My Big Fat Greek Eats


Hello dovelies! Are you enjoying your weekends? I have been having a blast, and have a ton to share, so I’m just going to jump to it!

Friday afternoon I ran around my old stomping grounds in attempts to collect goodies for MamaJ’s birthday. I didn’t really have lunch, but I did snack on this:

La Croix, banana, Apple Cinnamon Clif Kids Z-Bar, my purse

La Croix, banana, Apple Cinnamon Clif Kids Z-Bar, my purse

I went to Target first, where I ran into MamaJ, so nothing was purchased there. Then I went to the Mercedes dealership to fetch a hat that matches mumsy’s swanky, barely-driven car. My next stop is also known as my mecca, Kenwood Towne Center, or, the mall. Matty Rich (my broskie) joined me and we selected some lovely gifts. Then we went to Trader Joe’s and picked up brie, goat cheese, French baguette, TJ’s Crunchy P.B. Granola bars, PURE bars (finally!), veggies and fruit. TJ’s didn’t have a sufficient carrot cake (MamaJ’s favorite), so we went to Fresh Market where we found an affordable one.

After hours of shopping, the entire family got ready for a birthday dinner at Polo Grille. We were immediately seated and greeted with a wonderful wine list and the menus. MamaJ decided a wine flight was in order:

I cannot tell you which wines were which, but this was fun!

I cannot tell you which wines were which, but this was fun!

The tastings led us to this fabulous decision for a bottle:

Stump Jump...yes please

Stump Jump...yes please

Though I knew I was ordering a pizza for my entree, I couldn’t deny steaming hot, crusty-on-the-outside bread.

I ate half this wheat roll with a few dabs of oil

I ate half this wheat roll with a few dabs of oil

Salad quickly came to the table and saved me from eating the entire bread basket. I ordered the Spiced Pecan and Gorgonzola Salad, which I forgot to order with the dressing on the side. It was still delicious:

Spring mix, tomatoes, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette with spiced pecans and gorgonzola

Spring mix, tomatoes, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette with spiced pecans and gorgonzola

There was too much gorgonzola and too much dressing on the salad, but overall I found this to be  a nice way to start the eating extravaganza. And, of course, I ate most of it.

Most entrees contained meat in some way, and pizza was just calling my name. I ordered the Mediterranean Pizza (not on the menu on the link I gave you), which was on a wheat crust that won me over.

On top: tomato sauce, pesto, feta, black olives, onions, tomatoes...perfect ingredients

On top: tomato sauce, pesto, feta, black olives, onions, tomatoes...perfect ingredients

This originally comes with a three cheese blend as well, but I cannot stand a thick layer of cheese. It reminds me of snot. When I asked for it without the extra cheese, it came with this beautiful sprinkle of feta. Standard Mediterranean flavors of feta, olives and onions always excite me, but they were made even better by the perfectly crusty, chewy wheat crust. I ate half of that baby. My entire family was so happy our dishes that we barely spoke while eating. In addition to stand-out food and round, full-bodied red wine, our waitress was accomodating and bubbly. It was a fabulous fiddieth birthday dinner.

The Birthday Girl and SnackFace loving life

The Birthday Girl and SnackFace loving life

Once home, it was time for cake! Ahhh I love dessert, and carrot cake is at the top of my list. The cake itself was a little dry, but tasted like a good carrot cake should.

Hello, lover

Hello, lover

Unfortunately, there was a ton of cream cheese icing on it. It’s yummy, but only in moderation. Everyone scraped off the icing, leading to this:

The aftermath...too much icing!

The aftermath...too much icing!

After a night of a healthy dose of amazing eats and some wine, I was ready for bed by 11 p.m. This is incredibly early for me, as 4 a.m. has been the standard bedtime for the past week.

This morning MamaJ and I lounged for hours, sipping coffee and watching the tube. I had another repeat breakfast:

Kashi Vive, FiberOne, soy milk, strawberries, bluebs, half naner

Kashi Vive, FiberOne, soy milk, strawberries, bluebs, half naner

When MamaJ and I finally left, we got the mail. Have you ever had a great mail day? Normally a great mail day to me is getting magazines. It makes my day. But today, I got a paycheck for that Barbie gig, which was in NOVEMBER, and I got a lovely envelope from Kristina at Stonyfield Farm.

The poor college student says THANK YOU!!

The poor college student says THANK YOU!!

My jealousy of everyone else’s Greek-yogurt-eating habits will be at bay for a while as I live off the four Oikos yogurts I picked up today.  Kristina, again, thank you so much!

MamaJ and I browsed some stores today, one of which was Sephora. I am seriously contemplating some metallic lavendar eyeliner and Smashbox lipstick in Stunning. If I’m still thinking about these two items in a few days, then I’ll go back to get them. I hate spending money though.

Eventually my tummy was rumbling and the apple I had as a snack was wearing off. Where did we go? Whole Foods. This makes the third time in three days that I’ve been there (I stopped by yesterday to check for something)! I have no issues with this. I continued to please my Greek eats desire with their Mediterranean Salad:

Sorry for the phone photo! The camera died.

Sorry for the phone photo! The camera died.

This salad was killer! On a bed of romaine sat a falafel, couscous salad, a stuffed grape leaf, chickpeas, feta, cherry toms and kalamata olives. Seriously, I think I could eat this everyday and not get tired of it. I only had to use a little bit of the dressing when I ran out of toppings.

We continued shopping and grocery shopping after our lunch. MamaJ is cooking right now and we are listening to 90’s hits (MMMbop is on right now!) while the boys do…well, whatever the boys do. The plan for tonight is probably just movie watching and eating. I’m so in.

