Beauty & the Feast


Thank you all! Thank you so much for reading my piece and not thinking I’m a loon. And you all made me feel like a real writer– one of the best feelings. You’re far too kind.

Yesterday was a crazy, fun and slightly sinful day. Uh huh, Muffin and I were naughty. You’ll see.

It all started innocently, with a breakfast cookie before a workout:

The best flavor combos yet

The best flavor combos yet

I ate the first half before my cardio session. In this cookie: 1/2 c oats, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, splash water; on top: Mighty Maple. I can’t eat too much before a workout, or else I’ll hurl. After a 45-minute interval workout on the elliptical, I came home, showered and ate the other half, dressed up:

Much improved: heated and smashed 1/2 naner with bit of Smucker's p.b. and squirt of SF maple syrup

Much improved: heated and smashed 1/2 naner with bit of Smucker's p.b. and squirt of SF maple syrup

Oh gosh. That mashed naner made all the difference. This with coffee got me pumped for reading my piece at the Women’s Center. Reading the piece in front of others was a true blessing and rare opportunity. It’s not often a writer gets to share her work via reading it aloud, and thus expressing it exactly how it sounds in her head. The women (and one man) in the group responded more adamently than I could have imagined. Three other women shared their writings as well. Topics covered were personal stories about sexual assault, saving sex for marriage and coping with a transgendered partner’s decision to change from male to female. It was a heavy hour.

Muffin was also at the reading, and we headed to The Post’s (school paper) newsroom afterward. She edited and Gchatted while I posted my essay for your viewing pleasure. It wasn’t until my head was pounding that I realized I needed something to eat. I don’t have pictures, but I had a Stoneyfield Low Fat Mocha Latte yogurt and some bad-for-you Waldorf Snack Mix. The yogurt was delicious! Not too sweet, hint of mocha, just thick enough. The snack mix? Well, the cup was supposed to have six servings. I ate half the container. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD EAT MEALS, KIDS.

An hour later, Muffin and I were prepping to go to our last class of the quarter: VICO. The class has been painful all quarter, and Muffin and I wanted to do something crazy before we went. This urge to be crazy led us to Jackie O’s, a bar and restaurant here that brews its own beers. We each had a raspberry wheat beer (amazing), met some awesome locals (I tried to explain a blog to someone, and the 75-year-old man sitting across me had to step in and help define a blog–I’m not kidding) and then we were 10 minutes late to class. As we walked into class we passed our professor! He was waiting outside while the class filled out teacher evaluations. Whoops! We be crazy.

I hit up the library after class to play on the internet for a while. Muffin and I met up again at 5:30 and walked to dinner with our two other friends, Rick (editor-in-chief of the paper) and Dave. Where did we go? To Rio!

Rio Grande is a mexican restaurant where underage kids go to drink jumbo margaritas. However, they also have delicious food! I started off with a ‘rita though πŸ™‚ The ‘rita is the Beauty to which this post’s title refers (more naughtiness, too).



Sorry these pics are going to be bad; they’re from my phone! I wasn’t planning on being away from my house all day. The other naughty thing I love about Rio is their chips and salsa. I will eat baskets and baskets of these:

Gimme dat fried tortilla

Gimme dat fried tortilla

Haha I’m laughing at how bad these pics are. Again, so sorry. So, before last night, I had never eaten a real meal at Rio’s. I’ve been craving a giant dinner (or really, just an actual dinner- not just a sweet potato) all week (and meat for some odd reason), so I grew a pair and ordered the vegetarian fajitas! The feast:

green peppers, onions, mushrooms, lots of oil or lard or whatever they fry it in

green peppers, onions, mushrooms, lots of oil or lard or whatever they fry it in

This came with refried beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream and three tortillas.

I ate the beans, guac and two (unpictured) tortillas

I ate the beans, guac and two (unpictured) tortillas

Oh wow. I will not do that to you again. I will try my best to always remember my camera. Anyway, I felt wonderfully full after my feast and ‘rita (and a half). MisterMan picked me up after dinner and we hung out for a bit. We completely passed out for a long nap. I’m thinking I needed it.

He dropped me off at my home at ten, and I don’t know what it was(okay, I do– it’s that time), but I was in the mood to eat! I wasn’t necessarily hungry, but I just wanted food. Do you ever get this way; ya just want to snack for no reason? I have no pictures of my continued feast but it included the following:
-mug of Kashi GoLean Crunch with soy milk
-Edy’s Slowly Churned Thin Mint ice cream, straight from the carton
-large portion of a full-sized bag of kettle corn popcorn

You know what the sick thing is? I wasn’t even that full after that. Maybe it’s a lot, maybe it isn’t. Main thing is I was finally content after that.

