Just Snackin’


Hi pretties! The day so far has been a dream. After my last post I made some breakfast. I wanted to try the Blueberry Oikos, but when I opened it I found a small patch of mold! Ewww. So I switched gears and chose Vanilla Oikos instead. Here it is mixed with FiberOne and Krema Natural p.b.:

Doesn't a half cup of FiberOne look like a ton?

Doesn't a half cup of FiberOne look like a ton?

The vanilla flavor wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, but it was still tasty. Of the Oikos I tried, I’d say honey is the most delicious and decadent, and the plain is something I would like to eat every single day!

MamaJ and I got ready and headed out for the day. First, we hit up Starbucks, where I got a small (I forget what size they call it) coffee with one squirt sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup and an inch or so of steamed soy milk. MamaJ got a mint tea and whole grain bagel (yes, I snagged a bite or two). When we hit the road we were headed to the most incredible grocery store (better than Whole Foods…maybe), but we got a phone call from Matty Rich. He wanted to go to LensCrafters to get prescription sunglasses, so we altered our plans. Let’s just say that though I may be a 4.0 student, I can be very blonde sometimes. I got us lost…kinda. Yeah, I’ve only lived in this area for 18 years now? Oops!

Eventually we made it to LensCrafters, MamaJ went inside and I waited in the car. Twenty minutes later, she and broskie came out and then we returned to our original plans. This afternoon we went to the most bizarre, yet awesome, grocery store you’ve ever seen: Jungle Jim’s International Market.Β I’ve grown up visiting this grocery store often, and it is what I would call the amusement park of grocery stores. I’m going to do a separate post dedicated to it later, but for now I’ll give you a sneak peek as to how crazy it is:

You have no idea...

You have no idea...

While we were shopping I realized I hadn’t eaten for a while. I got a little shaky and grabbed an old favorite:

Eating in the store

Eating in the store

I grew up on these. These biscuits are a bit sweet, a bit mealy,Β and completely delicious. I had two while we finished our trip. When we got home I needed some fruit in my life:

Pink Lady apple

Pink Lady apple

I should say that I was drinking Black Stone Riesling while snackin’. Then I had two stuffed grape leaves, which are divine:

Can you see my baby puppy in the background?

Can you see my baby puppy in the background?

Has anyone made stuffed grape leaves before? I’d love to know how to make them. Anyway, dinner tonight is going to be yummy. I’m not telling you yet what it is…muhaha.

Tomorrow I have an audition for a Long John Silver’s commercial! Isn’t that crazy? I’ve never eaten there, but I will definitely pretend that I love it if I have to. This brings me to something I’ve been wondering about allΒ a y’all: What is the one type of fast food you’d eat in a heartbeat if you didn’t care about health? I’ve never really liked fast food, but I’d say anything involving fries. I’ve never had a taste for meat, so burgers and chicken are out. I’d also go for Cinnabon or any kind of French toast sticks πŸ™‚

I’m off to go help with dinner! Much love.

Ciao for now,



21 Responses to “Just Snackin’”

  1. Lovely day you had!!


  2. French fries – fo sho!

    Glad you’re havin fun with your fam! Good luck with the audition!

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  3. Ew to the mold 😦 That grocery store looks amazing!! I would so play in it!

    Good luck in your LJS try out – arrrrr matey πŸ˜‰ I’m not a big fan of fast food, it all makes me stomach hurt – I’m no fun with that answer 😦

  4. Ahoy! You’ll kill. You should wear a sailor suit and walk in do the Carlton and singing “What Should You Do With a Drunken Sailor?”! That, among many other reasons, is why I will never be in a commercial.

    I love those little wafer cracker cookies too. I always grab a pack at IKEA and its half gone by the time we check out.

  5. 5 shelby


  6. Oh fries, yes to fries.

    And haha, I grew up with Digestive cookies too! Last year, my mom stocked me up every month with a ton of Digestive cookies, it was crazy! Haha!

