Jesus Walks


‘Ello there fine people! I have had a peculiarly interesting Tuesday that I’m just going to jump right in and tell you about.

Monday night I had a serious talk with MisterMan about some ridiculous thoughts I’ve been having lately. They are nothing to be concerned about, just things I needed to sort through. Essentially, I had lost touch with reality and had been taking certain things for granted (and I’ve been stressed, of course). At the end of the conversation I said, “it’s really all fine. I just need a new day.”

Tuesday morning I wake up, groggy and worn out from this routine I’ve been pushing myself through for the past 10 weeks. This always happens during the last week of the quarter. You’re just depleted of enthusiasm and everything seems so difficult you want to stop trying. To get out of my funk, I had a banana and headed to the gym.

I worked through some nasty emotions and felt cleansed by the time I had finished my elliptical and weights session. Walking home, “Jesus Walks” by Kanye West  was bumping on my iPod, which is my favorite song at the moment. This was goin’ on in my ears:

I want to talk to God, but I’m afraid ‘cuz we ain’t spoke in so long;
God, show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to bring me down;
The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now.

I’m not that religious a person, but I’ve definitely had my bouts of going to this phenomenal non-denominational church in Cincinnati. And honestly, when I go and when I reflect every single day on the things I want in my life, in others’ lives and the things I’m grateful for, I feel light and floaty–as though nothing can get to me and I will be able to work through anything.

This song really reminded me of that today. Right in the middle of the song, my iPod died. It was at that moment I walked by the Interreligious building, and really thought, “hmm, I should get in touch with my faith and spirituality.” Then, not two seconds later, as I was approaching the Catholic church on the same street, out walks six men carrying a casket. Chills overtook my body and tears swelled in my eyes.

Is that not the most bizarre series of events? Take it however you like, but I believe someone and the Universe were sending me monstrous signs. After this, my mood has changed drastically. This was a huge wakeup call that I need to stop taking my life for granted. I need to stop bitchin’ and moanin’. I need to start going over what I’m grateful for every single day.

So by now, I hope I haven’t lost you. ONTO FOOD! After a shower I was ready for a big bowl of delicious life. Also known as the return of creamy oats!

I missed you, baby! 1/2c oats, water, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sf syrup, DCD and Mighty Maple

I missed you, baby! 1/2c oats, water, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sf syrup, DCD and Mighty Maple

Man oh man these were good! It’s not even like I did anything new; it had just been too long. After this, I headed to the library to print my final English paper and then I went to class. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t finished the book we were assigned (I’m finishing it over break, I swear!). It’s easier to fake it than I thought it would be. You just furrow your brow a bit and nod here and there. Make it look like you really agree with someone. The professor let us out a half hour early, and I went back to the library to, well, read blogs! Haha.

As I was on gmail, Muffin asked what we had to do for VICO. Turns out there was an assignment that I totally forgot about. Luckily, I had those unplanned extra 30 minutes to finish it, eh! While working I ate the BEST LARA BAR. I’ve tried many, and enjoyed many. But nothing comes close to this gem (K, you know where I’m going with this):

duuude, buy this!

duuude, buy this!

Eating this is like eating a soft, chewy, large macaroon. Well, I could be wrong. I haven’t had a macaroon in something absurd, like 12 years. But this is what I imagine. Happiness levels continued to rise.

Until I was in VICO. The classroom was steamin’ like cowpies in the middle of July! At least I got to sit next to Muffin and we could write notes to eachother. After class, I darted home to get ready for the choir concert!

Eating before singing is always a tricky thing. I can’t eat too much or else I’ll burp, or be uncomfortably full and distracted. So salad it was:

Pretty 'fu salad!

Pretty 'fu salad!

Last night I let the remainder of the tofu sit in a bath of sf maple syrup, mustard, soy sauce, ginger and chili powder (I think that’s it), and then I grilled it on the Foreman. It caramelized a bit in the grill marks and tastes divine. I do enjoy a good baked tofu, too. The rest of the salad: ripped spinach, carrot, cherry toms, pickles, BBQ sauce, balsamic dressing. I love a salad! I needed some grains after this. In came a blackberry creamcheese strudel. Kidding, but it was good:

pita with Laughing Cow and Smucker's Blackberry Simply Fruit spread

pita with Laughing Cow and Smucker's Blackberry Simply Fruit spread

I figured I wouldn’t mind burping up blackberry jam in the middle of “Come ye makers of song, come away.”

Walking across campus in a long black choral gown will get stares, so if you ever are in desperate need for attention, do it. Learned that for sure as I made my way to the church.

The concert was a blast! I’m a cheeseball and love any kind of performance. And singing is the best. By the time I got home it was 9:30 p.m. and I was ready for dinner part two…and three…and four. I had the last of my cereal stash! Kashi GoLean Crunch is now finito! I think I got six servings out of this box, just like it recommends. SHOCK.

Crunch with light soy milk, water, orange with a lil' baby soft spot

Crunch with light soy milk, water, orange with a lil' baby soft spot

See that Synergy bottle? If I’m going to pay more than $3 for a Kombucha drink, you better believe I’m reusing the glass bottle. The label makes me happy too! Gosh, I’ve missed the Crunch. I ate it for, like, two years straight in highschool. I’d rotate: Kashi GoLean Crunch, Kashi GoLean, Kashi Good Friends Cinnamon Raisin Crunch. YUM!

Oh, it should also be noted that I’ve had slivers of the chocolate chip pecan pie after that! I just stood in the kitchen, moaned while eating. Figured no one wanted a picture of that.

