What’s happenin’ pretty people? It’s Sunday night and things are winding down as we all prepare for a grueling week. Kidding! Not here! It’s going to be a continuation of a weekend for me all week. Naturally, I am A-OK with this. Allow me to catch you up on my life…

Last night MamaJ, Popsicle, Matty Rich and I sat down for a family dinner. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, we all sat down to a family dinner at least five times a week. I believe this is key to having flowing relationships with all family members and a true family bond. I’m such a family person that I long for these dinners when I’m away. But you just want to know about the food, I know. Here we go:

Salad, Yukon Gold potatoes in parsely, asparagus, chicken

Salad, Yukon Gold potatoes in parsely, asparagus, chicken

Wait a tick! Is that chicken on that plate? Oh no, it’s only the best (and only) vegan chicken I’ve ever had. Whole Foods’ General Tso’s Vegan Chicken is sweet, spicy and super chewy. Whenever we have it in the house, I want it ’round the clock. The problem is that it’s $9.99/ lb. Does anyone know a solution for this?

MamaJ and I stayed up late last night and watched W. and Cadillac Records. I didn’t like W. because I find that of course a movie about Bush is going to portray him in a light that makes him look like an ass and an idiot. It’s not that I don’t agree, but I don’t think this is the smartest way to point out his weaknesses. (I’m being too kind, aren’t I?) Cadillac Records, on the other hand, was fabulous. It’s based on the true stories of several Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famers, and Beyonce as Etta James won my heart. I love B, and her enthralling, sometimes heart-wrenching performance made me respect her even more.

This morning I awoke ready to try something new! It was time to test out a new-to-me yogurt:

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt Honey

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt Honey

Oikos Honey was incredible! I’m not keen on actual honey; at least that’s what I thought. Must not be so because the honey that was at the bottom made the yogurt even creamier and more delicious. Before stirring it together, the yogurt was thick, creamy and slightly tart. I love that it could stay on the spoon like that (in the picture) forever. I’m just a little upset that the normal price tag is $1.99 and there is no way I can afford that regularly.

It should be noted that Oikos is the first organic Greek yogurt. In the April issue of Glamour, the article “5 Foods Every Woman Should Eat Organic” ranks dairy as the number one food that should be bought organic. The writer, Alan Greene, M.D., says that “organic yogurts are made without the use of hormones and antibiotics.” Greene also says that organic yogurt can have higher levels of omega-3s and beta-carotene, and can be less damaging to the environment. I know all of you are health nuts and know this, but I thought I’d share anyway!

I mixed up the Oikos with half a naner and some Kashi Vive and called it breakfast:

serious yummage

serious yummage

MamaJ and I chilled for a while, I read a message from MisterMan (he’s having a blast in London) and then we got ready to leave the house. Hours later we were ready, and I brought lunch for the car ride:

grapes, PURE BAR!, salad with poppy seed dressing

grapes, PURE BAR!, salad with poppy seed dressing

I ate the salad and grapes just to get them out of the way. All I really wanted was the PURE Bar. I’ve read everyone say that they are amazing and taste just like a brownie. Ya’ll weren’t pulling my chain! I won’t say that this tastes like a great, buttery, fudgy brownie, but it does remind me of a Little Debbies brownie. Remember those? The texture of the PURE Bar reminded me of that, and the subtle brownie flavor was also similar. I’m down for anything that reminds me of Little Debbies, especially if it’s organic, raw and vegan.

To fill our afternoon, we tried on shoes at T.J.Maxx, perused Home Goods, checked out Steinmart…we weren’t looking for a darn thing, and it never hurts to look for a good bargain. I was hankering for some frozen yogurt. I thought there was a TCBY in the Kenwood area, so we traveled that direction. We pulled up to the store only to find it’s no longer in business. I couldn’t get fro-yo out of my mind, so the brilliant MamaJ remembered another place we hadn’t tried yet.

