Size Ten


Hey there pretty people! Males are allowed to be pretty, too. I also call guys gorgeous, and I really mean that as one of the best compliments. Gender adjective musings aside…So Wednesday was a wonderful, full-of-surprises day!

I woke up to a grey sky, but was not about to let that bog me down. As I read the sweet, kind comments about my last post (thank you so much!), I pondered breakfast options. Oats were a necessity today:

Chocolate banana coconut oats with coffee

Chocolate banana coconut oats with coffee

In the bowl: 1/2 c oats, water, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, 1/2 naner, splash soymilk, shredded sweetened coconut on top and spoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams.

DCD and the coconut melded together and formed a beautiful icing for the oats (after I schmeared the DCD across the top)

DCD and the coconut melded together and formed a beautiful icing for the oats (after I schmeared the DCD across the top)

I was running 10 minutes later than usual, but I made it to IART with time to spare. In class we reviewed some things for the final next week and sat through group presentations. Women’s chorale afterward was short and sweet. We congratulated one another on a fine performance, and completed teacher evalutations.

Then I headed home 20 minutes earlier than normal, thus giving me ample time to sip chamomile tea and finish Thank You for Smoking. My stomach has been evil today, so my appetite has been wackadoodle. Despite that, I had a wrap so good that I ate it in no time:

Tofu wrap with Jonagold apple

Tofu wrap with Jonagold apple

In the La Tortilla Factory wrap: tofu, ketchup (was craving this), mustard, BBQ sauce, spinach.

he couldn't contain himself and was fallin' out- YUM

he couldn't contain himself and was fallin' out- YUM

I had a few almonds and a baby chunk of the roomie’s pie after this. It was too much for my iffy stomach today, and I had to pop some Tums. Then I was in severe concentration mode to write a book review! I outlined my main points, found quotes, listened to Duke Ellington Radio on Pandora and knocked it out in an hour or so. I felt FREE after finishing this!

At 4:30ish I checked my email and found one from my modeling/talent agency. It was an email for a Go-See, which is where models Go to See the client, and from there the client decides whom they want to hire for the job. I was hesitant to even read the email because I’m in Athens and most jobs are in Cincinnati or Columbus. Reading it anyway, I discovered that the Go-See would be this Friday and Saturday (one can go to either), and the job (if booked) would be during my spring break. It would be a modeling job for Five Star, the notebook and folder line by Mead, and I thought, “hmm…if only I could get home somehow…”

SIMULTANEOUSLY, Muffin sent me a gchat saying that she wanted to go home Friday. I got so excited I thought I’d burst! Perfect timing! So the on-a-whim plan for the rest of the week: Friday, go home to Cinci, go to the Go-See on Saturday, then spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday studying in the comforts of my parents’ loving home. I’m STOKED.

It should be noted that Go-Sees aren’t that big a deal. I’ve gone on handfuls of these without getting jobs. It’s just how the modeling game goes. You either have what they’re looking for or you don’t. And you absolutely cannot take it personally. So who knows how this one will go! Would you like to see me in a Five Star ad? Haha.

Then, after the excitement subsided for a second, it was time to make a lil’ sunthin’ before class.
Question: What’s better than a sweet potato?
Answer: A sweet potato the size of my foot- a Size Ten Tater!

I'm not sure this picture does it justice!

I'm not sure this picture does it justice!

This one was big…just the way I like it. Get your mind out of the gutter. I washed it, cut it, sprinkled it with garam masala and baked it into this:

Huge sweet potato fan

Huge sweet potato fan

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish these beauties…



The roomie and I heard a knock on the door. It was a gentleman asking us about our gas bills. He was offering lower rates, or something, and asked to see our latest bill. We hadn’t opened it yet. When we did, I totally lost my appetite. For our tiny little square of a house, gas this month cost $311!!! I don’t have money! What am I supposed to do? This is insane! I will work it out, though (oh student loans, please come through soon!). The life of a college student…

I escaped money-troubled home and went to Review and Criticism to turn in my book review. We watched the movie (Thank You for Smoking), and now have to write a piece of criticism comparing the book to the movie. This should be enjoyable. However, I got my last review back, and was less than thrilled with the grade. Do you ever have moments where you doubt your talents? Yes, I’m a freak and a B+ bothers me.

Then I speed-walked across campus to the music building while eating a mini Clif crunch peanut butter bar. A capella practice was pleasantly productive! I left ravenous and ready for food.

So what cereal did MisterMan bring to me last night?



He’s good, isn’t he? Knows me well 🙂 So I turned it into the first of a series of snacks:

half of tiny naner, few spoons of plain ff yogurt, sprinkle of Crunch

half of tiny naner, few spoons of plain ff yogurt, sprinkle of Crunch

I was a fool for thinking I’d be pleased with this small snack. I then had a serving or two of just the Honey Almond Flax Crunch with light soy milk. This kind isn’t as sweet as the regular and also has a nuttier, rounder flavor. The almond slivers are a welcome surprise, too! After the SnackFaceness, MisterMan came to visit for a bit, and now I’m heading to bed!

Tomorrow I have a workout, then a reading for the women’s literary magazine (oh, and then class). I’m reading my piece in front of people, which will be liberating! I cannot wait. I will post it after the reading!

Alright, must go to bed. Again, thank you all for the touching words of support, understanding and empathy! Love you lots.

