!!

    p.s. can i have some of your flatbread and hummus?

  18. 18 dailydulcie

    I’m glad you and Muffin made it back to Athens safely. Great to see you got your “Panera fix” with MamaJ before you left!

    haha love your reference to “boob holders” !! You crack me up, but I totally agree that I feel like there’s a camera in the dressing room!!

    You and Muffin are gorgeous :] Love the picture of you 2!

    You said the perfect statement to your “new friend”. I can’t think of anything better to say than that. What a creeper!

    Good luck on your interview sweetie. I know you’ll do great ❤

  19. 19 cleanveggiex3

    hello there kailey!
    sounds like you had a fabulous time!!!
    im so jealous of your panera eats & the cliff bar.

    good luck on the interview! you’ll ace it!

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