Today I have a few things to do before heading home:
-meetingΒ 11:30a.m.
-work out
-go to library to fill holes in my notes for IART
-hand in revised version of a cover letter for something
-go to Cinci!!!

Are you pumped it’s Friday? Any big plans? I’m just excited to see my family, sleep, eat well, study in peace and have a lovely opportunity to go on a Go-See. I hope you enjoy your Fridays! Much love πŸ™‚

Ciao for now,



16 Responses to “Beauty & the Feast”

  1. You are DEFINITELY a real writer, girl – don’t let anyone tell you anything different!! You have a true talent – use it and be proud!! πŸ™‚

    HAHA!! Love the “sippin’ ” photo.

    Good luck with today’s agenda, and have a safe trip home!!

  2. hi hun
    sounds like you had a super fun thursday πŸ™‚ that mexican place looks really good! i love tortillas and dip!
    im glad reading your piece went down so well *yay*:) it was really good!
    have a great friday mdear,

  3. kailey, my love! first of all, i THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading yesterday’s piece; you really captivated your emotions in your writing! i could feel your passion for the subject throughout! you’re quite talented, i hope you know this!

    uhhh i LOVE your naughty day — we have a similar mexican place at school where everyone flocks for ‘ritas and (not SO great but tastes awesome when you’re tipsss) mexican food! nothing like a little spontaneity sometimes, right? you deserved it, big time!

    have a great friday and a safe trip home! xoxoxo

  4. 4 Anna

    That Mexican feast looks delicious – what a way to celebrate the end of the quarter! I definitely know what you mean about just wanting more and more food. Sometimes I just do laps around the kitchen, snatching up and munching on anything that looks tasty. Healthy? Not exactly. Extremely satisfying? YES.

    Have fun at home!!!

  5. 5 Sweet and Fit

    I love you face in that picture, priceless! I know what you mean about eating *real meals* so that you don’t end up snacking up a storm! that vegetarian fajita feast looks freakin’ amazing!

  6. what a great feast you’ve had! and I’m glad you found contentment in your eats, and not feel guilty or anything. food is meant to satisfy and to be enjoyed, as you have!
    mm…I’ve GOT to try those oatmeal cookies sometime. how exactly do you make it?

  7. 7 sue

    sounds like you had a fun day to end your quarter! mexican food is my absolute favorite! have a great trip home- can’t wait to hear about the go-see!

  8. Yummy looking mxn foods! One thing i admire about you is your attitude. I love that your able to snack so freely and really be ok with it. It’s great.

  9. I couldn’t read your post yesterday because I was studying like the good student I sometimes am so after this monster comment I’ll be reading it πŸ˜‰

    Raspberry wheat beer, mocha yogurt, fajitas, ritas, EVERYTHING = yum!!! YES I snack just because sometimes, especially after drinking. My reasoning is that I need carbs (usually cheezits) to soak up some of the alcohol!

    Have fun this weekend! GOOD LUCK!! Oh and I think you should “accidentally” make a wrong turn and end up on north I-75 for a good 3 hours – but that’s just my opinion πŸ˜‰

  10. 10 Bec

    Love chips and salsa!

  11. Just started reading your blog! I’m a college student, and you’ve given me some great ideas for quick and tasty eats…and the urge to buy a sweet potato the next time I go to Trader Joe’s!

  12. 12 shelby

    I’m feeling so snacky today too! Right now I’m eating some PB puffins =)

  13. what a fun day!! i say it’s healthy to go a bit “sinful” here and there — you have to shake things up, esp when you’ve been working so hard! (i read your piece yesterday, btw — so well-written and meaningful, too!). the reading at the women’s center sounds like it would have been heavy, but also the source of lots of great discussion.

    enjoy your trip home this weekend, and good luck with the go-see!

  14. Margarita, my ass. You are the true beauty (inside and out!).

    Have a great weekend, love. Are curly fries in your future?

  15. YUM to that bfast sandwich.

    I am checking out the post right now to read your piece!!

    RIO GRANDE!! OMG we basically were asked to never come back last time I was there for my friends 21st haha – it was a mess but basically the waiter keep feeding us tequila shots and we NEVER ordered them so we were like uhhh, not paying! Love that place!

    Have fun at home!

  16. 16 dailydulcie

    Mexican restaurants are so much fun & the food is always delish!!

    Your breakfast cookie looks like a fabulous combo! I should try that sometime!!

    Love the photo of you sippin on the ‘rita!! haha πŸ™‚

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