Lost in a Sea of Studying, Fact Checking and Writing


I couldn’t resist any longer! I just had to stop in and say hello to everyone! Everyone pumped for the new week? I am…or I will be after I finish exams. I have one Tuesday at noon and Wednesday at 10 a.m., then I turn in my final criticism for Thank You for Smoking and I’m donezo! Until then, however, I will be doing nothing but studying. I don’t plan on sleeping until Wednesday night. Who wants to join me in this challenge? Oh, you respect your body? ‘Kay, I understand.

Sunday I was lost in a sea of work. I started off the day studying for VICO, then read for IART, then went to dinner with the family and then stayed up until 3:45 a.m. working on the VegNews editorial challenge. I did not change out of my pajamas until it was 5:30 p.m. and my dad asked, “Kailey, um, when are you going to get ready for dinner? Are you going to shower?” I said, “Dad, I’m sorry, I’m not showering. I did manage to wash my face and brush my teeth at 4 p.m., though.” I’m almost excited to see how the rest of my studying will go. I may have dreadlocks by Thursday.

I haven’t taken many pictures of my eats, but some have been delicious! I’ve had two breakfasts (Sunday and today)that look like this:

Strawberries and bluebs atop Kashi Mighty Bites, FiberOne and soy milk

Strawberries and bluebs atop Kashi Mighty Bites, FiberOne and soy milk

At some point yesterday I had this bangin’ snack/meal/who knows:

Old faves: Fage with bluebs, Chocolate Brownie Clif Z-Bar

Old faves: Fage with bluebs, Chocolate Brownie Clif Z-Bar

MamaJ remembered that I love Fage, but can never afford it. She surprised me with this saying, “did you know this has, like, 15 grams of protein?!” Uh huh, that’s what makes it so special. And the Brownie Z-Bar? I’ve had them before, but maybe a year or so ago, and I totally forgot that this is supah sweet and tastes exactly like…a brownie! I had to stop studying so I could fully enjoy it.

Somewhere between photographic constructs and the art of theatre I had this baby:

Apple with drizzle of Krema Natural p.b.

Apple with drizzle of Krema Natural p.b.

I finally got dressed and put my face on to go to dinner with the family. We went to Applebee’s, which has to be nearly impossible for vegans and vegetarians to happily dine there. Seriously, every entree has meat and cheese, and the soup they had was Potato Bacon. Luckily, I was really craving shrimp, so I had a salad with grilled shrimp on top. I am almost ashamed to say that I ate little shrimpies. I cannot help that I like them, but still, there is some guilt there.

Anyway, I returned home to continue working into the wee small hours of the morning. Snack included, but were not limited to, chocolate macaroons, Mighty Bites, Baked Lays and Cheez-Its. Now, I have to keep Cheez-Its out of my own house. If they are there, they will be gone in no time, and they are in no way beneficial. They are only beneficial when it’s 1:30 a.m. and you’re trying to stay awake.

Now I am off to get ready to head back to Athens. I have no idea when I’ll be able to post next, as these next few days will be spent hard-core memorizing. I miss being able to post regularly and being able to comment often, but I’m just going to have to be a bad blogger for a bit. I’m sorry! Alright, I love you all and I hope your Mondays aren’t too manic.

Ciao for now,



12 Responses to “Lost in a Sea of Studying, Fact Checking and Writing”

  1. Ahhh hang in there with all the studying/exam preparation, girl!! And travel safely back to school, please!! 🙂

  2. 2 Bec

    Good luck with your studying and homeworking girl! I am trapped in my schools library so I feel your pain 😦

  3. I havent pulled an allnighter in years, and it wasnt for school related purposes. I am a wreck without sleep. Best of luck with all the hardcore studying and exams!

  4. My brekkie just looked like yours! Berry-licious.

    Mom’s are so funny about protein. My mom is obsessed with making sure I get enough all the time. She’s been brainwashed.

    Sweet studying, sister.

  5. good luck with all that studying!!! I was you last week, and now I am on spring break, yay!!

    ps changed my layout so now it’s different than yours! 🙂 haha, I just felt too bad stealing your “look!”

  6. 6 Julz

    You are so purrrrf. Period.

    GOOD LUCK with your studies! I’m smothered too. Pshhh let’s burn ittt


  7. good luck with all the heavy study girlie, sounds like alot of this week is all about the study, dont forget about yourself in the mist of it 🙂
    breakfast looks great!
    much love chica

  8. Hey dreads can be kind of fun….oh gosh Applebee’s sadly defines the Midwest 😦 We need so mo’ veg friendly hangs, ya hurrd?!

    GOOD LUCK STUDYING!!! As of 2:10 this afternoon I’m freeeeeeee from the books (until Thursday but I choose not to think about that!)!

  9. Hope all goes well! And have a great time!!!

  10. 10 dailydulcie

    Seems like you are extremely busy girlie!! Good luck with everything!!! 🙂

    That cereal combo looks DEEEELISH! I should definitely try those Kashi Mighty Bites.

    Try & get some sleep at some point haha

  11. Your breakfast looks perfect so dont worry! Good luck on your finals and I will be suffering with you!

  12. loverrrrr, thanks for posting, i’d miss you too much! haha!


    oh and if you like cheez-its but want to feel a tiny bit better about snacking on cheesy morsels, try the kashi cheddar crackers!! =)

    love ya girl!

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