Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It


Well hello lovely people! I am home, safe and sound, and have one million things to do. First off, I’ll recap yesterday. Friday the 13th has never bothered me before, but weird little things went wrong yesterday: toothbrush handle snapped, couldn’t find where my meeting was, water bottle leaked in backpack, forgot to pack sweatpants for the walk home from the gym, printed off incorrect form of cover letter, forgot my cell in the library and had to come back to get it, found that my one and only pair of sunglasses is broken… I think that was it.

Anyway, it started off with this yummy breakfast that looks like only pumpkin, but it’s not:

overnight sat: 1/2 C kashi go lean crunch, pumpkin, yogurt, sprinkle raisins, cinnamon, ginger, half naner

overnight sat: 1/2 C kashi go lean crunch, pumpkin, yogurt, sprinkle raisins, cinnamon, ginger, half naner

I moistened it with a splash of soy in the morning, and it was delicious! This held me through a meeting and a long workout! I came home, showered and quickly made this awesome lunch:

I had a very orange day

I had a very orange day

This pita tasted like Thanksgiving for some reason! I was trying to use up everything in the fridge and just threw in sweet potato mezzalune that had been dusted with channa masala, maple mustard soy tofu, spinach and BBQ sauce.

I'd definitely do this one again

I'd definitely do this one again

Then I ran around campus like a chicken with its head cut off. I had to hand in a new cover letter, and there was a minor issue, blahblahblah. It doesn’t matter now–it’s fixed! Then I ran to the library to say bye to MisterMan for just a minute. Seriously, I was haulin’ my hiney all over the place yesterday. I came home and packed my clothing and, more importantly, road food. While prepping I had to finish the can of pumpkin:

pun'kin, 2T yogurt, cinnamon, SF maple syrup

pun'kin, 2T yogurt, cinnamon, SF maple syrup

And then I tried to use up veggies for a killah salad for the road:

spinach, corn, edamame, mixed frozen veg, BBQ sauce, Sabra's roasted garlic hummus, FF Caesar Italian

spinach, corn, edamame, mixed frozen veg, BBQ sauce, Sabra's roasted garlic hummus, FF Caesar Italian

And some grains to accompany it:

mini La Tortilla Factory tortilla with Laughing Cow

mini La Tortilla Factory tortilla with Laughing Cow

The ride home was easy, breezy. It was also healthier than the last trip! No curly fries this time. Just 10-calorie Vitamin water and a couple grabs of Chex Mix. The day was so non-stop that even the car ride flew by. I got home and had a bit of this FABULOUS stew my mother made. It is pictured in today’s lunch.

MamaJ and I stayed up for a while. It was sometime last night I decided to open the laptop and check my Gmail. I was PUMPED out of my mind. I found out that I have moved onto the next round of the application process for the VegNews internship! I know I am right for this job because when they sent me the “challenge” I was shrieked, “OMG!!! I get to fact check an article about Clif Bars, write a product review and write a sample blog post! OMG!!!” So I have even more to do this weekend, but I love it! I don’t want to do any studying, I just want to work on this “challenge” (their word, not mine).

The rest of the night was spent fantasizing about working at VegNews in San Fransisco and watching the boob tube with MamaJ. This morning I woke up at 10, ready for an old favorite of mine:

Kashi Mighty Bites Honey! I love those little guys. And they love to be combined with strawberries, grapes and soy milk

Kashi Mighty Bites Honey! I love those little guys. And they love to be combined with strawberries, grapes and soy milk

Mighty Bites have the perfect structure for your milk of choice. They stay crunchy, yet manage to soak just enough milk so that there’s a chewy center. It was so nice to have fresh strawberries and grapes, too!

After eating, I kept moving and got showered and prettied up for my go-see! Go-sees can be challenging. I always get really excited for them, and picture what it’d be like to be on the actual shoot if I get the job. And then I usually don’t get the job. It’s really just how it goes. But you can’t stop; ya gotta get it, get it.

