Mornin’ folks! Yesss, it is Thursday, aka Friday for this chiquita! I say that as if I’ve had a terribly excruciating, stressful week. It has been anything but. I am, however, turning into a slacker at the end of the quarter. I can’t seem to bring myself to do any reading or studying. I’ll step it up for finals, though.

Yesterday, before Review and Criticism, I had a light dinner. First I had half a naner with Smucker’s natural p.b., and then a little while later I had soup and salad:

spinach salad with tempeh crumbles, Campbell's Light Select Harvest soup with added spices

spinach salad with tempeh crumbles, Campbell's Light Select Harvest soup with added spices

Do you see the small hand mirror in the background? I multi-tasked and read your blogs while plucking at the porcupine that had formed above my eyeballs.  That is neither here nor there. Here is the light and not-too-salty soup:

Campbell's knows soup. This has pleasantly chewy chunks of veggies and the pasta maintains an almost al dente bite

Campbell's knows soup. This has pleasantly chewy chunks of veggies and the pasta maintains an almost al dente bite

I went back to the fridge for some more tempeh and a few spoons of Samoa’s ice cream. After that I dashed across campus to Review and Criticism class.

This was the BEST class we’ve had so far! One of the professors at Scripps, Jack Brady, came to talk to our class about…restaurant reviewing! As this is something I want to do, I was enthralled the entire time he was talking. He asked if any of us had any knowledge of food writing, and you better believe I told him about my fledgling baby, SnackFace. He talked for two hours and told us tales of his restaurant reviewing years. I now have superb notes on what it takes to write a fabulous restaurant review. Now, if only I could get my foot in the door at Food & Wine…

Nine p.m. rolled around and it was time to jet to the music building for a capella practice. I ate a mini Peanut Butter Crunch Clif bar. Eating and walking is sometimes difficult for me. I can’t get the breathing in synch and end up not being able to taste. Is this just me?

A capella practice was dull because we were missing seven girls. It’s difficult to create an even sound when a large part of the team is missing. We finished early and then MisterMan picked me up and we had a lovely date. At Wal-Mart.

I just couldn’t go a whole day without it. My mouth wanted the crunch. The tastebuds needed the sweet. I had to face reality. The cereality. Amongst many other groceries, I purchased two boxes of much-needed cereal. We rushed home and by that time (11 p.m.) I was so hungry I felt nauseated and my hands were shaking. I tucked the groceries into their respective homes, and sat down with a blissgasm:

Cinna-Graham Honey-Comb with some 1% cottage cheese. Dayum.

Cinna-Graham Honey-Comb with some 1% cottage cheese. Dayum.

I’ve been wanting to try this cereal for months now, and I was super jealous when my babygurrl, Erin, was eating it. It was an intense toss-up between this and Kashi Honey Sunshine. Honey-Comb won with a $2.08 price tag, which was much better than Kashi’s $3.24. Let’s take a closer look at this fine specimen:

Strong cinnamon, round graham, comfortable honey-comb--that's what the flavors are to me- OH, and no HFCS!

Strong cinnamon, round graham, comfortable honey-comb--that's what the flavors are to me- OH, and no HFCS!

The mug was refilled many, many times. I’m giving this box a shelf life of four days, tops, in my cupboard. That is my new cereal rating system, by the way.

On tap today:
9-11: walk to gym, come home, shower
11-1: get ready, read blogs 🙂
1-3: English
3-5: VICO
5-7: Come home for a bit, eat
7-?: Spend time with MisterMan, then return home to read (blasted two novels to finish by Monday!)