World, meet yagoot:

Mama's on the left, mine on the right...atop the trunk of my car

Mama's on the left, mine on the right...atop the trunk of my car

Yagoot’s tagline is “The Original Tingly Tart Yogurt.” This was amazing! It really was tingly tart yet a bit sweet. Mine was the plain and strawberry swirl with mango; Mumsy’s was strawberry with raspberries and blueberries. We sat in a sunlight-drenched bench and moaned over the fro-yo mouthgasms. Can I have this every single day, please? Only one store exists, but I think opening one in a college town (ATHENS!) would be smart. I’m not a huge dairy person, but I’ve been a yogurl today.

Tonight’s line-up: family dinner, two movies: Religulous and Elegy…ahhhh. The easy life.

I wish you all the best Sunday nights and starts to your weeks. I send my love 🙂

Ciao for now,



15 Responses to “YoGurl”

  1. Oh my gosh, totally love your eats. Potatoes are my total comfort food for me, love it!

  2. PURE BAR!!!!


  3. 3 Bec

    I agree family dinners are key, mine ate dinner together almost everything!

  4. 4 Anna

    Family dinners are so important. That’s one big thing I miss about being away at school!

    Definitely let us know what you think of Religulous. I’ve been meaning to see that for a while and have heard pretty good things about it.

    Enjoy your week of relaxation!

  5. i grew up with family dinners every night, too. i thought it was a drag sometimes, but i’m really glad now that we did that.

    those have to be the most darling froyos i’ve ever seen!

    soooooo jealous that your weekend’s going to keep going and going and going all week!

  6. OMG!! so much to say!
    WHOLEFOODS VEGAN GENERAL TSO’S CHICKEN IS F*CKING AMAZING! ahhh! love it!! and i’m loving oikos right now as well!! its so thick– it’s starting to tear me away from my lovely chobani– o wells!!
    LOVE pure bars! glad you liked them too 🙂 ive only had the choctrail mix ! it was great!! and that pic of the froyo looks divine! glad you had a great day! xoxoxo

    oh yes and i agree with you on family dinners– yet most of my family dinners growing up were out at a restaurant or involved take out– does this stll count? hehehe we are a terrible non-cooking microwave loving family. whoops!?!?

  7. Glad you had such a nice time at home…and I totally agree about family time, SUPER important!!

    And ugh, why does the good yogurt have to be so expensive!? I usually buy ONE Greek yogurt, and then like 6 grocery store yogurts at 2 for $.88! Yea baby 😉

  8. 8 dailydulcie

    I love family dinners. My family is extremely important to me, so I just love when we’re together to enjoy dinner!!


    Your frozen yogurt looks fabulous!!! AH I WANT SOMEE!!

  9. I want that Purebar!!!

  10. I too want your thoughts on Religulous…I’ve heard its very funny. And I like funny 🙂

  11. hey girlie,
    great eats 🙂 i really thought that was defo chicken on the plate!! it sounds like your having a great time at home and like your having lotsa fun with your mum which is great to hear 🙂 that frozen yog. looks so yummy!!
    glad you liked the pure bar, everyone seems to really love them in the blog world!
    much love

  12. “The problem is that it’s $9.99/ lb. Does anyone know a solution for this?” Marry a rich hubby 😉

    Yay Oikos – they are bangin’! I need to try Pure bars, it was just determined. Oh and I think that froyo place should open one in Dtown because we have NADA!

    Hope you like Religulous – I too have heard it was hilar!

  13. dang, that frozen yogurt is FINE! hey, pretty lady, want a trip into my tummy?

  14. YOU ARE SO SWEEEEEEEEEET! i love your comments, they always make me smile! thanks for being such a GEM! that yogurt looks so so good! we only have a tcby near us, i wish there were more types i’d love to try som eof that . hey girllllllllll! 🙂

  15. wahoo for yogurls!! I heart frozen yogurt too!! 🙂 It’s also adorable that you and momma got sorta matching ones that you took atop a trunk. Very original and very artsy! I like. 😛

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