Ciao for now,



20 Responses to “Size Ten”

  1. Good Job Mister Man! I think I like the Honey Flax even better than the original.

    I feel like I know all about “go-sees” from America’s Next Top Model. You don’t have to explain them to me 😉

    My foot is slightly bigger than a 10, but I cram those skis into size 10s all the time. 11s are too big and hard to find, you know?

    Can’t wait to read your piece tomorrow! Good luck!

  2. good luck on your go-see 🙂

  3. misterman chose well 🙂
    that breakfast looks so good!
    ooo good luck on the go-see 🙂 it seems like everything turned out perfectly so you could go to it!!
    aw sorry about the bill 😦
    that sweet potatoe is HUGE!
    have a nice night girlie

  4. SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck, girl!! You know I support ya!! 🙂

  5. Sweet Potatoes!!!
    I gots the big feet too 😉

    That oatmeal is making me drool!! Yum!

    I’m so jealous of you going on a go-see =( I’ve always wanted to model but I haven’t had good luck…yet!

  6. Good luck on your “go-see”!!

    Haha I LOVE that sweet potato, it’s gorgeous. And yay for going home on Friday, I am too, it’s so exciting!! 🙂

  7. 7 Anna

    Holy Mother, that sweet potato is HUGE!

    You’re so lucky to have a man with such good taste in cereal. That stuff is delicious!

    I enjoyed that movie, so you’ll have to update us when you compare it to the book. Is it worth reading?

  8. 8 erin

    heerrrrrrroo babby girl.
    im sorry bout ya stomach problemo!

    gah. so rough
    but i love your tofu spinach wrap with ALL condiments possible. its quite the abundance of flavaaa flavvvv..


    hahahah you just eat sweet potaters for dinner and i love it.. because hey, whats better?
    thanks for your lovely words on my rough day. gah i hate bad days.
    my flight is a lattee one tonight. 8 PM! so i should get in around 10.
    i absolutely HATE flying.
    literally its the pitts to me.
    hold ya breath for me woman!

    hope your stomach feels betterrr today, pop some pepto!

  9. OMGZ love your oats! I need to wake up earlier so I can enjoy a bowl! Haha!
    And oh wow, that is so cool about the go-sees! And sweet potatoes ❤

    Love love Kashi cereals. The honey almond flax one is one of my favorites because of the slivered almonds. Almonds = ❤

    Have a great day girlie!!!

  10. Haha love the sweet tater. Too funny! Sounds like a fun weekend coming up!

  11. hahaha love your tater picture. and that’s so cool about the go-see, I hope you book it because i would def like to see you in a 5 star ad!
    😀 have a gurreaatt dayy!

  12. GOOD LUCK on the go-see! pfft, if they don’t pick you, they’ve gotta get themselves some glasses. who can resist you?
    anywa, crazy fat ass sweet potato! that’s what I’m talking about! since I’m just a size 6, it’ll be almost twice the length of my foot!

  13. 13 Bec

    Wow that bill is ginormous and so is that SP!

  14. kailey! oh my goodness this post is just bursting with wonderfulness: from the oats to misterman’s fabulous cereal choice (i havent tried that kind — do i live under a rock? seriously?) to a GO-SEE (i would LOVE to see a picture of you carrying five-star notebooks and wearing a huge backpack, thanks) to the biggest and most beautiful sweet potato on earth! love it all!

    okay, in terms of grades, you and i could be the same person — i don’t think anything pisses me off more than a B+, seriously. but i try to remind myself that a B+ is SO close to an A-, and more likely than not, i end up getting better grades the next time and that little old B+ ends up meaning nothing. i wish i wasn’t so OCD about good grades, though! most people would kill for a B+! i’m sure the quality and caliber of your work will be reflected by your final grade, not that one little paper, though =)

    to continue this novel of a comment, i didn’t get to post yesterday about your series of signs, but i think they’re absolutely awesome — GO WITH IT! i really want to get back involved in church, i was raised going every sunday but kind of fell out of the routine when i hit college. i know that faith is what’s going to get me through, and i truly believe that every little sign means something; life and God have mysterious ways of working, you know? keep me posted on that one!

    whew, okay, i’ll stop robbing you of your time, i’m sure you have other books to read and papers to write! but you’re almost spring break bound — YAY! love you, girlfriend!

  15. So much going on! Most importantly – that’s my favorite cereal!!! I could seriously eat 1/2 a box in one sitting = not good!

    Congrats on the go see! Either way, it’s a great opportunity!

    I can’t wait to read your piece! 🙂

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  16. I call guys gorgeous too – for example, Adam Levine is gorgeous! 😉

    Wackadoodle! Haha I like it! Holy moly that sweet potato is large and in charge but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now I know what will be part of my dinner tonight!

    THAT’S the crunch I eat – SO GOOD!! Good luck at the go see! You will be a STAR, my dahhhling!

  17. 17 dailydulcie

    that wrap looks FABULOUS!! I need to start making wraps for lunch.. they are on so many blogs!!

    the oatmeal looks very tasty also 🙂

    man that’s a HUGEEEEE sweet potato, dayumm.


    Oh the life of a college student……I know it well!

  19. WOW that is an amazing sweet potato!!! and any guy who comes over with a surprise box of golean crunch is a definite keeper 😉

  20. 20 Sweet and Fit

    you must tell me how u make ur sweet potatoes look so good!

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