 I packed up the car and brought these with me:

La Croix lemon, grapes

La Croix lemon, grapes

The go-see went really well! I was the 105th model of the day and I had to write down my measurements, sizes, height and weight. Then the photographer (with whom I’ve had a go-see before) called me over and told me to stand in front of the camera and smile with a sheet that had my name on it. Then he said, “today is not about being a model.” And I said, “great, I love that! I’m game.” I had to show different faces/emotions, which were something like laughter, sadness and crazy. With each pose and face the photographer said, “great! That’s perfect!” He sounded pleased and it took no time at all. I then showed the client my book (I’m sure you ANTM-watchers know what that is), and I thanked them and skidaddled outta there. It was easy, fun and short!

Then I drove to WHOLE FOODS! I didn’t get much this time, as I’m still in shock from the $311 gas bill, but I did manage to get some great items:

Four items for $8.86

Four items for $8.86

Enjoy Life Soft Baked No-Oats “Oatmeal” cookies, Cranberry Synergy Kombucha, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar, Chocolate Brownie Z-bar…all worth it! This Kombucha is more bitter than the last, but it’s still refreshing. VeggieGirl, THANK YOU SO MUCH for recommending the Enjoy Life products! I had to try one of the cookies on my way home, and it was killer! Sweet and cinnamony, it tastes like an oatmeal cookie, but doesn’t have oats. There are surprising crunchy bits throughout, and little currants within offer a tart zing. I love these!

By the time I came home I was ready to tear apart the kitchen! I searched throughout the ‘rents’ kitchen and assembled a delectable lunch:

Apple, Flat Earth Garlic and Herb Baked Veggie Crisps, hummus, amazing stew

Apple, Flat Earth Garlic and Herb Baked Veggie Crisps, hummus, amazing stew

Please make this stew. It has no animal products in it, and is easy to make. It also happens to be one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in a long time. The recipe is from the latest issue of Food & Wine. A closer look:

Bean, Corn and Squash Stew

Bean, Corn and Squash Stew

The chunks of butternut squash are what make this soup. I highly recommend this.

So now I must start the necessary things to make this quarter of school come together. I have to study for two exams, write a paper and work on more internship stuff. I don’t want to say this, but I may be a little absent. I’m still going to try to read all your posts, but I’m not sure when I’ll post next.  However, it won’t be long, maybe just a day or two. Just know that I love all a ya’ll and I’ll be wishing I were blogging instead of studying. Darn real life. I have to remind myself:

Don’t stop, get it, get it!

Haha I think that is originally supposed to be sexual or something, but I don’t care. I’m taking it out of context. Alright lovepies, I’m off to be a good student! Love you lots.

Ciao for now,



21 Responses to “Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It”

  1. 1 Bec

    I love your orange eats! Especially the pumpkin oats 🙂

  2. hi girlie,
    great eats, that breakfast looks so yummy! i defo thought it was pumpkin oats at first!
    im glad to hear the go see went well, itsounded like you did a good job so fingers crossed!
    and good luck with the vegnews internship challenge 🙂 glad it sounds jus up your alley!
    have a wonderful saturday hun! enjoy being bck home,
    much love

  3. WOW, congrats on the vegnews success so far. you’re OBV perfect for the internship!!

    and glad to hear the go-see went well.

    your “home” food looks delicious — my food always seems to look and taste better when i’m with the fam, too.

    good luck with all the work, and enjoy your visit!!


    In the pita, I see…

    SWEET POTATO!!!!!!! 😀

    Congratulations on VegNews!! Wahoo!!

    And you’re quite welcome for the recommendation – enjoy 🙂

  5. You would be PERFECT for that job. I hope they’ve read your blog…you will be a shoo in for sure!

    I’m off to whip up a bowl of pumpkin for myself!

    Have a great weekend, toots!

  6. oh, that butternut squash in the soup looks amazing!

    and great job getting to the next step with the vegnews internship! i so hope that you get it!

    have a great weekend babe!

  7. Oh my gosh, that is awesome!!!!!! So cool!!!!

    And by the way, definitely love your colorful eats!!

