Modull Behaveyur


Ahoy! I never thought I’d actually be busy on spring break, but it turns out the past few days have been a whirlwind.

Wednesday night, after the long Jungle Jim’s trip, I settled into a delicious meal. While the rest of the family had spaghetti with meatballs, I had this:

Sweet potato half moons, bruschetta, romaine salad

Sweet potato half moons, bruschetta, romaine salad

Of course I love some carbs with my carbs! MamaJ makes excellent bruschetta that I will have any chance I get. It’s made better by sitting atop fresh french baguette. I also couldn’t let a week go by without eating a sweet potato.

Wednesday night I slept miserably, as my mind was excited about the Long John Silver’s audition the next morning. I awoke after what seemed like an hour of sleep, got ready and had a fast brekkie:

FiberOne, Kashi Vive, almond milk, strawberries

FiberOne, Kashi Vive, almond milk, strawberries

MamaJ and I cruised our way downtown to find the audition location. As soon as I entered the audition room I was terrified. The casting director was mean. These are the first words I heard come from her mouth (directed to the girl she had stopped in the middle of her take): “You just don’t get it! If you can’t take direction, you aren’t going to get the job! First you’re happy, then you’re annoyed! I don’t know how to make that any simpler.” Uh oh.

The audition scene was in two parts. In the first part, it was a woman and a man dining at an upscale restaurant. The woman was excited to be out and to be able to eat lobster. When the man makes a remark about the lobster being expensive, the woman is instantly annoyed. In the second part, the woman and the man were eating Lobster Bites, raving about them and talking about how happy they are they saved money.

Thankfully, by the time it was my turn I had watched enough girls audition to know what not to do, and more importantly, how not to piss off the casting director. I felt great after my audition, but then again, you never know!

MamaJ and I went to a cute diner for lunch after the audition. Diners are adorable, but I have the hardest time finding something to eat at places like that when I’m not in the mood for breakfast goods. I ordered split pea soup and salad. Well, the soup had ham in it. The salad looked fine, but I doused it with rancid dressing and ruined it. The packaged wheat crackers, however, were a hit with me. Here’s the soup that I stupidly ordered without thinking it’d have ham:

Wasn't ready for meat

Wasn't ready for meat

And the salad I ruined with the diner’s rancid dressing:

None of this was eaten after the first gaggy bite

None of this was eaten after the first gaggy bite

Disappointing food days bug me. Anyway, Mumsy and I perused Saks Fifth Avenue (just looking and dreaming) and downtown Macy’s. MamaJ purchased a pair of White Mountain mules that were cushiony and comfy, and then we moved closer to our neck of the woods. We went to Kenwood Town Centre in search of different “looks” (wardrobe options) for the Five Star photo shoot. Irritable and hungry SnackFace needed nutrients, and another lackluster challenge faced me: the food court. I do not like food court food, and Smoothie King was the best healthy option. But sipping was not desired; I needed chew. Turning down the food court, I looked to GNC for an answer. Thank goodness for this:

LARA Bar, Cashew Cookie

LARA Bar, Cashew Cookie

I was happy to find this, as I know it’s many people’s favorite flavor. Perhaps I got a bad one, because this tasted like cashew plastic. I love me some Lara’s, but this one was off. Actually, I think I was having a very off food day overall. Bummer.

MamaJ and I left the mall after hours of walking in a daze. MamaJ was rocking some high-heeled boots, and by the end of our mall trip, she was practically crippled. I had to pull the car up to the side of the mall for her to get in; she gave up walking.

As soon as she got in the car, MamaJ started to change into her new mules. She chatted about how she was stuffing her “sausage feet and toes” into her comfy new mules. The chatter suddenly stopped when she tried to put a mule on her left foot. “I can’t fit my foot in the shoe!” she said in a panicked manner. “What the hell? I have two right shoes!”

That’s right, she was trying to put on two right shoes. Get this: one right shoe was a size nine (correct size) and one right shoe was a size SEVEN. Really, what the hell? I was laughing so hard I could barely see to drive. MamaJ did not find it funny and hit me with a mule.

We successfully exchanged the mules for the correct set, which was a miracle in itself. The shoes we purchased were from the downtown store, and the Kenwood store doesn’t carry the brand White Mountain anymore. Aaron, the friendly shoe salesman, checked for a pair despite this, and found a size nine and size ten in the Kenwood store. Amazing. Finally, MamaJ could stuff her sausage feet into her new mules.

Though already exhausted, we searched for “looks” at Kohls, JC Penny and Target, all close to our home. “Looks” were found and then we headed home. I’ve never been so worn out from shopping. I was also ravenous from a day of poor eats, so I immediately tore these apart:



I went to town on those. By the way, the caramelized onion flavor is outstanding. This was all I’d wanted all day. I managed not to eat the whole bag, though. Between snack time and dinner time, I wrote the Jungle Jim’s post. I’m so glad you all enjoyed that post! I wish we could all take a visit together. Actually, our collective excitement might freak out the employees. Whatev, they’ll deal.

