Same Dish, Different Day/Way


Happy HUMPday! Is it just me, or is the week flying by? It could be because of going out last night. That’ll really do something to break the monotony in a week. The topic of spontaneity has been flying around the blogosphere lately, and I believe that spontaneity adds spice to your life. I am a control freak, but occasionally, I let go of a schedule and just LIVE. It leads to joyous moments like this:

Muffin and I having a beautiful night in matching black turtlenecks

Muffin and I having a beautiful night in matching black turtlenecks

We sipped Lienenkugels and chatted with friendly strangers all night ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy that Muffin made me I decided to go out.

This morning I awoke and wanted cereal for breakfast. This was a problem, as I finished the box of Kashi Vive last night and have NO cereal left. I feel nakie without it. I whipped up a different breakfast instead:

Two Nutri-Grain waffles topped with Laughing Cow, thin layer of apple butter and banana slices

Two Nutri-Grain waffles topped with Laughing Cow, thin layer of apple butter and banana slices

I wanted cream cheese, but Laughing Cow was the closest thing I had. This did not disappoint.

A more intimate look

A more intimate look

Have I told you that this was scrumptious? Well, it was. I dashed out the door soon after eating and completely forgot to bring a snack. Waffles do not keep hunger at bay for long.

I went to IART, where we debated Postmodern art and what it is. Postmodern art is the type of bizarre art that makes you think to yourself, “hell, I could have done that.” I’m talking splatters of paint or pouring water into a bucket in front of an audience and calling it art. I don’t think so.

During class my stomach started to make frightening sounds, so I headed to CVS forย a S’mores Pure Protein bar afterward. This flavor is much better than the chocolate peanut butter flavor, and it was softer too.

After choir I came home and made lunch. It featured roasted channa again, but in a different way:

La Tortilla Factory wrap with heated, mashed channa with plain ff yogurt and topped with spinach

La Tortilla Factory wrap with heated, mashed channa with plain ff yogurt and topped with spinach

After using the Jaime method to wrap, I wound up with this:



Balanced with some fruit:

Wrapple- wrap + apple

Wrapple- wrap + apple

Perhaps I’m all too pleased with myself, but this lunch was divine. Doesn’t take much to make me happy!

I will be doing work for the rest of the afternoon, and then I have Review & Criticism 6-9 p.m. and Tempo Tantrums 9-10. I plan to read allll night after that. Ready for another five?
Installment 4: Pop Culture Loves
1) I am a Sex and the City freak. We’ve never had HBO, but MamaJ started to rent the VHS tapes (oh yeah) when I was a freshman in high school. I was immediately hooked. I recall sitting with mumsy, eating saltines and Easy Cheeze and watching hours and hours of the show. I now own all the DVDs and the movie, and have probably seen each episode at least 12 times.
2) Last summer I learned what happens to me when I meet an idol of mine. Sarah Jessica Parker was in Cincinnati to promote her line, Bitten, at Steve & Barry’s. I left Olive Garden as soon as my mom called to tell me, and I drove down to see her. After waiting in line for two hours, it was my turn to go up to her table to chat and shake her hand. In my head I had planned to tell her how much the show means to me and that I’ve landed certain roles by using monologues from SatC. This what happened instead: I turned into a speechless, personality-less bumbling idiot. I just shook her tiny little hand and said, “Thank you SO MUCH.” I just tell myself that I’ll meet her again someday and will actually have a conversation.
3) I wish my life were a musical. Though I’ve never seen Wicked, I have listened to that soundtrack millions of times. I look forward to long drives so that I can be alone in my car, turn on Wicked and pretend I’m in the show. When I say “pretend I’m in the show,” I mean it. Facial expressions, belting/screaming my heart out, going through the emotions. The dashboard is my stage.
4) My two favorite female singers of all time are Ella Fitzgerald and Beyonce. Ella is a no-brainer. Her singing is the epitome of smooth, beautiful and soulful. Jazz standards are also my favorite songs, and no one sings themย better. ย Beyonce is someone whom I believe has the ability to be a legend, just like Ella. No modern female singer can perform and sing live the way Beyonce does. And that range!
5) Aside from Clueless, other favorite movies are A League of their Own, Fried Green Tomatoes, Drop Dead Gorgeous and French Kiss. I’m such a girl.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! I am off to read my life away ( I have to finish two novels by Tuesday). Love you doves!

