What up party people! I hope you’re all off to fun-filled starts to your Fridays! I am home in the ‘Nati, safe and sound, and am ready to fully relax. The interview for Cincinnati Magazine is out of the way, and now I can sit and do nothing but watch t.v., blog and eat. Perfection.  

The trip home last night was nearly impossible to make through with open eyes. Whenever I’m a passenger in a car, I am easily lulled to sleep my the steady movement and the whir of wind passing alongside the car. These helped me stay awake, however:

front: salad with mixed veggies, edamame and corn; back: pear and pineapple

front: salad with mixed veggies, edamame and corn; back: pear and pineapple

That salad was tricky to eat in the car, but completely necessary so that I could eat the following:

one of the many Arby's curly fries I devoured

one of the many Arby's curly fries I devoured

I love fries–I can’t deny it– and Arby’s knows how to do it right. Silence gripped the Civic as Muffin and I had emotional experiences with our Arby’s goodies.

When I arrived home, my baby puppies greeted me excitedly, knocking each other over in a desperate fight for my attention. Aren’t dogs the best at making you feel like a queen? I spent the night sitting with the fam and watching The Real Housewives of Orange County AND New York City. This may gross you out, but I ate the majority of a bag of croutons while watching. Does anyone else snack on croutons? Marzetti’s brand, all the way. Caesar cut are the best.

This morning I did some research on Cincinnati Magazine while eating a new-to-me breakfast. Fiber One cereal has always kinda freaked me out. Twelve grams of fiber per HALF CUP can’t be natural in any way, so how is that going to affect me? I went Fiber One wild and paired a serving of the cereal with a serving of Fiber One strawberry yogurt and a baby banana. Just fiber me. That’s really what I need to get me through an interview.

FiberOne cereal, FiberOne yogurt, banana, drizzle runny Krema natural p.b.

FiberOne cereal, FiberOne yogurt, banana, drizzle runny Krema natural p.b.

It was actually quite yummy and kept me content through my interview, which I think went well. ‘Nati mag’s office is in the heart of downtown, and with the help of a few lovely strangers, I found the office with relative ease. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous. The woman who interviewed me was kind, warm and jovial. She asked standard interview questions and then we chatted for a bit. And then she handed me a 20-minute grammar test. If I ruined my chances today, it was because of that test. I know grammar and AP style, but I couldn’t stop second guessing myself. There is nothing I can do now, though. I just have to let it be because I did my best.

When I came home it was 4 p.m., five hours since I’d eaten breakfast. I rarely go that long between meals (without any snacks), but I was too distracted and focused in the interview to even notice. Not wanting to spoil my appetite for the bangin’ dinner we’re going to have, I made a snack plate:

cucumber, carrots, apple, Special K crackers, Laughing Cow

cucumber, carrots, apple, Special K crackers, Laughing Cow

Those Special K crackers are tasty, but so light they do nothing for one’s hunger. Then again, they aren’t meant for satiating a real lunch-worthy hunger. Whatever, I’m content for now.

For dinner tonight, Papa Bear is treating MamaJ and I to Bravo! Cucina Italia. Bravo is easily one of my favorite restaurants of all time. It may be a chain, but it rarely lets me down. It also serves as a place full of memories for me. Before high school dances, my friends and I would go there, or force our dates to take us there. When my group of friends and I were busy with summer jobs and eventually had time to get together, Bravo was the spot for that. MisterMan and I shared our first meal together there as well. Now, my parents treat me to Bravo whenever I’m home. I’m looking forward to their bread basket the most. Focaccia, I’m ready. What’s your favorite restaurant, chain or not, and why?

Please totally let loose tonight and relax, laugh, eat, drink, enjoy. It’s Friday and that’s all you’re supposed to do.

Ciao for now,



16 Responses to “‘Nati-riffic”

  1. Oh dude they used to have those curley fries in the dining halls in college and I looooooved them. SOO much better than straight up normal fries!!

    Your yogurt mess totally looks delicious right now….I’m practically drooling!

  2. Favorite restaurant = Pure Food and Wine in NYC.

    I responded to your email the other day 😀

  3. Before going vegan I used to be obsessed with those fries! But I only got them as a treat once in a great while so they were extra special.

    Horray for fiber! haha

  4. So happy you are home safe and sound, and glad the interview went well too, you working woman, you!

    Fiber tastic snack. My stomach would probably hate me for that one!

  5. good luck, i hope u get it!! I’ve been trying to eat more fiber lately, it’s cool- but I get freaked cuz I’m full for sooo long! I’m glad your home isn’t it the best?? My fave chain back in the day was Macaroni Grill! Now I’m on a P.F. changs kick 😀

  6. yay, you’re home! and sounds like the interview went well — that’s great! so glad to hear the fiber did not catch up to you in the middle of it 😉

    my fave restaurant is prob dairy queen! i grew up having dinner there with my dad once a week, and it also became my first job when i was 16. best soft serve and onion rings EVER. no DQs in the city, though — so sad!

  7. 7 cleanveggiex3

    Oh man – love edamamae!!
    I am actually ashamed to say that I have never been to an arbys. ever. My parents both hate it so I’ve just never been.

    sounds like the interview went well! have fun tonight!!
    my favorite restaurant was this cute chinese place in my town but they got shut down for rats and insects. Yum?

  8. you nailed that interview in my heart and thats all that matters….right??

    arby’s curly fries. probably the ONLY fast food fries i would ever eat because they CERTAINLY know how to do em right..
    too bad they don’t have damn arby’s in the dirty jers.

    anyyyyy whizzle.
    hope you’re having fun with your adorable parents on your adorable date to bravo..

    i need details & information on the boyfriend. such as height, weight, DOB, location, social security #, mother’s maiden name.. you know. the basics.

    hmm favorite chain restaurant…

    i’d have to go with houston’s or mccormick & shmicks.. me love some goooddd seaffoood!

    love ya woman

  9. 9 Sweet and Fit

    you are so right about those arby’s fries – they are out of this world good!

    my fave restuarant is this sushi place called Endo – not a chain – its seriously the est sushi and the most amazing service =)

  10. hahaha at least all that fiber should keep you regular. ya knowwww what I mean.
    Hope you had a fun filled dinner and kicked off the start of the weekend with a bang!

  11. yay you made it home okay! so glad you guys had fun roadtrippin, and that the interview went well too!

    favorite restaurant?!?! is that even possible to answer? ill ponder it all night and get back to you, haha! hope you enjoyed each and every bite, and of course time with the parents =)

    have a fantastic weekend at home, much love!

  12. “If you like it then you bettah put a curly fry on it…” You wear that ring well, my dear.

    Have a great night out with the ‘rents and own that bread basket, lady!

  13. wow, it’d be SO cool if you got that job! I wanna work in a mag someday too…I’m sure the interview went well, and pray that you’ll get it!
    As for my fav chain resaurant….SHOKUDO!! (a great japanese in SE Asia)

  14. I’ve totally snacked on croutons before. The worst (or BEST) are homemade. Dangerous little buggers, I love em.

    The interview sounds positive! No worries about grammar, I’m sure you nailed it. Best of luck!

  15. sure fire sign youre from a hicktown:

    when you read the title of this post
    and the first thing that comes to
    your mind is ‘natural light’ beer. oy.

  16. Arby’s curly fries!! So bad but oh so good 😉

    Glad you had a safe trip there!

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