MamaJ made the amazing stew again:

Stew, french bread, raspberry spumante

Stew, french bread, raspberry spumante

Again, I’m eating a meal different from the rest of the family’s. Turkey burgers just weren’t going to cut it. The stew was phenomenal again, filled with butternut squash, corn, kidney beans, red pepper and MamaJ love.

Last night I slept from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Waking up at that hour is tough now that the earliest class I have is 10 a.m. It wasn’t tough to get ready, however. I was thrilled to prep for a full-blown, real modull photo shoot. Popsicle drove me downtown, and was super-sweet enough to wait for me in the parking lot the whole time I was shooting. I felt guilty about this, but he assured me he’d rather drive and wait than have me get lost or stressed. I’m such a daddy’s girl. And a mommy’s girl, though.

The shoot was entirely outside. Though it wasn’t technically freezing, 45* F is not the most comfortable temperature to be hanging out in for a few hours. I manned up and told myself to get used to permanent goosebumps and loss of feeling in my extremities. Oh, what a model must do! Haha 🙂

The first few shots were of me with a camera, goofing around and pretending to take pics of my imaginary friend. Well, I was just looking directly into the photographer’s camera, taking pictures of him taking pictures of me. The photographer, stylist and graphic designer for Five Star all gave me great feedback throughout the shoot.

The next scene was with me and my “boyfriend.” I love cozying up to complete strangers! The photographer warned me that the male model was cute, but a little tense. He said they specifically put me and that male model together because I’m “so bubbly” and they hoped I would “loosen him up.” Bahaha. It turned out, however, that this male model has much more experience than I do. He told me of his travels to L.A., New York and Milan for modeling. Oh yeah? Well I’ve been to…Chillicothe, Ohio, for modeling! So there.

Our first scene together was on top of a Cincinnati bridge, known as the Purple People Bridge, and we walked to and from the camera, talking and laughing and loving.  It made me miss MisterMan. I was distracted enough by the chilling wind to somewhat forget about that, though. Our second scene was us on a red Jeep Cherokee, and we feigned butterflies for each other again.

I had a blast this morning! Besides my perhaps disgusting love for posing and imitating life in front of a camera, I had a great time with the male model, the photographer, the stylist and everyone else on set.

I almost forgot to share my sad breakfast! I had the granola bar on the way to the shoot and the banana after the shoot.

It looks a little lame, but those granola bars are fantastic! And bananas are always fab.

It looks a little lame, but those granola bars are fantastic! And bananas are always fab.

It took a few hours for me to warm up after the shoot. My lips were definitely blue. I shared the details of the shoot with MamaJ, and then had lunch before heading out again. The best leftovers:

Succulent stew, gushing grapes, absurd adjectives

Succulent stew, gushing grapes, absurd adjectives

MamaJ and I went to JC Penny and Target to return the “looks” we purchased yesterday. I know this is bad, which is why I let Big Mama take care of it while I hid my eyes from the customer service associates. We gallivanted around town for a few hours, and by the time I came home I was ravenous (again) and ate pita chips with hummus, an apple and some wasabi edamame. I have no photographic representation of this snackage, as my hands were shaky and a photograph was not the first thing on my mind.

So lovelies, that sums up my modull behaveyur for the past 48 or so hours. Now I am going to enjoy my last night home for spring break. Muffin and I are heading back to Athens tomorrow, and though I’m excited for a new quarter, I’ve really loved spending my days with MamaJ and nights sitting around the dinner table with my family. I’ll miss it.

I hope you’re all off enjoying your Friday nights and livin’ it up! Much love.

Ciao for now,



23 Responses to “Modull Behaveyur”

  1. Fingers crossed you get it!! That director would have had me shaking in my boots!

    That Lara – I didn’t like it either, you’re not alone! Boo to the disappointing lunch as well!!

    Oh gurl, Stacy’s and hummus = like PBJ! Just meant to be!! I loved reading about your super model day! So in the fall can I expect to see your shining face accompanying notebooks and binders?! AND (if that’s not enough) I adore your mom’s stew, it looks oh so delicious!

  2. You are so cool. I can’t believe I “know” you.

    I’m going to go out and buy a notebook now and then eat at Long John

    Poor MamaJ and the Clog Debacle. Makes your crappy food seem a little less dire 😉

    Did that hummus say Sabra Caramelized Onion?! Jeepers!

  3. 3 BB

    ahhh that’s so cool. haha I want to cozy up to some hot male model stranger. i love kashi granola bars and i’m just going to pretend that i never read “cashew plastic” 🙂 you have to give it another try because it’s my fav!
    Off food days are no fun but i think that sabra’s hummus flava redeemed your day. I’m going to have to search the corners of the earth for that.


    Sorry about the other food though 😦

    Hope you get the part, girl!!