Installment Five: SnackFace Travels
1) Every summer in my childhood, MamaJ and Popsicle loaded up the car, packed us kidlets inside and headed south. We usually went somewhere in Florida. On one road trip, I started to break out in hives and this blotchy, itchy rash. My mother spent a good chunk of the drive on the phone with doctors, trying to figure out what was wrong. This is how we learned I have sensitive skin. That morning I had used a V05 all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Huge no-no.
2) On another fun summer trip, a nine-year-old Kailey was busy frollicking in the sand and running into the ocean. And then something happened. She noticed something was itchy… in her bathing suit. Sea lice are not fun beasts to deal with.  
3) My mother is amazing for a billion reasons. Here is one: Before starting my Junior year in high school, I had spent the majority of my time with my high school footballer boyfriend. He was headed off to college and thought it would be good to get rid of the old in order to move onto the new. In a night, he broke my heart, my achey-brakey heart. I came home to find my parents asleep. I didn’t want to wake MamaJ, so instead I turned to my other huge comfort: Sex and the City. The next morning, I awoke and walked downstairs. Mama could tell from my swollen, puffy eyes that something was wrong. I told her everything. She told me to pack a bag; we were going on a trip. She took me on a whirlwind 48-hour trip to Toronto and back. She lived in Toronto for years, and although this wasn’t the first time I’d been there, it was the most memorable and meaningful.
4) For spring break last year, MamaJ, Matty Rich and I flew to Miami, Florida. This city is sexy and spicy. It’s like stepping into another world. The habitants are glamourous and speak a language that sparks off their tongues with words as vibrant as the dance-party atmosphere. Bedazzled jeans, neon halter tops and essense-de-Guido are no longer considered outrageous and dated– they are the norm. Besides being enchanted by its atmosphere and people, Miami has anabundant food culture that made my mouth water constantly.
5) For spring break my senior year in high school, I went to ITALIA with a history teacher, an art teacher and two of my best friends (along with nine other students). This trip single-handedly changed my life. Okay, so that sounds drastic. I fell in love with every piazza, every catedrale, every smoke-infused scent, every parmiggiano-dusted bite. This trip made me realize that I want to get to know cultures through their people. I want to live with the locals, learn from them and share it with the world. The same hunger I have to live in another culture, I hope to instill in others. There isn’t a day that passes when I don’t think about some experience from my 10 days in Italy at least once. And I was only there for TEN days! I like to say that it was the amuse bouche to the 100-course meal that will be my traveling life.

That was a long last five. The twenty-five are now over! Are you relieved? Sad? I’ve had such a great time sharing all this with you! I have a very fun post coming up during my spring break (starting March 21) that involves number 4 from this list, so don’t you forget it!

Have smashing Thursdays, glazed honey-buns!

Ciao for now,



10 Responses to “Cereality”

  1. I’m loving all these information installments – so fun!! 🙂

    Hang in there with the stress, girl – and PLEASE enjoy your “Friday”!!!

    Can’t wait for your spring break, since hopefully you’ll be trekking out to my side of town!! 😀

  2. 2 Anna

    Ha ha, I can’t eat and walk at the same time either. Drinking is even worse, though. There are so many times that I’ve tried to sip on some hot coffee while walking to class and ended up with a lovely stain all over my shirt.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. hi girlie
    mmm that cereal looks fantastmic! might i have found another blogger who loves cereal as much as me? me thinks so :)!
    i loved the cute info about you! and your mum sounds like an amazing woman!
    hope you enjoy your “friday” 🙂

  4. so sad your facts are over! you should add them to your posts every day:) haha i bet it would be hard to think of that many more though. i am SO jealous you went to Italy. I’ve always wanted to go there!!!! someday ❤

  5. OOOH fun lecture!! Holy moly chickpea – you DID NOT just tempt me with Cinn Honeycomb and CC! That little combo needs to be in my life STAT!

    Oh Italia – your post made my heart swoon! I’m such a food snob since I got back from Italy. I’m not kidding, I haven’t had a slice of pizza or a bite of American pasta since I got back – NOTHING COMPARES!!

  6. 6 Bommy

    i loved your 25 facts.. how about you extend it to 30, 40, then maybe 50? haha
    I love walmart. Back when I was in maine, in the middle of NOWHERE, the place to be was the super walmart 5 minutes away.

  7. 7 jaime

    yay for cereal 🙂 love those little tidbits at the end girl! i LOVE italy- my favorite place in the world!!! i’ve been 3 or 4 times 🙂 traveling is soooo important to me! i want to go everywhere! glad you love it too 🙂 xoxox

  8. CEREAL!!! WOO! Haha Love the new brand….and your rating system.

    I love your installments and I wish you would do more! They are so interesting. I think I might do something like that on my own blog =)

    I wish I could go to Italy SO BADLY!

  9. samoa ice cream?! can i come to your house? you have all the fun stuff! haha i’ve seen that a couple of times in the grocery store, next time it goes on sale it’s all mine!

    i LOVED reading your little stories, you are such a talented writer — food & wine would be lucky to have you!

    hope you had a great thursday, my love!

  10. so smart to break up your 25!! it gives me enough time to give each one the attention — and laughs — it deserves :-).

    honeycombs … have not had them in ages but so craving them right now!

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