  7. Digestive cookies? There’s one I have never heard of. And fast food – I think I’d go for a burger. It’s been so long since I last had fast food – years.

  8. 8 BB

    omgg coolest grocery store evahh! can’t wait for the separate post because i wanna see more!
    good luck with the audition. what a cool gig!

  9. 9 sue

    it’s embarassing the amount of fast food i still eat. i really need to stop! i can’t resist fries though- i loveee mcdonald’s fries and milkshakes! good luck with your audition!

  10. Pink Lady Apples…my favorite! I think the stuffed grape leaves are called domas. I had them at a delicious Mediteranean restaurant once! DELISH!

  11. Kailey!!!!! I am making my dinner right now and just tried my new smokehouse nut thins……OMG OMG OMGGGG SOOO GOOD!!! πŸ™‚

    haha, just had to let ya know!!
    And I would love any place with fries or cinnamon rolls too, YES PLEASE!

  12. LOVER, so many things i have to catch up on:

    1. the award. THANK YOU, seriously, for always being so kind and helpful, you certainly deserved it, and i love you for always taking the time to show some love and care!

    2. grades. AMAZING. seriously freaking phenomenal, you work so hard and you should be SO proud, i know that i am of you!

    3. another commercial? SO COOL! i love it, even though i have never seen a long john silver’s in my life. Chick-fil-a though is delish every now and then, they have some good wraps! oh and waffle fries, duh.

    4. moldy yogurt, ew… love that you had digestives though! they remind me of my month spent in london last summer, i would give anything to go back and get them again there!

    hope you’re loving being at home and doing well — sounds like it! XOXOX!

  13. 13 dailydulcie

    That grocery store looks so AWESOME! ahh so cool!

    Good luck with your audition for the commercial! πŸ™‚

    Hmm.. I would eat french fries from a fast food place.

  14. my kailey!!! πŸ™‚ i love honey oikos too!! πŸ™‚ omg what a FUN grocery store!! you are amazing girl– 4.0 — you rock it out !!! and OMG congrats for the audition for long john silvers! you are gorg, talented and SMART! i’m sure youll get it !! πŸ™‚ and for your q–MCDONALDS! i used to eat hamburger happy meals all the time and i’m convinced it tastes like heaven– although makes you feel icky! haha

  15. ahhh i just caught up on the last few posts. i can’t wait to read all about the amusement park of groceries stores you visited today! sounds like a craaaaazy place. good luck tomorrow with the commercial audition, and congrats on the 5-star job, the run, and your gpa, woooohooooo!! so much good news for you this week πŸ˜€

    love all the snacks (and i would expect nothing less ;-)) … esp that wasabi edamame. YUMMMMMMMM

  16. 16 Colleen

    Ummmmm…I still have the occasional fast food meal. Sometimes you just have to – like on vacation and you don’t want to eat another bar or crap like that.

    I LOVE chic-fil-a and every once in a while I have to get a plain biscuit from Arby’s, they are so good. Oh and Krispy Kreme – I would eat a creme-filled donut from there every day if I could (but only the fresh ones)!

  17. hi girlie
    sounds like a great day πŸ™‚ haha that cambels soup thing is crazy!
    ooo i love digestive biscuits! they remind me of my childhood…they go well with yogurts!
    good luck with the audition hun! im sure youll do great!
    have a nice night,
    much love

  18. FRIES!! and french toast sticks πŸ™‚ haha. love ittt! good luck with audition, at school we had one of those right down the street but i’ve never eaten there. you will be briillianntt! i’ll know a famous person! haha woooo

  19. 19 gina (fitnessista)

    good luck at the commercial audition!! that’s so cool!
    i would definitely say arby’s– back in the day, i used to LOVE me some curly fries
    have a great day ❀

  20. Fun!

  21. Ooh, I would definitely go for loads & loads of FRENCH FRIES. Mmmm.

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