Ruined Date Night


Buona sera lovepies! The weather was fabulous today, and it made a drastic difference in everyone’s mood! I personally thrive in warm weather, and wither in cold.

This morning I awoke to the sun beaming into my room and the birds chirping. I knew it was going to be a great day. I started it with half a naner with p.b. and then headed to the gym. I had a wonderful time on the elliptical with the latest issue of Vogue. A love of fashion has been instilled within me since I was a youngster, but sometimes I get caught up in schoolwork and fall out of touch. It was so exciting to see all the new spring ads!

I came home to a new breakfast that I’ve seen miss Carolinebee eat many times.

coffee staring at the new mixture

coffee staring at the new mixture

Before I went to the gym I mixed together cottage cheese, Kashi GoLean Crunch and the other half of banana. I let the flavors mingle while I worked on the junk in my trunk.

mmm. chunky.

mmm. chunky.

I love cottage cheese. I love Kashi GoLean Crunch. I love bananas. I just don’t think I love them all together. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t thrill me. This could be because of the fact that I prefer cottage cheese completely by itself. It also masked the sweet nuttiness of the Crunch. At least now I know.

English class today was just discussion. I was completely distracted by this gnawing headache that had developed the moment I sat down. Between classes I had a Kashi Roll in Chocolate Turtle. This is the best flavor thus far, as the caramel coating isn’t too sweet and the chocolate doesn’t bash you over the head. However, I was starving two hours after I had it.

I met up with MisterMan at the library after classes, and something was off. I was in a horrendous mood and I couldn’t out my finger on it. We went our separate ways for dinner, and on the walk home I realized it had to be this pounding headache that was killing my spirit.

Ravenous and hands shaking, I whipped up something to eat the moment I walked in the door.

Pita, 1/2 with the last of the roasted channa, yogurt, spinach, 1/2 with hummus, pickles, spinach; apple

Pita, 1/2 with the last of the roasted channa, yogurt, spinach, 1/2 with hummus, pickles, spinach; apple

This was not nearly enough, so I had a ton of Cinna-Graham Honeycomb afterward. Feeling cold and dejected, I crawled into bed until MisterMan got to my house. I felt awful for two reasons: 1- I could not shake this headache and 2- I had to ruin date night and stay in. We napped for an hour or so, then MisterMan demanded I change into my comfy cozies and just rest for the night. He is so sweet and understanding. He knows that I need to rest up so that I can go out tomorrow night. Haha! KIDDING! …sorta.

When he left I thought that perhaps it felt like someone was squeezing my head because I had not eaten enough. I got to work:

radishes, carrot, tempeh, cherry toms, raw brussels; dipping sauce: hummus mixed with plain yogurt and mustard (yum)

radishes, carrot, tempeh, cherry toms, raw brussels; dipping sauce: hummus mixed with plain yogurt and mustard (yum)

Thought I’d get veggies out of the way in order to get to the good stuff:

Edy's Slowly Churned Light THIN MINT Ice Cream

Edy's Slowly Churned Light THIN MINT Ice Cream

This flavor is far better than the Samoa’s. Every single bite tastes exactly like a Thin Mint, whereas the Samoa’s often had just vanilla bites. If you love and miss Thin Mints, go buy this as soon as you can. And if there was any question about it, of course I went back for seconds. Finally, my headache is starting to melt away.

The rest of my night will consist of reading Arabian Jazz and your lovely blogs, and more SnackFacing.

And because I can’t stop at 25…
Installment Six: Pet Peeves
I realize that it is sometimes difficult to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition (in, from, on, over, above, below, etc.). However, NEVER, EVER say this: “Where are you AT?” This pisses me off, which is ridiculous, but it does. You don’t need that AT. It doesn’t help the meaning whatsoever. “Where are you?” That is enough.
2) I get really peeved out when I hear people chew or makeout. Even if it’s quiet in our house and I feel as though my roomie can hear me chew, that bothers me. I get self conscious or something. OH, and I’ve even written a piece about eating in class for our school newspaper’s blog. I understand granola bars and fruit, but I about lost it when the chick in front of me in philosophy whipped out her chips and salsa. Next time, I’m bringing cereal, a bowl and spoon, and my damn soy milk.
3) People really cannot help when they get sick. I know. But coughing without covering your mouth, snotting on your hand and sneezing on me is not going to work. I WILL give you the hairy eyeball.
4) When people clear their throats, I cringe. I don’t know why I find this obnoxious, but I do.
5) Socks and sandals. Uggs. Birkenstock clogs. Crocs. Bane of my existence.

I still love you whether you do any of the above five, or all of them. I should also note that, of course, it’s okay if I do any of these. Except for number 5.

