The Non-Runner Runs


Aloha! I have to be honest here. I have done nearly nothing today. It feels bizarre not to worry about finishing a novel in time, or writing a paper by a deadline, or running off to practice by 9 p.m., or basically running around like my blonde locks are on fire. For the time being, I am relishing this. It won’t be long before it drives me nuts.

On to the food, though. Last night’s dinner was thrown together, as I had no desire to eat what the rest of the family was eating: beef kebabs with rice pilaf. Even as an eight-year-old I couldn’t stand red meat, and I just don’t get rice. It never fills me and I’d rather gnaw or crunch my grains. So, SnackFace snack plate time:

Yesss. Cherry toms, carrots, cuke, leftover pizza, red pepper, celery, General Tso's Vegan Chicken, hummus, fat free dip

Yesss. Cherry toms, carrots, cuke, leftover pizza, red pepper, celery, General Tso's Vegan Chicken, hummus, fat free dip

I was surprisingly stuffed after that. I did get hungry in the middle of Elegy, however, and had a bit of Raisin Bran. Elegy, starring Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz, was nothing I’d want to see again. It was about love and passion, but in a sad, slow kind of way. I don’t recommend it. Penelope Cruz, however, has to be one of the most beautiful people on Earth.

I woke up at 10-something this morning and farted around for a while. I wasn’t hungry, but knew I should eat within the first hour of waking. Actually, I haven’t necessarily felt hungry at any point today. Odd. For breakfast, I gave the Oikos Plain a try. I love plain greek yogurt, and this was tangy, tart, creamy, rich and thick. Won my heart.

Plain Oikos, juciest pineapple, FiberOne

Plain Oikos, juciest pineapple, FiberOne

I left the entire half cup of FiberOne off for this picture because it would have covered everything. But when it’s all mixed together, it looks a lil’ sunthin’ like this:

Made me happy and full

Made me happy and full

Two hours after eating, I decided to peel myself off the couch and into my workout wear. As I’ve made clear before, I am a bonafide elliptical girl. I’ve used one for almost four years as my means to get a good cardio workout. So when home for this break, I have to suck it up and run. There is a lake close to our house, and if you run from our house to the lake, around the lake, and then back to our house, it’s about five miles.

Running, to me, seems like hell. Whenever I pass someone who is running, I say, “Ugh. Glad I’m not him. What’s wrong with him? He’s insane.” It looks like self-torture. However, running isn’t something I’ve never done. I ran track in 8th grade, and a nasty bout of shin splints scared me away forever. Now when I occasionally run, the dull pain I feel in my knees afterward doesn’t seem worth it.

So how did my attempt at a five-miler go? It wasn’t that bad at all! I took a handful of one-minute walk breaks, but other than that it actually felt great. I told myself that I don’t have to run like anyone else. I can go whatever pace I’d like and take however long I’d like. I did get some heinous dry mouth, though, and the inner tendon on my right foot hurt by the end. I walked for a bit after and ended up doing 50 minutes of cardio.

Then I faced the challenge of trying to do ab work with the dogs out. Sheba, the big goofy dog, stood above me and just stared at me:”Kailey, why are you on the floor?” Eventually she lay next to me and watched.

After a shower and getting dressed, hunger snuck up on me in the awful form of feeling weak (that sounds scary, doesn’t it?). I wanted some greens!

Left: grapes, Guiltless Gourmet Spicy Black Bean chips, salsa; Right: supah salad

Left: grapes, Guiltless Gourmet Spicy Black Bean chips, salsa; Right: supah salad

It should be noted that the Guiltless Gourmet chips seem to have gotten worse over the years. I remember loving these when I was little (haha, like I was ever “little”), but these tastes like cardboard. Back to the salad…

On a bed of romaine: red pepper, pineapple, mushroom, last of the General Tso's Vegan Chicken :(

On a bed of romaine: red pepper, pineapple, mushroom, last of the General Tso's Vegan Chicken 😦

My appetite has been so off today that I had to force myself to finish everything. Normally I’d want more. I finally left the house after this and made a trip to the library, Half Price Books and Target. I bought a replacement pair of sunglasses (which shall now be named my stunna shades…you’ll see eventually) and some Chunky Monkey (I think that’s the name) Archer’s Farm Trail Mix. I had a few tidbits of the trail mix on the way home, and all I can say is that when my appetite is back in full-force, that stuff will disappear.

I came home and watched Religulous. Bill Maher posits that religion is basically “selling an invisible product.” He believes religion is shamelessly invented, that it is dangerous and that “religion is a neurological disorder.” Near the end of the film, Maher says “religion must die for mankind to live.” Having not watched the film, these statements may seem radical and infuriating. However, if you watch this film, you will be siding with Maher. The juxtaposition of numerous interviews conducted by Mayer with clips of religious practices makes religion look downright crazy. While the film is humorous, it is only because Maher is funny (I belly laughed a few times). The message and the reality, though, are not funny. Religulous eye-opening. I recommend this to everyone, no matter whether you’re religious.

Dinner tonight wasn’t really dinner. It was an apple, a bite of this, a bite of that, more cardboard baked chips, nothing picture-worthy. I’m sure the appetite will be large and in charge tomorrow, though!

