Back in the ‘Nati


I’m home safe and sound! As I sit at the kitchen table writing this, my body is already relaxing. The tension in my shoulders is melting. The knot in my stomach is gone. With the puppers roaming around me, I am home, and I am happy!

Today started off a bit gloomy. It was gray and dismal outside when I walked to the gym. My workout was less than stellar. I could tell that my body was completely worn out, so I took it easy on the elliptical, did a few ab workouts and then headed back to the house.

As I walked home the sun started to peek through the clouds. That’s all I needed to feel less sluggish! I came home and immediately made breakfast.

Today’s eats are a mish-mash. I’ve been trying to use everything in the fridge, and you’ll be able to tell. What’s the best way to use a half-full container of blueberries and 10 strawberries? A smoothie, minus the moo (used a bit of soy milk and protein powder with the berries). I could never haveΒ only a smoothie, so a slightly burnt waffle with peanut butter balanced things:

Does anyone else prefer to eat smoothies with a spoon?

Does anyone else prefer to eat smoothies with a spoon?

And because it was pretty…

Beautiful purple smoothie with flecks of blueberry skin

Beautiful purple smoothie with flecks of blueberry skin

I’m not much of a smoothie gal. As I was slurping this I wished I would have just eaten the berries whole. The waffle, however, was spectacular.

After breakfast I showered, cleaned dishes and packed. This took me forever! I just stood in my room, staring at the clothing I had placed on the bed. “I have no idea what I’ll want to wear next Tuesday! What do I pack?” I always have this internal struggle when I pack. Tough, right?

The smoothie held me over horribly, and I was ready for lunch by the time I had finished packing. Uhh, it was very thrown together. You are about to see the last remnants of my fridge:

Last bits of cauliflower, last tablespoon of hummus, (not last) mini tortilla

Last bits of cauliflower, last tablespoon of hummus, (not last) mini tortilla

There was no way I was going to dirty a plate for that– hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚ To round this snackadellic lunch, I found this and gave the fakeness a whirl:

Banana Cream Pie Yoplait Light

Banana Cream Pie Yoplait Light

This is the best flavor I’ve tried. The sweetness doesn’t make you scrunch your face, and the banana flavor is strong. However, by the time I had finished 2/3 of this, I no longer could taste any flavor. It was just sweetness. I think I’m finished experimenting with these. (Then again, I can’t resist when they’re $.50. We’ll see…)

Muffin picked me up, we packed the car and drove right outta town. The car ride flew by. We abandoned our Arby’s ways and pineapple replaced the curly fries today. I prefer the pineapple. OH! Also on the way home I got a call from my agency. I am “on hold” for the Five Star modeling job! This means that I have to make sure I am available the days of the shoot. I’m not officially “booked” yet, but the other times I’ve experienced being “on hold,” it’s led to getting the job. This is another thing I’m excited about, but can’t be too excited in case I don’t get it.

I’m just chillin’ at home now, snacking on a sesameΒ bun and cucumber with hummus (no picture). Tonight will probably go like this: meet MamaJ at her work to visit for a bit, get dinner somewhere, come home, watch T.V (yessss), fall asleep before 10 p.m. I hope. Let the mindlessness begin… Much love.

Ciao for now,



16 Responses to “Back in the ‘Nati”

  1. yay, you’re home! i always think it’s kind of fun to figure out how to use things up in the fridge … though i agree, a smoothie alone is never enough to satisfy me. i need solid spoon-food!! i think it’s a mental thing.

    good news about the modeling job. have fun with your mamaj and the mindlessness!


    And welcome home-sweet-home πŸ˜€

  3. haha love the “smoothie minus the moo.” Too funny! And congrats to being “on hold” that’s awesome!

  4. HOORAY for being homeeeee!! I finished my hummus tub at lunch too – it was sad but I already bought another one πŸ˜€

    Congrats on the modeling job – MOVE OVER TYRA! Oh and I feel like such an ass for not saying this in the last post but congrats about the internship with VegNews!!!

  5. 5 Bec

    Glad you are already in relaxing mode, have a great week away from classes!

  6. Gracie just insisted on eating her smoothie with a spoon. Livy, drinking hers from a sippy cup, is now saying “Sissy SPOON!,” like she wants one too. You are in good company…or else you are just very immature. Maybe both πŸ˜‰

    Glad you are home, my friend, and congrats on the modeling hold.

    Good call on the pineapple, just be careful not to get it in your eye.

  7. 7 cleanveggiex3

    ahh kailey!!! your too kind πŸ™‚

    CONGRATS on the modeling, or soon to be! thats so cool!!!
    as for your eats – I love them. Like always. those tortillas are the best!

  8. 8 dailydulcie

    I hope you get the job!!!!! I bet you will πŸ™‚

    I like using a spoon for smoothies as well!! haha I thought I was the only one!

    Glad you are finally home & you get to relax!


  9. 9 muffin

    Hummus with cucumber? Hmm…sounds familiar.

  10. Congrats on the modeling gig! Enjoy your time at home – eat lots of good food, sleep more than enough, and just enjoy yourself!

  11. Hahaha smoothie with a spoon? Totally! My mom likes to make super thick smoothies.

  12. Smoothie minus the moo… you’re too cute! Smoothies should always be eaten with a spoon though. I don’t remember the last time I actually DRANK one, at least not a homemade smoothie. I hear you on not being a fan though. I mean, I really do like smoothies but I also really like volume and I feel like I’m getting so much more bang for my buck by eating the whole fruits rather than grinding them all up to nothing!

    I’m crossing my fingers for you for the modelling job! Sounds like a done deal πŸ˜‰

  13. glorious homeness!! I am SO not a smoothie person my friends think i’m nutso…i’m more of a fro yo gal πŸ˜€ I hope you get your job…haha maybe i’ll see you in a staples catalog near me??

  14. I hope you get the job! Have fun at home I am currently procrastinating my packing for PANAMA!! Do you know anyone else going?? Ughh I dont think Im ready for this!

  15. YAY for getting to go home πŸ™‚
    that smoothie looks pretty…but i have to agree, i definetly prefer eating fruit to drinking it in a smoothie…its more satisfying somehow.
    congrats on almost getting the moddelling job πŸ™‚ fingers crossed it gets finalised!
    enjoy the mindlessness, it feels GREAT πŸ™‚ its all ive been engaging in for 2 weeks now
    have a nice night mdear

  16. 16 sue

    wow smoothie with a spoon! that is so genius! i love it πŸ™‚

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