Procrastination Station


Hello lovepies! I cannot believe it’s the Sunday before my last week of classes of the quarter. I also cannot believe that I have loads of work to do, yet put walking outside, searching for more internships and watching a movie before my homework. This is what warm weather does to me; I cannot do work when it’s beautiful out there! So now it is Sunday, and I WILL write an art review, a piece for the women’s literary magazine, an English paper, AND I’ll read. I hope.

Yesterday was an interesting day of eats. After soup for breakfast, I eventually wanted a pear (unpictured). And then I wanted to try this new HFCS-filled yogurt. It sounded delicious an was only$.63 or something like that.

I grew up eating the non-light Thick & Creamy's; had to try this

I grew up eating the non-light Thick & Creamy's; had to try this

Upon first bite, there was a light hint of cinnamon with a startling overtone of aspartame and supersweetness. Eventually, the cinnamon flavor wore away and I felt as though I was eating just sweet, eggy-textured yogurt.  Though it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t wretched. Of course I finished it. I was unsatisfied though and finished off the last few spoons of cottage cheese. I had NO idea I loved cottage cheese as much as I do.

After eating and getting dressed, Muffin and I headed to an art exhibit for which we must write a review. Alright, I appreciate the arts, but I cannot dig close-up pictures of the ground. They looked…cool? Writing about it should be a blast. Not.

With the sun shining and the temperature at almost 80*, we simply could not go back to our respective homes to do meaningless homework. Muffin and I leisurely walked around uptown while chatting, laughing and sipping sodas. When we stopped at BP for our Sprite Zeros, these were sitting right in front of us while we were waiting in line:

Perfect! Muffin actually keeps a post-it that I wrote for her by her desk, which reads: I <3 My Mini-Muffin!

Perfect! Muffin actually keeps a post-it that I wrote for her by her desk, which reads: I ❤ My Mini-Muffin!

We visited MisterMan at the library (yeah, he was actually doing work), and then we went our separate ways. On my walk home I passed a 30something woman SMOKING A BLUNT. Just walking on the street, smoking pot as if it were as legal as a cigarette. That’s Athens, Ohio, for ya.

Slightly shocked still, I made a wrap. This may be the only “normal” thing I ate all day.

carrot; La Tortilla Factory wrap with Sabra's garlic hummus, pickles, spinach, mustard

carrot; La Tortilla Factory wrap with Sabra's garlic hummus, pickles, spinach, mustard

I tried to catch up on blogs in order to clear my mind to start work. Nope, didn’t happen. Eventually I wanted something else to eat:

I ate several pieces like that

I ate several pieces like that

And then I thought I was lacking protein. In came GlidingCalm’s p.b.&j tempeh.

I love this! I ate double what you see here.

I love this! I ate double what you see here.

Then I wrote a list of the work that I’ve procrastinated with/for (?), and got curious about internships. I searched online for a good chunk of time (hour, two hours), and found many more for which I want to apply. One of them was for Glamour and you didn’t even need a cover letter, just an email “telling a little bit about yourself.” I got uber-excited and decided, again, I haven’t a chance, but I’m sending my things anyway! During this email writing, I ate a ton of raw radishes (unpictured). The crunch helped me with my excitement.

Before I knew it, it was 8ish, and I figured dessert was in order. First I had spoons of this:

Yes, I ate straight from the carton. This ice cream is fabulous.

Yes, I ate straight from the carton. This ice cream is fabulous.

Then I remembered that the roomie baked today! She made a Tollhouse-style pecan pie with a shortbread crust. I had a sliver or two (she also had some earlier, I didn’t eat a piece that big).



This was so good I moaned. I also talked to myself, “Ohmigawd. Oh. My. God.” I have a deep passion for homemade baked goods, and this will be dangerous to have in the house.

MisterMan picked me up soon after for a movie night. We watched Match Point, starring Scarlett Johannson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It was alright. Rhys Meyers is a beautiful man, but every line he delivered sounded exactly the same. It was one-note and sounded as though he was listing his lines. Also, the ending of the movie is bizarre and the tie in with tennis (and “Match Point”) is weak and unnecessary. Thank goodness we had wine and pita with spinach dip to distract me.