  8. You are going to turn orange like me!! Seriously, I told my coworkers to call me Lindsay Lohan! It’s all good though – us Midwest girls need all the fake tanner we can get ya hurrd?!

    YAY!!! Congrats on your possible internship!! Fingers crossed for the go-see my darling! Ahhh VeggieGirl is THE grocery guru!

    The recipe is on my to do list because oh my yum it looks delish!

  9. 9 sue

    love all the eats- the sandwich and stew looks so delicious! and good luck with all your studies!

  10. oh myyy the stew looks so hearty & delicious.
    and that’s so great about the internship!!! best of luck with it!
    I also hope you get the modeling job, that’d be pretty sweet.
    sounds like you’re busy busy busy- i’ll miss your posts so don’t stay away too long!

  11. you have been having some GREAT eats lady! 🙂
    soo cool about the vegnews thing!! yay for you! those enjoy life cookies sound tastey! and this week i’m going to try one of those synergy drinks as a tribute to you! i’m dying to see waht it tastes like! what is your favorite flavor?!
    hope that you get the modeling job lady! you are such a BEAUTIFUL gal inside and out– cheesy i know but oh so true !:) xoxo

    • 12 snackface

      Jaime- I’ve only tried two, but I like the first one I had much better. I think it was called trilogy. It’s pinkish-red and the label is multi-colored. I hope you don’t think they’re nasty! Haha. And thanks for the sweet, sweet compliments 🙂

  12. 4 items for 8 dollars??!?! I am impressed!

    ahh that go see sounds like so much fun, totally did that sophomore year of high school but realized that even though I was getting jobs my braces were kind of killing my confidence hahaha

  13. that stew sounds rull good. yum

    and i just bought sunglasses at TARJAY. they got some cute ones. sorry yours broke-DED.

    and sorry bout the water bottle
    and the meeting
    and the sweatpants.


  14. 15 dailydulcie

    All your eats look delicious.. especially that pita for lunch!!!! I would LOVE that 🙂

    The go-see sounds like it went really well! I’m glad you had a good time doing it!

    That is STRANGE that all that stuff happened to you on Friday the 13th. I always wonder if stuff like that would happen to me on that day, but it never does.. I prob just jinxed myself and now the next Friday the 13th something bad will prob happen haha

    I’ve never tried any of the Enjoy Life products, but WOW those cookies look good. I’m going to look for them at Whole Foods the next time I go!

    Have a great dayy!

  15. haha oh my little snackface- your posts are full of too much goodness. Congrats on the interview and the modeling stuff! I’m stoked for ya…I really like those enjoy life cookies too, VG knows her shiz huh!?? And I never use pumpkin anymore, i seriously get anxiety with it sitting in my fridge saying USE ME BEFORE I GO BAD!! haha too much stress in my life. Have fun at home girl!

  16. DANNg YESSS I will make that stew. OMGOSH it looks just like restaurant stews that I’d totally order!!!! YUMMM!! You’re a model and a chef??

  17. hey girlfriend! first of all — THANK YOU for your amazing comments, i know you take time to write such a nice, heartfelt message and i appreciate/cherish every one so much! okay, now that THAT’S off my chest…

    uhhh AMAZING eats. that sandwich and soup need to be mine. you’re just too talented for words!

    so glad the go-see was fun and went well, and they BETTER let you write for vegnews! they would seriously be crazy not to.

    hope you had a fantastic weekend, love love love ya!

  18. so happy to hear about the internship! i just KNOW you’re going to get it!!! 🙂 and your eats are b – e- a- utiful just like youuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂

  19. Love all the orange food! But where’s the sweet potatoes?!

    Mmm, love the Kombucha…and now I’m going to have to buy those cookies!

  20. Hey there!

    I see that you’re a fan of Greek yogurt and I’d love to send you some free coupons to give Stonyfield Oikos Organic a try. Oikos was the first ORGANIC Greek yogurt on the market! Just shoot me an email at if you’re interested and let meknow where to send them!

    Take care,

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