OH! Exciting news…I found out today that I officially booked the modeling job for Five Star Notebooks! Actually, that was the motivation to finally attempt a run today. Other than that, nothing else is happening. I’m just going to continue not being stressed now 🙂 Much love, kidlets.

Ciao for now,



27 Responses to “The Non-Runner Runs”

  1. Congrats on getting the job Kailey!!!
    And props for running 5 miles outside! I have always been like you, I can do the outdoor runs but I am always super proud of myself when I can run 3 or 4 miles OUTSIDE because it just takes a lot more motivation!

    And I’m so jealous of your spring break, you are doing exactly what I did last week and now I miss it!! 😦
    ha, back to homework!!!!

  2. 2 Anna

    I am in love with Penolope Cruz…have you seen her in Vicky Christina Barcelona? She totally earned that Oscar.

    Congrats on the job!

  3. 3 Bec

    love your dinner plate from last night, such a wide variety of yummyness in one meal!

  4. I’m the SAME way about running. I tried to like it, really I did, but I just can’t. Maybe one day…No, probably not 😉 Sounds like you did good though!!

    And congrats on the modeling job hott stuff!

  5. 5 BB

    yayy congrats on the job! does this mean i’ll be seeing you on a billboard sometime soon? 😀
    your supah salad really does look supah. I haven’t had pineapples in forever!

  6. that salad looks ‘supah’ divine. may i have a bite?

    and dude man. fivemiles? ballin! mad props.

    have a splendid evening my pretty. :]

  7. p.s. CONGRATS on the fivestar gig. im a notebook elitist and
    will only buy three subject college rule five star notebooks.
    you gonna hook a girl up or what?! haha. jaykay. [but seriously..]

  8. Way to book the job AND get in a killer run! You are 5 Star all the way!

  9. Love the snack plate; and HELL YES ON THE JOB, GIRL!!!!!!!

  10. Congrats on the job lady! =)

    Mmm, snack plates are delicious…and I actually really like those chippers! I ate a whole bag in like 3 days haha.

    “Ugh. Glad I’m not him. What’s wrong with him? He’s insane.” – OMG! I think the exact same way! Especially when it’s really cold or rainy outside. haha

  11. heyy i have a model friend! haha. congrats! andddd for hating running and busting out a 5 mile run, you are my hero! you are awesomeeeee

  12. DUH YOU BOOKED IT. I’m so proud of you in every way ❤

  13. hi sunshine 🙂 congrats on the modelling job, way to go 🙂 they defo got the right girl!!
    i love your snack plates, they always look so colourful and fun to eat!
    im glad you enjoyed the run. i think when we feel we ahve to do somethin then it feels like torure, so telling yourself you could walk or run it at whatever pace was a great idea!
    have a great night mdear,
    much love

  14. WOo hoo! If I hated running – I would not attempt 5 miles. period. Way to go! AND congrats on the job! Five star is the best. 🙂 hahaha

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  15. 15 Matt

    Running = greatness.

  16. P.Cruz = smooooookin’. And congrats on the booking!! 😀

  17. Oh gurrrrrl – soak up the relaxation! It’s my favorite past time 😉 Glad you had a good run though! I’m not much of a runner either (thank you IT bands) and I always wonder why people feel the need to move that fast?!

    Next time I get the ambition to watch a movie, I may have to get Religulous! Work it, girl! Congrats on getting the 5 Star gig 🙂

    PS. I SO got my SnackFace on last night, you would have been proud!

  18. Congrats on the gig!

    I watched Religulous recently too and felt the same way… I really liked it! Quite thought provoking.

  19. 19 gina (fitnessista)

    congrats on your run and on the modeling job! that’s AWESOME
    the salad looks incredible 😀
    have a great day!

  20. love your dindin plate! congrats on running! and go YOU for getting the modeling gig! 🙂 amazing girl! xoxxoxo

  21. Clearly your dream is a sign that we need to meet up and party our asses off at a hotel party 😉

  22. 22 dailydulcie

    Congrats on getting the job girl! That’s so wonderful!! I knew you would 😉

    Definitely relish the free time!!

    I love that snack plate you made and that colorful salad. YUMMY!

  23. YEAH GIRL, not only are you a super hot model, you’re a RUNNER too! you’re just too awesome for words, basically.

    loving me some snack plate and yogurt mess — both look perfecto to me!

    so glad you’re relaxing and having fun at home, that’s so important and you deserve it completely. xoxoxo!

  24. 24 sue

    haha thanks for sharing about your run- i’m a total runner hater, i always have to say some bitchy comment when one passes me while i walk. but i want to be one sooo bad! i like your attitude though, you’re so right! i don’t have to run like them!

  25. 25 muffin

    Where have you gone?

    I read in Women’s Health that you should avoid drinking liquor/diet soda because studies show it doubles the alcoholic affect to mix with diet. To which I said..intriguing.

  26. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so excited for you! It’s no surprise you booked the job, though.
    and OMG< HIGH FIVE girl! I HATE rice too! imagine the horror of it, esp since I’m Asian and that’s the staple of Asian cuisine…I just don’t LIKE rice, ever. ppl think I’m crazy though.

  27. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m BACCCKK!
    i’ve missssseeed you biggg sisstah!

    sorry for going MIA. i was just mad stressed.
    feels me smalls?

    why are you all running up a storm girl!?

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