Yesterday was lovely, but now I actually have to buckle down. I never used to be this bad at procrastinating; I think the quarter has just worn on me and I’m ready for a new one. On tap today:
-write, read, rince, repeat
-Women’s Chorale rehearsal 8-10 p.m.

I hope everyone has a glorious Sunday and has overall enjoyed their weekends! Love ya bunches!

Ciao for now,



17 Responses to “Procrastination Station”

  1. ummmm same thing happened to me the other day – walking through a pedestrian mall and got a huge whiff of pot. Nice! Not only in OH, but Denver, too! hahaha shocker, I know.

    Good luck with your work today! What kind of tempeh is that? I’ve never tried it, but I think I’d like the pB&J …

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  2. ya yo! PB n J tempeh is where it’s at!! I had some this AM! you gotta try PB and pumpkin too! bombin.

    happy Sunday K!

  3. Ehhh Sunday’s are for homework or procrastination! I choose procrastinating most of the time 😉 good luck with your to do list!

    COTTAGE CHEESE! It is SO good! Wine is a perfect distraction from just about anything! Sorry the movie wasn’t the greatest 😦

  4. Yum yum yum! Dessert looks dangerously good! I love anything with pecans in it!

  5. Aw, I like that you and Muffin procrastinated together, sounds like a blissful day! And OMG hahahaha that story about the woman on the street is great, people are so crazy sometimes!

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Haha love the photo of Muffin with her muffins 😀


    Hang in there with the work, girrrrrl!!

  7. 7 Bommy

    i never thought that I would like cottage cheese as much as i do now. weird how it just kind of grew on me. Good luck with the working, let’s hope you and I both be productive today!

  8. hi pretty lady
    great eats 🙂 haha so random about that women smoking so openly on the street!
    glad your out enjoying the lovely warm weather 🙂
    i love man candy!!!
    aw sorry youve got work to do now 😦 such a drag, hope you get it over with fast so you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon girlie
    much love

  9. oh, i totally use that same exact pb! soooo good.

    and love that you used it gliding calm style. yeah yeah.

    i agree too, match point was an ok movie. i think the only reason that i watched it was because of Matthew Goode…cause he’s freak’n hot. haha!

  10. 10 Anna

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a very fine specimen of the male species. I thought that Match Point was kind of weird for a Woody Allen flick though.

    I always think it’s funny when I see people getting blazed in public like it’s no big deal. I’m from Vermont, and in certain parts of Burlington it’s weird if you can’t catch a whif of some green.

    It sounds like you had an awesome, super productive day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. 11 erin

    procrastination is a WONDERFUL thing.

    cottage cheese is a WONDERFUL thing
    you..are a WONDERFUL thing.
    i love the amounts of pb you got in .. a nicee dosage i must say.
    nevah had it..

    never heard of that movie .. but rhys meyers IS gorgeous. oh the irish accent ❤ oh.

    my dogs just ran away as i type aimlessly.
    must go find them
    for tish’s sake (my mother.)

  12. They have a Cinnamon Roll soy yogurt that tastes AMAZING! I love it.

    haha you got me laughing about that random woman…I would have given her such a weird look =P

  13. It’s nice to read about a fellow quarter student 🙂 I’m looking forward to new classes after spring break, too!

    I used to eat mini-muffins ALL the time! That and brownie bites – yum!

    Wow – I need to find that thin mint ice cream! And your roomie’s dessert looks so amazing.

  14. Hi kailey! I TOTALLY eat my ice-cream from the tub too!!! I LOVE the Edy’s slow churned in mint choc chip or coffee. YUMMMMYYY!!!! I’ve been dying to try the girl scout cookie one, but am worried it won’t be tasty and end up wasting it like the yucky spumoni. hahahah

    Dude, i agree 100% on that yoplait flavor. It’s not disgusting, but it’s not good either. Great review girl!

  15. what a glorious wknd!! Ha and i love your non preposition ending sentences 😀 WOW i am impressed you didnt just attack that pie with a fork and call that dinner woman! What a great roomie to have…good luck at practica, and I’m ALL for woody allen’s old stuff, the classics :D!

  16. that pecan pie looks incredible!!!!! so glad you are havin a good weekend! i’m lookin forward to spring break too 🙂 soon enough girly! xoxo

  17. 17 Emily

    You kind of made my day not liking that yogurt flavor – I’ve been seeing it on blogs and being so sad I can’t find it!

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