Before I sign off for the day, I’d like to say another HUGE thank you to the beautiful and sweet-as-sugar Jaime.  She kindly has graced me with this award:



This award makes me feel like a superstar! Haha. It means so much to me to have readers and commenters on my baby, fledgling, 1 and 1/2 month-old blog, and it means even more to me that someone would deem it excellent. I don’t know who all has been awarded this, but I’d love to pass this on to:
-Sarah, of LovINmytummy, for being my humor idol and for being a hot mama whose food I’d eat in a second.
-Sarah, of Tales of Expansion, for being my “how the hell can I use up X ingredient?” idol, and for being generally sweet and lovely
-Lauryn, of Making Moves, for being incredibly strong and for always leaving the most heart-warming comments

I hope you all don’t mind this tediously long post; I just had things to share, ya know? I love all a ya’ll bunches. Have fabulous weekends!

Ciao for now,



18 Responses to “My Big Fat Greek Eats”

  1. LOOOVELY celebration!! And congratulations on the award 🙂

  2. Delicious eats!!! YUM! ALthough I would have all the opposite left of the carrot cake. I would have eaten the icing and left the cake!

  3. hi babes!! what a decadent and delicious dinner! the wine, the salad, the pizza– it all looks just MARVELOUS! my mouth was watering at the pizza the moment i saw the pic 🙂 carrot cake is one of my favs too!! i LOOVE the one at cheesecake factory– lord knows its the equivalent of like 8 pieces but its so delish! i’m a total frosting gal and i never leave any to spare haha. glad you liked the award– you totally deserve it! so glad you are able to get a bit more rest now! love you lady! xoxoxo

  4. by the way! happy bday to your mum! she sounds amazing! what a cool lady! 🙂 and so glad you like the soy crisps! i could eat them all day xoxo

  5. congrats on the award, kailey!! and thanks for passing it on to me. i feel so special! 😀
    and speaking of using up “x ingredient,” send all that extra carrot cake frosting to me and i will whip it into something delicious in no time!!! (or just shovel it all into my mouth straight …)

    great celebration with mom — happy fiddy again! good call on cutting down on the pizza cheese — it looks soooo yummy with just the feta.

  6. This post wasn’t too long girl, don’t even worryyyy! haha!
    I’m totally with you with too much cheese = snot!! I never get much cheese on stuff when I eat out, I have just always hated those thick globsss!! haha!
    And yayyy isn’t carrot cake the best, I had some last night too!! Looks like you are having fun with your mom, I loveee coffee+tv and movie nights with mine, ahh spring break is the greatest! 🙂

  7. you and yo momma are gorgy! I LOVE pizza at fancy restaurants…AND wine….AND parents paying 😀

  8. 8 BB

    If i were you, I would totally snack on the yellow purse too 🙂
    your mom’s birthday celebration sounds like it went great! i never know what to get my mom for her bday and plus, my mom & I have the same birthday so when I go shopping for her gift, I get distracted by all the things that I want hahaa.

  9. 9 dailydulcie

    OH MAN.. that dinner is too amazing for words!!!!!

    The salad and ESPECIALLY the pizza.. like WOW!!!

    I love Mediterranean flavors as well so that is DEFINITELY mind kind of pizza girlie! I’m so jealous!!

    Carrot cake?! YUM also.

    Lucky you 😉 Hope your mom had a GREAT BDAY!!

  10. Haha i’ve never liked cake icing, no matter what kind it is. I always scrape off the icing and it ends up looking like yours. And the pizza looks delicious!!!!

  11. Oh Kailey, my first award!!! Thanks so much!!!

    We are going out tomorrow night (“I Love You, Man,” can’t wait!!!) and I am going to be pushing hard (that’s what she said) for Greek food after seeing your pizza and salad.

    Your plate of frosting made me puke in my mouth a little.

    Have a good rest of your time with your hot MamaJ!

  12. hi girlie
    aw sound slike your having a great time at home which is great 🙂 dinner sounded like so much fun, you and mamaj are so adorable! love the pic!
    4am? wow thats insane for me to contemplate haha…im a morning person and hit the sack by 10.30/11 everynight….yup im really a granny.:).didnt i ever mention that?
    i hope you enjoy the rest of the day,
    much love

  13. TJ’s Crunchy P.B. Granola bars – BEST EVER!!!! MMMMBop was my jam – my first concert was Hanson! Ohhh ya 😉

    What a mighty fine birthday dinner! Your mom is adorbs! Hope you enjoy the Oikos and CONGRATS PRINCESS!

  14. 14 cleanveggiex3

    Kailey, that pizza/carrot cake are making me extremely jealous of you right now. haha sounds like a great bday dinner!

  15. lover!!! thank you so much for that award, it means so much to me coming from YOU! you’re too awesome for words =)

    uhhh this post left me straight up drooling — that pizza and salad combo looks like it was AMAZING and carrot cake is one of my favs too! i agree with you about the icing, a little is good, but i want to be able to taste the deliciousness of the cake too! you’re such an inspiration of how to have a balanced lifestyle — healthy foods most of the time, NO GUILT when treating yourself and enjoying things like cake that you love, and just living in the moment; thank you for that!

    hope you had a fantastic weekend! xoxoxo

  16. 16 Bec

    That pizza looks so good!

  17. That birthday dinner looks fabulous! I actually got purple eyeliner from Sephora a few weeks ago, and at first I was a little apprehensive about it, but once I put it on I fell in love. It’s actually not obviously purpley, and they made my hazel eyes really green. The first night I wore it my friends kept telling me that my eyes looks amazing, and I was like, Yup, it’s the purple eyeliner. So if you decide that it’s something you need in your life, I say definitely get it.

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