Well lovely people, I am going to finish reading and have a mini visit with MisterMan! I just told him on AIM that I was now all out of cereal, and he said he’s bringing me a new box. He was like, “what kind do you want? Nevermind, I’ll choose. You’ll take way too long.” My response, “okay, just make sure it’s healthy and has fiber and protein!” We’ll see what he brings. What a sweetie.

Ciao for now, my darlings!


Pregunta: Have you ever experienced an odd series of events, spiritual or not, happen to you like I did today? Just something that made you go, “hmmm…”


18 Responses to “Jesus Walks”

  1. oh my goodness, i’ve had countless 😀 I LOVE your moment- i’m a really religious person, but i feel like i often get “lost” and lose touch. I love those “wake up”, really strange, this has to be a sign- moments! Your misterman sounds like a fabbo guy/therapist/shoulder to have also…have a great night girl!

  2. 2 Bec

    I love that song, and such a crazy moment for you to experience! Your pita wonderfullness looks great 🙂

  3. Yes, we truly need to be thankful every day and not forget about the one who makes each breath possible:)
    Your laughing cow cheese pita makes me miss those yummy little wedges!

  4. That is such a great song and really motivating!! I wish I could eat that LARA….im allergic to coconut boooooooo.

    I am glad the performance went well! And stay strong and non-stressed during this worst week!

  5. Not only does Jesus walk, he talks…and we have to be listening! Sounds like you were in tune today. Thank you for sharing this too! Sometimes its frightening to share something so personal.

    That is so smart to use the Foreman for the ‘fu. I’m doing it.

    I’m dying to see what Mister Man brings you. Boys are so funny with their ideas of health food 😉

  6. hi hun
    that really is a series of crazy events !
    great eats 🙂 love the mini dinners broken into differnt parts!!
    sorry your feeling stressed at the moment, but im glad you can get all the emotions out at the gym!
    cant wait to see what misterman brings you 🙂 and love the name you give him haha
    have a lovely night mdear

  7. Why didn’t I ever think to keep those bottles?! Duh! Next time…

    Mmm lovely oat breakfast, I know what you mean about it being too long without something. I get so excited! haha

    Coconut Cream Larabar!!! I’m having one tomorrow, I already can’t wait haha

    Have a fabulous day chica! 😉

  8. I’m a big believer in fate/destiny, so that’s interesting that all those events happened – take note of the signs!! 🙂

    Our meet-up is coming up soon, no?? I’m getting excited, haha.

  9. Oh man – those are some serious signs!! I’m a superstitious person and get the creeps when stuff like that happens to me!

    I accidentally scrolled to far and saw the coconut lara and literally just said out loud, “I love that bar, I love that bar, I love that bar!” Then I saw the shout out! Thanks, princess 😀 THEN if I couldn’t get any weirder about my outbursts I just snorted laughing reading this little sucker, “The classroom was steamin’ like cowpies in the middle of July!”

    Hahah what kind of cereal did the boy bring you?!

  10. I think going over what you are grateful for everyday can make a huge difference in your life! That’ wonderful that you realized it. I have had moving experiences before that have totally shifted my perceptions and changed my life for the better!

  11. hi woman, did you get my comment last night on the previous post?? my computer doesn’t EVER tell me that youre updating ya bloggie. i have to check at my own little random! dammmnit

    that is quite freaky deaky.. i’m definitely one that believes in that type of stuff too. certainly a wake up call .. jesus walksss.. love kanye.

    mmmm tofu. mmmm larabar! i’ve never had them :X

    i’m too busy being obsessed with the luna right now.
    what the hells Kombucha?
    kk hope youre having a lovely little hump day dear

  12. ooops just kidding. got your comment back to mine
    GUM it is! i will go stock up

    maybe some KASHI?

    i dont care if you give lame advice, i love you and thats all that matters!!!

  13. 13 Sweet and Fit

    you are the sweetest! I can be a religious person sometimes, and I know that light-hearted feeing you are talking about – its absolutely priceless =) unfortunately, I also know what you been regarding how easy it is to loose touch too. I’m glad you had a lil’ chat with MisterMan – I had to have one of those too lately, and I’m so glad i did!

  14. wow…your post really touched me today. I agree with you that we truly need to learn how to give thanks, no matter what the circumstances and situation. I’m a religious person, and I think what happened to you is God’s work…It’s a divine intervention to make you realize the swiftness of life and how temporary it is…so we should enjoy each and every single day of our lives here, enjoying and giving thanks for all the blessings and love God pours down on us!

  15. Wow, we have way tooo much in common! From cereal, to religious “ah ha” moments, to passing notes in class. Love it! (my sis and I used to eat go lean crunch out of the box standing in the kitchen…priceless)

    I’m glad that you’re in better spirits and are ready to finish up the quarter! You can do it! Just keep reminding yourself how important it is to take care of yourself first and foremost. 🙂

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  16. love that larabar too! its amazinggggggg

  17. wow what an experience! girl of course i dont have a problem with it!! i’m not a religious person either– but i am very spiritual! i love hearing everyone’s different aspects on life/religion/spirituality– this is what makes us all so special and different 🙂 great eats lovey– but seriously i always expect the best eats from my snackface gal 🙂 soo cute you kept the synergy bottle! i need to try this stuff!


  18. 18 sue

    oh i definitely believe that god/the universe is always throwing signs/messages out there for us to see, and once in a while we’re lucky enough to catch on!

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