Have a great night and an even better Friday! Love you, sugarplums!

Ciao for now,



17 Responses to “Ruined Date Night”

  1. I was in such a great mood today because of the weather! WOO!

    YAY for more installments!
    I totally agree with ALL of them!
    It’s so gross when people clear their throat and sniff their snot back into their throat…bleh! I even hate it when people blow their nose in class…it’s like Can’t you do that in the hallway?!
    My little brother chews in my ear because he knows I hate it, little pooper.

    AND…don’t even get me started on uggs and crocs! If I didn’t control myself…I would totally give the evil eye to everyone that wears them

  2. Um, girl, you and I are 100% alike with ALL five of those pet peeves!! 😀

  3. 3 erin

    okay well that damn breakfast ruined it for me. i was SO EXCITED bah.

    thanks for the older sisterly guidance on my MAJOR! gah.
    thats what ill call you. you are now my older sister.
    embrace it.
    LOVE IT.

    loook at you with yo veggies, yo go girl
    i wanntt ice cream. too bad my motha buys none. what a scoundrel.

    i hate it when people chew weird. ugh it kills me
    and i hateeeeee it when people cough or clear their throats, i always give them the erin “bitch, death stare” and am like, “ya done yet?”

    okay buttercup
    i’m off to see the wizard.

    ..of popcorn land

  4. 4 erin

    totallly forgot to say


    i munch on it allllll day babby

  5. 5 Emily

    similar to #4 – in New York grown men think it is appropriate to spit (more like hawk) into the street! not appropriate, disgusting actually!

  6. 6 Bommy

    whooo more random facts! I can totally relate to #5, especially the uggs. whenever i see girls wearing them, i just wanna yell at them that we’re in southern california and that we don’t NEED them. plus the fact that the girls here wear them more as a fashion statement, hence with miniskirts. quite pointless in my opinion.
    of course though when I was in maine, i pretty much lived in my uggs, despite how unattractive I thought they looked..

  7. 7 Sarah

    OH MY GAWD. I hate listening to people chew. It drives me insane. I have a really REALLY hard time going to the movies because of listening to the hundreds of people chomping, smacking, crunching, snorting and slurping down their popcorn. It’s making me sick just thinking about it.

    I love how Mister Man came and snuggled with you in your comfies. I hope your headache is MUCH better.

  8. haha this post made me laugh because of your pet peeves…especially the one about the girl bringing the salsa an ships to class 🙂
    aw sorry you were having a headache filled day 😦 i hope you feel better by 2moro!
    great eats! that ice cream looks soo good! and im glad the boy is sweet and made you rest tonight 🙂
    have a nice night chilling in your pjs mdear xxxx

  9. 9 Colleen

    It’s like you were in my head when you wrote this! I work near a lady who HACKS ALL. DAMN. DAY. and she swears it is not because of her pack-a-day habit. UGH!!!

    And don’t even get me started on the crocs! Hideous!

  10. That breakfast combo: subtract the naner but add lots of cinnamon and it’s 100% party in the mouth! Headaches = eat food for me. No matter what!! I always think that if I eat more it will go away, not so much!

    Your pet peeves sound like mine!! Two of my favorite (sarcasm) grammatical errors is, “me and him,” or, “real big” – HELLO! It’s, “him and I,” and, “really big.” Gahh!

  11. 11 Sweet and Fit

    I never knew you could eat brussel sprouts raw! Ive got to try them!

  12. i hear you on pet peeve #1!! and leave it to the ice cream to send your headache to the hills 🙂

  13. OH NO i’m sorry you weren’t a fan!! I fully appreciate your attempt at branching out though!! I add splen and cinn sometimes to sweeten that baby up! Very beauteous picture though 😀 I FREAKING hate the preposition thing too, but sometimes i do it in my blog- because I feel so PRETENTIOUS writing “there’s this cereal of which I am not a fan”…..haha come on that’s a little much

  14. Love the breakfast. And I totally agree. Socks and sandals are a big no no.

  15. keep em coming!!! love your facts 🙂

  16. 16 gina (fitnessista)

    hahah i totally agree with ALL of the pet peeves
    especially the socks with sandals..nothing makes me more angry
    when i first met the pilot, he would sometimes wear those adidas soccer sandals with socks- and somehow the sandals mysteriously disappeared 😉
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. oh god, same here with #4!! I can’t stand it when ppl clear their throats, esp when they have a lot of phlegm in it! URGH!
    oh and mmm, your breakfast combo looks soooo yummy! too bad you didn’t like it that much, but I’m CRAVING cottage cheese so much now!

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