Wrap Pro and the First Five


Aloha! Let’s all close our eyes and picture ourselves somewhere else. Somewhere with a beach, temperatures comfortable enough to lounge in swimwear and waiters who will gladly fetch another pina colada for you. Alright, I feel better now.

The week has already taken off ahead of me and I feel like I’m sprinting to catch up. This is nothing out of the norm. I barely slept last night, which could be because A) I drank a Coke Zero at 6 p.m. or B) my mind was racing because of all the writing I had been doing all night. I wish I could clear my head at night, but sometimes it’s impossible.

This morning I wasn’t feeling oats, nor did I want yogurt. Feeling uninspired and lost, I fixed a simple, yummy bowl if cereal:

Kashi Vive, half naner, light soy milk, bit of Smucker's all natural p.b., cinnamon

Kashi Vive, half naner, light soy milk, bit of Smucker's all natural p.b., cinnamon

Then I hopped off to class in the freezing cold. I was unprepared for such cruelty from Mother Nature today, but at least it’s sunny outside! I ran around campus like a mad woman between classes trying to get the lates application turned in on time. First I went to the music library to print off my cover letter and resume. Then, I jetted off to CVS to purchase envelopes and stamps ( I ran into Muffin there, which made my morning). After CVS I heated to the Radio and Television Building to hand in my things. This application was for Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. They are looking specifically for TV production majors, but I’ve been on the flipside of production and know I could help with casting and writing. Again, it’s a longshot, but I got nothin’ to lose!

Thanks for the coverletter insight, by the way! It wasn’t the first one I’ve written, but they definitely aren’t getting easier. I just went with my gut and wrote it the way I wanted to write it. Muhahah we’ll see…

After women’s chorale and a joyous workout, I came home to assemble lunch. I played with tempeh some more:

La Tortilla Factory wrap, BBQ sauce, mustard, crumbled tempeh

La Tortilla Factory wrap, BBQ sauce, mustard, crumbled tempeh

I used Jaime’s technique for wrapping. THANK YOU so much for that tutorial- I really needed it. I’ve got this down now!  The wrap managed to keep its innards inside. That wrap turned into this blurry lunch (sorry!):

Aforementioned wrap with spinach added; RICE apple; crudite

Aforementioned wrap with spinach added; RICE apple; crudite

I finally showered after eating, and am now going to tackle lots of reading, homework and more application fun! Tonight MisterMan and I are going to see Last Chance Harvey because I have to write a paper for art class about the different elements. Anytime I can see a movie and call it homework, I’m happy.

Last Wednesday I was tagged by the darling miss Daily Goods for 25 Things. Now, I find a list of 25 things is not only daunting to write, but challenging to read. Therefore, I am breaking it down and writing five at a time. Round One: Childhood Edition:
As a young babe, I was bald until age two or three. MamaJ used to put dollops of gel in the hair that I actually had so people would stop saying, “Oh, he’s so cute!”
2)When attending parents’ friends’ parties, I never liked to play tag or hind-n-go-seek with the other kids. I always preferred to sit with the grown ups and listen to their conversations, even if I had no idea what they were talking about.
3)I was very, very bad at playing games. There is a home video of me throwing a fit after losing a round of musical chairs at my 5th or 6th birthday. I also distinctly recall throwing Pop-o-matic Trouble across the living room when I knew I was losing.
4)In third grade Clueless was my favorite movie. MamaJ made a matching fruit-print skirt and jacket that I wore with knee-high socks and baby blue high-heeled Mary Janes. This is not appropriate attire for an eight-year-old girl, but I didn’t know any better. I wanted to be Cher.
5)Also in third grade, my mother dressed me up for Halloween…as the Editor in Chief of Vogue. I was an odd little kid. I suppose my love of magazines started early.

Hope you enjoyed those five! I must get back to the h-dub (I’ve really been slacking lately!)! Have stellar days, my doves!

Ciao for now,



13 Responses to “Wrap Pro and the First Five”

  1. Haha I loved Clueless too… do you remember when everyone was talking like that? As if! *Shudder*

  2. can’t wait to read the rest… OMG I WAS A BALDIE TOO! on my 3rd birthday i had the tiniest pigtales, haha. my mom always said people would say aw hes so cute, and she’d be like SHES A GIRL! SHES IN PINK! hahaha 😉

  3. 3 Bec

    I was bald until after my 2nd birthday too! You mom sounds pretty cool, for making you all those cool outfits and dressing you up as an editor of vogue.

  4. hahahah I’m still laughing at your random facts. I LOVED clueless! I definitely had the whole get-up for my 6th bday party (which just happened to be our class’ first boy-girl dance…at my house!) yikes!!! I loved every minute of it though!

    Keep ’em comin!

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  5. I feel ya on the frigid temps!! It’s SO COLD but I’ll take this over snow any day!

    Rollin’ with the homiessss – fine movie choice and I love that your mom let you be the editor of Vogue for Halloween! Jamie’s video was a God send – your wrap is nothing short of perf!

  6. 6 erin

    i peed my pants when reading the 5 things.
    personally loved the “he’s so cute”

    yo, the cereal aint lookin too shabby, actually quite appetizing.

    YOU be good now in the movie theater tonight! i don’t want to hear about any ruckus!

    k, sike.
    ❤ ya woman.

  7. I totally wish I could just erase all my thought before bed and sleep! I think wayyy too much as I’m trying to fall asleep.

    The weather was so crappy today! Eh, I was mad because the sun was shining and everything and then it was freezing!!!

    I was bald for a long time too!! AND I also loved listening in on the parent’s convos. My mom would always have to say “Go play!”

  8. LOOOVELY wrap and 5 things about you!! 🙂

  9. 9 cleanveggiex3

    i loved clueless too – its still one of my favorite movies!
    love the wrap kailey!! have a great night

    ohh the calcium bears are from whole foods and im pretty sure the brand is Yummi 🙂

  10. hahaha…love the break down! interesting things i’ve learned about ou!

  11. omg hahaha i love your third grade halloween outfit. while you were an ambitious editor in chief of vogue, i think i was a pirate that year..

  12. uhhhh…you are a wrap pro that looks PERFECT! geeeeeeeez!! Haha your facts are great, you are cracking me upp! I hope that movie is good – let me know how it is. I might venture uptown to check it out!

  13. Your 5 things are awesome. Popomatic Trouble. HAHAHA. I totally was a board clearer too.

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