Ciao for now,



19 Responses to “Same Dish, Different Day/Way”

  1. I commend you for being spontaneous – I’m not at ALL, but I’m working on it. Glad that you guys had a fun night!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Interesting IART experience, haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I had Channa Masala for lunch today!! Love me some spicy Indian food.

    Oh my you MUST see ‘Wicked’!! I saw it on Broadway in NYC a few years ago, and it’s definitely among my favorite stage productions.

    Good luck with your busy evening!!

  2. This week IS flying by and I don’t like it because I’m on break!! Grrr oh well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So glad you guys had a blast last night! You two look cay-ute! Hahah – post modern art cracks me up. How is a piece of string a work of art!? I SO could have done THAT and I’m the least artistic person on the face of the Earth!

    Drop Dead Gorgeous – loves it! Have a great day reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. well done for being spontaneous girlie ๐Ÿ™‚ it aint easy, but its something that feels fantastic!
    great eats too! brekkie looks great, despite missing the cereal|!
    have a great afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hey girl! i am glad you got out and had a little fun. i think i am due for a big glass of wine tongiht.

    the wrap looks fabby, by the way!

  5. your facts are so good! i love reading them ๐Ÿ™‚ so fun you got to meet Sarah Jessica Parker! shes actually producing a new show similar to sex in the city called washingtonian and i bet you’ll love it! its based in washington dc but theyre shooting some of it in baltimore, and a a month or so ago their trailer was right outside of my office! crazayyy

  6. 6 Sarah

    i love clueless, too!! that part when they kiss on the stairs at the end?? awwwww

    way to repurpose the channa!! and glad you had a fun night — that’s such a cute pic. unexpected mid-week outings make a huge difference (even though i always think i am too busy for them and should avoid them, too!).

  7. are we the same person? i met sarah jessica parker in philadelphia when she was promoting bitten there — i’m OBSESSED with her. coolest person ever! and so sweet too, right?? i basically did the same stammering, stumbling over my words thing so don’t feel too bad! =)

    oh and wicked? LOVE. i saw it twice on broadway and i too know the words back and forth — we should do a duet. yes, a duet! haha you have to see it sometime, it’s wonderful in every way!

    good luck on your reading! youll power through it in no time! xoxoxo

  8. 8 Marissa
  9. 9 Bec

    That wrap looks delicious! I am also a huge SaTC addict, love it like crazy.

  10. NO CEREAL?! *GASP* What will you do? Besides go and immediately buy more haha

    I NEED that chana meal, I’d better get some more yogurt so I can make this ASAP!

  11. 11 Erin

    LOOOOOOOVE SatC & SJP!! I mean, look at the title of my freakin’ blog!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You can learn a lot of v. important life lessons from movies! For example, apparently there is no crying in baseball. Ever. Who knew?!?!

  12. 12 Anna

    Oh, what would we do without CVS to cure all of our hunger cravings? I totally hit it up when I need some pretzels or a Larabar STAT.

    At least you managed to speak when you met SJP. I don’t know if I could even do that!

  13. 13 erin

    im in love with you.

    i want to be like you.


    tha waffles look dayum tasty!
    whered ya go last night woman?

  14. 14 cleanveggiex3

    ahaha you crack me up with your stomach’s sounds.
    DELICIOUS wrap!! im envious of your wrapping skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i’ve never seen sex in the city….sounds like a must see!

  15. Aww…Muffin. What a good friend! My nickname is Muffin. My mom always calls me Muff (awkward!). It was even worse when she used to yell, “Go Muff!” at my basketball games. Have I told you this before? If so, it bears repeating.

    Your life can be a musical! Gracie and I play a game where we talk all in song as long as we can. It drives Chris insane. You should try it. Be prepared to lose friends. Maybe even your precious Muff.

  16. Everyone went out last night!!!!

    Gosh you and your perfect wraps – I am so jealous!! LOL and I cant believe you froze up when you met SJP – I would have probably just said something stupid thoughhh!

  17. 17 Sweet and Fit

    thats such a super cute picture! your wrap looks so good – I love Jaime! i’m thinking I’m gonna give that wrap method a try tomorrow =)

  18. Often the random, last minute nights are the BEST. I love em.

    And laughing cow on waffle is genius, I can’t wait to try that!

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never watched a whole episode of Sex and the City. I know, it’s like a crime to female humanity. I DID see the movie though! I feel like that redeems me a smidgen.

  19. 19 Julia

    I just found your blog and I love all the food ideas, especially the oat ideas.

    Also, I am a fellow lover of the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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