  5. 5 shelby

    It’s really cool to hear about your modeling experiences…oh what I would give to be in your shoes!

  6. Oh wow, so cool with the audition and all! And totally love your eats. MMmmmmm sweet potato!

  7. wow girl youve been quite busy! LOVE dindin with the bruscetta n sweet tater 🙂 glad the audition went well today! 🙂 and the photo shoot sounds fun!! ok enoughs enough! i’ve got to try me some sabra! hehehe 🙂 have a great night girly! xoxox

  8. 8 dailydulcie

    Mmm bruschetta is so delicious!

    I’m glad you were able to watch other girls at the audition before you went so you knew what NOT to do. Sounds like you did a great job! I hope you get the part!!

    Your modeling gig sounded fun also! You are so beautiful and inspirational!!

    ❤ Have a wonderful night!

  9. 9 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie
    fingers crossed about the audition! im sure you did great 🙂 and the shoot sounded like a succes…sorry about the cold though 😦 it sounded tough!
    it sounds like you and mamaj are having a great time in eachothers company 🙂
    have a great night mdear
    much love

  10. that comment from redicovering lauren is from me….im trying to set up wordpress and for some reason it left the comment under that name instead of the old blog name!

  11. wow, I loved reading this post and getting a “behind-the-scenes” view of how a model’s life is! all that audition…it’s a tough job!
    but I REALLY REALLY send you all the best wishes and hope you do get the job!
    oh, and I LOVE carbs too, esp loving the yummy sweet potato! can’t live wihtout it!

  12. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! I LOVED your last post about Jungle Joe’s – oh my gosh does it ever look phenomenal. I think I could probably spend a whole day there. It was also really interesting to hear about an audition and a photo shoot from a model’s perspective – very, very cool. I hope you get it!

    Quick question – how do you bake your sweet potato rounds? They look perfect, and every time I’ve tried I seem to end with something that’s rather disappointing and mushy.

    Have a great Saturday!

    • 13 snackface

      Hey Elle! Thanks so much for commenting and enjoying the last post! For sweet potatoes, I normally line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, spray it with non-stick spray, cut the taters and put them on the sheet, spray them a bit, then put them in the oven at 450* for a total of 22ish minutes, flipping halfway in-between. I use a gas oven normally, so it’s really hot and fast (dirty sounding, no? haha). However, when I use the ‘rents’ electric oven, it takes anywhere from 30 to forty minutes. Hope that helps!

  13. i just love your recaps of your day! you’re such a fabulous little model, i bet you landed that part no problemo — love how you had that director all figured out! i’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you get it =)

    haha i also love to hear about the adventures of kailey and mamaj, especially since i’m so far away from my own mom! you two are hilarious though, i would love to have been in the backseat of the car during the mule incident!

    hope you had a safe trip back, and enjoyed your time at home to the fullest! sure looks like you did! xoxox

  14. That shoot sounds like so much fun and I am sure you did FABULOUSLY girl! 🙂 And I bet you landed the audition too, such a superstar in everything, I sware! haha!!

    Ugh, sorry you got a bad larabar, that flavor is my fave!!!!!! I gotta try caramelized onion sabra, wowww!!

  15. 16 cecilia

    WOW… awesome recap!! Question, did you attend formal lessons for posing n such?! And oh, REQUEST … could you please show us PHOTOS from ya shoot …. love me some photos! thank u so much 😀

    • 17 snackface

      Hello there Cecilia! I did not attend formal lessons at all! I took my mom’s advice, who was a model for years and years, and did not take the lessons that would have cost me thousands of dollars. Silly, right? I just have meticulously looked through magazines for years and feel as though that’s helped me. I also think being a theatre actress has helped me completely open up. And then there’s always watching America’s Next Top Model that educates, haha. I don’t have any photos yet, but I’ll share them as soon as I can get my hands on them. It normally takes a while, though 😦 I’ll do my best to get ’em!

      • 18 Sara

        hey! have you got photos from this yet now that your beautyfull face is probably everywhere since school’s kicked back in? i bet you looked amazing!

      • 19 snackface

        Sara- I haven’t actually seen ANY pictures! Craxy, right? So I have no idea what my face is doing at the moment, whether it’s in a photographers stock images, the trash or on notebooks somewhere. No idea!

  16. very very cool.
    my life = dullcity.

    color me living vicariously.

  17. 21 Bec

    sounds like you had a blast at the 5 star shoot, I don’t think I would have the guts to go to all of those scary commercials!

  18. 22 chickenfingersandfoisgras (AJ)

    that stew looks AMAZING!

    I’m a veg as well and would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that recipe!

    congrats on the photo shoot as well 🙂

  19. 23 cleanveggiex3

    just catching up on comments haha

    sounds like a great audition, not to mention totally exciting!!

    I also hate when I go out to eat and the meal is disappointing. it makes me upset but the pita chips sound mighty delicious!

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